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  1. What do you expect me to do? Re-write the Marxist manifests here to explain how the world is supposed to be run by people and for people? I am not going to be comparing socialism with capitalism to determine which is better. We can have a brand new political order with a brand new name , where the name does not matter. What matters is how we can get our freedom back and shift focus to the important things in life.
  2. We may not be collectively in debt, because what is supposedly owed by our government to the banks and those behind the banks is owed to the winner of our Monopoli game in Canada. As I said those winners do not expect to collect all of their bogus winnings, but they can collect as much as you can afford to pay them. They have ways to do their calculation and squeeze the last cent out of your pocket to the point where you barely survive. What do I "own"? Philosophically speaking I own nothing. None of us owns anything. We borrow substance from the environment and give it back upon our demise. But a fucking capitalist government will make you believe you can own land and stuff, so they can sell those to you. They can charge you for water and the next step is to start charging you for air. They can install breathing meters on you and ask you to pay based on your consumption. If you can't pay, air supply to you is cut off, till you can pay, which will be about 180 seconds. With all this being said. I am surprised there are so many people (almost everyone), who accept being screwed and obediently bend over instead of fight for their actual freedom.
  3. I agree. But in this case the word is Kickback, not payment.
  4. Then why are we in debt? Government also controls all remaining resources and land. They dispossess of land by selling it to businesses and then charging annual taxes on same land thus increasing revenues. However, taxing land, means whoever has the land must generate income on same land to pay taxes. A mine may extract all ore and then get rid of the land, forestry will take the trees and then leave the land and so on and so forth, but the interesting part to me is when taxes exceed the productivity of the land in any way. Extraction of resources will leave the government will useless land they cannot sell any more, like landfills and contaminated sites for example. Those are growing. So the assets values will go down at one point, whatever that will bring along. Despite all explanations so far, I continue to maintain our government is a Ponzi scheme.
  5. This is going to be only a small chunk . Most money comes from somewhere else. Did you watch the You-Tube video I posted on p.7? Have you heard of the government doing a fire sale of bonds because they need more money to get further into debt? I haven't. You are very far from the truth.
  6. If they did not seize the bank accounts of those involved in the KPMG scam, they sure cannot come after me. Same principle applies: If everyone tells them they will not pay before the rich pay, tough luck for them. They have to bend down.
  7. No explanations, that's OK. Most people are confused. But if you are ever afraid of the National Debt and the taxes the Government wants from you, show them this, and tell them to go and collect from these guys first. I think of stopping paying tax to the government till they sort this mess first and prove to me that tax was paid.
  8. That's OK. I make no distinction. There are at least 50 different languages and ethnicities in India. There are probably over 50 different shades of white too, but Singh would call all of them white.
  9. So he believes he has been discriminated against in the past? Well, he is right. I discriminate against Hindu's based on past negative experience with each and every one I have had any business dealings with. But then you have government sanctions against other nations for just the same reason. So if a government is Kocher with issuing sanctions against a whole country, or an Ebay seller is allowed to ban shipments to countries of choice, I too have a right on a personal lever to select people I want t o do business with, or elect to represent me! I've said it before and will say it again , multiculturalism does not work for so many different reasons.
  10. After I and the moderator asked you to stick to the topic, you continue off topic like nothing was ever said! Impressive. This is the concern of the original poster: You can respond with what you know about the National Debt, who the money is owed to, do you feel concerned - yes or no, and why
  11. Do you know of a service that can send e-mails on your behalf to a recepient automatically with a chosen frequency? I am trying to fight some commercials here. Fight fire with fire as they say.
  12. I don't understand your analogy, but I can offer up one of my own. What happens to the winner in a game of MONOPOLI ? Supposedly he is the winner; in real world he is the greatest loser, because he has destroyed everyone else, and his world cannot go any further. Game over for him! How can the game continue after he has won? Easy. He can give some of the accumulated money as loans to the bankrupt players and let them carry on what they are doing - produce goods and services, while getting further and further in debt to him. Numbers do not matter at this point as no repayment is expected. The goals is to keep the game continue, so the winner can continue to exist in the game. This is the situation with the National Debt to you as an analogy.
  13. There are plenty of explanations with various degree of validity on You Tube.
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