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  1. What WE are talking about is that your claim of "negligible temperature rise" is based on false assumptions , because you chose to exclude much of the relevant data. Good you are not an crimes investigator - you were going to lock up all the innocent guys. Lets leave it at that.
  2. This is what I hear too, however at a landfill I supervise, no loads of plastics are brought in to be landfilled. As we know, most of the regular garbage contains a huge amount of plastics. Once those large garbage bags get ripped by the excavator , depending on winds, there can be a good amount of light stuff going up and into the neighboring forests. Then birds - crows and eagles , grab what they can, despite the best of efforts to keep them away. Those birds are able to grab even larger plastic containers and fly away with them, eventually dropping them down some place out of reach!
  3. called microplastics But once landfilled there will be no sun exposure for them. Don't worry , I do not do any better - garbage goes into plastic bags and then into the dumpster. I recycle just about everything, but there is always this little bit of non-organics in the kitchen, bathroom, basement. What bothers me is that people do not want to clean the environment. They drive in their pickups or new SUV's by those TH cups, beer cans and McDonalds lunch boxes and never stop to collect them, or the plastic bags caught on the trees nearby!
  4. And are you picking up the plastic? I had over 30 bags collected last week near a landfill and another 3 bags collected yesterday off the side of a highway. How many did you collect? Just keep in mind burying the plastic only makes it invisible, but it is still there, affecting the environment.
  5. And why would you be looking only at the last 20 years? Because this is precisely when industry driven climate change started or because this suits you better? Hey, you may see if the temperature is lower today compared to yesterday and claim the Earth is cooling off.
  6. You have to be kidding me. An example of what exactly, when we speak of climate change? Rivers change their course all the time - the outside side of the bend gets eroded , the inside side of the bend usually grows.
  7. To my untrained eye, all the highs in the 80s are lower than the lows of 2010's. To claim that "any rise is negligible" will tell me you are full of it.
  8. Without any hesitation I can tell you this can't be true. Our population globally is still expanding under the pandemic. At this point I do not recommend genocide; just a complete ban on immigration.
  9. I interpret the luxury tax as payable by individuals who own a plane or a boat and use them entirely for pleasure, not a business. Excuse me, but having someone live in the wilderness where the only means of transportation is an airplane does not sit well with me. You have a situation where thousands of wildlife and humans get disturbed and hundreds of liters of fuel are burned for one individual's extravagant desires. I secretly hope people who do that either crash one day or become grizzly food.
  10. Of course. It is bull***, but we can think of it as nothing more than an addition to the present income tax. So why not make it such that the rich people with the luxury items who burn fossil fuels like crazy and fill up the landfills with plastic pay more and more and more?
  11. I did not mean commercial boats, of course. A private fishing boat with an engine or two is a luxury, as one can go without it, still catching fish. The trailer the boat is on will also be a luxury item, of course!
  12. This reminds me that the luxury tax can be combined with the carbon tax and be called carbolux tax !
  13. In my opinion a car over $50,000 qualifies as a luxury vehicle. Any boat is a luxury boat unless its use is to bring people from the mainland to an island where those live. Same with aircraft. In addition, any snowmobile, ATV or Harley motorcycle will be luxury items. This list goes on..
  14. ??? Yes, they will be professional with the flight attendants serving dinner and picking up the garbage from those crammed passengers on a transcontinental flight lasting 12+ hours; then quickly popping in the cockpit for a chat with the pilot. Lets not fool ourselves!
  15. It is also physically impossible to pay off the national debt, but we are still taxed and payments are made. But yes, it is impossible for as long as our population is that big and continues to expand. Reduce people and meeting the goals will become easier and easier.
  16. You will have to quarantine everyone on the plane including the pilot and the luggage handlers. This means a pilot flies one international flight every every 15th day and in the other time is self isolating away from home. As long as India and Pakistan are concerned I support a permanent indefinite closure. No more immigration from those places; we have diluted our population with them enough already.
  17. I am not in a hurry to get vaccinated; don't get me wrong. I am just saying we may end up vaccinated against our will if we decide to go outside Canada.
  18. It is. The problem I see is, when you travel and end up in a country where vaccination is mandatory. You will be either stuck there till you get vaccinated against your will, or you will never reach this country unless you agree to the vaccination.
  19. Your reasons with no exceptions sooner or later take us to your bible. What you post up here departs so significantly from common sense, plane logic and science, that the only way for you to have survived would be if you were a mormon of some kind or associated with some religious group praying on other peoples weakness and beliefs.
  20. You are just as wrong as with your take on climate change, religion, taxation, environment, economy and life in general. What is / was your occupation if not a secret?
  21. What about the puppets who followed Bush, Reagan, Clinton and the likes? How many millions did they kill in international wars, international oppression and exploitation of their own citizens to the point where those go on shooting sprees or commit suicides, or just overdose ?
  22. This must be why the body of Lenin was mummified and put on display in a mausoleum for the whole world to go and pay their respects. I actually was in Moscow and saw him one time.
  23. It is not a ludicrous claim for scientists who have spent decades in universities and did data based research. But you are over all of them put together, shining like a star in our political forum. Haven't had much wine this evening , so beware!
  24. Yes, there is only that much that can be bought. And my thought and argument is exactly that most of the money is just a cloud of influence as nothing can be bought with it. From memory in my socialist country a mortgage was typically discharged in 15 years. In Canada it is usually 25 years but can be up to 40 years. People do not enter the housing market easily either. In my case it was never the right time to buy - years wasted to pay fees to bring a spouse and a kid over, then in between jobs, then in a low paying job, then back to university. By the time I managed to buy it was 15 ye
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