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  1. Probably because it's never happened to them. Google home invasions and carjackings for either state, and you'll see neither are immune. Investigate a little further, and you'll find that Nevada has more violent crime, including robberies and car theft, than New York. You'll also find out that urban areas and poverty-stricken regions are more prone to violent crime. You are right - Wyoming is one of the safest states in the US. Per my remarks above, it is also the least populated and has a higher median income than 50% of US States. Anyway, research indicates that Sta
  2. This is what I dislike about so many religious people: they ignore science and history in favor of imposing their narrow morality on everybody else. They pride themselves on their "specialness", being God's chosen, having the truth of him, so they can practice oppression of everyone they disaprove of. You know nothing of this individual, their birth, their physical attributes, their inner struggles, their heart, how they came to this decision, how many years they've fought to be heard and understood. Nope; in your narrow, judgemental world, they were born female and nothing else matte
  3. Nope, you would not. Criminals assume they're gonna get away with it. They aren't doing a cost-benefit analysis of their actions beforehand, or the potential lawsuits they could bring if they were injured while committing a crime. The potential reward is virtually always a bigger factor than the potential consequences. Many criminals have difficulty even imagining consequences, given the predominant age group and gender, intellectual functioning, and/or drug use. And of course, some just don't care.
  4. The court supported the boy; the man defied a court order not to talk about his son's situation with media and to respect his son's decision to transition from female to male. The court also gave him more than one opportunity to comply, but he refused. No doubt Post-Millenial put some other spin on it, designed to bolster the religious and non-religious right winger's hate and fear of anybody different.
  5. ??? Making no sense, not surprisingly. But it reminds of my white supremacist ex-neighbor - the first time he said "race-traitor", I thought he said "race-baiter".
  6. Yup, mine for sure. As an individual, perhaps not you, since you insinuate that your ethnicity is something other than European. But certainly the parents of most White UK descended folks, which is most of us in Canada.
  7. Do not 'foreign born' people also include Europeans, of which you are so enamored? Or Asians, about which you are only slightly less enamored? Anyway, Stats Canada tells us that 25% of visible minorities are South Asian; 20% are Chinese, 15% are black. The remaining 40% are, in descending order, Filipinos, Arabs, Latin Americans, West Asians, Koreans and Japanese. Stats Canada also tell us that 37.5% of children are foreign-born, or have at least one parent who is foreign-born - nowhere near the "half" you are claiming. But, unlike you, Stats Canada does not assume that every
  8. I have family members who are both status and non-status What's sad is that several of them downplay their aboriginal background because they know they'll be looked down on by a lot of people and have said as much. Still, one of them, at least, faces her history straight on and what happened to her parents and grandparents. She doesn't blame the current crop of Whiteys, but she does expect not to have the truth of the past and present denied. Or relegated to ancient history as something our ancestors did. What are my 'racist' assumptions, exactly? Please itemize them. Unle
  9. You may not think you do, but your comments on here about certain immigrants and First Nations belies your words.
  10. 1. Just one example of Christians attempting genocide. 2. Plenty of examples of Christian conversion by sword. These examples of Christian barbarity is not to excuse Islamic extremists (or any other extremists) who think forcing someone, by threat of death, into conversion is acceptable. Its to disabuse you of the notion that Christianity is any better or different than Islam when it has power over people. In regions of high religiousity, political violence is supported equally by Muslims, Christians and Hindus, although only a tiny minority actually engage in that violence.
  11. Are you sure about that? Cause some of the policies that were put in place certainly suggests otherwise. I'm living with someone who experienced, first hand, "what our ancestors did." You only need to feel bad about your cluelessness if you refuse to learn more about the way "our aboriginals" were treated, both by government policy and societal attitudes. Government policy may have changed some, but societal attitudes need a lot more work when people still think that what happened was generations ago and "they should be over it" by now.
  12. What was the alternative? What if no support or stimulus package? More homeless people? More unemployed people? More failed businesses? More dead people? The money spent kept people in their homes, kept people employed, kept businesses open. The owner of the sandwich shop near my work work has said as much - without that government money, to be paid back over time, he'd have had to close his doors and let two people go. Do you consider that a better option? Taxes are a fact of life. Claiming it's some huge hardship for coming generations to pay taxes is a false argument. I
  13. Why would a "loving", all powerful and all-knowing God choose to torture his beloved creation for all eternity? What point would it make, and what purpose would it serve? Most humans would not choose to do that, and supposedly we're made in God's image so this makes no sense. Are humans more loving, forgiving, humane than God?
