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  1. That's wrong to assume. Many parts of BC, Manitoba, and Ontario are pretty conservative. Alberta is very conservative. The provincial NDP won because they had a good campaign, voters were frustrated at the PCs, and the vote of the Right was split between the Wildrose and the Progressive Conservatives, while the vote of the Left rallied behind them. Given the way they're despised by many here right now, I sort of doubt they'll get another mandate. This was further affirmed by the fact that, while the Liberals made some minor ground here federally, the vast majority of the province was still p
  2. In my view, if the CPC wants to achieve success in the next election, they're going to need to elect a leader that will steer them more towards the center instead of push them further right. They need to disassociate themselves with the kind of politics that defined Harper's terms in power, and what ultimately got the voters to give him the boot. They're going to have to convince voters that they've changed in order to regain the red Tory vote and perhaps steal a bit of blue Grits. Unfortunately for them it doesn't look like many of the potential candidates seem to hold that kind of view. Whi
  3. Worth noting is that the Nanos is increasing it's sample size as we get closer to the 19th: Interestingly enough the increase of sample size didn't change their results by much.
  4. Because debates actually give both sides a say instead of a partisan video praising Harper and bashing everyone who opposes him...
  5. How so? Look at the Liberal website. There are loads of policies that back those claims that the Liberals will improve accountability and openness. Anything on the Conservative side? Yeah, I didn't think so.
  6. I fully expect Mulcair to win his own riding, but those Signal numbers are just odd. Makes me question the validity of the site (granted, I'd like it to be valid since I'm a Liberal supporter and it's currently predicting that the Liberals will win). Maybe it's just a black sheep riding, or maybe many of the riding predictions on the Signal are inaccurate.
  7. So I was checking the Signal today and noticed something very odd about it's predictions for Quebec. Apparently the Liberals are leading in Outremont. In case you don't know, that's Mulcair's riding. wut
  8. No one has the lead because of the statistical tie, so they technically have lost the lead. The lead belongs to nobody. It's tight. That's not a stretch.
  9. *sigh* You're really starting to annoy me. Can we all agree that just because some person posts bullshit, it doesn't suddenly become valid for someone else to post bullshit? It was a pretty obvious lie that basically everyone called you out for, and now you're somehow proud of it. Just... just no. ____________ About the poll, the difference between the Libs and the Cons was less than 10 people, so I wouldn't point to it as a clear indication of any lead really. They're both within margin of error in IPSOS, while in Nanos Liberals have held a consistent lead outside margin of error. From t
  10. This is seriously one of the most retarded campaign promises that any party has made. If it's illegal, call 911, don't make another tax-funded line just for the sake of promoting yourselves. The name sounds downright racist and ignorant as hell.
  11. No sign of Nanos reversing to show the Angus/EKOS results. I hope this trend continues! I bet you the Conservatives stance on "barbaric cultural practices" will backfire on them. It's one thing to be against the niqab, but the name of that resolution sounds plain and simply racist.
  12. The latest Nanos had them at 4th, behind the bloc. Quebec won't be a difference maker for the cons.
  13. Agreed. If BC stays the way it is or continues to move in the direction of the Liberals, this is HUGE for Trudeau, as it has been discussed multiple times before that BC could very well be the province that ultimately decides who wins the election. Being a bigger competitor there is of utmost importance to all 3 parties.
  14. Au contraire. After 10 years of Harper it's pretty clear to most Canadians that the worst thing for us right now would be to give him another mandate. The mentality among these voters is that they want to vote for the party most likely to replace the conservatives, and the Libs and NDP are battling it out to be that party. It's not like these people don't have any preferences besides being against Harper, it's that they understand the fact that if they split the vote by voting for a candidate in their riding that won't likely win then it makes it easier for Harper to form another government.
  15. Nanos for Wednesday, September 30th Liberals & Conservatives in a dead heat, with the Liberals gaining points in support most likely due to the fact that some progressive swing voters are jumping ship from the third-place NDP. From CTV: The latest numbers show: 32.2 per cent supported the Liberals as their top choice 32.1 per cent picked the Conservatives as their top choice 26.3 per cent chose the NDP The race for top choice in B.C. intensified in the latest poll, with support for the NDP and the Conservatives taking a dip, while the Liberals saw a surge in their numbers. In B.C., s
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