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  1. Where can I buy one of those Indian head dresses from - those with the eagle feathers; as well as a pipe (the pipe of peace)? I need them so I can finally go fishing for chinook this year. DFO shut the river down to white folks!
  2. They had one good nurse but sacked her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtpcDkvHneE
  3. They were never better. The pandemic started with just single isolated cases here and there and grew to what it was. Then people seemed to totally shut down and stay at home, not many going anywhere for a while. In the past 3 weeks this has changed with talks of reopening and people started moving and driving around again. The BC Parks closure is a nasty joke. All forestry roads are open to industry and the public. Who do the parks belong to? Us. With this in mind I do not even think the government has the legitimacy to ban access.
  4. I see. Now that I am enlightened what a big moron I am, I have to run back to the dusty basement at 1560 Bloor Street in Mississauga and hide under the mattress in case some lost grizzly walks through the front door. I will never get anywhere near Erindale park again as the place is kind of wild and you never know what lurks under those bridge abutments. Oh boy, I am so defeated and exhausted. I am going out with my dog straight into the first glacial valley. A bear may put an end to my misery. This one is from last evening. I saw 2 porcupines that my dog chased and also three black bears. And tomorrow, Saturday, I will be after bears again, yepeee
  5. Yes, they gave you a permit to pack while invading pristine bear habitat. You should have never been allowed to get there in the first place! I do not invade bear habitat. I am largely on trails and rivers where bears and humans know a bit about one another and coexist. I am not looking to put myself between a bear and his kill, between a mother and her cubs, I do not approach them to ask them how they are doing and see if I can do their pedicure. I do not camp on their land and leave half of my steak by the tent. Again, it is people with little understanding and respect for wildlife that choose to carry guns and use them at first opportunity.
  6. Where have you heard of hikers carrying a loaded .44 to protect themselves from bears? Which BC Parks website would you reference? In some places they advise people walk in groups of 6 or more. Bear spray and bear bangers is what works in this neck of the woods. Side arms and semi-automatics are for "normal folks" living in the city like you!
  7. Please do not compare sane people with pure idiots. What do you think is going to happen to you if you decide to come into my kitchen and set up camp there to observe the habits of my family?
  8. This made me laugh too; nearly choked on my sandwich. It is a possibility. I get lots of exposure particularly in fall along salmon bearing streams with grizzlies around me. My dog can sense them and I can see him nervous at times and wading into the water to get to me. Very different from his behavior along the same stream in spring. But bears are not here to get you. They can if they want. It is the same with a person having an assault rifle; generally they will not kill you, but the odd one will.
  9. Close: Mississauga - the intersection of Bloor and Dixie. How many types of mentalities are there for you? city dweller, redneck, what else?
  10. Nothing can be further from the truth than that. I am not a city dweller. I am closer to a cougar than you think. I do have to provide food for myself by "going to work" and "shopping" except for fish, mushrooms and berries that I harvest. Most of my time, however I spend away from people, along rivers or near the mountain peaks in the summer. City dwellers typically do not care about wildlife, or the environment as they do not see the human invasion and damage unless someone shows it to them.
  11. You're missing the point by a mile. The discussion was about banning side arms , since these are not hunting tools. Then someone said side arms were the popular line of defense against bears. Then someone again disagreed and we started calling ourselves morons, at which point there was no point for further discussion. If you want to bring it all back to square one and start the same circus again, better just go back the pages and re-read them.
  12. When I was contemplating immigration to Canada, I definitely had a very high opinion of what is being done in terms of conservation in this country and the intelligence of the general Canadian population as a whole. After coming over and livinghere for now 20 years, I have to admit my opinion has changed 180 degrees. I said what could be said.
  13. Anyone believing that a person is entitled to a gun and killing wildlife, for fun, sport or just because an animal reacted to an invasion of its territory is a hypocrite. In your case, a moron too!
  14. Well, I am licensed by the Grizzly bear government to hunt for humans - strictly for population control. My quota currently is 1,000/year. No need for the meat; too toxic as a result of the garbage food humans ingest. Joke aside; don't you see the hypocrisy of "population control" while continuing to invade their territory? There is no "control" there is carnage and decimation. No one has given us the right to control the numbers of other species when we cannot control our own numbers.
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