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  1. Actually, according to the below after 8 years in Canada, this federal judge dismissed his case rather quickly with no trial which speak volumes in my opinion. Do you realize this guy filed a refugee claim that was ignored for 8 years! That makes this case worse than the Khadr or Arar case IMO. Here is the latest link I found. http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/pm-stephen-harper-inhumane-falsely-extradited-torture-victim-whistle-blower-gorcyca I heard on the BBC radio show that Amnesty International is filing a $25 million law suit but I don't remember if was for this guy or the Iraqi kids that
  2. Sorry PIK the donations you mention are to Canadians. not foreign nationals. As someone already mentioned in another thread this story does in fact check out if you are willing to visit the Ontario Superior Courthouse and Osgoode Hall to check out the archives, or you can do as I did and just call the attorney of record Solicitor Marshal Drukarsh who confirmed it is all true. The documents you see here are in fact scans of actual court exhibits. http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/international-law-news/89481-did-pm-stephen-harper-violate-torture-treaty-fake-extradition-whistle-blower.html The
  3. Well, Stephen got two votes out of me in the past but after I just read this at another forum, I may now have to vote NDP. Btw... this incident combined with with his justification of torture shows me that he has very little ethics and even less compassion for non-Canadian people. "Military veterans had arranged to donate their organs to the maimed children. Harper privately had admitted that the transplants being done in Canada would cause a PR problem for the Americans. So he suggested that the group "find another country" or hire some doctors to go to Iraq, an impossibility since 4 of 5 o
  4. I guess the ends in this case justifies the means. But we all need to be emailing our friends this link instead of arguing with and preaching to each other.
  5. This forum seems extremely biased towards Conservatives.
  6. What's the alternative? Should we pat them on the back and tell them "Great job on fooling us all - you win!" Give me one reason we should clobber them when caught to the full extent of the law?
  7. Whooaaa!!!!! Please don't toss me into any group for the convenience of an argument when I never even shared my thoughts or ideas on Confederation. I think our friendship with America is worth keeping but our national identity and sovereign dignity must also be saved - first as a priority. I lived more than a decade in America and see first hand that they simply do not enter any relationship where they are not totally dominate (do it my way or else is how they motivate even their friends) I also spent three years in Europe and Asia and have seen Americans cursed and spit upon in almost every
  8. Well, I guess you guys won't be happy until we are the 51st state? Must be all those dang chemicals those American tanker planes spray on us up in BC. Those easterly trade-winds finally brought all that mind-numbing crud down our way!
  9. I am not a JT loyalist but Suzuki is known to have a big head in academic circles
  10. Fooled me too! But then again the only extradition case I ever saw in the media was the Schreiber case. How many people does Canada extradited every year anyway? Do African countries even want their criminals back? I'd be curious to see stats on what countries seek extraditions from Canada. Anyone know or have links?
  11. Reading this thread makes me wonder how many people are going to actually get off their arse and vote. Is 60% a realistic estimate?
  12. Please tell me this is just a nasty rumor fellas? Can you think of a dumber thing to do with our troops? I think the more military independence we keep the better. So long as we remain loyal to NATO we are safe and secure.
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