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  1. Aren't vaccine cards automatically given to parents to track their kids' vaccinations? Looked on a website, and same thing is available to adults, didn't seem very intrusive. That could be a "vaccine passport". Does anyone posting their concerns about a vaccination passport not have a cell phone? Cause if you are worried about your privacy, maybe get rid of your phone.
  2. "several dozen cases that came mainly from Europe and the United Kingdom, where around 25 million people" Several dozen incidences of clots among 25 million people. I can see where it would be much safer to avoid the vaccine and hope you don't catch the disease that kills 2 in 100, or it's cousin that kills 4 in 100. Yup, makes sense.
  3. Honestly, I think this is a good summary. My Brother-in-law, abrogation or not, thinks that the teachings of Mohammed prior to the "verses of the sword" are completely applicable to his life; murder is murder, even if it's a gay person or a non-believer. The verses of the sword only come into play if he, his country, his religion were attacked - that means, physically with soldiers and weapons. Every religion has their nutbars. I just watched a documentary about a Christian militia in Georgia that is completely willing (and preparing) to use violence and murder to progress the Christi
  4. Well, the unbeliever has to attack first ... a little detail you always forget to mention whenever you interpret the Koran to match your extremist views.
  5. Per the study: In other words, the half-measures that are initially easier on people's mental health and well-being become harder over the long term, while the relatively quick resolution of virus elimination, and avoiding second and third waves, results in better social outcomes - better economic outcomes and better mental health and well-being outcomes. So, again, OW, you should have read what the link said. Of course, the real answer will be revealed a year or two or ten from now - perhaps some other study will contradict the the findings in this study.
  6. As did Richmond BC, apparently. The Iranian community also took similar steps to slow transmission, so kudos to them as well.
  7. According to the study, most of Europe's lockdowns were not hard enough. The countries that really did shut down hard have had fewer deaths, and have performed better economically than the half-assed shutdowns most of Europe and most of Canada employed. You too should have read the article before commenting.
  8. You haven't been too concerned about the tragedy of Covid deaths, as you've propagandized against even the softest of shut downs and mask use. In lower mainland, Richmond (Chinese dominated population) residents adopted mask-wearing early and widely, as well as staying home, and has had the lowest rate of infection in the lower mainland. Meanwhile, too many idjits blame Chinese people for the virus, even physically attack them, and whine about mask use and shut downs.
  9. Not even a 37 in 2 million chance of dying, but only of having a clot. That was in Germany; the UK was different (can't remember the numbers exactly) and researchers aren't sure why, but possibly because each country prioritized different age groups, or maybe the clots weren't directly caused by the vaccine. Anyway, still lots to learn.
  10. Ontario is one of the provinces specifically mentioned as having not had an effective lockdown, along with BC, and other provinces. The Atlantic provinces and territories are the Canadian examples demonstrating that hard lockdowns have been most successful. The article wasn't about masks. The study examined real world data of countries around the world, including Europe, Asia, North and South America. Maybe you should have read the link before responding.
  11. Turns out that the countries (and Canadian provinces) who locked down the hardest have had the fewest deaths and best economic performance, according to this study France did, covering 82 million people. "By almost every measure, nations that decided to eliminate the virus have achieved better results. “They are seeing significantly fewer deaths, their economies are performing more strongly, and their people are not held back to the same degree by mobility restrictions, whether voluntary or mandatory. Nor have they had to cancel other medical treatment.” In contrast, nations that p
  12. Funny how you are all about not wearing masks, or reducing social interaction because the risk of dying from Covid is so small (2 out of 100), but are up in arms about a tiny risk (37 out of a 2 million) with a vaccine.
  13. And if Canada had suspended use because Europe did, your bunch woulda had some issue with that - probably something like "Trudeau can't even think for himself.. yada yada yada". Yes, I could wait a few weeks for other vaccines. You ask questions that even a tiny bit of common sense provides obvious answers to.
  14. As much as you agree that right-wingers are permanently detached from reality.
  15. Right-wingers are completely lost in some bizarre alternate reality, even stone-cold sober. At least left-wingers are able to tell the difference between reality and fantasy.
  16. I was given the AZ vaccine yesterday, aware of the risks before I went in, and they were explained again before actually jabbed. Once again I see misinformation spread on this forum by right-wingers. What is the matter with you people, anyway?
  17. I'm not even a refugee or immigrant (well, my great-grandparents were immigrants) and I would love to see "Judeo-Christian" culture destroyed. Also, "Islamic culture"; really, I'm ok with any and all religious culture destroyed. Maybe you need to re-read Mark 12:3; John 3:17; Philippians 2:4; Matthew 25:35-40; Romans 15:1 because according to those scriptures, a "Christian" nation would most certainly be accepting and helping refugees and immigrants. But here you are, advocating against that, so maybe it's people like you who are turning us away from our "Christian roots". A
  18. Each wave is "defeated" for six months - "maybe" longer, is that your idea? Because that just sounds like a perpetual pandemic, to me. A "carefully controlled spread"? For the past year, governments have been trying to limit the spread but people have gotten sick and died anyway. Unless you think people with co-morbidities and the elderly should be permanently separated from everyone else, locked in their homes perhaps? In this "targetting for herd immunity" plan, you need to ask yourself what percentage of the workforce is not "healthy enough" to be exposed to the vi
  19. Maybe you would if you weren't so set in seeing Canada as the worst. Since you seem to want to claim that Canada isn't a democracy (in two threads that I know of), why do you decide to exclude non-democracies? Anyway, I don't know and am not going to research it right now. If you want to prove that Canada is the worst, making it a failed democracy, you can look it up and present your evidence. As it happens, late in 2020, claims that Canada wouldn't be done till mid-2022 were rampant; now it looks like September of 2021 - assuming producers continue to supply the vaccine as pr
  20. Every country has had citizen complain that their leadership screwed up, lied, or misled the people. Did anyone resign as a result? Can you imagine mass resignations and subsequent elections happening around the world during the pandemic because "some" people think their government did it wrong? Most Canadians agree that Canada has had reasonably good leadership throughout the pandemic, even if "could have better" is acknowledged. What kind of democracy would it be if a minority of malcontents forced elections for everything they didn't happen to like? I don't understand th
  21. I guess one acknowledges success as well as opportunities for improvement, while the other only sees failure.
  22. BC has posted dates for vaccinations - my date is mid-April. In a democracy, people are elected to lead for some particular period of time. Everybody has a different idea of what is the "best" to do in any situation and there are always malcontents. Concluding that democracy doesn't exist because your particular ideas aren't at the forefront of the government action plan is hyperbolic, to say the least. Just because the US and UK have done things differently also doesn't mean democracy is dead in Canada. Different countries, different cultures, different population densities, diffe
  23. We can always do better of course, but Canada is at the top of the democracy index, outperforming even the United States. Canada is also among the least corrupt in the world. It's important to reveal when indiduals in public service fail to live up to standards, and our media does a good job of exposing those lapses. I think it's also important to know that Canada is better than almost every other country in terms of its political culture. Some of the things you've listed as failures are really just differences of opinion. You think something about lockdowns are hypocritical; I di
  24. For sure. Ok. I think there are more factors at play than you give credit for, but I'm not going to deny that social and culture components also play a part.
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