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  1. 2 hours ago, GrittyLeftist said:

    I think if we saw ourselves as part of a community that comprised our ancestors, the living, and our descendants, we would make more responsible decisions.

    I've only recently been exposed to this philosophy, and agree with you that it would make a tremendous difference in how we would approach environmental issues if we considered a much longer time-line, something considerably past four years, or the next election. 

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  2. 15 minutes ago, PIK said:

    I will take the idiot who has worked, has put his life on the line, over our part time teacher, racist , misogynist PM.

     1.  He worked full time; no need to lie about his work history - there's enough other bad stuff you can say about him;

    2.  What's wrong with a teacher, anyway?  Is there some reason a teacher can't become a Prime Minister in a free and democratic society?

  3. 23 minutes ago, OftenWrong said:

    Why that is, is a good question...

    Because so far, the Conservative party has not presented an alternative most Canadians consider viable.  "Better the devil you know, then the devil you don't", especially when that devil is supported by religious fundamentalists and an anti-science minority.  Consider: if someone calls themselves a proud Conservative, cuts off contact with me when they find out an I'm an atheist because they "can't be associated with a communist", how is that supposed to engender confidence in their party?  I can understand that perhaps most conservatives aren't that extreme, but such people are a significant part of the Conservative core support group.  And of course, that real-life person is echoed on this forum by such as you, and others, who think that because I have progressive views, I'm a communist, a traitor to Canada, hates Canada, wants to destroy Canada.  How stupid is that?   How can I trust a party that has such vitriol among it's adherents?

    I spend time on both conservative and liberal spaces online; both have their extremists.  But the worst vitriol comes from the conservative side.  And, while conservatives can express themselves in those liberal spaces - and they'll be mocked for sure - speaking against the ideology on conservative sites isn't even allowed:  if you aren't wholeheartedly on board, you'll be literally kicked off the site.  It's so weird, when conservatives constantly pat themselves on the back for being the upholders of 'free speech'.

  4. It's not as simple as parents failing to say no to McDonalds; there are other factors.  Here are just two.

    Food deserts:  "Research from Canada indicates that some cities have food deserts, including London, Ontario, where low-income inner-city residents were shown to have the poorest access to supermarkets,20 and Gatineau, Quebec, where 7.5% of the population live with limited financial resources along with low access to healthy food."

    Overly supervised, to the point that parents can be reported and charged for allowing their kids to be outside, unsupervised - even in their own yard.  "Is there any other child-raising issue that's more controversial than kids playing outside alone? It doesn't seem that long ago that parents encouraged, even insisted, that their children go outside and play with the other neighborhood kids. "Be home by dinner," was my mom's favorite saying. Times have really changed, though. For many parents today the idea of their kids playing outside alone is simply unthinkable.  

    [ ]

    Other studies have concluded that free, unsupervised play promotes a wealth of positive benefits, like healthy weight, cognitive function, social and emotional development, empathy, and group management skills."


  5. On 5/8/2021 at 6:31 AM, OftenWrong said:

    O'toole's an idiot already, though he hasn't done anything yet... Good thing your partisanship doesn't mislead you.

    Man, you are a piece of work...   ;)

    Well, I had some hope for him - although I was always concerned about the support of the social conservatives given how fanatical they are about disenfranchising anyone who doesn't fit their mould of a proper human being.  But still, I didn't want to believe everything I heard on the media about how O'Toole hated gays, yada yada yada.  

    But then he started talking about how he'd immediately start removing the federal benefits provided to support people through Covid-19, leaving it all to the Provinces - dumb, imo.  He decided Alberta needed 'special' treatment to continue their ravaging of environment for oil, dumb, imo.  He wants to defund the CBC, and follow the time-unproven "Crack down on criminals" agenda.  And, most important for me, he wasn't even able to get his party to agree that climate change is a serious issue.  Anti-climate change attitudes are not the way to a successful political party in Canada.  If O'Toole had been able to persuade his party to accept that climate change is an issue, he'd still be a viable candidate in my eyes, even with the other issues.

    So yeah, I looked at him and was not impressed.  If he got elected, he probably wouldn't be any worse than Trudeau, but as I'm looking for something better - I'm not going to vote for him.


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  6. 1 hour ago, OftenWrong said:

    Is that why the polls indicate a Liberal win if an election were to be held then? Because people don't like Justin.


    See how easy it is?
    CBC.ca, can't be lying right? Right... sorry, nonsense. Garbage in, garbage out.

    Complete...Vaste...of Time


    Less support than he used to have; a counter to your claim that people think he's godlike - or some such nonsense claim you've made.

