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  1. Adding two more: 11xπ The federal executive head should be elected directly through a system similarly as US, which provides a way to unify the provinces and territories with small population. And all primers and congress members have rights to run for the federal executive head. 12xπ The senate should be formed through election, with thirty nine elected members in total, and any single province or territory has three seats in federal Senate. The senate renews its members one third every two years, or renews one from any single province or territory every two years. The equal representation of each province and each territory in the Senate is crucial for strengthening the federal leadership and the unification of Canada.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Chinese_Famine CCP of Marx-Leninism from a Jew named Marx and a partial Jew named Lenin is a huge cancer upon body of China and Chinese people.​ ​
  3. 1 Holy System Crown Republic Democracy, Canada 1947-2046 by exegesisme ​ 1xπ The Canadian Citizenship Act, was passed on May 14, 1946, and was effected from Jan. 1 1947. The act established independent Canadian Citizenship from British Nationality. 2046 is the 100th year of the act in action. 2xπ Reviewing Canadian history, I am glad to be sure of two characteristics of Canadian nationality, peace and progressive change. 3xπ With the encouragement of the act and our Canadian history, I am hardly not imagine what our Canada would be like at the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Citizenship Act. 4xπ I hope I would like to see then, a system of Holy Crown Republic Democracy is full of vitality from Canada to wherever needing sound leadership. ​5xπ In this system, the Holy Crown represents the dignity of a nation, which is created on need of morality and ethics, is established for example of sustainability and progressiveness, is shared as example of dignity of each tradition and each citizen. 6xπ The Republic accounts for a hierarchical organization of leadership, which provides ways for all strengths as they are willing to take part in reshaping leadership, and makes the process of reshaping leadership orderly. Usually, a Republic in the Holy Crown Republic Democracy system is a 90% US style government, the remaining 10% as the dignity of a nation is in the hand of Holy Crown other than the President. 7xπ The Democracy accounts for the independent rights of each individual human being, and the independent rights of each individual institution. The independent rights include their basic rights as their are, their basic rights of taking part in the process of reshaping leadership, and their privileges of their faculty and contribution. The Democracy in the Holy Crown Republic Democracy system is a development upon the Charter of Liberty or others similarly. 8xπ The Democracy also means each individual is the original responsible being to establish their own abilities for their all sorts of rights. Democracy in future as a concept focuses attention on the development of private side. ​9xπ The Republic also means a government as a hierarchical organization is the whole responsible being to assist each individual to establish their own abilities. Republic in future as a concept focuses on development of public leadership. 10xπ The Holy Crown also means a national symbol for a national psychological stability. Holy Crown in future as a concept focuses the need of personal representation of a nation with sustainability and progressiveness.
  4. Thank you very much. Your explanation lets me think about two principles of philosophy of language: First, a speaker should say as clear as possible, as in the text of the article; Second, a learner should understand with her or his own experience, as in the headline of the article.
  5. A Symbol of Inequality In China By exegesisme In China, Chilren live on the bottom of the wild political nation under the wild power of CCP, who took the national power of China by violence and instigating hatred. The Children of poor family live even under the bottom. A 13 years old girl who committed suicide recently is just a symbol of this inequality. This unfortunate girl was forced by her own desire to steal a few chocolates from a supermarket unsuccessfully on Dec. 28, 2015. The personnel of the supermarket illegally punished the girl for about two hours until her mother came to the supermarket. Her mother punished the girl again and looked for money to pay the penalty fined by the supermarket. With the two punishments at the end of a 13 years living without any idea of dignity in a wild political culture of a communist gang named as CCP from a theory of a Jew named as Marx, the 13 years old girl ended her life with a jump from the 17th floor of a new modern building between half past 2pm to 3pm, Dec. 28, 2015. She was born on June 10, 2003. Her name is 赵(surname)花(her given name, means flower). http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Accused-of-stealing-chocolate,-12-year-old-Gansu-student-commits-suicide,-causing-protests-(Video)-36308.html http://www.dushi.ca/tor/news/bencandy.php/fid11/lgngbk/aid179612
  6. 19 Split of Everything, Political Philosophy for Human Future by exegesisme ​ 1xπ All elites should be divided into two categories according to their accountability, essential elites, and decorated elites. ​ 2xπ All politics should be divided into two categories according to their accountability, essential politics, and decorated politics. 3xπ All nations should be divided into two categories according to their accountability, essential nations, and decorated nations. 4xπ All businesses should be divided into two categories according to their accountability, essential businesses, and decorated businesses. 5xπ All jobs should be divided into two categories according to their accountability, essential jobs, and decorated jobs. 6xπ So everything should be divided into two categories according to their accountability, essential thing, and decorated thing. 7xπ And even all inside of anything should be divided into two categories according to their accountability, essential parts, and decorated parts. 8xπ ​The sustainable development is introduced by essential accountability, which is the accountability to the ultimate judgement of god. 9xπ Everyone prepares her or his or its afterlife by the accountability of each to the ultimate judgement of god. 10xπ Afterlife is true.
