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  1. These two things confuse me:

    1.  People on disability/social assistance will get $300 more per month starting on April 22, because of the covid crisis; it's automatic no application required.  I have no problem with paying them more, but I'm confused as to why the government thinks they need it more now than during normal times.  Unlike many people, they still have an income -pittance though it be.

    2.  BCGEU wants to trigger the "me too" clause that says if one segment of the public sevice gets more money, everyone does.  All government employees are considered essential service, but nurses are getting extra because they're on the front lines.  I would think that just being able to work through this is good enough; most government employees aren't exposed to the public since most/all offices have been closed, at least in my sector.  So, in my opinion, this is unnecessary and not the right time to be asking for more money.

    1.  Source - overheard on a Ministry phone line recording;

    2. Source - email from BCGEU.

    1. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      It's an income redistribution policy.  None of any of this equates to people laid of due to Coronavirus.  Some welfare queens are taking home $4000 per month, while some working people are getting are getting half that.  A part-time worker and a logger or miner will get the exact same amount (children notwithstanding).

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