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  1. A little civil disobedience is not a bad thing, imo, particularly when it comes to important issues like climate change - the protesters call themselves "Extinction Rebellion" for a reason you know.
  2. For sure. Many people do not lie about their charitable donations, and those who can't tell the difference despite mountains of evidence are as immoral as the liar.
  3. I like knowing that some people who have money and power are giving to those who are less fortunate. Makes a change from those who have money and power demanding more money, paying to consolidate their power and demeaning and marginalizing those who little money or power.
  4. There's a documentary series on Netflix called "Our Planet", produced this year. Has some interesting stuff in it. Episode 4 (I think) was about Coastal waters. Overfishing in some areas has resulted in the decimation of biodiversity, and essentially a dead ocean. One area (sorry I can't remember the name) highlighted recovered much of its biodiversity within a decade after protections were put in place. Individual efforts matter just as much as cooperation among leaders. Individual efforts can range from reducing meat eating, to buying locally sourced food and products, to standing in a plaza, on a street or a bridge to demand leaders take action. Individual efforts influence corporations through their profits and leaders through elections or civil unrest. We in the West have the freedom to lead those under oppressive regimes. Sitting on our hands and saying "we can't do anything", "not our problem", "someone else has to start" is the wrong answer.
  5. And the cops did disperse the protesters, whilst still treating them with respect. Yes, some commuters were inconvenienced, but consider that a 45 minute traffic blockage could also occur due to a traffic accident or a jumper. Cops going into a peaceful protest with tasers drawn and handcuffs out merely makes the protesters martyrs to their supporters. Peaceful negotiation to end it was the civilized and adult way of dealing with it. Violence, whether from protesters or police, would not be. Maybe people using those public roads are the ones who need to have the message front and center. The upcoming inconvenience as a result of climate change is going to make protesters on a bridge inconsequential.
  6. Why? The survey tells us that barely 1 in 4 people thought the environment was of significant importance. Are you suggesting that barely 1/4 of the population is "too many"? 76% of people did not identify the environment as their top concern; if Canadians like to "fecklessly" virtue signal environmental concern, why did so many fail to take part in this fecklessness? You guys busily denying the results of the poll based on nothing more than your "feels" are pretty hilarious.
  7. So ... it's ok if people beat-up (progressive) "air head protesters", but not right-wing demonstrators? Anti-fa is horribly violent, but commuters who don't want to be held up are justified in attacking people? No bias here, LOL
  8. From Edmonton Journal "A line of Edmonton police officers placed themselves between the protesters and the motorists to keep the peace, while a duty officer negotiated an end to the protest. Police said in a Monday morning news release that the protesters were planning on continuing the blockage until 9 a.m., but a resolution was agreed upon and the protest officially came to a close at 8:09 a.m. "While no charges were laid at the scene, the incident is now under investigation and it is possible that charges could be laid at a future date,” police said in the news release. “In Canada, all people have the right to gather peacefully. There are, however, limitations on peaceful assembly contained in various sections of the Criminal Code." The cops attended, persuaded the protesters to leave early and are considering charges. You might want to consider taking off your tin-foil "progressive conspiracy" hat.
  9. Earlier, commuters threw protesters' bikes over the guardrail and in the clip one man is heard threatening to run his car through the protesters. The police are there to ensure nobody gets hurt or killed, not to "help" protesters. What law could the police be prosecuted under, then?
  10. Because we aren't China, and don't arrest protesters for protesting, even if they do interfere with traffic? Right, Trudeau "controls" Greta. Too bad he didn't have enough control to get her to gush over him, instead of criticizing him.
  11. It was a survey, not a random claim made by the OP. From the survey: The most significant trend dating back 12 months is the rise in mentions of the environment and/or climate change (now identified by one in four Canadians, up from only 10% one year ago) Regarding the statement: There are too many immigrants coming into this country who are not adopting Canadian values the report notes that "The most recent survey reveals that half (50%) of Canadians agree with this statement about “too many immigrants not adopting Canadian values”, down just one point since April and now at the lowest level recorded since this question was first included on Focus Canada surveys in 1993." It looks to me like the survey picked up the opinions of the quiet, center-of-the-road majority, not the vocal fringe.
  12. Of course not; you just repeat right-wing extremist nonsense from right-wing extremist sources. If you don't hate on Muslims, believe fake news and anti-Islam propaganda sites, you're human scum as far as Goddess is concerned.
  13. The swimming pools I go to have family change rooms, which men, women, boys and girls all use together. One of the pools has separate change areas for men/women/families, but they're all together in a single space. No worry here about men sneaking in to be pervs, under the guise of wanting to swim with their kids. Relaxing in the hot tub after a swim the other day, I overheard a dad being much too enthusiastic about his ~11 year old daughter's friend coming to visit; neither girl seemed overly interested. Creeped me out, that's for sure. Maybe Muslims do have the right idea - separate swim times for males and females, along with our separate change rooms and bathrooms.
  14. Well to be fair, this forum is becoming a hangout for right-wing extremists and Islamophobes spreading misinformation, so she fits right in.
