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  1. What's your solution? Or do you even have one? What is the point of all your ranting and "proof" that Canada is descending into communism?
  2. And then complains about not getting enough information.
  3. There's a provincial salary lookup tool, but don't know if it includes Henry's position although it does include ministerial staff. Here: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/careers-myhr/all-employees/pay-benefits/salaries/salarylookuptool/management/management-bands. Sorry, don't really have time to see if she's included in the tool.
  4. This assumes the information we're being provided is wrong or incomplete. What if we are being given all the relevant information? What if we are actually miles ahead of third world authoritarian countries in our transparency and disclosure? I work in a provincial gov position, and the standard of transparency and disclosure here sometimes surprises me. Things that I would have assumed would be private are not. In addition, if someone isn't satisfied, there are FOI requests which provides copies of documents and emails. Personally identifying information can be redacted, and not mu
  5. If I'm an atheist who thinks education could eventually eliminate religion (all religions), am a I communist and a traitor to Canada?  Cause that's what a proud Christian and Conservative told me - someone I know offline, btw.  And, can I still vote Conservative sometimes, or do they know and would just reject my vote?  

    1. Shady


      You’re not a traitor.  Just ill-informed.

    2. dialamah


      Feel the same about you, Shady.:)

    3. bcsapper


      Education might not eventually eliminate all religions, but what the hell, let's give it a shot.  It couldn't hurt to try.

