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  1. I am trying to find out if there is a down side to this strategy.
  2. I am in favor. What about the rest of you? Is there really any down side to it?
  3. I agree with the OP. If the Conservatives are so strong in my riding, I will vote for anyone that removes Harper. Thanks for the video. We should all share it with our friends. I confess, I voted for Harper when he first got in, but since then I felt like I was used and deceived as a voter.
  4. You may find the explanation you are looking for here when you keep in mind that Mike Huxtable is a personal friend of PM Harper and worked for Terry Nelson. Pay attention to where Chip Tatum says he met Nelson (Chip is a former CIA pilot). This also explains how and why so many Canadians got hooked on cocaine and heroin in the last 20 years: http://www.stewwebb.com/Gene_Tatum_FBI_Terry_Nelson_and_Montana_Drugs_1996.htm
  5. "As with the other fairy tale, if this topic has any credibility at all, it should be in the Canada/US Relations category." I beg to differ with you on both counts. Fairy Tales are not supported by court records and sworn statements from over a dozen witnesses. The fact that you even said that indicates you did not even read the links below nor the 2001 Toronto Star full page article by Jennifer Wells about American Financial Group http://www.investorvoice.ca/PI/229.html Dead bodies cannot be fairy tales sir. $43 million dollars is not imaginary play money. So either read and educate yourse
  6. Sorry fellas but I cannot ignore the mystery of Harper's silence on this issue. At least one of his spokesmen should come forward and explain why the PM did nothing to help get the "missing" $43 million back even if he did it without mentioning that the real thief was the U.S. Justice Department. The below links tell the story from A-Z but I know people are lazy and will not bother to read them. So let me summarize in a few sentences... The U.S. government operated a "cut out" company in Aventura, Florid called American Financial Group that laundered drug moneys on Wall Street with proceed
  7. I still cannot paste links here for some reason gang but if you all just Google "Canada government corruption of officials statute of limitations" you will have quite a few surprises. It looks a sif the system protects itself from prosecution,
  8. Well Michael, you have peaked my interest and I have been finding some interesting stuff. For example Canada has passed some super strict laws that hammer people heavily for overseas bribes of foreign officials without statute of limitations but for domestic bribes everything becomes lenient and ambiguous. For some reason I cannot paste the links here. So just Google "Canada corruption statute of limitations for government officials".
  9. I am quite keen on your idea. No entity should be immune from prosecution in my opinion - especially if they obstruct justice for other third parties. Let them obstruct their own justice but not mine thank you!
  10. His parole was revoked for dating too many women, and the last time I looked dating multiple people is not a crime. There is some reason they want him out of circulation with restricted communications. And if the sushi bar confession took place then what would you make of that, especially since Taber admitted she lied. I agree that she did not fall. But I think the sushi bar thing is not something someone makes up 20 years after the murder took place eh?
  11. I'm not talking about Harper, Mulroney, Martin or any one politician. I am talking about any and all politicians who uses their position to conceal felony crimes by having files sealed or investigations derailed, or refusing to fund an inquiry. Because they have authorities to control and manipulate investigative agencies and regulatory bodies and bureaus, they effectively can get away with a lot of graft and corruption. This is especially true when they can hand-pick the heads of these agencies who then run interference for them if their are "irregularites". So, since they have this unique a
  12. I am a bit curious we do not see more women in leadership roles in Canada. Beverly McLachlin, Olivia Chow, Eve Adams, Carolyn Parrish and others are young, bright, and known to be resourceful, creative, and objective. Is there a reason there seems to be a gender barrier to the Canadian throne?
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