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  1. Clearly nature can handle no more! When you have almost all other species disappearing save for mice, crows and squirrels, you know you've reached the end of it. This is why we cannot speak about further balancing anything with more people here and there. It will be a political game of words ; yes involve science and hydrology but you know what? My own two eyes can see pretty well despite the thick lenses and my head can still tell me the truth despite being brainwashed by the media. Those tall buildings are ugly, scary and I would not live on the 15th floor of one of them, BUT t
  2. This "room" is not empty useless space. It is used by nature for various productive purposes. You first need to destroy it to put yourself into it. The North is mostly empty because of climate and poor productivity. You cannot put people there and expect them to grow their food in their yards. What you can reasonably expect is that they will simply decimate the last remaining caribou herds and then, if no food supplies are pumped to them, they will perish. So to have those people there you need to provide them with: FOOD. Food will be grown in warmer climates where farms will h
  3. ?? This is again growth. We should be thinking of getting the birth rates down, reclaiming the land, turning parking lots into forests .......backing off, so we stand a chance in the long run.
  4. I like your use of "Unsustainable". Now try to understand only one thing: Growth is Unsustainable!
  5. For as long as there is "growth" we cannot speak of a balance. Those who promise us a balance are downright lying to us.
  6. Which are the compatible cultures and compatible to what? In a predominantly Chinese or East Indian Vancouver, immigrants from China and India seem "compatible". Assuming you have a mostly white population in the North (or indigenous) where do you get the "compatible people from? What is the percentage of British or French immigrants to Canada as a percentage of the whole immigrant flow? My guess is 1-3% max. I am 100% FOR your "Stay the fuck home" immigration campaign! But no politician will listen.
  7. This is different from what you previously asked - them to stay on-reserve to help resource industries with labor shortages.
  8. This will be no different than the way America brought slaves in the 17th century - only difference, now you want them to pay the travel costs. WTF?
  9. The main reason is the higher cost of living in the North. Who wants to live in camp just to pay bills?
  10. There is a reason for this average. As to the baby boomers, I am sick and tired of listening to this SCAM! These are stories I heard 30 years ago, and since I have never seen those same baby boomers retiring in30 years, they must be people my age, or maybe my kid's age, or maybe the unborn kids of my kid's age! Total SCAM!
  11. Go on Google Earth and try to find the 80% of uninhabited pristine nature. Look at the rain forests - mostly gone - look at the north - mostly developed mining or oil and gas patches. Then look at the prairies - either cities or farmland. According to advocated of "human rights" like you, there is enough room to put another 70 million Canadians or more. But Nature will tell you what is right. Too bad I have to suffer too for the idiocy of others.
  12. You start a subject and when the going gets tough, slide on a tangent. You asked what people believe; I told you, I do not believe the restrictions have any secret agenda. Now you tell me I like the secret agenda the restrictions have........ There are things I like that I will not deny. I like that there are less planes in the sky and less noise and pollution. I like it that the economy cannot be brought up to its pre-covid levels. Growth, expansion and environmental degradation are scary - you see that manifest in floods, incessant rains, wild fires, hurricanes and other ki
  13. Hopefully there are enough people with views like mine to make a change. As to human rights, the more people on the planet the less rights you are going to have. Be thankful there are smart people who can actually fight for you to make your life better.
  14. I see young people on 4-wheelers ruining mountain trails, I see them driving snowmobiles, I see them in boats or in huge pickup trucks. No doubt many of them fly around for the sake of it, any chance they get. I NEVER DID ANY OF THAT! Nor do I intend doing it. Now keep in mind the World's population has added over 4 billion people in the past 45 years. You want to tell me that the extra 4 billion all deserve even more of those environmentally destructive choices and that somehow this is their basic right???? However cruel it might sound to you, I believe they should not have had e
  15. This is because a large number of immigrants from countries with non-existent health care systems get imported year after year. They wouldn't know better. Also if you make sure you import only young and healthy people, there is little need of healthcare. Wasn't health one of the pre immigration criteria?
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