  14. Kinda like Europeans and Native North Americans; we were stronger and more advanced, so of course we'd take over, as you've explained previously. This is as natural as the tribalism that results in persecution of minorities, which you also support. So why hate on Islam for doing exactly what you praise and support for Europeans?
  15. It's been fun guys, but this is supposed to be about immigration generally, not Muslims in particular. Plus I have a life that doesn't include hours on forums, so I shall bid you adieu for now. As to topic at hand, I still don't have a strong opinion on whether Canada needs more immigrants or less. I have a stronger opinion on how Canada should support immigrants who come to our country; in my opinion, this is where we fail. If we are bringing in health care professionals, engineers, etc., there should be an easy and inexpensive way for them to upgrade their certifications to Canadian
  16. Heck, I reject our "Judeo-Christian" culture, mostly because the "Christians" and conservatives (whether calling themselves liberal or conservative) have fought against virtually every progressive policy that Canada has tried to implement. But once its done, it's pretty funny to then have them take pride in our progressive country, while slamming Muslims and others who come from countries they don't like for believing exactly the same as they did 20 or 40 years ago. And seriously, thinking what someone wears means they reject an entire society is ridiculous. If even you thought that was
  17. Where have I ever said they "immediately" abandon their cultural beliefs? I repeat, endlessly, *over time*, about 3 generations. Can you at least try some honesty, now and then? Or would that break your bubble too hard?
  18. I believe I've already noted that I prefer your version of Christianity over that prevalent in Africa or the Middle East. But just to clear something up, I don't like Islam either. As far as I am concerned, religion is problematic in creating a society of equality, tolerance and acceptance. Nonetheless, I have friends who are religious, very devoutly religious. My personal feelings about religion in general do not translate to disliking every religious person in the world. The religious friends I have are tolerant and they do not insist that everyone else in the world must believe as
  19. Are you sure about that? Having female Muslim relatives and friends, that does not seem to be the case for them. Now sure, there are no doubt Muslim men who expect that women give them sex on demand and become violent if denied; there are also Christian men and non-religious men who do the same. As a matter of fact, that attitude seems pretty common among men of every color and creed. Even in Canada marital rape was legal until 1983; as recently as 2017 the courts failed to hold a man who raped his wife accountable.  
  20. I agree. If a Muslim/Christian/animist subjects their daughter to FGM - in country or not - they should be arrested, charged and go to jail. If a Muslim/Christian/atheist engages in incest, pedophilia or an honor killing, they should be arrested, charged and go to jail. Etc.
  21. Well, that's not really what I'm alleging, but whatever. The vast majority of Muslims deny that terrorism is an acceptable part of Islam. The vast majority of Muslims deny that murder is an acceptable part of Islam, whether murdering a non-believer, a gay person or a disobedient daughter. Still, people around the world, mostly non-Muslims, insist that it is part of Islam. You can claim that "biblical Christianity" doesn't allow for things Christians in Africa do, and I'm happy to believe you. Still, the people in Africa who follow Christianity find support in their scripture for w
  22. Thanks for that. She is apparently getting her information from Professor Ruud Koopmans, so I clicked on that link. In the interview, Professor Koopmans puts the emphasize on religiosity, not specifically Islam, as making it more difficult for a group to assimilate; given that Muslims are pretty religious and are moving in significant numbers into Western countries, his comments focus on them. He also points out that it is the radicals who are in the news, and that their activity in demanding ever more "rights" actually harms their group. Nowhere in the interview did he mention Lebane
  23. From a Harvard study examining how well Muslims integrate into Western culture: Several factors determine Muslim integration. This study was carried out in the Netherlands and compares Dutch attitudes to second generation Turks and Moroccans in regards to gender roles, marriage and homosexuality. The study notes that: Anyway, there have been plenty of studies done and the overall conclusion is that even Muslim migrants gradually take on the values of their host country. Is that the same study where you claimed that someone going to Mosque more and/or weari
  24. You've mentioned this before, and this time I tried to find out if its true. But it didn't show up in my Google search. Do you have a cite?
  25. In Christian majority countries in Africa, polygamy, honor killings and persecution of gays is also practiced. In those countries where Muslims are the minority, should we blame Christians for Muslims who marry 4 women, kill disobedient daughters and jail (or kill) gays? These people aren't so different, no matter how fondly you believe that changing a label from Muslim to Christian removes centuries of shared history and cultural belief.
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