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  1. Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for being Canadian, for the freedom we enjoy as individuals, for the relative safety we have, for the roof over my head, abundant food, my friends and family and to have a job that provides security and satisfaction.  

  2. My sister is Muslim, she never wears hijab, not even in Egypt where she lives. I've worked with a few Muslim women who never wore hijab, here in Canada. No hijab-wearing Muslim woman I've ever spoken with has ever suggested that all Canadian women should be covered. Just the opposite, in fact, they have said it's up to the individual. Your comment reeks of ignorance and bigotry.
  3. Feelings are not facts. There is still plenty of evidence that immigrants are disadvantaged in the workplace. I agree with this, but I think it has to do with factors other than affirmative action programs. Men are feeling more displaced as women become more financially independent and powerful. Men have long viewed there role as provider and leader, and that role is no longer as available to them; it's a shift we, as a society, should be helping men adjust to. Equal parenting expectations are one way that men can regain their sense of being important to their families, for example. Those kinds of changes are slowly happening, but I do agree that many men are struggling right now.
  4. Cite, please. Can still hear voices and determine gender that way. I agree that's the goal. Yet, when left to their own devices, people hire according to color, gender and other perceived similarities. If the dominant culture is European, that gives people perceived as being European a leg up. If men in positions of power are seen as "normal" and females as exceptional, that'll give men a leg up. When JT appointed 50% women, those women were seen, by a certain population cohort, as less deserving because they were women; they could not have been chosen on merit because clearly some more qualified men would had to have been passed over. It's generally assumed men gain positions of power through merit and generally assumed women gain power through other means, such as sex, family influence, powerful (male) friend influence, affirmative action type programs. (Disclaimer: not everybody, not always, and it used to be worse). And that's why we, as a society, have to "force" equality through things like affirmative action. This might amuse people: partner and I were watching a classic TV program from 1952, including ads. An ad appeared telling us how women coveted some certain watchband; a selling point was that it expanded and could be pushed up her arm while she was doing dishes. My partner, in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner, almost fell over laughing. We've come a long way, but still have some ways to go.
  5. The Global Commission on Adaptation, consisting of 34 heads of State and private industry from countries around the world and headed by Bill Gates, Ban Ki Moon and Kristalina Georgrieva, estimated that it will cost about 1.8 trillion dollars over the next decade to adapt to climate change. But to fail to adapt will cost 7.8 trillion dollars. Our changing climate is going to cost lots of money for adaptation or mitigatation. If we expect government to do it all, that is going to mean taxes pay for it. Climate change will likely reduce population dramatically in poorer countries of the world - which is no doubt why its the "solution" lately touted by Westerners who feel relatively safe. But people in Western countries will die as well, as a direct result of climate change. Disease, natural disasters and conflict will all affect Canadians, even if the effect is less than that felt elsewhere. Water is already a significant source of conflict around the world and its only going to get worse as the climate change progresses. With industry dying and people rioting due to water scarcity, how long would it be before California starts eyeing Canada's water supply? It's pretty sad that most Canadians, when polled, said they would not even give $100 toward climate change adaptation. We are pretty screwed, and I'm starting to think we deserve it.
  6. Where did I defend him? To help you out, I'll put the relevant statements. OW said, regarding older people: "So next thing you see that Mr. Trudeau has appeared in blackface. Not only that, but he did it many times. You are shocked." I responded: Probably not shocked. Probably more like ... Geez, this happened long ago, big deal, get over it. This in no way "defends Trudeau", not even talking about him, I'm talking about the "nice older couple in New Brunswick" that OW imagined. Maybe try harder to understand the conversation before jumping in to throw accusations around.
  7. Oddly, most of the converts to Islam are from Christianity, but relatively few Muslims convert to Christianity. Newborns are not "converts"'; that's a ridiculous notion and if that's what your link tried to claim, I'm glad I didn't read it. No doubt. Something we can agree on. Even in Arab countries, atheism seems to be spreading. https://newrepublic.com/article/121559/rise-arab-atheists It's not just Arab society that can't conceive of an Arab atheist, but also Westerners:
  8. Millions of people converted to Islam over the past year, and stabbed nobody. But we are supposed to worry about what this religion is teaching.
  9. That was my opinion of what many people would do. I, personally, think he should have known better by 29. I wasn't sticking up for him, so I guess that really depends on how carefully people read what's written, and I have no control over that.
  10. I personally have said that by 29 he should have known better. My post was my opinion on what many other people's reaction might be, not my personal reaction. I don't intend to vote for Trudeau, though I expect he'll get a second term, hopefully in a minority. If he does win again, how will you "not live with it", exactly?
  11. Also, bickering about natural vs. man made doesn't change the fact that we're in for a tough time and we need to make effort to mitigate and adjust, instead of throwing our hands in air the and giving up.
  12. Here: "Currently, the Earth is in an icehouse climate state. About 34 million years ago, ice sheets began to form in Antarctica; the ice sheets in the Arctic did not start forming until 2 million years ago.[7] Some processes that may have led to our current icehouse may be connected to the development of the Himalayan Mountains and the opening of the Drake Passage between South America and Antarctica. Scientists have been attempting to compare the past transitions between icehouse and greenhouse, and vice versa to understand where our planet is now heading. Without the human influence on the greenhouse gas concentration, the Earth would be heading toward a glacial period. Predicted changes in orbital forcing suggest that in absence of human-made global warming the next glacial period would begin at least 50,000 years from now[20] (see Milankovitch cycles). But due to the ongoing anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, the Earth is instead heading toward a greenhouse Earth period.[7] Permanent ice is actually a rare phenomenon in the history of the Earth, occurring only in coincidence with the icehouse effect, which has affected about 20% of Earth's history."
  13. Honestly, could care less about BC. In my opinion he's only here to troll and represents the worst of American "culture". Deniers are no longer really denying; they've now moved to "not our fault"; "completely natural"; "nothing we can do" and "not gonna be that bad." Progress, of a sort, is happening but I think we're pretty screwed. I hope all the climate scientists and models are dead wrong, but when I see predicted things happening, it's difficult to believe they could be. Humans probably do need a restart, anyway, and 3,000 years from now maybe it'll be another myth along the lines of the flood and Noah's Ark. Hope the next crew does better.
  14. Some degree of climate change is implicated in civilization collapse throughout history. And: "CLIMATIC CHANGE: When climatic stability changes, the results can be disastrous, resulting in crop failure, starvation and desertification. The collapse of the Anasazi, the Tiwanaku civilisation, the Akkadians, the Mayan, the Roman Empire, and many others have all coincided with abrupt climatic changes, usually droughts."
  15. I'm referring to the ongoing RW outrage that Liberals exist and dare to believe differently about Muslims than they do. Don't flatter yourself that you are the only person who has posted this story. I've seen it posted on FB and reddit, by conservative types expressing their outrage about Liberals "supporting" misogyny and Islam.
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