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  1. 1, That communism " ideology itself" is evil, for it refuses any reasonable checks and balances, and other faiths. 2, "the types of checks and balances that make a normal advanced society possible" are refused by that evil communism ideology. I hope to see all the evidences that you use to support your claim "The types of checks and balances that Stephen Harper's government has spent the past 10 years undermining."
  2. The Manifesto For The Global Peoples On Ending Communism Historically, and globally, there was not any evil movement as the movement of communism, so deceptive mind, so instigative soul, so bloody practice, so large range, and so long last. And now, it is the time to end it. This is the era of information. All evils of communism are being uncovered and will be uncovered. Those few remained communist regimes are living in the opposite positon of what they claimed. They are so stupid that they have not any effective method to provent their communist ideology against themselves. That communis
  3. It depends on the distribution of the favorable poll numbers. A good distribution of the favorable poll numbers is more important than just a few more favorable percentages of a pull. However, if the poll numbers are accurate and without significant increase, the CP will suffer from loss.
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