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  1. We've got a workout area on our covered patio - chin- up bar, TRX, weights, and bench. Works pretty well, and no masks. Don't know if we'll ever go back to the gym, athough I do miss the pool.
  2. I have asthma and an immune reducing condition called "over 60". If I got the virus, I don't think I'd have a mild version. I wear a mask for shopping and transit, not so much because it, in itself, will stop the virus, but because I notice other people try harder to give me distance. That's a win for me. :). Admittedly, its hard to imagine wearing a mask till there's a vaccine, but I don't want to end up in hospital, on a ventilator, or dead so ... Mask and hand washing seem a small price to pay to avoid that.
  3. Oh, looks like a stinging meme! You should have paid more attention to my other post ... Unless of course you think Democrat-skewering memes are always 100% accurate, and only Republican-skewering memes ever spread BS.
  4. Memes - eye-catching, amusing, simple - perfect delivery method for us vs. them politics, misinformation and outright lies.
  5. There's a difference between sitting (or kneeling) side-by-side and wandering huge hallways, and navigating store aisles. The latter gives an individual room to be as close or far apart as they choose, the former does not. People will take the risks they want, which I'm ok with, except when that risk means someone else is injured.
  6. I was thinking something along those lines, but my thinking hadn't got to the point where I could articulate it clearly. Thank you for putting it so well.
  7. 1. What would a redesign look like? I really believe the adversarial system we cuurently have does not serve us at all well - the opposition party is almost forced to kneejerk an objection to the ruling party's policy so "lying" becomes a requirement. They just take turns telling the same lies, it seems. That was the main reason I hoped for some kind of proportional system that would force the political leaders to develop solutions that let most Canadians feel they'd "won" to some degree. I'm willing to consider such a hope was naive. 2. I'd give us a grade of around 75%. Too many people are still shut out of economic success, of education past Grade 12 and of adequate and timely healthcare, often for reasons beyond their control. But then, maybe these aren't things government can "fix" anyway. What would a truly evolved, fair and just society look like, I wonder?
  8. I see. In which case, this article from the Economist must be wrong and garbage as well.
  9. Yup, good points. So while society has evolved, the political system has not? So has democracy "failed", or has it simply remained true to its roots? Western nations have aspirations of a society with social and economic equality, effective and accessible health care and education for everyone, minimal crime. Can our form of democracy ever deliver on those aspirations? Some Nordic countries seem to have come close, but they also have a strong element of socialism embedded in their culture. And anyway without actually living in those places it's difficult to know for sure how accurately they're portrayed in the media.
  10. An approach that has many applications ... "The only way to really get rid of the poverty is, stop looking" "The only way to really get rid of murders and murderers is, stop looking" "The only way to really get rid of pedophilia and pedophiliacs is, stop looking" "The only way to really get rid of Islamic extremists is, stop looking" Rephrased: Ironically, the better we get at finding "X" the more we will find, making it appear that "X" is more prevalent than we thought, when it isn't. In other words: The solution is to stick our heads in the sand (or up our asses) so we can tell ourselves that everything is the same as it ever was.
  11. Not even remotely true. From The Economist: "The Economist" rating on Mediabiasfactcheck: Overall, we rate The Economist Least Biased based on balanced reporting and High for factual reporting due to a clean fact check record -------------------------------------------------- From the National Post: "National Post" rating on Mediabiasfactcheck: Overall, we rate the National Post Right-Center Biased based on story selection that favors the right and High for factual reporting due to proper sourcing and a clean fact check record.
  12. Yes, that is 'elitist', especially coming from someone who regularly insists that those who disagree with him have the IQ of a gnat. My IQ has tested around 122, but because you don't like what I say, you'd have me down amongst the "stupid people who should be ignored". You have some kind of megalomaniac conviction that you are the sole arbiter of whether or not other people are smart, stupid, right or wrong, capable or incapable. What we need is to start teaching kids from grade school how to use logic, employ critical thinking and assess prospective leaders based on their actual policies and not which party they belong to. Or how well this guy would be able to "stick it" to the other side, and "make them cry". If we want better politicians, we have to be better people, imo. Also, kids should be taught money management and economics starting as early as possible.