  7. How To Understand Conflicts In English Grammar The following two quotes are from the same article and about the same event, one is a title, and one is its first paragraph. How to explain its absolute different grammars?
  8. 18 My Critic To Thomas Piketty, Political Philosophy for Human Future by exegesisme 1xπ Thomas Piketty is a professor at the Paris School of Economy, and the author of the best selling book of Capital In The Twenty-First Century. http://www.hup.harvard.edu/features/capital-in-the-twenty-first-century-introduction.html 2xπ​ He argued in his book Capital In The Twenty-First Century, the rate of capital return in developed countries is consistently greater than the rate of economic growth, which would cause wealth inequality to increase in the future. He proposed redistribution through a progressive global tax on wealth to solve this issue according to his opinion. 3xπ​ My arguments of critic is to his proposal, which would repress human creativity and disvalue human morality and ethics. 4xπ​ On my opinion, the rate of capital return in any economy should be greater than the rate of economic growth, the capital would lose its passion of hunting for chance of good investment, if without the greater than average return. The good chance of investment would have less likely to get support of capital, and less likely to make its natural contribution to economy, and less likely to play its role in improving human living. 5xπ ​Therefore, the rate of capital return being greater than the rate of economic growth is a driver of human economic growth, and should not be seen as an issue. 6xπ ​The hierarchical structure of income its own is a way to encourage hard work according to the economic law, therefore, a proper inequality of economy is also not an issue. 7xπ ​The inequality of economy would become an issue only as it becomes improperly large. Even in this situation, an economist first should examine the infrastructure of economy, and ease the improperly large economic inequality by adjusting the fundamental infrastructure of economy, rather than simply creating a new progressive global tax on wealth. 8xπ Some moral, ethical and economic encouragements for the wealth people to help the poor are also ​important. The growths of human morality and ethics would make real contribution to human quality life. 9xπ My view of sound government should keep at the level of meeting essential necessaries, any more than this level would cause wastes. 10xπ The people who created their wealth morally would know more how to help the poor people than the government. ​
  9. You are right. However, even one of them reaches earth and is seen by human cosmologist, a very small space may be seen as 13 billion light years away. And more reasonably, human cosmologist can not make a sound distinguish between the cosmological phenomena are really many light years away, or are only making circles in a very near space, but escaped from their circled space to earth recently. My reason is compatible with M-theory of quantum gravity, and the circled lights can be understood as the circled dimensions in M-theory. And my reason also provide a way to examine M-theory is real or not. To discover such circled lights, the M-theory is real if my prediction of circled lights is discovered. We can reason too, some lights may be hold by very large black hole for very long time, but not far ago escaped from the black hole and reached earth and be observed. In this case, human cosmologists may observes lights from the same black hole but with meaning of different light years away. ​ So, my reason also provides a way to explain many different redshifts of light from the same black hole.