    I suppose if Conservatives offered something Canadians want, JT would not have the support he has.  It's odd that Conservatives put forth their ideas and have them rejected by the majority, and then blame everybody else instead of considering that maybe they're the ones who've got it wrong.  If Conservatives have such good ideas, they'd present them and gain the support they want.  Instead they act all butthurt that their social/fiscal conservative/regressive ideas are rejected, and call non-conservatives lazy, greedy and communists.  But I suppose that all makes sense to you.

    In the meantime, I'm considering either not voting at all, or voting NDP - not cause I love their ideas so much, but purely as a protest vote against both Liberal and Conservatives.  

    Just like everybody, I'd like a government that considered more than just their own convenience and power.

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  7. 10 minutes ago, OftenWrong said:



    That took about 5 seconds. Once again your laziness in accessing the news cycle is duly noted!  ;)

    Everyone knows he is adored, even more outside of Canada where his cult of personality charming mystique still lingers, like a bad smell covered up by cheap perfume. You bought it, Alice...


    Old news.  

    Here's something more recent ... https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/trudeau-brownface-reaction-international-1.5289870


    Looks like it's you who needs to keep up.

  8. On 5/1/2021 at 8:24 AM, Argus said:

    Hell, you can add Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and even China to that list. They've all handled things well. Discounting China's numbers, which are clearly dishonest, Canada has had more deaths than all the rest combined.

    You might be interested in a FrontLine documentary, "The Virus that Shook the World", pretty interesting take on China and how they handled the virus.

  9. On 5/6/2021 at 4:49 PM, Army Guy said:

    WOW, while that makes everything even in your eyes, your right those cons are as dirty as fuc*, are we suppose forgive and forget now....that some how Justin is not that bad, at what point are you going to wake up and decide that maybe Justin has gone to far.... i get it you took the red pill, and lost your moral compass.  But if you have not seen that yet, then not sure what you bring to the table here, and this conversation turns into  a she said he said. I'm looking for facts that back your boys actions ?

    You're a nice guy, AG, one of my favorite posters even though we disagree a lot.  But your partisanship misleads you, imo.  I used to think JT was who he said he was, but he's no better than Harper or Mulroney or Chretien.  O'Toole is an idiot; too bad.  I'd like to think there's some incorruptible politician out there, who really would work for all Canadians, but I think our system works against it.  Too much too lose in four years; they all have to play the game - satisfy the money.    But even worse is an unlimited term, because then there's no accountability at all.  

    And you know, it's not a matter of morality - whether one is liberal or conservative, its just a different way of solving problems.  Accusing someone of 'losing their moral compass' because they have a different political ideology is just sad, really.  

  10. 24 minutes ago, taxesanddeath said:

    With payments like this, who will want to work


    Who needs people to work?  The rich people and businesses are what keeps the economy going; workers are of least importance - they don't need health care or a living wage; paying people is what puts businesses out of business!

    At least, that's what Republicans/Conservatives tell me.

  11. 43 minutes ago, OftenWrong said:

    Communism, atheism... same  same

    Such a simple-minded belief system:. You don't believe what I do, therefore you are evil. 

    Thank goodness religious people, as a whole and Conservatives, as a whole, aren't fanatical extremists determined to spread hate and sow division.

  12. 1 hour ago, Nefarious Banana said:

    ron Young . . . . you're the perfect example of a Justin Trudeau voter/supporter.  You must be proud of yourself.  Congratulations on a job well done.  Canada thanks you.

    While Taxme is the perfect example of a Conservative supporter/voter.  I'd prefer 100 Ron's over a single Taxme in my "camp", because some connection to reality is better than none.

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  13. 2 hours ago, OftenWrong said:

    He's just confused about religion. He should read carefully. "Established by God" is not voted in by people.

    And yet, so many believed that God arranged Trump's ascendancy to President of the US.  

    But religious people are neither logical nor consistent: if they like the leader, it'd because God placed them there; if they don't, it's because people voted them in, and God will fix it by-and-by.

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  14. 2 hours ago, blackbird said:

    What defines the public good enough to justify denying fundamental rights?  Using the same argument, a dictator could also deny people their basic freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of association, etc. as is done in North Korea.  

    The courts define whether a limitation is justified, and they supported the right of the government to restrict entry into Newfoundland and Labrador when their restrictions were challenged.  You can disagree with that (The Canadian Civil Liberties Association does), but the answer to your question is that the courts decide, when someone challenges a law imposed by government.

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  15. On 4/21/2021 at 7:42 PM, blackbird said:

    I don't know how to turn the italics off.  Doesn't seem to be a way.