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  6. We should stop doing business with China, but they are so entwined with the global trade, it'd be nearly impossible. And to be fair, doing trade with China and India and the US, and everywhere else, has helped all countries achieve a better standard of living relative to 100 years ago. It's also made some people extremely wealthy, the rich lobby to have taxes on them ever lower, the gov has to find funding somewhere, so it increasingly becomes the role of the non-wealthy to subsidize the rich. Income inequality increases, people become more frustrated and angry, and eventually this le
  7. A value we have as Canadians is helping our neighbors; capitalism encourages us to leave our neighbors behind. I'm no expert in economics, but I watch stuff (like Ted Talks), and read some. A country isn't a household, and the debt a country has isn't like the debt a household has. A country that runs a deficit to build roads and hospitals is investing in its future, and the future of its citizens. A populace that can afford to buy the products capitalism produces is creating the economy. Policies that erode the buying power of consumers simply means the government will end up suppor
  8. Not you, but too many conservatives are batshit crazy with Q'anon, anti-masking, anti-vaccine, "freedom rallies", etc. I think that's part of why people are saying they'll take a relatively sane Liberal government over one that has to cater to nutjobs. That, combined with conservatives habit of cutting social programs while offering tax breaks to corporations is not a good look. The conservative mantra that businesses use money they save to create more jobs has been disproven through real-world results. They're also widely viewed as pro-business to the detriment of the environment. They
  9. It's been pretty well established that the virus moves more easily among populations that live in closer quarters (care homes, prisons, poorer neighborhoods, homeless camps, third world urban areas). Makes sense to me to vaccinate the populations that are the most vulnerable. Not to mention, acknowledging facts is not "explaining it away".
  10. Seems you don't understand the human rights we uphold, which is the right of everybody, including LGBTQ+ people, not to be demeaned and attacked, especially by people in positions of power. We are a progressive country, and as such we protect people from being targetted and persecuted for race, religion or sexual orientation - a right which Barry Neufeld is actively opposing, and frequently disregards in his public statements. As a private citizen, he can say what he wants. As a public official, I expect him to uphold the same human rights Canada and Canadians do. Just like Christians
  11. Yes, certain conservative people don't like Tam, so they have decided to claim she's transsexual, as if that matters in terms of her job. Maybe she is and maybe she isn't, but I could find no confirmation that she'd ever undergone sex change surgery. I bet its some rumour, repeated often enough to seem true among those who simply accept what they see in FB memes. Yeah, that school trustee needs to be gone instead of spreading misinformation and fomenting discrimination against LGBTQ. Then maybe girls wouldn't get beat up cause they're gay.
  12. This is a fact of life in every country in the world. It is arguably less so in democratic countries, but its existence does not presage communism, that's just silly. Smart and engaged citizens would know that the primary importation of Covid to Canada was via the States, banning travel from Wuhan would have made little or no difference. Canada did, in fact, ban travel from China prior to banning it from the States. The "swallowing" of BS seems to be prevalent among a certain conservative subset, not among the "smart and engaged" population.
  13. Sure, but his rhetoric certainly didn't discourage it. A leader should be able and willing to bring out the best in his followers, not the worst. Trump brought out the worst.
  14. Rhetoric like "it's their fault" is where it starts. It takes a bit of time for a groundswell of hate and racism to build enough for a government to take action against a group. Anyway, I was merely commenting on how my eyes have been opened as to how much hate exists in Canada and the States; I used to think we were much farther ahead of certain third world countries in that regard. Fortunately, we have a Liberal gov and so it's unlikely that conservative tribalism will lead us into such government-sanctioned persecution.
  15. Yeah, the last few years have really opened my eyes as to how far we haven't come. Had a much rosier view of Canadians and Americans in 2015. C'est la vie, I guess.
  16. Desperate to see communism around every corner? I suppose you'd welcome another era of McCarthyism.
  17. So, why aren't you cooperating?
  18. And you, being non-Muslim, do not get to change the religion to suit your extreme views. Wherever in the world where you look, the vast majority of Muslims live peaceful lives - it is only the extremists who are violent. That alone proves you are a liar determined to push a twisted ideology as some kind of the 'truth'. Sure, Argus.
  19. Yes, I agree that Covid cases are increasing in Canada. However, perhaps if dummies around the country weren't demanding their "constitutional" right to go to bars/restaurants/visit granny/vacation in hotspots/shop instore/not wear a mask, we'd be a bit better off.
  20. They could do that now with driver's licences, social welfare payments, income tax increases on resistors; heck, they could even 'suspend' social insurance numbers, taking away someone's ability to work. There's any number of ways the government could "force" Canadians to do stuff using some kind of stick - vaccine passport is not needed.
  21. Democracy index: This is a report from the The Economist, which rates countries based on the following 5 factors: 1) Electoral process and pluralism; 2) Civil liberties; 3) Functioning of the government; 4) Political participation; and 5) Political culture Canada came in 6th, the US 25th. Freedom House rated Canada 98% free (out of a possible score of 100% free), and the United States 83% free - among the worst of the "West". The Human Freedom index rates Canada #4, and the United States at 15; to determine scores, they consider: Rule of Law Security
  22. Let's review: And here you are, arguing against a position not taken. And here you are, somehow thinking that examples of people not wearing masks proves that masks don't work. Very strange.
  23. I think the bible's lessons are "Thou shalt not kill, unless I would approve". Did I mention that Christian militia group in Georgia who are preparing to "regretfully" kill democrats/aetheists to save America? They are also less than 0.01% of the population of America, but maybe I need to start calling all Christians bloodthirsty savages just out to kill people, cause as per you, that's how it's done.
  24. My "personal version" of Islam is exactly as valid as yours. in as much as neither of us are Muslim. In addition, my "personal version" has more followers than yours, which is to say if Muslims really were as bloodthirsty as you like to claim, there'd be a million+ Muslims in Canada waging war against us, and 3.5 Muslims in the US waging war- occassional attacks notwithstanding, I haven't noticed much in the way of "war" between Muslims and non-Muslims in either country. Mysteriously - given your conviction that a Muslim ain't a Muslim unless s/he's murdering someone - the actual number
  25. Let me see if I've got this right: Nobody is claiming masks are a golden bullet, guaranteed to stop the spread, only a tool that helps. You argue against the idea that masks are a golden bullet, guaranteed to stop the spread and point to numbers increasing among those least likely to be using masks (having been told for a year that they won't get very sick, if they get sick at all), as proof that masks don't work. Do I have that right?
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