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  1. I suspect you could be black based on something you posted a couple of years ago. But that could be entirely wrong. If you are, it doesn't mean you can't be as big an asshole as my White Supremacist neighbor. Assholes come in all colors. Oh yeah, I'm not even bothered. You'll have to try harder with your slings, LOL.
  2. You clearly haven't seen all the posts he's made, here and elsewhere. He did actually explain about when he was in a position in which he hired people, he'd ignore resumes if the name indicated that they were immigrants. My White Supremacist neighbor called me a race baiter because I objected to his abuse of the brown people next door. He behaved so badly that he was eventually put on a bond not to come within 500 metres of his own home - so he and his wife sold up and left, presumably to a nice white-only neighborhood. So you are in good company. I'm characterizing Arg
  3. There is something wrong with looking at a name on a resume and assuming they won't speak English, won't understand English, won't have the right sense of humor, won't fit into the office culture. That's exactly what racism is. Even if that is true, making assumptions based on a name or skin color is wrong because that person may well be a second or third generation with perfect Canadian English or French. You don't know, and you won't even consider that a random Parmjit Singh or Zara Abadi could communicate clearly or understand our culture. Instead, you'd just ignore their appli
  4. Sucks when a hoax virus puts you in the hospital.
  5. The intent of government policies at the time was to eliminate native culture, their language, traditions, way-of-life and religion - to make them white christian in all but skin color. That goal is no different than the goal of extremists today in certain third-world countries: eliminate the culture, traditions and religion of Jews/Christians/Muslims/etc. Do you know how many kids died as a result of those government policies? They died through starvation/beatings/disease at the res school, and they died trying to escape and get back to their homes, often 100s of miles away. Th
  6. Well, I suppose when you deny other people the right to feel aggrieved for the decades in which whites were given preference, and deny that it still happens despite your own involvement in doing just that in your own hiring practices, and with declarations like "Why wouldn't we have 'power' in a democracy when we're the majority?", it looks a little like maybe you just want to play victim. Well, not a little - a lot. Yes, things are improving - I'd agree with that. I'm not convinced it's "equal opportunity for all" yet. But I see hopeful signs, despite right-wing dinosaurs that are no
  7. I didn't say you had to feel guilty; I said white people who feel victimized by non-white people are stupid and dishonest.
  8. LOL. Nothing like the victim culture enjoyed by certain whites - "We make up government, make the laws, rule the corporations - but OMG, we're victimized because people are noticing all this power we have! How dare they!"
  9. That can only mean that Trump's enemies have bought off Fox News pollsters.
  10. Initially, when children were taken, there weren't issues of broken homes, drugs and alcohol. There were family relationships that White people didn't understand. There were traditions and beliefs White people didn't understand. White people concluded that these were "heathen" and that the duty of White Christians was to save the children by taking them out of the community, to stamp out this heathen culture. When kids were taken and communities devestated, some adults probably did take up alcohol. Some probably committed suicide. Some probably decided White people were right and reject
  11. Infidel dog admits he and his buddies joke about sexual assault on women.  What a POS.

  12. I'd be happy to let you have your old life back, and I'd like to have my old life back too. Have you considered attending or organizing one of those "Covid parties"; they seem to have the right idea to prove there is no Covid by trying to get sick with it. Do that, come back here and report on how none of you ended up getting sick/getting hospitalized/getting ventilated/dying. Your success in this regard may convince us unbelievers, who knows? Perhaps your experience could be used to single-handedly change the course of BC's pandemic handling. Works for me.
  13. @Argus You're so predictable, its amusing. Only took three posts to have you going off on a racist rant.
  14. Basic English: "Preference for" is same as "bias against". If it's a natural human tendency to have a preference for people like oneself, then its a natural human tendency to have bias against people unlike oneself. That's racism. Well the personna you present in this forum makes very negative assumptions about Black people, Brown people, people in religious dress and people who express views that you don't like. But you're right, you're offline personna might be the most tolerant, accepting and immigrant-welcoming Canadian in history. And my offline personna might have vot
  15. So everybody is racist then, right? Except there are people, such as yourself, who looks at someone's skin color, mode of dress, and makes all kinds of assumptions about their beliefs, level or likelihood of criminality, laziness, willingness or ability to work and pay enough taxes.
  16. Is the video objective, not slanted at all? Hard to tell from the title. /s
  17. Me too, thank you for saying this so well. My neighborhood would be so much less interesting filled with all-white people, doing all the same things in all the same fashions. Yeah sometimes the curry smell is a bit overpowering, but I'd miss the beautiful saris and the color coordination of turbans with today's outfit. And who doesn't love the lights of Diwali from October to November? Or driving by the beautiful architecture of various Churches, Temples and Mosques? Giving up Chinese New Year or the annual Greek Days Festival just to keep Canada White isn't acceptable, and think of the
  18. You say that everytime you make the claim that people prefer those who are most like them - whites prefer whites, SA prefer other SA, Asians prefer Asians, etc - when it comes to neighborhoods, employees, customers, business partners. You can't have it both that white people naturally and unsurprisingly show preference for white people, and also aren't racist.
  19. Shady would prefer that companies/governments continue to get sued because uneducated people who think racism doesn't exist continue to discriminate against certain groups. McDonald's sued. Five companies lost discrimination suits Canadian gov to settle racial harassment suit Black US farmers recieve 1.25B from USDA for racial discrimination
  20. It really just makes me want to withdraw, but I don't think that's a solution. I do my level best to remove my own bias, but I'm only human. It's disheartening to be looking for accuracy, and have so much noise to deal with. I spend lots of time reminding myself that even people I think are stupid as fck, probably aren't. Its not a good feeling to consider that everything I believe today is wrong; it reminds me of how I felt in a relationship in which I was gaslighted. No wonder people run from that feeling, deeper into their own rabbit hole. But another side of me, a more rem
  21. Unless the other hoax, called covid, can kill enough of us, fast enough ...
  22. I think that's unreasonable; if people can't tell the difference between a foreign word and an English slur, that's their problem imo. The letter essentially says it's not about the word, but the sound of the word!? They claim the mere sound of ne'ga is polarizing and thus a poor example of whatever the instructor was teaching. Ridiculous, in my opinion.
  23. I'm pretty sure many of us agree more than we disagree on stuff, at the individual level. I don't know why that can't come out more in online forums, myself included. Islam: you mistake me for someone who cares about religion. They're all stupid and their adherents can all potentially use their religious teachings to oppress and kill non-believers or non-conformists. It's the individual and how they interpret their faith who matters.
  24. The Conservative party did the same to me .... can't post on their FB page (5 years now), cause I failed to properly admire Scheer. I wasn't even particularly obstreperous, merely pointed out a couple of exaggerations in their claims. Still regularly see anti-Trudeau posts on the Liberal FB page, however and short of threatening physical harm, they don't seem to be taking them down. Also, there's a subreddit that will only allow conservatives to post; no other viewpoints welcome. I haven't seen anything similar from the left, but there's a lot of subs, so it could well be there.
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