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  1. How am I farther from the "public pie" than anyone else? Anyway, in effect we already have that. Politicians, movie stars, sports heros, corporation heads all get the lions share of whatever public taxes provide in the way of healthcare, education and tax cuts.
  2. Religious folks don't have any kind of a better record, do they. Religious wars, 'Christian' countries invading other countries, Christians oppressing those 'savages' they come across in their travels, or oppressing women or gays, etc. Christianity and other religions have resulted in 100s of millions of death, and continues to inflict unimaginable suffering on millions of people around the world. Plenty of Christians and religious people in prison, you know. Religious people, including Christians, steal, assault, rape and murder just like non-religious people. The Bible (an
  3. Prove it, with actual studies and statistics - not pictures from wanted posters.
  4. That is not going to solve the issues you think it will. First of all, as poor as these places are, they are "home" for many First Nations. You get your ire up even thinking that your home will be removed or changed by immigrants; why do you suppose First Nations people would be any happier to have the descendants of colonists decide to kick them out of their homes? Secondly, generational trauma is real. Children of 4 or 5 are taken from their family, raised in a residential school, shamed for being a 'savage', experience sexual and physical abuse growing up, and are 'discharged' at 16
  5. Maclean's breaks it down nicely for you. You can sort according to type of crime, or aggregate them. Examples: Thompson, MB has the highest homicide rate, 360 per 100,000 people; Essex, ON 34 per 100,000. Toronto has 66 homicides per 100,000 people. It may seem odd to you, but that means a person is safer in a large urban area with a lower crime rate than a small, rural area with a higher crime rate. Your error is in thinking that you hear about all the homicides across the country on the evening news. In fact, you do not - gang-related killings often make the news, or home invasion
  6. You think people become addicts so they can get money from the government? Do you live under a rock or something?
  7. Sure. As far as I understand it, guns used in hunting are not targetted; the ban is for guns that are used to kill people. And, do people need to use those types of gun for "target practice"? Yes, criminals are the most likely to be shooting people, I agree. And it seems like common sense to me, if not you, that the fewer guns around, the fewer guns the criminals will be able to obtain illegally. If course, sharing a border with the States makes this challenging, but imo, that's no reason to throw our hands up in defeat. Most violent crime, per capita, happens in smal
  8. I'm not against the idea of well-trained, licenced people adding security. But most of the security guards (unarmed) make pretty low wages so I wouldn't expect them to risk their lives by engaging in a firefight with a robber. And I suspect most regularly targetted businesses wouldn't be able to afford the cost of someone with the degree of training, skills and dedication needed to risk their life.
  9. 1. Your cite is from 2008, and notes thats the first time since 1974, 34 years. Is it still true or was that year an anomaly? 2. Most guns are specifically for killing people; knives, cars and drunk drivers are not. Equating them fails; you might as well claim that guns are the same as rocks, because sometimes people kill using rocks. 3. I think there's some truth in that. But at the same time, you seem to be arguing against "making it safer for Canadians" by reducing guns and gun access. Perhaps one reason we don't "take on issues" - there's always pushback from someo
  10. The idea that a "good guy with a gun" is always the hero is disproven almost daily in the States. These good guys with a gun kill innocent bystanders, friends and family members more often than they save the day with their heroic gun waving. My Canadian son, attacked by another Canadian, survived because his attacker couldn't get a gun so he had to use a knife and its harder to kill with a knife. So my opinion is that the fewer guns we have in Canada, the fewer oeople will die from guns. Win-win.
  11. Along with American culture exported in their media, and their guns across the border.
  12. Aka: complaint. Or, Liberal "complaints" are only opposition to maintaining a status-quo that results from unfairness in our society. Yup, it hardly matters what name a a party claims, they can be progressive or conservative in action, as Army Guy has already pointed out to me.
  13. Agreed. I fell into the trap of responding to "its all one way" with my own "its all one way". I'll try to do better.
  14. 1. Liberals support progressive issues before the fact; conservatives after. Example: Conservatives fought same-sex marriage and now pat themselves on the back that Canada is so progressive; 2. They seem to complain plenty: pay inequality, access to assisted dying, LGBTQ+ issues. In the past, conservatives complained about letting women vote, letting women access birth control without having to go through their husband, legalizing homosexuality, letting natives vote, letting natives off the reservation without permission. Conservatives complain lots about these sorts of things, a
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