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  1. I would think Vancouver would take the prize, although Toronto has the Jays!
  2. Why is this such a big deal? The GOP has supported Harper for years. Maybe he is just returning a favor or two.
  3. I am not really convinced that Harper "let the crime take place". If anything he only failed by omission. As for the bad timing, I think this was just either very well-hidden, or the OP waited for an opportune time to tell people about this when they would be focused on politics. BTW... this showed up on my RSS feed this morning from a veteran's forum http://www.veteranstodayforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&p=2612&sid=0509e5ab9d0d913c5c9782902df001fe#p2612 No matter who wins the election I would like to see the House dig into this and either vindicate Harper or prosecute him.
  4. I think after the election there will probably be some fallout over this crap http://www.isitlegalto.com/threads/40453-Should-PM-Stephen-Harper-be-prosecuted-for-manslaughter-or-only-human-righst-abuse-related-to-Iraqi-organ-transplant-kids
  5. First of all, I don't depend on newspaper endorsements to tell me how to vote Secondly I see a lot pro NDP and pro Liberal articles in both the Star and Globe and Mail so they have probably been against Harper a long time yes? Lastly I was surprised to see the Globe be so extreme to publish this http://www.whynotharper.ca/#printablelist But you raise a point that I would like someone at the Globe and Star to confirm... Toad Brother says that the decision to endorse a candidate is made only by the editorial group (maybe about 20 people?) I was told that the employees hold a mock election at each newspaper and based on their vote, that is how the newspaper endorses. Can someone from each newspaper come here to this thread and confirm this. If all the employees of the newspapers get to "endorse" why should a group of 20 people have so much influence. Btw... does anyone have a list of all the newspaper endorsements for each candidate. Who wins the the newspaper vote?
  6. Seriously, has Canada ever angered any nation or people or provoked any terrorism until we supported George W. Bush? Terrorism has root causes people. If we avoid those root causes we never have to worry about terrorism.
  7. I do not need a newspaper to tell me how to think or who to vote for! I personally don't think newspapers should give endorsements. They should remain neutral.
  8. I almost fell out of my chair when I read this! Straight from George Orwell's 1984 if you ask me... A new police hotline where we report our neighbors for "suspicious activities". I don't know about the rest of you, but I have known my neighbors for almost 6 years! "REPORT YOUR NEIGHBOR PROJECT" http://www.salon.com/2015/10/06/white_people_dont_have_to_worry_about_canadas_new_report_your_neighbor_hotline/ The other user who said Harper is the long lost illegitimate son of George H. Bush may be right!
  9. We have been used by the American thugs for far too long. We need to put some distance between us. Their illegal wars cause far too problems for Canada and I am sure they create the most refugees in the world with all their meddling, sanctions, and covert efforts to destabilize countries. Canada has a higher moral standard and we need to point that out to the world more often.
  10. I for one want to see some more fresh faces and idea people in Ottawa and less secrecy and corruption. I was once a Harper fan but he lost me with his secret trade deals and the Duffy mess. Plus he has not really told us of any new ideas he has to make more people prosperous.
  11. Too late now Jack. How do you give back stolen time to someone? No amount of money makes up for this sort of thing. Of course, some of that time is justified for the corruption he actually admitted. But maybe 10 years of his sentence needs to be "refunded".
  12. I am just glad Canadian shipbuilders are getting the contracts, not the Koreans, Chinese, or Taiwanese.
  13. From what I am reading at another forum the RCMP already know about this and were given some audio and video recordings as was a former MP named Paul Szabo. There is a lot to read in this case but it seems to be true. I'm sending it all to the Globe and Mail to see what they make of it all. But one is for sure... At least two Mounties said this Bruce fellow told the truth and tried to help him stay in Canada but were overuled by "Ottawa". I agree this matter should have been brought forward much earlier to allow for a proper investigation. But it only takes a day or two to serve and depose witnesses under oath and that is better than nothing. Maybe the witnesses can also be given a polygraph test, assuming they are willing to cooperate. I notice that one of the Canadian witnesses was murdered.
  14. To the OP I say "NFW" (No Fu*king Way). Harper may be many things but politically suicidal is not one of them. As for the last comment, it doesn't matter how old the story is. It is a matter of corruption involving a candidate for PM and should be told IMO.. No matter where Paul McKay works today doesn't really matter. He and his files should be subpoenaed by the House for investigation. Note: I find the links to the interviews with Chip Tatum useful as background information that lends credibility to the curent allegations.
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