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  1. Why not? There are extremists in Islam, as you well know. Why would you automatically assume this isn't true? At least you should provide some contradictory evidence.
  2. He works in immigration and understands how the system works; I've worked on the other side of that - getting temp work visas, and its not a piece of cake. It's far easier to bring in people from Europe for temp work, than people from India or the ME. But, as expected, you toss out everything he's said in favor of your own ignorant opinions, littering your response with insults and ad hominem attacks. And you claim he's incapable of having mature discussion. Clearly, a "mature discussion" means simply repeating your opinion back to you - like an echo chamber. Remember how fast
  3. As opposed to the actual racism exhibited by people ascribing laziness, criminality and unacceptable in Western White society to entire groups of people based on their ethnicity. So bad ideas will be destroyed in the "marketplace of ideas", claim proponents of unfettered free speech. Clearly that's not happening. Xenophobes are supported by other Xenophobes in their bubble, and they fail to see how their tribal attitudes are mirrors of the same tribal attitudes that result in extreme actions around the world - beheadings, "re-education camps", genocide. The lack of extreme action in W
  4. Do you pay any attention to experts in the field of immigration? No of course not, because your agenda doesn't allow any information that contradicts your ill-informed "opinion".
  5. If they're refugees trying to escape war, why not both? Anyway, because of fears about Jews, similar to the ones you express about Syrians, we refused to take Jews. Maybe we could work at being a better country now, instead of repeating our past mistakes.
  6. Agree; it would also be a benefit if "we the public" better understood that the scientific method requires patience, with changes in conclusions as research bring about better understanding. The notion that a change in understanding followed by a change in recommendations means somebody lied, people are incompetent or there's some kind of conspiracy is a problem with too many people, imo. Progress is not a straight line from A to B, but is a meandering path, with false trails and backtracking to the last fork. It will be years before we know and truly understand the complete effect of
  7. More info on the hydroxichloriquine study withdrawn by Lancet. One of the study's authors owned and was using a dataset that wasn't accurate, maybe even didn't exist. The other two authors weren't given access to the data, even after questions were raised and they asked to see it. The study claimed H was actively harmful, so other studies were stopped. WHO resumed studies on H after the paper was withdrawn. As a result of this, Lancet has changed several of its editorial policies. Among other changes, Lancet will require that all study authors verify the data that's used, and all aut
  8. 1. I don't read everything on this site; do you? 2. If you post some studies and they seem to be from a credible source, with credible information, why would I challenge them? 3. And anyway, I did respond to those - my post yesterday, 1:33 p.m.:
  9. I'll look forward to factual information from you, and as is the responsibility of anyone who cares about fighting fake news and misinformation, I'll investigate as I see fit, and challenge posts that reference use stupid and incredible sources. You don't like that? Oh well. I don't need your approval or acknowledgement. The woman you suggested had credible info on Covid treatment uses prayer in her medical practice, and believes that people can be made sick by demons. That's not her "private time"; that's how she does her job.
  10. Yes, you are correct that polls indicated strong support for slowing immigration. My objection to, in particular, is the way in which you make claims that immigrants from certain countries/religions, are given priority status, declarations about how useless our immigration system is, claims about the laziness and criminality of certain immigrants. You make these declarations without a shred of proof, and if anyone with actual knowledge, experience or expert information says anything contrary, you accuse them of lying or too stupid to doubt what the government, media, or "leftist" st
  11. 1. Why should I, or anyone, believe someone who appears to be some weird cross between a witch doctor/faith healer/western doc, who says crazy things almost daily? Why did you? 2. I looked at those, as well. The study finding that there was some percentage less deaths when treated with hydroxichloriquine said, in their study, that more research was needed. They also excluded people over 65 from their study - that in itself would allow for better outcomes. So, maybe this drug deserves more study, but so far there is isn't nearly enough proof that this is a cure. 3. You specifica
  12. And that destructive form of tribalism will only increase as long as there are people like you hammering away on how unacceptable certain groups are - be it Muslims, brown immigrants, leftists or women in power. Especially when your "information" is misleading at best, and outright wrong at worst. You group people under some umbrella and then you condemn all of them based on their most extreme members. That's destructive to communication, discussion, problem solving and eventually even our society. Luckily, you and yours are still a tiny minority in Canada, so I can hope we won't be
  13. Nowhere in the video does it say she treated them in hospital. She says they came to her clinic scared to death because of what a doctor told them, so she treated them and none died. Which begs the questions - how sick were they, and would they have done just as well with no treatment. She also goes on to say that waiting for double-blind studies to prove the drug works is unethical. Yes, you do. They aren't good reasons, but you have them.
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