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  1. But this happens in any organization, no matter which one it is. It is wrong, but this is how capitalism works, I guess. For example you will have a manager who can successfully manage a company to the point of generating millions of dollars of net income for the company. You work in the company, he is an owner. He can and does keep all for himself, leaving you just enough to get by. He thinks this is the fair way. He may evade taxes, inflation, cheat all other company employees within the limits of the law. He goes up, you, the supporting person, go down.
  2. Thinking about those MP salaries again? They can be disgusting, but there are tens of thousands of people like them - how long was the Sunshine list? Those salaries wouldn't bother me, if I was doing reasonably well; if I felt cheated - a different story. And I do feel cheated.
  3. You are one of those who believe the governments of all countries in the world have colluded to take away the basic rights of their citizens, muzzle them with a blue diaper , implant a tracking chip under their skin, reduce production of goods, services and nearly eliminate all forms of entertainment ....and for what purpose exactly? I have never seen the governments of so many countries reach an unanimous decision on anything - not on climate, not on economy, not on human rights, you name it. But , hey, they are all in agreement on that bogus COVID19, which should have evolved into COVID21 by now.
  4. At least in my neck of the woods the pressure for donations is steadily increasing. I cannot go through a check out at a grocery store or a liquor store without an ask. There is always a reason - a disaster that happened in country Y, an incident that happened somewhere in Canada. Today, it was for the BC forest fires. Wal-Mart changed their check out process in their store in town. No more employees needed - use the check out machines. All good, except for their nagging "would you like to donate today?" question. Of course they don't even attempt to tell you what you are donating for. Is it for the BC fires, the destitute kids in Africa or to just offset their loses from shoplifting after the self check out was introduced. But hey, they saved all employee wages there. And of course there are the homeless, stretching out an arm in the parking lot, or in front of a bank or liquor store. Naah, I say "NO" to all of that. Tomorrow I will mail a letter to Wal-Mart to ask them the "Would you like to donate today?' question. I am sure they will appreciate my loyalty and donate. As for the BC forest fires, I can only help with my recommendations. If not needed, so be it, let the province burn!
  5. I am really tempted, considering my parents were left behind and I have a place to live, actually a few places to choose from. The only issue is work, as I am nowhere near retirement yet.
  6. Not in my case. Land goes up 10%, structure goes up 95%. They do not care about depreciation - if a similar unit sold for price X, this is the real value, the taxes are based on.
  7. There is one way to benefit. Sell the property and move to Haiti or another similar republic, where property prices are low and cost of living is bearable. (I know, I know, not that easy and doesn't work again)
  8. It is all a nasty game. The properties age, their condition deteriorates and their value should (if any logic is to be applied) go down, not up. But our government likes the game - putting people further and deeper in debt and then asking you to pay more property tax every year, because the value of your 50 year townhouse went up 100% in a single year. Their whole appraisal system is a big joke or scam, whichever way we choose to feel.
  9. The metric system is the way to go with everything. And it has no bearing on gas prices as you suggest. But people keep driving trucks they do not need and 4-wheelers they do not need and all kinds of gas powered gizmos they do not need. Maybe their incomes went up 40% as well?
  10. If true, this will be the ultimate proof the country is becoming a communist state (the way you interpret it to be). Actual Communism is something different that people here know little about.
  11. I argue that you presented no math. I will not be looking in Wikipedia to find out the definition of math, but I am sure it will mention something along the lines of logical principles, calculations, formulae etc. Showing a number, supposed to be the answer of your mathematical conundrum is not Mathematics. What I presented was more along the lines of math, except I made the mistake of using a starting point, when I should have looked at a window of time.
  12. I revised my narrative above , but not because of reading wikipedia - I did it after doing my own more in depth analysis.
  13. There was no math in your presentation. Some numbers which , for all I know are not trustworthy. One thing however is for certain, nature's math don't lie and it will not care about your mistakes or your feelings.
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