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  1. Maybe, Trump will win, and Both GOP and US have to recieve reformation of Trump.
  2. A more direct speak may need to make the situation being clear to each one who highly concerns. GOP is really on test.
  3. Human AI challenges human natural intelligence(NI) in coming future, human political leadership should confront this challenge. And maybe, Human NI and human AI will be together to form human new political leadership. Human political leader should have ability to play a role in the cooperation of human NI and human AI.
  4. The concept of "blessings of liberty" is very important, which would be the basic source of all amendments when historical need appears in time.
  5. I feel, National: Trump takes advantage, Cruz has chance. Florida: Trump takes advantage, Rubio has chance. Ohio: Kasich takes advantage, Trump has chance. North Carolina: Trump takes advantage, Cruz has chance. Illinois: Trump takes advantage, Cruz has chance. Missouri: Trump takes advantage, Cruz has chance.
  6. In all human history, I believe no people in absolute secular tradition can write these words together as a preamble of a constitution of a new nation. In my view, this preamble could only be created from the people with profound experience of worshiping God, and only emerge as an easy understandable appearance.
  7. Thanks. Like Galileo Galilei, and also the Bible tells, I do believe God created the world and revealed the creation to human through the Bible. From this belief, both the world and the Bible are about the creation of God. May a time reunion of both will come, and I believe the reunion is a common framework of exegesis for both the world and the Bible. And we, Canadian people, should feel comfortable about the reunion, for we believe: "Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:" I also believe the two points of Cruz could be a bridge f
  8. Do you know his two points, telling truth and keeping promise?
  9. There is some human false understanding. Science and high technology are revealed by God through Bible on my view which Cruz should be qualified to learn.
  10. I hope you all thinking under this possibility: as Alphago becomes the decisive helper of US President, what qualification is needed for the President? Cruz should start a topic of science and high technology in 2016 election.
  11. Anyway, the most challenge of 2016 election is the AI progress represented by google the alpha-go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFr3K2DORc8, which is not reflected in the campaign yet. Confronting this challenge, I believe Cruz is the most selectable, all others are less prepared. However, if Carson goes after Trump as CNN reported http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/10/politics/ben-carson-to-endorse-donald-trump/index.html, Cruz may lose his momentum. The AI progress challenges not only 2016 election, but also all human tradition, and mostly, human his and her own, I mean, human new evolution, or
  12. I would like to observe the influence of Neil Bush to the campaign of Cruz, and the reaction of US voters.
  13. Thinking along the idea of Fiorina, I get my concept of 2016 election of US: Trump represents tradition beyond politics, Hillary represents tradition in politics, and Cruz has the qualification to represent the desire to reform politics from both in politics and beyond politics, but has not solution yet.
  14. Practical choices in GOP: Trump runs to win finally; An ally around Cruz runs to win finally; Trump makes Cruz his ally to win ahead; Trump wins by GOP national convention; Cruz wins by GOP national convention. Romney or any other one won by GOP national convention is not a practical successful choice.
  15. On Mar. 8, the results in Idaho and Michigan fell into my model of prediction, three quarters in factors of the results in Hawaii and Mississippi fell into my model of prediction, and one quarter in factors of the results dropped out my model of prediction. There were two third of Rubio's supporters in Mississippi, and 5 over 18 Rubio's supporters in Idaho turned to support Trump other than Cruz, which made Trump won three states and Cruz won only one. In Mar. 1, some of Rubio's supporters turned to support Cruz other than Trump. The dropping in of Romney for Rubio and Kasich after Mar.1 migh
  16. New event: Romney cuts get-out-the-vote robocalls for Rubio and Kasich http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/08/politics/mitt-romney-marco-rubio-robocalls/index.html
  17. The hard work to win Trump in GOP: 2016 Republican Primary Congressional District results from 44,292 voters since Feb 2016 for the question "If the Presidential election were held today, which Republican party candidate would you vote for?" Donald Trump: 351/436 (81%) congressional districts won Marco Rubio: 34/436 (8%) congressional districts won Ted Cruz: 41/436 (9%) congressional districts won Ben Carson: 5/436 (1.15%) congressional districts won ​John Kasich: 5/436 (1.15%) congressional districts won
  18. Is this legal or illegal? http://www.foxnews.com/politics/elections/2016/presidential-election-headquarters?intcmp=subnav Rubio camp accuses Cruz of 'dirty tricks' over Hawaii 'dropout' email
  19. My Prediction for Mar 8, Hawaii 19, Idaho 32, Michigan 59, Mississippi 40 (revised on prediction of Mar 6) Trump will get votes Hawaii 37%-, Idaho 31%-, Michigan 38%-, Mississippi 37%-, and win 0 or 1 or 2 states in Michigan and Hawaii Cruz will get votes Hawaii 33%+, Idaho 45%+, Michigan 32%+, Mississippi 40%+, and win 2 or 3 states in Idaho, Mississippi and Hawaii. Kasich may be working well in Michigan.
  20. Sanders should be pay attetntion to. He may replace Hillary in some situation. He takes more advantage than Hillary as confronting republican candidates.
  21. Cruz has no answer, but is the most likely, in the six candidates of both parties, to get the answer for future. Hillary has too much experience to answer the challenges after the information era, which asks for new politics to meet the need of well informative people. She prepares well to rule traditionally, and to win Sanders, Trump and even Rubio, all have traditional wisdom in ranges of Clintons', but the wisdom of Cruz is beyond and new to Clintons'. Cruz and Carson would be possibly a winning pair, and provide real solutions for US and the world of the after-information era. The functio
  22. Cruz to Hillary would be more like Obama to her, who might be least willing to confront.
  23. upcoming election regions of GOP mar 6, puerto rico 23, no much information. mar 8, Hawaii 19, Idaho 32, Michigan 59, Mississippi 40 prediction trump will get votes Hawaii 38%-, Idaho 31%-, Michigan 38%-, Mississippi 40%-, Cruz will get votes Hawaii 33%+, Idaho 44%+, Michigan 32%+, Mississippi 40%+, Trump may win at Hawaii and Michigan, Cruz may win at Idaho and Mississippi. The prediction may be adjusted at mar. 8 according to more polls before the voting results.
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