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  1. Conservatives lie that JT is under investigation by RCMP; forced to walk it back.

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    2. Shady


      Let me know when Conservatives have been found guilty of ethics violations like the Liberals.  Let me know when Conservatives block the RCMP from conducting an investigation related to their ethics violations.  Keep trying to defend politicians that have been found guilty of ethics violations. 

    3. dialamah


      @scribblet.   If Conservatives are the better choice this election, then why do they lie?  Doesn't that make them dishonest, just as the Liberals are?

      @Shady What do Trudeau's ethics violations have to do with the Conservatives lying?  Precious governments have had ethics violations as well, but they're all just as irrelevant to Scheer, are they not? 

      I'm asking why Conservatives lie, not engaging in a game of "who's worse".

    4. betsy



      had to delete your posts because you can't stop yelling in them.  Please feel free to repost without all the huge fonts.  

      How convenient. 




      I'm asking why Conservatives lie, not engaging in a game of "who's worse".

      And.....you deleted along with it,  the rebuttal why I say the Conservatives did not lie.  Supported by an article, too!


      Now I ask:

      Why do Liberals - and their supporters - tend to lie?

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