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  1. There've been many long-term studies of immigrants; all of them find that by the third generation, the immigrants have overwhelmingly taken on the cultural norms of their host countries. Some even start disliking immigrants, and object to bringing more in, even if it's from their grandparent's country of origin. This is true of all immigrant groups, including Muslims. And sure, there are a few holdouts that insist on keeping to the "old ways", but humans are nothing if not diverse in their attitudes.
  2. The idea of female purity and resistance to sexual temptation isn't limited to Muslims. NGL, it frustrates me when people act as if a behavior that is practiced by everyone is assumed to be a Muslim-only issue. In Egypt, Christian Coptic women usually do not wear headscarves in public. However, 50% of Christian Coptic women have indergone FGM. Christian Copts are anti-gay, and practice honor killings. Christian Coptics frown on marriages outside their faith, and fathers have killed daughters with Muslim boyfriends. In other countries in Africa and the ME, along with FGM, Chr
  3. I agree with that; tribalism and religion do have a lot of common elements. Given your support for humanity's natural tribalism, I'm surprised you'd criticize racism and bigotry in other countries.
  4. So? Let's say there is a town with 1000 people; 950 of those people call themselves Christian and 50 of them call themselves Muslim. 90% of the population believes that women should be subservient to their husbands. Does that make it a 'Christian-only' practice? Should only Christians be complimented (or criticized, depending on your POV) for this practice? Should the Muslims in the town be ignored for believing and practicing the same be ignored? If 74% of Christian Copts in Egypt think FGM is a requirement, that's 74% of 10 million people - 740,000. Half of which (more or le
  5. I agree. Being ignorant and culturally indoctrinated, I had my son circumcised 40+ years ago. Makes me sad now, but at the time, how was I to know any different? It was as automatic as putting a band on the wrist with Baby ____ on it. I still find female circumcision to be worse.
  6. 1. From the website Stop FGM, In the regions where FGM is practiced, it's usually more common among Muslim populations than Christians but the difference often isn't much. And in some places, it's more common among Christians than Muslims. In Uganda, more Christians than Muslims practice FGM; in Niger, 2% of Muslim women had been circumcised, while 55% of Christian woman had been. In many regions of the world, Muslims do not practice FGM at all. 2. American Christian Girl suffered FGM; 3-year old American girl has clitoris removed to prevent masturbation. Who knows
  7. 1. FGM is illegal in Canada, whether one has it done in country or out-of-country. Canadian authorities could do a much better job at enforcing it, I believe. On the other hand, I have no information about how many Canadian females have had that done to them. 2. FGM is not a Muslim issue; it's a cultural issue. It always comes up when Muslims are identified as "not wanted in Canada", but Christians (and others) also practice FGM if they come from a region of the world where FGM is practiced. If the argument were ever "We don't want people whose culture condones FGM", it would at lea
  8. There's a million+ Muslims in Canada. How many have gone rabid and attacked people in the last .. oh 25 years? Can you demonstrate that it is any higher than random non-Muslims Canadians going rabid and attacking people in the same time period? Unless you can show that, your continued insistence that Muslims are inherently more violent than non-Muslims is merely islamophobic misinformation.
  9. Following the law is always an option, and usually results in better outcomes than not following the law. Most Canadians seem to appreciate the efforts of public health officials to reduce the spread of this disease. The angry minority get lots of news coverage, but not much sympathy by Canadians.
  10. What are the issue 'related to immigration'; Argus says it's crime and umm ... driving down wages, I think? No doubt some would agree with him, yet the evidence contradicting those claims is pretty strong IMO. Japan, pretty famous for it's very limited immigration policy, realized that it's aging population and decreasing birth rate would result in not enough workers to sustain the economy, and has begun changing it's policies to allow immigration. Canada also has an aging population, and decreasing birth rate; why would it be exempt from suffering economically if there were not enou
  11. Why not? Should I call you unpatriotic because we don't agree all the time? If conservatives are all about free speech and opinions being heard, why would they also then call the people they disagree with unpatriotic? Why would you think that way?
  12. I'd exchange any number of conservative xenophobic Canadians for open-minded and tolerant people, whatever their religion or origin.
  13. Are you looked at with suspicion and distrust because of your skin color? Are a certain percentage of people actively and overtly hostile to you because of your skin color? Being a European immigrant with white skin is a bit different than being a brown-skinned immigrant. Or even being brown-skinned person born in Canada, whether you have a single generstion, or hundreds of years of ancestry in Canada.
  14. How many of Trump's executive orders did you disagree with or object to?
  15. Like I said, I don't know so I didn't include "all religions" in my statement, only included the ones I know. What is hard to understand about that? Individuals vary, so judging every individual by the worst of their group is wrong.
  16. I know, right? What confounds me is that every right-wing forum I've been on immediately bans anyone expressing even the mildest disagreement, while busily championing "free speech" and criticizing the left for "cancel culture". Pretty big disconnect there.
  17. News stories focus on what is unusual, not what is usual - so I have no idea if that reported violence is representative or isolated. Also, the Bible, Torah and Koran all have an unfortunately misogynistic, homophobic and elitist belief system permeating their social culture. Maybe whatever religious group referenced in those news stories do as well, but I don't know enough about them to have included them in my comment. But having said that, I certainly wouldn't be surprised if they equalled Abrahamic religions in their atiitudes about and treatment of women, gays and non-belive
  18. Imagine this: A pandemic hits a country. The government limits travel and closes borders to prevent virus spread. Citizens complain that the wrong borders were closed, weren't closed soon enough, and shouldn't be closed at all. The government limits business activity to prevent virus spread. Citizens complain that more businesses should have been closed, the wrong businesses were closed, no businesses should be closed. In the years leading up to the pandemic, government does nothing to prepare. Citizens complain that they want both low taxes and more/better government servic
  19. Yup. So where you "questioning" after the SARS virus and all the warnings then and since about the certainty of another pandemic and our lack of preparedness? Or did you relax into disinterest, like 99% of humans around the world? If we abdicated our responsibility to hold our leaders to account, we certainly can't hold them and the experts who've been warning of a pandemic for decades as solely to blame when we find ourselves scrambling to cope when that pandemic hits.
  20. Why would you assume that someone who trusts experts over non-experts has "blind faith" in experts? Making the best of a bad situation and allowing that mistakes will be made when a brand-new virus hits town isn't "blind faith". It's reality.
  21. Experts in public health and disease have far more credibility than some yahoo on the internet doing some armchair quarterbacking about a game he knows nothing about. Did you give up on yourself because you didn"t have all the right answers immediately, the day you started a new class or a new job, where would you be? Would you do that to your kids or friends? If so, your expectations of people are way out of whack.
  22. I agree that religion should be taught in schools, as a practicum for critical thinking. With any luck, we'd run out of religious people within a generation (or two, to account for the home-schooled). And, if we didn't allow religious people to immigrate to Canada, we could make conservatives and aetheists both happy! Only the leftists would be sad. (Need that mwah wah sound effect here).
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