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  1. It is. The problem I see is, when you travel and end up in a country where vaccination is mandatory. You will be either stuck there till you get vaccinated against your will, or you will never reach this country unless you agree to the vaccination.
  2. Your reasons with no exceptions sooner or later take us to your bible. What you post up here departs so significantly from common sense, plane logic and science, that the only way for you to have survived would be if you were a mormon of some kind or associated with some religious group praying on other peoples weakness and beliefs.
  3. You are just as wrong as with your take on climate change, religion, taxation, environment, economy and life in general. What is / was your occupation if not a secret?
  4. What about the puppets who followed Bush, Reagan, Clinton and the likes? How many millions did they kill in international wars, international oppression and exploitation of their own citizens to the point where those go on shooting sprees or commit suicides, or just overdose ?
  5. This must be why the body of Lenin was mummified and put on display in a mausoleum for the whole world to go and pay their respects. I actually was in Moscow and saw him one time.
  6. It is not a ludicrous claim for scientists who have spent decades in universities and did data based research. But you are over all of them put together, shining like a star in our political forum. Haven't had much wine this evening , so beware!
  7. Yes, there is only that much that can be bought. And my thought and argument is exactly that most of the money is just a cloud of influence as nothing can be bought with it. From memory in my socialist country a mortgage was typically discharged in 15 years. In Canada it is usually 25 years but can be up to 40 years. People do not enter the housing market easily either. In my case it was never the right time to buy - years wasted to pay fees to bring a spouse and a kid over, then in between jobs, then in a low paying job, then back to university. By the time I managed to buy it was 15 ye
  8. Laughing is no argument. The question now is why those people who control us with those billions and trillions of useless dollars don't give some of it to you and me. What do you think? When the useless money gets into your pocket in a small amount, it actually becomes useful. You will buy a new cottage buy this buy that and if money is more you will be outside their sphere of control. If they did that to more people, all were going to do what you do and at one point, the fact the money has no backing was going to be revealed.
  9. Can't give you mine because I am a guy who is being controlled by money; not one of the guys who uses money to control the rest of us. I said "money in small amounts has a meaning" - those small amounts that correspond to our small abilities to work and produce. Those trillions of dollars are meaningless because there is nothing to back those up. You can start buying planets from the outer space with the aliens on them - the aliens will not even know they were bought. What good will that be to you, I have no idea. So, no, it is not crap but the reality.
  10. I went through my bottle of....let me see...Folonari Pinot Grigio - white wine and I have 75% of its contents in my stomach but believe me there is only 1 thing I can't get: How did those too morons give you a like for the pile of nonsense you posted above? :-) Can't make sense myself. Maybe it is the wine. Maybe it is my foreign background - lack of English skills. Or I am just plain dumb - sober or drunk! :-) Watch and think hard about the concept of 'have" and "do not have".
  11. It comes down to one word - "conscience". If one can elevate himself over the small stuff and be fair, honest and hard working, if one can put greed and jealousy behind, they can recognize that the person next door , holding the same values is equal and deserves the same; deserves fair treatment. Same person will recognize animals also have rights and should be protected no less than a criminal who is found "not criminally responsible". Same people will recognize you cannot produce anything unless it is biodegradable or you have a bulletproof strategy to collect 100% of what is produced an
  12. We can try to hide behind the word "complex" like the Emperor was wearing his new clothes. Doesn't change a thing - the naked truth shines on.
  13. Speak about the pre 1990 era when we had USSR and the Eastern block was all socialist countries. The presidents used properties that were government owned and they had indeed more rights than the average person did but nothing too extravagant. You could not see a rich person to covet. All drove the same cars, if they had a car, ate the same food, went to the same places.
  14. Hurts to lose the argument; doesn't it? You know pretty well what the point I want to make was. Money when it comes to those huge numbers has no value! You can buy nothing with it, because there is nothing left to buy. And you do not need to "print money" to devalue it as you suggested. It is all digital these days. Meaningless numbers in meaningless accounts. Money is a promise, nothing more. You are looking now at mountains of promises that someone has accumulated and is hoping to collect on with the following small problem : not enough resources left to buy even if you want
  15. Can't even continue to read further than this. Communism and Marxism make people EQUAL. You can not covet the wealth of another who has exactly what you have! I suggest you confine your comments to the bible. Your knowledge there is hopefully better.
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