    The BC NDP (Marxist leaning) is now imposing travel restrictions on BC citizens and not allowing them to travel from one health region to another for unnecessary travel, whatever that is.  They are planning random police roadblocks/check points to question travelers to see what their reason for travel is.  This sounds like it may be contrary to the Charter of Rights.  But that is how Canadian provincial governments and the federal government operate;  they do what they wish without regard to the Charter of Rights, and will only stop if enough political pressure is put on them or someone wins a Charter challenge in a court.  This means the existence of Charter rights is somewhat questionable.

    "Public good" and "following the law" generally takes precedence over individual rights.  

    Do you accept random checks of Canadian drivers to check sobriety?  It's no different.

  16. 27 minutes ago, OftenWrong said:

    Not all medical professionals and politicians agree with the over-the-top response taken against covid. Their voices are either not heard, or ignored.

    The minority is not right merely by virtue of being a minority.   The preponderance of evidence supports the seriousness of this disease; your continued attempts to downplay that seriousness is reminiscent of cigarette companies denying evidence while pointing to their small group of handpicked (and paid) scientists.  

    In any case, those "experts" you tout aren't being ignored.  In places like India and Brazil, they're the drivers of government policy.  Take a look at how those countries are doing.

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  17. 18 hours ago, WestCanMan said:

    healthy people are at no risk from covid

    Tell that to the many families who've had healthy family member die of Covid.  There are many examples of that, but you are so deep in denial and conspiracy that you are blind to the reality. 

    As if medical care professionals around the world are in cahoots with politicians and ordinary citizens to lie about what have killed people in order to ... What exactly?  That's where you conspiracy nuts fail; the reasons you give for this vast conspiracy simply do not make sense.

  18. 41 minutes ago, myata said:

    Of course it's not a secret what I propose: competence; honesty; openness; transparency. And common sense.

    It's been known for months that Covid came to Canada via the US and Europe.  Yet, you are still going on about "travel from Wuhan".  What good is all the competency, honesty, openness if people reject it because it doesn't fall in with their pet theories?  

    45 minutes ago, myata said:

    First, it's been 18 years (eighteen) past SARS-1;

    Yes, we as a nation should have been better prepared, no argument there.  

    46 minutes ago, myata said:

    secondly we're in the second year of SARS-Covid,

    Yes, and it's still a different virus than Sars-1, the common cold, the flu.  Mortality, infection rate and method, symptoms, long term effects - all new, all needing study.  

    49 minutes ago, myata said:

    three waves and some evidence could have been collected if someone (in whose job description it actually belongs) took time off writing nonsensical orders and policies.

    Plenty has been learned about this virus.  These "nonsensical orders" have helped keep the virus from spreading even more, in Canada. Don't believe me?  Take look at Brazil, where there were no orders, nonsensical or not.

    There has been plenty of evidence supporting social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing and avoiding crowds.  PHO revolve around those three things, and have done consistently for months.  

    57 minutes ago, myata said:

    No, one cannot have it both ways: claim expertise in the matter; and distance from all responsibility for the actions and outcome.

    Who is distancing themselves from actions and outcomes?  Gov says "stay home, wear a mask, avoid gatherings", some portion of the populace thinks these things don't apply to them, and somehow you think gov failed because some people are stupid?

    1 hour ago, myata said:

    The test of real expertise is not in preaching from above, but in the ability to create sound solutions; defend them in critical questioning; and deliver excellent results.

    Define "excellent results".  Provide an example of a region that has achieved those excellent results, and describe how Canada could have achieved those same results, adjusting as needed for our culture, politics and geography.  

    Can you do that?

  19. Just now, myata said:

    The worth of all models is in how well they describe the reality. We had models" that predicted us 18,000 cases and in reality it was 3,500 thankfully. No another model is not the evidence. Probably millions of us were outdoors daily or almost in the last two months and how many cases could be confidently traced to being outdoors with reasonable distancing? I'm really tired of creative bullet shipping by so called experts it has to stop or the credibility of PH measures could drop below zero and it couldn't be good for anybody.

    What would you propose?  

    I didn't hear the CBC spot you are referring to, and have no opinion about the credibility of the information or the expert.   However, if this little bit of information is proven, without a doubt, to be true later, people would be up in arms because the government knew, but did nothing.  Just like "travel from Wuhan" - government didn't shut down travel fast enough from China, so they must've screwed up (never mind that Canada's cases came from the US and Europe).     

    Simply put, you can't have it both ways in a pandemic where experts and governments are learning as they go.  Either they wait for that absolute proof and be "too slow", or they respond in some way to every study that comes out, and be accused of not having enough evidence, or lying or conspiring to turn us into a communist state.  

    So what's your solution?  How exactly can the government avoid both acting too slowly and acting too quickly in an environment where information updates weekly, if not daily.

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