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  1. They do not affect my support, or the lack of it, for western oil and gas. The subject was if WE support it. Not even sure how the Russian anthem found its way on this page, or that space shuttle movie, if that's what it actually is.
  2. Looks like every thread here derails to the point of being unrecognizable.
  3. In summary, you respectfully f*ck Alberta.
  4. Definitely more attractive women in Kabul in the 60's than I see around in my neck of Canada in the 2020's.
  5. This is my opinion as well. In the past one needed to be really skillful to be a spy; look like a resident of the nation they are infiltrating, speak the language with no accent, etc , etc. In our situation, one only needs to wear a uniform of the Canadian forces and we should all believe the person is a true Canadian. If we do not, we will be blamed for stereotyping him, racially discriminating against him and the RCMP will be all over us. Now what happens in a civil war situation where the RCMP is no longer in control? How do you tell who is who and especially what side is one on? If India waged war on Canada tomorrow, for the death of me, I will have no clue if those guys at Subway and Tim Hortons are newly landed Indian troops camouflaged in their native civilian attire or if they are recent refugee claimants, temporary workers or simply Canadian residents and citizens. They all seem to dress the same way as in their own country and speak their native Punjabi. Same with any other culture in Canada. I've said it before and I will say it again. I am not happy at this situation. I do not aspire to be a Canadian as by definition it amounts to nothing - being a person who came to do business in Canada.
  6. I personally would not accommodate their head dressing desires AT ALL! If they want to wear those bird's nests on their heads to show how different and exotic they are , and this is more important to them than anything else then why not stay back east? Allowing them to do what they want only creates the potential for them forming communities and for other Canadians to never accept them into their own circle. But then, if they wear those for religious purposes, Canada can offer nothing equal, as the only religion seems to be the Dollar religion. So we went full circle in realizing that our country does not want to create a nation or nationalistic feelings. The only important thing is business, making money and paying taxes.
  7. ..and then the picture is on their drivers license to be viewed by all male policemen. Smart policies as always, but if it works for the Muslims, why not.
  8. The optimal is NO IMMIGRATION. This is how Canada can eventually become a nation (after another 300 years , if it survives that long) Optimal, in a case of economic decline is when you send people back. Optimal for me is, when we bring in only pretty young women and all of them from Russia, Czechoslovakia, Romania and the neighborhood.
  9. You've stated that this is how the crown established its presence in North America and that all this is fine and dandy and acceptable.
  10. If you accept all this, we may as well accept rape and murder and start stealing from one another. I honestly see no difference.
  11. Sounds quite primitive to me. Not really a fair fight going with gun powder against knives and arrows, but hey, it was all about the taking.
  12. How you still manage to keep up with this board after so much work is a total mystery to me!
  13. Which nation exactly did you manage to exterminate? You did not exterminate the Irish, they remained their own country, not the Scots, they also kind of have their own country and currency, and so on and so forth. In fact, I do not know of an exterminated nation in Europe or any other place. The difference is there were people here already who could legitimately lay claim on all lands in North America. Then "the crown" showed up to take all it could take and the taking continues to this date.
  14. Not the entire planet. And this was all caused by global politics with the US playing a big role in the background. Why would a nation keep an army to protect itself from foreign invaders when those same invaders can come in in the form of refugees and take over the country?? I support those European nations that built walls along their borders and denied the refugees access to their land; despite the EU's stupid wining.
  15. The only reason for that would be they did not want to rule it in the same way. If they had their own tribes (that can be considered regions, or provinces) they probably did not need a global government from coast to coast. And a global government is in many cases detrimental to regional interests as we now see with many of the big hazardous projects. Whichever way we look at it, we took over what could have been theirs and then brought people from all over the world to make it look like it wasn't an act of one nation.
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