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  1. About evolution, generally speaking in my study through my meditation, is a word which can be refined as a helper to understand the process of creation of the Word. Historically, I see that Christianity is in a process of progress, which may also be described as evolution under the creation of the Word. By this understanding, I look for the position of liberty and the influence of environment in the system of the creation of the Word. I also notice that Christianity becomes the main stream of the creation of the Word by its evolution. And all other religions, which are also from the creation
  2. What you think is a sort of idolatry, and the source of all evils. Kantian philosophy is a larger case of your thinking. You can see in history, Kantian philosophy become the source of fascism and Marxism. The bible was from hands of humans, but these humans were trained in the unending spiritual war field under supervise of the Word. There are some religions as Buddhism which does not admit the being of god, in my meditation I spiritually fight them as anti-Christ and idolatry.
  3. Nature is a creature of the Word. Human makes big mistakes by seeing nature without the Word as the creator. First of all big mistakes, human dwarfs himself and loses his position as the helper of the Word. Therefore, the morality, ethics and law on nature are also dwarfed.
  4. Historically, human being has three attitudes in this holy topic. First, worship and faith; second, exegesis and crowning; third, explanation and definition. The first attitude is the goodest, which is the least limitation for the Word. The second attitude is also a good choice, which reveals the most glory for the Word, and the highest standard from the Word for human to follow. The third attitude is the worst, historically, many tragedies related to names of god were actually from this manly attitude. My attitude is the second attitude.
  5. This is a communication in meditation just now, through a new language I have been developing in an unending spiritual war between Christ and anti-Christ. The spiritual war is different from other wars by fighting not only between images, but also in each good image, and even each image from god. The exegesis of the messages in the communication. "hong...", a long sounds for a few seconds, I express in Chinese pinyin hong, which includes four similar sounds for near one hundred Chinese characters, in which one of them means rainbow in English, and recorded in my mind as the miracle rainbow
  6. God loves, which its own is the ultimate purpose. Human love each other by learning from worship and faith. Kant is who tried to do what you think, and made tragedy globally.
  7. You are arrogant to define god, which is worse than to be a slob.
  8. I like that. Very thoughtful. It is somewhat a false claim, which shows the arrogance of a man trying to limit the being of god.
  9. As you expressed in this way, how do you say about your own? My topic is, god the Word needs meaning for his own. This purpose is source of all other purposes.
  10. 1, It is chaos as something in your mind when you do not know and you are not humble to express. 2, god is pure none icon, and never say directly to you. 3, it is man who ask you for money, which is a indirect source of living and business for everyone in this world. 4, it is man who in name of god to ask you do what ultimately hopefully for your good on your reason through improving your moral and ethical ability. 5, you should not mix god with images of god. 6, I hope you can get rid of the influence of any idolatry. 7, true god man never know anything, even here we talk is just tryi
  11. 1, god is truth, love and spirit. 2, god created and manages the universe through truth, love and spirit. 3, the universe is at a position much lower than the position of god in a structure of hierarchy. 4, the communication between god and the universe is through gravitational wave with meaning. 5, Jesus is light, which is gravitational wave with truth, love and spirit, on my understanding. 6, on gospel john, your hope is true or not on you are holy or manly. 7, your hope is true if only you are holy.
  12. 1, More than 90% organisms once on earth are extinctive. Only what serves the ultimate purpose survives now. 2, Surviving and procreating out of ultimate purpose might not prepare well enough for far future environment, and then will not be selected by that environment. Simply as if you do not prepare well, you can not win in the change of market. 3, Science should be guided by the ultimate purpose through morality, ethics and law. If not, science may be used to destroy. 4, As you improve your philosophical ability, you can improve your understanding. Also as you improve your instinct sense
  13. The Reason of Creation By Exegesisme Why did God created and manages the universe, living beings and human worship and faith? These are the job of God. God makes his own living by his job. On the progress of my meditation, I believe God needs to breath in the gravitational wave with greater meaning and order, and breath out the gravitational wave with less great meaning and order. God needs to continue this breath for his living process. I make this hypothesis by my own experience of meditation. I communicate with many different images of God, and receive information from them everyday, an
  14. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/2016_democratic_presidential_nomination-3824.html Sanders has a good tendency to win Clinton. Cruz or anyone from GOP may face larger pressure.
  15. I guess it is a possibility but low probability.
  16. The Atlantic/PRRIThe Atlantic 3/30 - 4/3 788 RV -- 46 47 Sanders +1 IBD/TIPPIBD/TIPP 3/28 - 4/2 388 RV 5.1 45 44 Clinton +1 McClatchy/MaristMcClatchy 3/29 - 3/31 497 RV 4.4 47 49 Sanders +2 national polls, Sanders vs Clinton.
  17. After the unifying of China on the only condition: the TW army reorganizes the CPC army.
  18. I believe my concern on US election helps me understand the source of US great political leadership. I pay attetnion to each factor which appears in the running, and try to taste what position of it in the forming of the leadership. For example, the function of super PAC in an election. I think the function of the super PAC is very important for forming a real leadership. In real politics, the President always lead through a small team cooperatively directly, and the whole society has many organizations which act indirectly with the leadership of the President. This indirect real situation is
  19. This new civilization is essentially revealed through the spirit truth in love, and prepares for the global coldness which will come behind the global warmth.
  20. Trump misjudged and threatened improperly in this event.
  21. A Simple Framework for Reformation of China by exegesisme Wen, representing hu, president, party, and cppcc, reformation direction, president, senate, and ethical hearing. Wang, representing jiang, zhu, ceng, npc, the state council, and judicial branch, reformation direction, congress, and judicial branch. Hu, study reformation of super meaning on English civilization for a new super meaning. Sun, study reformation of institutions other than above on English civilization for a new institutional system. Su, representing xi, study English civilization for a new civilization. The foundatio
  22. ​How do you think the poll numbers as in general election Trump vs Sanders, Sanders wins so much?
  23. Suggestion to Cruz for foreign policy: Limitation, Stabalizition, and Firm change.
  24. We need all we need, but certainly we do not need terrorism. I believe US and the world would like an US President who is qualified to provide all the need and prevent all the not need. Socialism is not qualified for history has already proved it is evil. Ignorance is not qualified for which even could not distinguish the private section and the republic section. Bully is not qualified for which itself is terrorism.
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