  15. And Hitler was successful with marginalizing and then gassing millions of Jews. Didn't make it right, even though plenty of people in Germany and around the world were silent or agreed with his actions.
  16. She was clearly there to be controversial - the police were escorting her away to avoid the controversy, with RUTLY (the Russian owned news service) was filming, and posted the video. This is propaganda. It was set up and presented in order to make Hopkins look like a victim.
  17. Top right of the screen shot: "RUPTLY". https://risecanada.com/ is a right-wing, anti-Islam and anti-immigrant group. They support Pegida, an alt-right group originating in Germany. Lutz Bachmann, Pegida Founder was convicted of spreading racial hatred. He has a long criminal record, and fled to South Africa to avoid jail time, but was deported back to Germany. Pegida is considered a right-wing extremist group by Counterextremism.com. Ms. Teena - please remove your propaganda a$$ from the forum, thanks.
  18. Your video source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruptly. is a Russian video news agency specializing in video on demand, based in Berlin, Germany. It is a division of the RT (Russia Today) televised news network. Searching for "Katie Hopkins Muslims spit-on" and various other related phrases fails to find any other source for this story. However I did find out that Ms. Hopkins has lost at least 3 libel cases for publishing lies about people. She's now declared bankruptcy, as a result of her last libel loss and losing two jobs due to her extreme statements and lies. As she herself tweeted about people in debt, she has only herself to blame. Thinking MH is right on the "Russian Bot" theory for this poster.
  19. So, a kid declaring he wants to be a cowboy at 3 is quite a bit different than a boy who, at 3, insists he's a girl, has tantrums because he can't wear girl clothes, chooses "girl" activities and toys over "boy" activities and toys. Nowhere did I say anyone should force a kid in any particular choices. The entire point was that kids self-determine their gender well before puberty and many of them succumb to pressure to be the boy or girl their parents/society recognize them as based on whether or not they have a penis, and regardless of how they feel inside. The rest of your post is just you arguing against something you made up about me.
  20. I guess compassion would inspire people to make a minority feel accepted. When I'm in a public washroom, I don't see anyone's genitals and have no idea how the person in the next stall is built, so how am I made uncomfortable? I understand male washrooms have urinals, so some display is normal. But they also have stalls which can be used for those desiring more privacy - so again, there's no way of knowing how that person in the stall is built. The discomfort is at the idea that a person in the next stall might not have exactly the same genitalia, not on any certain knowledge or exposure; this discomfort is solely the vestiges of Abrahamic belief systems that have told us for millennia that women need to be segregated from men, because men cannot control their sexual urges.
  21. Where am I advocating for changes in preschoolers, exactly? I'm only pointing out that gender self-identification happens much sooner than people think. I agree with this, surgery should not be an option prior to adulthood. I would also support younger people living their gender identification, including using bathrooms and changerooms. The "(male) perverts will use it to victimize girls/women" isn't an effective argument against because perverts can already do that. If a man wants to enter female only facilities dressed as a women, to spy on females, there's nothing stopping him now. Makeup, prosthetics and clothing would make him virtually invisible. Anyway, cameras in peepholes provide much better views and more safety, though they lack that certain personal touch, I suppose. Also, why is nobody ever concerned with female perverts victimizing boys and men? Or even same-sex victimization in washrooms and changerooms? It's because the argument "perverts will victimize girls/women" is designed to elicit emotion, not thought, since we are culturally conditioned to protect girls and women over boys and men.
  22. Kids have a pretty good idea if they "feel" like a girl or a boy well before puberty. From Mayo clinic. "Most children typically develop the ability to recognize and label stereotypical gender groups, such as girl, woman and feminine, and boy, man and masculine, between ages 18 and 24 months. Most also categorize their own gender by age 3 years. However, because gender stereotypes are reinforced, some children learn to behave in ways that bring them the most reward, despite their authentic gender identity. At ages 5 to 6 years, most children are rigid about gender stereotypes and preferences. These feelings typically become more flexible with age."
  23. The right says offensive things, and when people object, they whine about how they are being censored. Buncha snowflakes. If you express a stupid, unkind or outright cruel opinion and you get called out on it, that's just as much "free speech" as you expressing your opinion in the first place. Gender is not binary, penis = male, vagina = female is not a scientific fact, no matter how many people think it is. Just as it wasn't scientific fact that the sun circled the earth, even though virtually everyone believed it, and Copernicus was branded a heretic for saying otherwise. Science isn't subject to opinion, regardless of what the howling masses of right wingers think.
  24. I also pay "exhortbitant taxes" to cover your health care from your use of drugs, liquor and tobacky. True "personal responsibility" would have you paying the entirety of your own health care. It looks to me like you're relying on the public health care system to take care of you, because everybody pays taxes, in part to help people like you who make poor choices, live longer or die more comfortably. Your are an example of just the opposite of "personal responsibility", in my opinion. But drug and alcohol use certainly explains your posting style - I've long suspected substance abuse was at play, thanks for confirming.
  25. What if it was your nephew/niece/son/daughter/doster/brother selling drugs to support their own drug habit? Would you feel warm and fuzzy to have their brains splattered all over the wall?
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