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  1. Which is why I object to people not getting vaccinated when they have no medical reason not to.
  2. A society cannot survive long is the needs and rights of individuals takes precedence over the needs and rights of everybody else. To keep our medical system functional for everyone, as many people as possible should get vaccinated. Your personal preference not to get vaccinated does not supersede the rights of vulnerable people to participate fully in society (ie: going out), or everyone's right to hospital care unhindered by individuals who got Covid because some entitled people decided not to get vaccinated. I starting to think people who refuse available vaccinations for deadly diseases should be the ones confined to home to protect vulnerable people in our society.
  3. What part of cherry picking your "facts" and dismissing everything else do you not understand.
  4. My DiL isn't able to be vaccinated for medical reasons. I'm fine wearing a mask to protect her from any random viruses I might be lugging around with me. Must be disappointing to be "vulnerable" to Covid and unable to get vaccinated, and know that there are people who won't get vaccinated because they think the threat is too miniscule for them. Pretty obvious that their previous mantra of "protect the vulnerable" was just so much bullshit, given that their opportunity to do just that is here and they're basically saying "fuck the vulnerable".
  5. Also from your link: In the Netherlands, hospitals are reporting this month that approximately 75% of hospital admissions are unvaccinated individuals, but 9% of hospitalizations are fully vaccinated individuals who are not immunocompromised, 5% are fully vaccinated, immunocompromised individuals,
  6. Structure value does go down; the land value increases.
  7. Yeah, I've got a townhouse that's gone up exponentially in value, but it makes me nervous and it doesn't feel right. And, while on paper it looks good, what can I do with that equity? I can't sell and trade up, because all other properties have also increased exponentially. My mortgage is pretty low, even though I've borrowed against the equity for some renos, and I'd like to keep it that way in case of a severe downturn. So it does kind of feel like false wealth; I'd be a lot more comfortable if the increase had happened more slowly and wasn't so high.
  8. Not surprising; our society doesn't like to believe there are female child sexual offenders (FCSO). Women are considered to be the nurturers and protectors of children, sexually passive and if they offend sexually, it's because they're under the control and direction of men. FCSO target boys more than girls, from children to adolescents, so why isn't there any outcry (online or off) about how 'women lie about being male so they can access male areas'? Along with some testosterone-overloaded guys declaring "If a woman pretending to be a man is in a washroom with my boy, I'd beat the crap outta her!" The reason the outcry is only about MtF trans people is because it resonates emotionally with people. It seems a lot more plausible than FtM accessing male spaces for perverted reasons, so that's the focus. Get people responding viscerally to 'protect the women and children' and all objectivity disappears. Also, consider that every day, millions of pedophiles access spaces where there are children. Yet, nobody is up in arms about that - insisting that adults who enter spaces where there are children should have to prove they aren't perverts. Such expectations are directly solely towards MtF trans people because that is what gets people emotional instead of thoughtful.
  9. Change the word "propaganda" to argument and see if that makes more sense to you. The Nazi's are argued that Jews were dishonest, were a danger to their culture, society and their woman and girls. "Patriots" argued that Japanese were came from a completely different culture, threatened our culture and society, and threatened our women and children ("our" being Westerners). Conservatives/religious people argued that homosexuals and gay marriage were a danger to culture and children; Islamophobes argue that Muslims are completely unfit for our culture, they're dishonest and they threaten our way of life, women and children. And now the argument against transsexuals is that they threaten women/girls, and that they are by definition, dishonest. The arguments to disenfranchise these groups are nearly identical. And equally wrong. So, you don't believe transsexuals exist, at all. That every indeterminate baby born and assigned either male or female must remain that way throughout their life. That every child who knows, by the time they are five or six that something is "wrong" in the way they feel, must feel that way for the rest of their life. That every teenager pretending to be what they simply do not feel must continue that way, or commit suicide? Is that what you believe? Did you know that there are perverted women in the world, that would love to get little boys/girls in their power and abuse them sexually. Why aren't you bunch worried about all the F2M transexuals lying about being a man so they can access men's areas to catch glimpses of little boys? Or are only women/girls needing to be 'saved'? Except I don't need your "support" when it means you are prejudging someone else - incorrectly almost 100% of the time. And, given the remarks from women online (and women I know offline) about this issue, I'd say we outnumber the ones you think you are 'protecting'. That much, I agree, is controversial and I don't know that science has settled it. This article is remarkably good at bringing that out, whilst leaning slightly towards "it matters" that a female has grown up male.
  10. Again you miss my point. Propaganda against something is generally similar. Present the *something* as a threat to culture, society, women/children; get as many people as possible to buy in. Nazi's did it with Jews; racists did it with Blacks (for decades) and with Japanese during World War 2; conservatives did it with gays from the 60s-80s (at least); Islamaphobes do it with the hijab/burqa; conservatives now using it against transgender. It doesn't mean that everyone who buys into this is a Nazi, racist, Islamophobic, homophobic. It seems to me that when propaganda patterns are repeated, one should be aware of that and consider the information their viewpoints are based on in light of that. You brag that you don't read links; your opinions often appear to be based on headlines/memes rather than any real thought. You admit you are here to argue and little else: another indication that your opinions are not deeply thought out - with the exception of climate change, about which you come across as knowledgeable. Women are not in any more danger from "men who claim to be women" than they are from any random male. This doesn't mean that "every random male" is a danger to women. It's also true that not every random transsexual is a danger to women. Yet, to read the arguments presented, one could be forgiven for believing that the only reason transsexuals exist is to victimize women. It's a ridiculous idea based solely on propaganda directed against transsexuals - who are dismissively and demeaningly referred to as "men claiming to be women".
  11. Pointing out similarities in propaganda throughout recent history isn't "comparing you to a Nazi". Your response is overly sensitive.
  12. Not just here. I don't hear anyone offline talking about this, so I only have online reaction to go on. Why does male support for women so often coincide with denigration of a minority group? "Protecting women and/or children" was used for the Jewish problem in Germany, to create distrust of Japanese in WW2, to keep gays from acceptance in the 60s, 70s and 80s (maybe longer), to object to women wearing religious attire and now to object to transgender people.
  13. I see a lot more men complaining than women.
  14. Some countries require proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever, Malaria, Meningococcal Meningitis, and Polio if arriving from places where those diseases are endemic. Sometimes, they require the proof even if you've just transited through an airport for more than 12 hours. As much as some people think they don't have to prove they're not going to infect anyone with a disease they may be carrying, turns out they're wrong. And as we learn every day with our politicians, having "clout" doesn't translate to having sense, common or otherwise.
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