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  1. Actually you are the worst enemy of yourself without knowing it. But you must know more about horses looking at the large pile of horseshit you produced. I cast my liberal vote. Looks like the NDP are likely to win.
  2. Was I ever saying we should continue producing disposable diapers?
  3. I am all for your sterlization idea; beats castration for sure. As for the environmental equation of organic vs. plastic products just ignore the noise coming from post #1. Poster there, like some other folks, goes on websites, collects ideas and posts them here without using his own head to filter the scat. All plastic crap manufacturers will tell you how harmful it is to use an organic product and expect you to continue to buy those plastic bags and condoms from them forever (forever m in this case may turn out to be a short time).
  4. You think there were diapers 100 years ago? But civilization apparently made it through. You have your questions answered.
  5. Condoms are non-essential too; there is always castration.
  6. Yes, unfortunately we are too slow to learn and some of us have no chance of learning. It broke my heart to watch a movie on Youtube about Papua New Guinea and how stores are set up and those same plastic bags and aluminum foil wrappers are given to people that literally just walked out of the bush. You have our modern-world rednecks fill up the lakes, rivers and the ocean with their plastics and all type of other garbage. What chance do the PNG people have? The island that was pristine years ago is now just another open landfill.
  7. You can continue to throw your plastic garbage through the window of your pickup to help the environment. Those Liberals are real dumbasses as you say. I will vote for them though, as might those other 46 forum members who read your vastly superior post but chose not to respond.
  8. I'm surprised that many of mine are left too. But to ask my original question again: quote: "Billions to connect rural homes to broadband is not going to result in any new jobs or improve the economy, though." How does job creation and economy growth improve your life? - the question was put to you Argus!
  9. Incoherent head cannot decide what a coherent thought is. The issue is entirely with your personal navigation devise.
  10. Argus, is this you in that avatar???? I still remember you from your puppy days (you were way more attractive then), you were in some knight armor after that and now your real face? Buddy, I just had a bottle of ....let me see....Lindeman's sauvignon blanc..kind of bitter but did its job as usual....and I thought ..let's see what the F is happening on that Political forum......... I have Schit's Creek playing in the background too, so I am not totally bored. What "improvement|" to economy do you need , buddy??? The pollution and noise are not enough for you already??? You are n
  11. I knew I never had a chance for any political role: I am an immigrant and white. I cannot score points with the whites since I am an immigrant and will never score points with the minorities because I am white. In conclusion I belong to the most discriminated against group in Canada!
  12. You state that the current COVID19 plans and action of our government somehow favor the big monopolistic organizations tipping the scales in their favor to the point where small businesses disappear. Don't we have the same COVID support programs for all kinds of businesses in need? Big businesses (supposedly richer) have always had a better chance of withstanding a crisis longer than a small business. We have had those monopolies before the pandemic. What exactly is the big difference now, according to you, which it turning us into a socialist country?
  13. blah blah blah.....your are only digging yourself in deeper and deeper.
  14. This from a guy to whom Fascism and communism are the same thing? Isn't your statement that helping those businesses in need and giving them money is socialist and therefore should be discontinued? What kind of BS are you pulling out now about empathy? Empathy is socialist and communist; if you want to be a capitalist, you leave those in need drown and go belly up. I am done with you. As I said, not worth my time commenting and then fighting with the monkeys.
  15. Not worth my time commenting again, but what the heck... To you socialism, fascism or communism seem to be the same thing. Wrong! What you call "entrepreneurial spirit" may be simply called greed. Yes, there was a political order that tried to eliminate greed and put other values and virtues over it. This regime (socialism) was more successful in achieving that than our Western democratic regime in its efforts to eliminating racism, discrimination, poverty or protect the environment. You can point fingers and put the blame here and there, but at the end of the day al
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