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  1. US literally steals mask shipments sent from China and destined for Germany and Canada.  Then they tell Anerican producers to stop sending masks to Asia and Canada.  No doubt Canadian supporters of Trump will support this, while calling Trudeau a "traitor"; the irony.

    I'm starting to hope this virus kills as many Trump supporters as possible, starting with Trump himself.  Not all Republicans and not all conservatives, mind you, just the immoral, unethical lying sacks of shit that Trump and his followers are.  

    1. Shady


      They “literally “ didn’t steal anything.  You don’t steal something that you pay for.  More fake news.

  2. Did you get a copy of the Strata bylaws, and the last couple years of meetings? If you got them, did you read them carefully to make sure you know what you are buying into? Have you had a home inspection done? That's all I got for advice.
  3. Children can be a vector for this disease, even if they don't get sick - and your simplistic "grandparents are sequestered" does not cover every situation. In my neighborhood, a woman lives with her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. Another older couple who live alone require regular, hands-on assistance from their adult children, who just happen to live with their own kids. A girlfriend is due with twins any day now, and she'll have to rely on her parents to look after her 3-year-old for some period of time; her father is at particular risk if he gets infected. And yes, people have to go to work - so lowering the risk of those people getting sick by limiting the opportunity for kids to make them sick seems like a good idea to me. Watch are the chances of transfer via food? Science says - not happening: That’s because it’s a respiratory virus, passed primarily from person to person in droplets when someone who is infected coughs or sneezes. Though it’s possible to pick up the virus by touching a surface where the droplets have landed and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth, that’s not the primary way it is thought to spread, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC, the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Agriculture, and the World Health Organization say that food is not known to be a route of transmission of the virus. And the information available from outbreaks of SARS and MERS, caused by coronaviruses similar to the one that causes COVID-19, is reassuring. According to the WHO, the evidence showed that those illnesses were not transmitted by food. Exactly. So, what are they doing - shutting down the likelihood of people gathering unnecessarily in groups and becoming disease vectors - such as kids in playgrounds. Not shutting down grocery stores, but taking precautions as best they can because people need to eat. This looks very much like an attempt to balance what's needed against what's not needed. Yes, kids can't go to playgrounds, but at least they get to eat. It seems the balance you expect involves either no limitation on people, or complete lockdown. That's not actually balance; that's the weird conservative attitude that we must choose one of two extremes. This situation is really hard on everyone, and we all wish things were different, leaders had done better somehow and that we weren't looking forward to months of staying home and the economic fallout that is coming. But why do so many conservatives have to be so stupid about it? Deal with it like adults, for God's sake. Blame, accusation, whining or offering "older people" as sacrifices to capitalism is just dumb.
  4. Probably just trying to keep parents and grandparents from getting sick/dying, dumb governments. Kids can look after themselves well enough, if they should run short of adults to care for them for a while or permantly.
  5. But they're preserving religious freedom for those weeks they'd otherwise not be able to meet, right? Isn't that much more important than considering the safety of others and paying attention to experts? Oh wait! I forgot - (some) Christians think this situation is a sign of the imminent end of everybody but them. Never mind: the welfare of the community is the least of these folks' concern.
  6. It would be better to reach reach herd immunity sooner than later, and people meeting in large groups would help us meet that goal. It will also cull some of the more brain-challenged among us. The tragedy is that they'll take innocent bystanders with them, like retail workers, teachers, doctors and nurses. Perhaps the solution is to enforce quarantine on these people, through ankle bracelets? Or maybe simply charge them with murder if their group becomes an epicenter and others die after contact with one or several of them.
  7. Interesting article on how poltical polarization influences response to life-threatening pathogens.  Liberals were less concerned about Ebola in 2013-2014 than Conservatives, and now with Covid-19, the reverse is true.  I guess we were just lucky that Ebola isn't as contagious and never made it around the world.

    Anyway, moral seems to be that people are inclined to pick a team and stick with it come hell or high highwater, even going so far as to distort reality.  

  8. Can you imagine the crying if Canada had stockpiled masks/ventilators/scrubs/etc a few years ago? The same people currently complaining that "we should have been prepared" would have screamed about wasting tax dollars on "non-essentials."
  9. Uh, no. Doctors, nurses, facilities could be so overwhelmed with the 3 or 4 percent of serious and critical Covid 19 patients that despite their best efforts and intentions, an injury that you'd normally recover from, you don't. No, you don't just get money. You have to prove negligence on their part, and that may hard to prove in these circumstances. Medical staff are neither superhuman, nor infallible - if they are exhausted, stressed, overworked, short-staffed, scared, they will make mistakes, people will be sicker than they need to be and some will die. Minimizing this disease because most people don't die and many barely get sick demonstrates a serious lack of understanding and compassion ... and perhaps this is why: This has nothing to do with God; our behavior directly impacts how well we come out of this and how many people die. "God" is merely a disinterested and by all evidence, a powerless observer, supposing one exists at all.
  10. You sound like my BIL about my sister. He does everything in his power to give her what she wants and needs, always expresses his appreciation for her. They still have spats, but their mutual love is pretty apparent.
  11. Good news ... had a vitual surprise birthday party for my sister yesterday, around 20 people showed up, mostly family, and it lasted over 4 hours. We've never held a party where so many family members showed up. And it was really fun.
  12. That's more or less the arrangement of my Egyptian sister and her husband and has been for years. They're also happy as clams in mud, with each other and their marriage anyway.
  13. Mystery solved, someone in BC has taken responsibility for it. This person has explained that he created and set loose the virus to 'get rid of the bad people'; good people will be fine. Of course, you won't find this information on the MSM, and probably not on Youtube or Twitter, as it seems to be spreading via phone calls to the "good" people, to assure them they'll be fine. (Source: a phone call receiver). And if that's not enough good news, there's a galactic force who'll be saving us shortly. The internet will go dark for two weeks, then there'll be an announcement that we'll all be very happy about and life as we know it will change forever, and we'll all be very very happy. Some people believe that it's Trump who'll be making this wonderful announcement; I think Trudeau would be a much more likely spokesperson. Again, this will not be found on MSM, but you can find it on alternate news sources by searching for NESARA ACT. This info came to me via a relative I have not spoken to in several years, and I don't have a full understanding of it all, but I'm sure I'll be fully informed once I have time to study up on it. I'm sharing it here now because this seems the perfect place for this kind of information.
  14. For known infections. I think a lot of people get a mild enough case that they never go anywhere to get counted. The death rate probably isn't as high as they think. Or maybe I'm wishful thinking
  15. My sister and her partner (live in Vancouver) were very ill in January with the symptoms cv-19 but they were never tested for it; they just figured it was the worst flu of their lives till info about covid came out. Probably never know for sure if it was covid, but I've no doubt it was here well before the first cases on the news.
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