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  1. dialamah

    Christian-only town

    I agree, but that seems to be the case. Perhaps the government deems it cheaper to subsidize housing that helps at least some people rather than risk having to provide all the help for everyone that needs it. Interestingly, when Muslims attempted to set up Sharia Tribunals in Ontario to arbitrate family matters, similar to already existing Catholic and Jewish Tribunals, public outcry was strong enough that all religions lost the ability to privately arbitrate family matters according to their religious precepts. Perhaps, if enough people are incensed by Muslim-only publically subsidized housing, all such facilities will be denied any public funding. Would that be a good thing?
  2. dialamah

    Christian-only town

    I think one is strictly privately funded, not sure if the others get government money.
  3. dialamah

    how to delete profile?

    I asked once to have my profile deleted, never happened. Discovered later that what we post here is considered the University's property or something, so deleting a profile would be deleting content. Cyber wanted to have his stuff deleted, tried to do so manually and was banned, but his posts still show up. No doubt profiles could be deleted, if moderators were given a good enough reason. Who doesn't show up in a search?
  4. dialamah

    Christian-only town

    That info is included in the N.Y. Times link you provided. They also installed industrial strength fans in the kitchen for aromatic cooking. I suppose two living rooms could be billed as a living room and a family room for non-Muslims.
  5. dialamah

    Christian-only town

    The N.Y. Times article about Peace Village does not say "Muslim only", it says the buyers are Muslim because the community is centered around the Mosque. It also mentions two other, similar communities-one is a a Roman Catholic community built around a Catholic Church and the other is a community planned around a Cathedral which is expected to draw primarily Slovakian Catholics. The planned Vaughan community is open to non-Muslims: The objections to the Vaughn community are driven by concerns over density and green space, which is valid in my opinion. Some of the objections are driven by bigotry - as expressed by this woman: Michael is right: you have attempted to misinform. No doubt your other links follow the same misinformation agenda.
  6. dialamah

    The Root of all Fascism

    If Muslims who believe X are being killed by Muslims who believe Y, how can all Muslims believe the same thing and be willing to fight/die for that, as you claim? Also, the Koran advises Muslims to obey the law of the land and to not engage in violence. These are the commands most Muslims follow; those who claim Muslims are or will be become violent as a matter of faith are extremists who have an agenda. The agenda is either to whip up anti-Western sentiment or to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment. Either way, it is people like you and DoP and like ISIS who cause violence, not Muslims.
  7. dialamah

    Christian-only town

    Here are a couple of examples of places that would be able to legally exclude, for example, a disabled Muslim person: Yes, many organizations, religious and otherwise, do not exclude anyone. I myself prefer that, but some people want to be with "their own kind" so to speak, and Canada allows for that under certain circumstances. Yes, we do. And we are pretty even handed about who can exclude; our rules are around allowing groups to determine who'll belong in their "club", so to speak. Here's a story of a disabled woman who could not live in the condo her mother left her, due to age-restrictions.
  8. Further down in the article: Sounds like two stories were presented: the company claiming she excluded the male, the woman claiming she used the same greeting for both. Perhaps that explains why the court ruled strictly on religious accommodation grounds, rather than noting that she hadn't treated the men and women differently.
  9. Yes, perhaps the article you first read had a more anti-Islam slant than the OP's article. Not telling an untruth, but not giving the whole story either. I was surprised too and suspect its more of a thing in the North or where they haven't interacted as much outside their own community.
  10. https://www.ictinc.ca/blog/handshakes-and-aboriginal-peoples She didn't shake the women's hands either. She treated both genders the same, so no discrimination.
  11. dialamah

    Christian-only town

    There is a town in Michigan where only practicing Christians are allowed to buy or inherit real estate. The bylaw has been around since the 1940s, first passed to prevent Jews from buying, and was strengethened in 1986. Non-Christians can rent. The bylaw is being challenged in Court. Although this bylaw is clealy discriminatory, my initial reaction is its ok in this context. If a group of people want to create their own community, they should be allowed to do so. But I thought I would put it out here to hear other thoughts. The article is a good read, btw, as it highlights the issues people are facing as the population has grown more progressive but the bylaw has not.
  12. She had applied for a job as an phone or video interpreter, not sales. She would not even have been meeting people in person so the handshake wasn't remotely necessary to the job.
  13. Alternatively, most Canadians support immigration so politicians aren't scared of being called racist, they're scared of losing votes. When a survey comes along showing that most Canadians do not support immigration, politicians will immediately change their stance.
  14. Interesting question. Some people refuse to shake hands because they are afraid of germs, others because they are just generally uncomfortable with touching, perhaps due to social anxiety or autism. Aboriginal people also do not shake hands. I have myself declined a handshake due to having a cold. Do we need a pamphlet to deal with the "cultural dissonance" of these other examples in order to acommodate, or would this be a special thing because this story is about a Muslim person?