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  1. Given the way many people think they can mind-read and make assumptions about motive, I would say this isn't really reassuring. Officially, I oppose Israel's continued annexation of Palestinian land. I have nothing against Jews, and I have no problem with Isreal having their own land. But they should stick to their borders, defending if need be, but not moving settlers into land already populated by Palestinians. For that reason, I would support BDS.
  2. Can someone criticize Isreal and support BDS without being anti--Semite?
  3. Why does the right want to prevent people from criticizing Isreal and it's illegal encroachment into Palestinian Lands?   

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    2. scribblet


      This is true, there's a difference between criticism in good faith and anti semitism through support of Hamas which wants the destruction of Israel.  I don't  believe for one minute they were going to Israel in good faith, it was a publicity stunt.

    3. betsy



      Why does the right want to prevent people from criticizing Isreal and it's illegal encroachment into Palestinian Lands?   

      Hahahaha -  who's preventing them?  You mean, you call it "prevention" because you cannot counter back! :lol:

      They're being rebutted - and mocked - because, look where the criticisms usually come from!

      Islamists and their dumb sympathizers! :lol:

    4. Dougie93


      The Zionists are simply displacing the indigenous as we Britons displaced the Indians.

      Otherwise known as the Zionists making a Canada of their very own.

  4. Whadd'ya mean naive??? I read regularly on here how leftists rule the media and conspire to hide from Canadians all kinds of truths. Our conspiracy is so vast that we're able to persuade millions of academics, researchers, scientists and government officials to support the climate change hoax, racism hoax, white supremacy hoax, Islam/Muslim hoax, transgender hoax and various poor people hoaxes - all to stymie conservative agenda of saving the world through lower taxes and making sure nobody gets any kind of undeserved help. Progressives got the smarts and the power. The rest of ya got nothin'.
  5. They are hints in the length of time precious cycles have happened. Our current cooling cycle ought to have continued for considerably longer than it has. Instead, human activity has been counteracting the natural cooling cycle and making the earth warmer. Link.
  6. Wow, I comment on lots of topics, but you only show up to dogpile with the other anti-Muslim folk if I happen to bring up Muslims or Islam. Looks to me like you're the one "following people around on the board" to
  7. Such a handy way of ignoring information you dislike - it's a conspiracy to mislead us! But why? Because Liberal! How about some actual counter-argument and not some partisan opinion about information you just don't like?
  8. And yet, here we are, a couple generations later, with "barbaric" Japanese living quietly among us, obeying laws, working hard, embracing our progressive culture. Thanks for making my point for me.
  9. Of course not, what kind of stupid straw man is that? We're talking about extremists and killers here. It's not just me and the head CSIS guy who put incels on the right of the political spectrum. What do Fascists, Incels and Terrorists Have in Common? Australian academics Lucy Nicholas and Christine Agius have written about how “involuntary celibates” and members of other, related subcultures find ways to “argue for men’s greater oppression, and justify male violence”. They show how contemporary “masculinism” is an explicit reaction to the gains of feminists, LGBTQ people, and others challenging white male supremacy, and how it is tied to right wing populism. A more scholarly discussion of incels: Aggrieved entitlement is the term for this phenomenon, in which a usually privileged group is partially denied their expected privileges. Involuntarily celibate men are a prime example of this, as well as white supremacists believing white Americans should take “their” country back. Incels and MRAs, though echoing right-wing sentiments, believe they are resisting the mainstream of liberal feminism.
  10. Islamic extremism isn't a problem in Canada, any more then right-wing extremism is. It's a huge problem in the Middle East, and has caused problems in Europe.
  11. "Partisans" don't care how poorly their candidates behave, or how corrupt they are. The rest of us do.
  12. I've already criticized JT on this issue. I'm now thinking if switching my vote to NDP. Don't you find Betsy's handwringing and cries of disaster if JT gets in again a bit partisan?
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