  13. He did have a vision; it involved giving everyone an equal chance to succeed - women, minorities, First Nations. Part of the vision was an election system where every vote counted, instead of only around 35%, which would have forced politicians to work together instead of the adversarial system we still have. Another part of the vision was that instead of rich people and rich corporations hoarding their money, they'd have to provide more back to the society which helped them amass their wealth. For the first year, maybe, Trudeau made some attempt to bring that vision to reality, but he gave up pretty quickly and now he's no more or less than any other politician. I even think it's possible that when he started, he really did believe these things were achievable, but reality is a harsh taskmaster and so, of course, he failed and the partisans are gleeful on the right side, and enraged on the left side. Just because you don't like someone else's vision, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And claiming you want a politician with 'vision', but then insisting that 'vision' has to be the same as yours ... well, you can see what the problem is, I'm sure.
  14. Trudeau had charisma and presented a vision of Canada that won him many votes. Partisan conservatives resorted to making fun of his hair, insulting his choice of career and lying about exactly what he taught. These were not even important attributes, had nothing to do with the job of politician, or his ethics or honesty, yet were repeated ad nauseum. Why would anyone with vision, charisma or principles want to take on a job where people "in opposition" will use petty criticism, insults and outright lies to undermine them, based on nothing other than the party he or she represents? Why would anyone want a job where they can't make make even a little mistake, or change their direction based on new information without having their character shredded? Where even the tiniest hint of human imperfection results in screams of outrage? Only an idealist or a narcissist, imo. And the idealist would soon have their idealism shattered as the realities of lobby groups, money and backroom deals became apparent. If we lack good, honest, visionary potential leaders, maybe its because those people just don't see an upside to putting themselves out there. And maybe, even if such a person appeared, they wouldn't be recognized because they're on the "other team".
  15. I haven't "self-isolated", nor have most other Canadians. Some few who'd been exposed to the virus or returning from out of country were instructed to self-isolate. Both federal and provincial governments instructed people to "self-isolate" when coming into the country. Some people chose not to, which is hardly JT's fault. (Our cases came from the States, btw, not China.) As for migrants, do you expect JT to stand at the border and mow them down? Migrants happen, often regardless of what government wants or does. Claiming he "lets them in without hesitation" displays your complete lack of understanding of the world and people. These were Provincial directives, not Federal ones. They sent stuff that was expiring; we wouldn't have been able to use it anyway because it would have been trashed.
  16. So there'd be no checking of received ballots to ensure nobody had voted twice? For some reason I think the security would be a little more than a 3×5 postcard dropped into the mail, received at the other end where someone simply records the vote, no further checking required. For the last referendum here, I had my ballot, a secrecy sleeve, a certification envelope with a QR code, and the return envelope. I can only assume all these envelopes had something to do with ensuring it was my one and only vote being recorded. I expect the QR code on the certification envelope was unique for each voter; how would your telephone book fraudster get around all that? I would think it'd be easier and cheaper to just bribe/threaten people to vote a certain way, and that can happen in any voting system. Oh yeah - 1200 proven voting frauds, out of 150 million voters, +/-. Huge fraud problem there, all right.
  17. There doesn't seem to be much about Canada that you do take pride in. I included the link so people could look at the fine print. Of course "people like you" prefer to misrepresent anyone with whom they disagree. We're not done and the final results of who lost the fewest possible people, followed the best policies and had the least economic damage is considerably farther in the future.
  18. Sounds like projection to me. Not to mention, if people notice they aren't getting their mail-in ballots, they'd be able to contact someone - like we all can every election for the voting cards. Unless they didn't care one way or another, in which case they wouldn't have a sign announcing their preferred candidate.
  19. There's a whole thread about JT having let Canada down because he didn't do enough, fast enough. Somehow, he's done too much and not enough at the same time.
  20. When I look around the world and see other countries so much worse off than Canada, I think we're not doing half bad. In terms of the spread of the virus, we're closer to the "best" than the "worst". The States, on the other hand, is closer to the "worst" than the "best". This is a favorite trick of fanatics and extremists - only two choices, black or white, for me or against me, agree or it's all-out-war.
  21. Numbers and facts clearly demonstrate that reducing the opportunity for people to gather together reduces the spread of Covid, which saves lives both because people don't die from this disease, or a secondary illness they wouldn't have gotten otherwise, and our health system doesn't get so overwhelmed it can't address other emergencies or serious chronic conditions. So who are you accusing of "One who sits at home and is comfortable in his surroundings, blissfully unaware of what is happening elsewhere. Such ignorance and wilful blindness only supports and furthers other people's suffering,"? Because to me it looks like it's the people who complain about the restrictions who are being willfully ignorant and blind, and who would happily support other people's suffering, as long as they got to go to a restaurant or a park, or do whatever it is they think they are missing.
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