  10. 17 Pure Meaning World, Political Philosophy for Human Future by exegesisme 1xπ Pure meaning world, the only ultimate object crowning the testament of meaning, is after new testament and old testament. 2xπ According to the concept of the pure meaning world in the testament of meaning, I redefine what is ultimate crowning the new testament, which is the ideal way, or the ideal form. 3​xπ According to the concept of the pure meaning world crowning the testament of meaning, and the concept of the ideal way crowning the new testament, I redefine what is ultimate crowning in the old testament, which is the ideal influence, or the ideal power. 4xπ The pure meaning world, the ideal way, and the ideal power are trinity of mind, which means human being can make mental gains through reasoning towards the one and three. 5xπ The pure meaning world, the ideal way, and the ideal power are three and one, because the ideal meaning world emerges through the ideal way, and exerts the ideal power. 6xπ All together is the ideal mind, the ideal mind is god, and god is the pure meaning world emerges through the ideal way and exerts the ideal power. 7xπ All meatal worlds and physical worlds are created by god. All creatures are not ideal, for they are not god. 8xπ My god is essential two genders. God her own is own sufficient or own containing, which includes own sufficient sex. 9xπ The pure meaning world can be understood as the holy mother or the holy spirit, so the trinity of ideal mind is compatible to the trinity of god in Christian theology. 10xπ God arranges her creatures in a hierarchy of goodness. All creatures are share the same basic rights, but different privileges according to the goodness of each. ​
  11. I have a hypothesis for a long time about The Difference of Mother and Father In Genetics of Mental Ability. In my hypothesis, the contribution of a father to intelligence is created to his X chromosome. His X chromosome with created intelligence is actually inherited to his daughter, and to his grandson through his daughter. For improving the genetics of the created intelligence, a well-achieved man should have more children in his later life. However, the practice of human reproduction does really ignored the genetics of the created intelligence. Should human change their behavior of reproduction for improving the genetics of the created intelligence?
  12. A thread about the structure of atomic nuclear is lost, would the moderator help me look for back?
  13. The war in spirit between goodness and demon is spiritually very real. This topic is stricking demon heavily by promoting creating leadership, and that demon was stricked back in my dream just now by threating me to death. Such sorts of fighting and theating in dream or in state of meditation appear repeatedly with uncounting number of times similarly as this time. Again I tell the truth, meditation with achievement at high level is not an ease thing, the good meditator standing at the side of god becomes a fighter to fight all demons and evils, both in supernatural realm and in natural realm. Natural realm means some other meditators maybe fight back in dream if they are in evil sides as terrorism and/or communism and/or the national regimes against US.
  14. 16 Creating Leadership Along Political Election, Political Philosophy for Human Future By Exegesisme 1 Creating leadership along political election, I believe I am the first one to get this idea. 2 This idea is also my answer to my question of the reason why US is so great. 3 I get this idea from my concentration on US 2016 election, and my reason upon other US general elections. ​ 4 As an example, President Obama would not have the faculty to lead US if he had gotten his position through other way. 5 The reason is not only he was trained nationally in his campaign to be a president, but also the people were prepared to receive his leadership nationally. 6 Therefore, a successful political election, is not only an election to elect a leader for a position, but also a process to train those candidates who run for the position to be qualified for the position, and more, to prepare other relevant factors of the positon for the winner to lead. The leader, the leadership, and the preparation are not existed before the election. 7 Why is US so great? US has a political system to create great leadership through its political elections. 8 No other political system is greater than, or equal to US political system. 9 Great political system would not grow naturally from existed tradition or traditions. 10 Great political system would only be created from the advanced theories of advanced traditions.​
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_general_election,_2013 Very special elective system of Italy, absolutely unfair in eye of Canadian: % Seats Democratic Party 25.42 292 The People of Freedom 21.56 97 Five Star Movement 25.55 108 ​ ​
  16. Your reason is in my reason. If the legal position of the general election is strong enough, it can run over the system of government, and the government should be reorganized by the result of the general election.
  17. The reason of unsuccessful try of Israel for direct election of PM, is the weakness of the legal position of the general election.
  18. https://www.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/graham-allen/time-to-elect-prime-minister
  19. https://sydney.edu.au/law/anjel/documents/ZJapanR/ZJapanR24/ZJapanR24_10_Rheuben.pdf
  20. Do you believe the Bushes would think the same as you?
  21. Learning from and improving on the examples of US and our own history, maybe also others but at much lower levels or as lessons.
  22. Do you see the US GOP compaign? Is it a process to form commonsense? All sorts of special interests are always there, they are the taxpayers themselves. If you do not give them legal way to express, they may express illegally.
  23. Which one would Bushes like to support beyond the third Bush, Cruz or Trump?
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