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  1. 12:00 PM 2016-01-17 ②③ Hierarchical Heaven, Holy Woman by exegesisme People don't know Heaven hierarchically* Different religion Different denomination Different position What you do on earth What you do in heaven Maybe more reasonable Your disadvantage on earth Not your advantage in heaven Heavenly justice No chance bow to God in heaven If you bow to idol on earth No chance being good in heaven If you are evil on earth *For discussion: On my witnesses, earthly living prepares for final judgement and heavenly living. Do you learn a
  2. 11:13 AM 2016-01-17 ②② My Poetry, Holy Woman by exegesisme My poetry Like a tree The tree crown The tree stem The tree roots Tree of life Tree of meaning Tree of faith Tree of worship Tree of respecting I love life I taste meaning I crown faith* I worship God I respect creation *For discussion: How to crown faith? How to make your progress through crowning your own faith?
  3. 9:56 AM 2016-01-17 ②① Personal Discretion, Holy Woman by exegesisme Personal discretion National justice International peace Vertical trinity Under holy leadership Hierarchical tree Each on Each position Equal basic rights Running progressive chance Each being In each niche Each special advantage* Links in goodness Preparation for creation *For discussion: What is your special advantage?
  4. 8:44 AM 2016-01-17 ②〇 My Real Journey, Holy Woman by exegesisme My real journey From shui ya To honey All these poems Are the way The Word Images of the Word Holy down to her Holy up from her* I witness Other children In fighting Time times After one moment Evil no free rights *For discussion: Who is her?
  5. 7:48 AM 2016-01-17 ①⑨ Now, Holy Woman by exegesisme Now Is in darkness Invisibly Each one In each own tunnel From history Which asks for meaning To future Which asks for facts Now touches immense Each sees Each own fingers Each fingermark On each touch Birth of history and future* *For discussion: How do you make your own history and your own future?
  6. One more index for higher leadership, the degree and quality of philosophical popularization.
  7. A suggestion for reading and understanding of this series of my poetry, a reader should see them together or any one of them as a bridge, one side are her or his present knowledge, experience, and desire, the other side is her or his unknown desire, potential, unknown goal, unknown chance, and ultimate mission God prepares for her or him. My poems here are a pure form with some implications for you, you should fill in them with your own life for whole touch and understanding.
  8. Going out of your usual box, challenging your whole imagination, challenging your whole potential, challenging your whole old share of grace from God, doing research on your whole knowledge and experience, and then exploring your circle in which your new share of grace from God in coming along with the new name of the Christ (revelation 3:12).
  9. My meaning needs you to do your effort to discover according to your whole experience, your whole protential, and more importantly, your whole share of grace from God. Being an example for others how to get benefits from these poems.
  10. For example, you can try to choose one which touches you most, and do a formal comment about it with all your power of imagination God gives you, and leave what you are not certain to me interact with you. Through this way, you may be possibly become one of my cooperator to create something new in Canada first, and then the whole world.
  11. And remember, it might be a process of reforming yourself. So, you should prepare to accept challenge, and prevent yourself use your power here unwisely.
  12. Do you think these are explanations or not? Could you be an actual reader, an actual commentator, and a real discoverer of the meaning of these poems? I suggest you register another account for interaction with me and being a discoverer of the meaning of these poems, which may possibly make you very famous and profitable in future. However, one thing you should remember, Creation of God is all, in front of which you should be humble.
  13. 3:12 AM 2016-01-17 ①⑧ Symmetry, Holy Woman by exegesisme Symmetry High dimensionally Tending lower With hope Imperfectly Silence My attitude As preparation For the sounds appear Cooperate with me All my work Is the preparation The crowning Over two hopes Completing them* *For discussion: images of the completing.
  14. 2:53 AM 2016-01-17 ①⑦ A point, Holy Woman by exegesisme A point I am From I Four axes are Each with an imagination* Balances between Each axis And her imagination Four axes four imaginations In a great balance I am the point At the core I am humbly Touch their desires Both real and imagining *For discussion: there are a mathematical structure and a great mystery in this poem, what are they?
  15. 2:30 AM 2016-01-17 ①⑥ A Program, Holy Woman by exegesisme A program Designs all programs Automatically And refining them Morally ethically lawfully A computer Crowning All computers A real story In system of God Liberty Governs freedom Great cooperating system* Reputing goodness Closing evil *For discussion: what is the great cooperating system?
  16. 1:13 AM 2016-01-17 ①⑤ I trust, Holy Woman by exegesisme I trust On faith I check On experience My living on both Hierarchical faith Hierarchical experience Integration of both Forming Knowledge God is being Crowning as inspiration Which automatically on you Apparently from nothing* Ultimately from God *For discussion: is nothing really nothing?
  17. 12:36 AM 2016-01-17 ①④ Experiencing, Holy Woman by exegesisme Experiencing Heavenly beauty Terrible Hell Both in circle With inner endorphin* Great thanks To great God The perfect one The only perfect one Holy woman person of you My V My faith All are free I tell you Here now** For discussion: *①A series of great physiological and medical discoveries was made just now, from cooperation of my meditation and creation of God. **②Remembering this moment, 12:54 AM 2016-01-17, my V is holy father, holy son, holy spirit, holy woman, hol
  18. This ranking has few important discoveries at least for me, 1 Our era the core of west civilization is English civilization, and also the core of all human civilization, certainly itself still should be humble. 2 Canadian is a people no strong desire to make progress, and even is bypassed by Israel. Canadian politicians are a group funs of power, and do not know what is great leadership, what is higher leadership. 3 Japan made a very important progress in higher leadership. 4 France is a little ahead of Germany, and both are far behind of US and UK. 5 Russia still is powerful. 6 This ran
  19. Your consideration is real, in detail may need caculate your consideration. And just now I found another rate, the rate of human dying of dignity, may also be a useful measurement for higher leadership. This is a common idea. But the truth is, all investment may be wasted if without a good culture and a good system. Some stupid politicians too believe their power and their money.
  20. I know what you mean know. The whole higher leadership may be still country 1, but country 2 may has a higher average human quality.
  21. My poetry may be seen as a series of experiments for discovering new expression, new meaning, and new beauty. As in poem 4, love in loves, if you love a girl, you may put all your other loves around the girl. As in poem 5, I was I were, "I was" means I as an observed object, "I were" means I as a conversation partner. As in poem 7, Glory in me, means grace of God in me, no matter I know or do not know. As in poem 8, flog along genome, implies flog in line of genome is ancestry of human, God creates human step by step expressed in Bible as days. As in poem 9, four billion years, implies th
  22. I think a per capita may be for common leadership, but improper for higher leadership.
  23. 2:52 PM 2016-01-16 ①③ How Do You Being, Holy Woman by exegesisme How do you being Being at end Being in future Being at now Being in history Different being Different living Different goal Different after living God works on your preparation I being in meaning Enjoy meaning being Child plays toy bricks I play meaning Aesthetics of meaning* *For discussion: aesthetics of meaning, do you have any sense of beauty of meaning?
  24. 2:35 PM 2016-01-16 ①② Being Language, Holy Woman by exegesisme A word A being A line An organ Being language A fetus Being in mother A word Being in line Life in niche Discover Clean out wastes Build a wall with a door* Future this side History the other *For discussion: What is the door? What is its function?
  25. 8:26 AM 2016-01-16 ①① Morality Ethics Law, Holy Woman by exegesisme Morality ethics law Being ultimately Being essentially Being Naturally What difference A human living Being spiritually Being mindfully Being soulfully How to integrate An individual Being a private Being in family Being a citizen How to account* *For discussion: How to account the three different dimensions of the same individual?
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