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  1. What would you propose? I didn't hear the CBC spot you are referring to, and have no opinion about the credibility of the information or the expert. However, if this little bit of information is proven, without a doubt, to be true later, people would be up in arms because the government knew, but did nothing. Just like "travel from Wuhan" - government didn't shut down travel fast enough from China, so they must've screwed up (never mind that Canada's cases came from the US and Europe). Simply put, you can't have it both ways in a pandemic where experts and governments are l
  2. This took me about 120 seconds to find:. https://www.utsa.edu/today/2020/09/story/covid-spread-outdoor-conditions.html I don't know if that study has been replicated or repudiated, and have no opinion on its accuracy. There's probably more to be found, for or against.
  3. I have paid sick leave, but only for 75% of the time. The other 25% comes out of my pocket or my vacation. I think its fair, and people think twice about giving up vacation time or accepting a smaller paycheque. Limiting the number of dick days seems fair as well. My previous employer gave 12 paid sick days, so if you used them up and then got sick, you'd be screwed, or at least regretful. If people get paid to work while sick, they will. That increases the spread of all illnesses, not just Covid. Also, sick people are less productive workers - present, but barely working. This i
  4. Yeah, "credit rating" is a scam. I get regular reports from both Transunion and Equifax, they're always different from each other and they bounce up and down without any rhyme or reason that I can identify. When I renegotiated my mortgage, the credit union's rating was different from both Transunion and Equifax, and I was told that they didn't use those agencies. Other than my mortgage, I have no debt; only a Visa that gets paid off every month and my ratings hover just below 700. I guess the deal is that they assume a credit card or loan is in my future, and so they're all set up
  5. Since you've been claiming for a year that Covid is just made up, some kind of grand conspiracy to remove all our freedoms, why would you get a shot at all? Are you scared of little bit of flu?
  6. Cancer isn't transmissable through the air. You can't get cancer because some joker didn't bother to take precautions. But you are right, of course: Why do anything to reduce death and injury to Canadians? Who needs government sponsored ad campaigns to get people to stop smoking or eat healthier foods and exercise more to lower their risk of cancer, or heart disease or diabetes? And those freedom-limiting laws that require sober drivers and seatbelt use in cars: Clearly they go against our Charter, just like mask mandates and travel restrictions do. People who choose the good of the
  7. Misinformation. Predictions made in the early 1900s about the effect of greenhouse gasses have come true. Predictions made in the 1990s about change in weather patterns are happening now. Predictions about the melting of ice caps didn't go far enough. Yes, these are conversations that must be had, sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, Capitalists don't want to have those conversations because then they'd have to think about changing their business practices; it suits them fine if time is wasted on denying our role in climate change.
  8. Hinshaw either misspoke or there's some other context in which that figure makes sense. Canada has had 1.13 million cases of Covid diagnosed, with 23,667 deaths. Thats a mortality rate of 2%. The States has had 31.8 million cases, and 567,000 deaths, a mortality rate of 1.7%. Brazil has had 367,00 deaths and 13.9 million infections, for a mortality rate of 2.7%. France, 1.01 million deaths and 141 million cases, death rate of 2%. You can visit this site and find out the mortality rate of any country. Maybe you'll be thankful to live in a country in which mortality is only around
  9. I'm expecting a tax increase regardless of who is elected, just as soon as the pandemic is over and done. I already pay taxes on my real estate, albeit not to the Feds. And if I had a rental property, or a vacation property, and sold it, I'd have to pay capital gains on that. So seems to me that's already taken care of. If there was a similar tax on the sales of primary residences, I think it'd just drive up the price of housing. After all, if I've got $XXX.XX worth of equity, and the government brings in a tax on any sale, then I'm going to want to ask enough to cover the tax ab
  10. Worldometer: 2% of Canadians who caught Covid, died.
  11. Whereas many hundreds of thousands have died from Covid, and many more hundreds of thousands have suffered long term and possibly permanent injury from Covid.
  12. Wow, Aristides must be making some good points. Pretty sure you'd be at the top of any list about spreading misinformation about Covid, though, so be careful someone doesn't report you. You are hilarious. If there is such a law (and I can't find any evidence of one; only some news stories from a year ago), your anti-mask, anti-vaccine, anti-shutdown misinformation would make you a prime suspect. Aren't you one of those who are so concerned about those with a 'different' view being shut down by media and leftists, and eroding free speech? Yet here you are, suggesting that s
  13. Oh and good old Pew research did actually ask. In America, 33% believe in God, and around 18% in a higher power. That is compared to 95% of the general public believing in a higher power. And the survey was done in 2009, so numbers may be a little different now. I believe atheism is gaining ground everywhere.
