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  1. 8:07 AM 2016-01-16 ⑩Running For Being, Holy Woman by exegesisme Running for being How may eggs Less than a few How many sperms Less than one billion Crowning crowning Only one pair From so many Morality ethics law Here what are they From one cell To one human fetus To one human baby To one human adult To one dignity away* *For discussion: the meaning of one dignity away. ​
  2. 7:45 AM 2016-01-16 9 Tree Of Life, Holy Woman by exegesisme Tree of life Your spirit Your genome Four billion years* Your miracle How many possibilities In inside carefully How many possibilities Near and far farther hierarchically Holy order You are in See with your eye freely Yes with test Morality ethics law *For discussion: What is four billion years old in you, why?
  3. 7:31 AM 2016-01-16 8 Dream In Girl, Holy Woman by exegesisme Dream in girl Frog on foot Along genome Creation Evolution Future glory Each on time The seventh day Holy sleep For preparation Palace* What a beauty Each of you Will see her or him I promise *Palace for discussion: the beauty you find when you look for in your inside where God prepares for you continuously without letting you know. And future glory is what you should look for, to cooperate the creation of God.
  4. 7 Glory In Me, Holy Woman* by exegesisme Glory in me I do not know Until I see you Holy down to you And then up You continue nurture Your other children Witnesses in them Went through 666 Prepared until 777 All are forgotten Until I see you The way of Christ Is seen from you You are my mother *For discussion: the identity of Holy Mother, or others you are inspired from this poem.
  5. 5 I Was I Were, Holy Woman* by exegesisme If you are her I was If you are you I were What difference I from I was To I were I from I were To I was What difference Tested Or not tested More tested Or less tested What difference *For discussion: trying to point out the differences, the contribution of Derek 2.0 in this poem. Is there any relation between this poem and Holy Bible, the real world or universe, history or future? Or any others you feel meaningful and inclusive.
  6. Background of my inspiration about the coming series. Certainly, there is backgrounds of background, but I will limit to the direct background of the Holy Woman. Few days ago I got a message from a dream, which advised me change my style of writing. Last Saturday, I went to Toronto Japanese Seventh-day Adventist Church for bible study, one of the scriptures is in revelation 13, which made me notice revelation 12. I were (continue later)
  7. My new poems of Holy Woman will be all in this thread: http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/25481-4-love-in-loves-holy-woman/ .
  8. 4 Love In Loves, Holy Woman* by exegesisme Love In loves I use all my love Around you Do you feel I am a man You are a woman I love you Represent all men Can I All in my dream You are my ideal I meet you just now After a storm My love passed a test * Introduction for discussion or topics of the coming series: 1 I will post all my poems about Holy Woman in this thread beside the first three poems. 2 I hope I can finish the expected series in this thread. 3 It is all about love, beauty, aesthetics, with symbols from holy bible, oth
  9. Thanks. I am a him, but focus on my X chromosome. http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/25432-the-difference-of-mother-and-father-in-genetics-of-mental-ability/
  10. Expressing in the following way may be better: the role of Canada in the improving leadership of US.
  11. I hope they would revive my taken-down thread, or we could discuss it through other ways. I especially put the thread now being taken down in the arts and culture sub-forum for less controversy. From this event I understand more about the relation between the creativity of a people and the degree of their free right of speech.
  12. Although I agree all your explanation, I can not continue here without revival of my taken-down thread for it is the top and core of my whole work, which also touches the top and core of western civilization.
  13. What I concern is the role of Canada in the leadership of US, although many Canadians do not admit this topic. I like Christianity much more than Buddaism both in their cores and on their wholes . I may need a new niche. Thank you.
  14. I never think I have truth to teach you, but a new opinion looking for reaction of other opinions. I never challenge your right not reading my posts and not discussing my posts, they are your rights. I never challenge the right of the meditator to do what in their rights. Here what I challenge is the reason of taken down, and the meditating style of the forum which is really serving its propose or not. Your suggestion is correct. But before I make my final form of work, I choose to evaluate possible reactions of others through some ways.
  15. You just mean you do not understand and do not want to understand. The right of free speech is everywhere as long as the speech is moral, ethical and lawful. Is there any of my posts which makes you using this "if situation" about my posts? Thank you for your this suggestion, although with ridicule.
  16. I believe, it is because my thread is out of your familiar knowledge, and you are lazy to learn something new. So, you are a typical old Canadian. I am a new Canadian, want more creativity (taste of old American ) and at the same time avoiding irritating others (taste of old Canadian). I represents more creativity in Canada for increasing Canadian creativity, and represents less irritating others in US for decreasing their high crime rate. Is there any problem of this intention?
  17. I disagree this reason. I certainly want others concern what I post and discuss what I post, but I do not want to use extreme words to irritate others just for they take part in discussion. What I try to do in this forum is only to explore a way for a new creativity, which I hope would stimulate the creativity of our Canadian, and at the same time avoid extreme reaction to the new creativity. Is there any problem of this intention? Beyond this event, I also disagree the policy of this forum covered old posts too easy. Many sub-forums are only left one short page of posts. And a third point
  18. http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/01/wildfire-berning/423552/ Would anyone imagine Sanders Lead US as President?
  19. 21 *Higher Leadership Top 10 In 21st Century, Political Philosophy for Human Future by exegesisme ​**1xπ US, 96 Nobel Laureates from 2001 to 2015, in total 357 Nobel Laureates. 2xπ UK, 20 Nobel Laureates from 2001 to 2015, in total 118 Nobel Laureates. 3xπ Japan, 15 Nobel Laureates from 2001 to 2015, in total 24 Nobel Laureates. 4xπ France, 9 Nobel Laureates from 2001 to 2015, in total 67 Nobel Laureates. 5xπ Germany, 8 Nobel Laureates from 2001 to 2015, in total 102 Nobel Laureates. 6xπ Israel, 8 Nobel Laureates from 2001 to 2015, in total 12 Nobel Laureates. 7xπ Russia, 5 Nobel Laure
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