  14. Some do, and I think for some of them, it's more that they believe God had a hand in things, not that the Bible is a literal record. OTOH, I watched a documentary about American Evangelicals and there was one young woman who'd completed university with a scientific degree (can't remember what), specifically to prove the Bible was absolutely accurate. Some mental gymnastics going on there, but it takes all kinds I guess.
  15. I was a devout Christian at one time. Probably not a sect you'd recognize as "Christian", but they had the usual beliefs about God, creation, science, gays, abortion, and unbelievers. In other words, I've already explored that world; it is not the least foreign to me. I'm not now, nor have I ever been, a die-hard "left-wing liberal". I came on this forum 5.5 years ago because I was interested in learning more about Canadian politics, and the difference, if any, between Liberal and Conservative - I didn't even know what camp I fell into. It has been educational, for sure, but not i
  16. I can't converse with you any more because I'm being subjected to advertisements with Bibles in them. You know how seeing Bibles will burn out the eyes of evil Liberal communist atheists, so I know you'll understand if I just leave you to your alternate reality, so the ads will return to patio furniture and dog food. 👹
  17. I mean the vast majority of scientists. If you choose to believe that tiny minority who disagree are the only ones who are truthful, and everyone else is part of some grand conspiracy, well, go ahead. You should also probably believe that smoking isn't harmful, seatbelts don't work, and that Bigfoot exists. Combining the word science with the Bible isn't information, it's just an attempt to shine up fairy tales and ignorance.
  18. Funny, then, that climate scientists have been predicting the effect the greenhouse gasses we spew into the atmosphere for more than a century. Of course, the first scientists to say so were laughed at, but as the decades have passed and more has been observed and learned, the conclusion that the greenhouse gasses humans create affects our climate has become inescapable. In the 1990s or so, climate scientists predicted more extreme weather events happening more frequently .. and that prediction has been borne out by observation and data. How could scientists develop a theory, make
  19. This is great ... Canada ranked No 1 ...


  20. What if you are wrong? For the sake of argument, I'll agree that there is a God, who created this world and everything on it, including humans. He gave himans curiousity, intelligence, the ability to learn and build on knowledge. Using those gifts, man created plastic, and now that plastic ends up in the ocean, in the gut and flesh of marine animals; who do we blame for that? Bees around the world are dying as a result of pesticides humans created and put on crops, who do we blame for that? Those are just two tiny examples of how human behavior has impacted nature. There are many more.
  21. If Conservatives weren't so determined to downplay, dismiss and ignore environmental and climate issues, and made an effort to come up with a better plan, maybe the "imposition" of carbon taxes would become a non-issue. All governments impose stuff on lower levels of government, and to some degree, on the citizens. That's business-as-usual, not "dictatorship.'. And just because you don't like a policy doesn't equal dictatorship; my opinion is that carbon taxes help reduce emissions and at this point, is better than nothing. But a better plan would be very welcome, whether from Conse
  22. And our democratic institutions - free press, freedom of information - worked as they should-the public was informed, JT was (at least) embarrassed and many Canadians are looking at Trudeau differently. The organization that benefitted has shut down. That is pretty far from a banana republic. That the Conservatives aren't a shoe-in for the next election isn't because Canadians are stupid, or that they want to destroy Canada and live under communism; it's because Conservatives are not offering what Canadians want. That is how democracy works: the people decide which party/ideology they
  23. "Once" great country? What is the matter with Canada, exactly? Where else would you rather live because it's so much better? Sure there are problems - we ought to have been MUCH better prepared for a pandemic, and that we weren't is due to the lack of action of both liberal and Conservative governments. And the disinterest of citizens. Yes Trudeau has spent a lot of money trying to prevent our economy from collapsing, keep people in their homes and food on the table. It's laughable to claim that a Conservative gov would somehow have done better; Harper spent like a fiend to
  24. What's your solution? Or do you even have one? What is the point of all your ranting and "proof" that Canada is descending into communism?
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