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  1. I think your statement is fundamentally flawed. It begs the following questions: 1. What is Canada, which needs immigrants? The Canadian landscape, environment, wildlife, plants, air and water do not need any immigrants and do not benefit from them. So take all that out of "Canada" and see what you have left. 2. "Contributing" to what and to whom?? They do not contribute to improving my lifestyle for sure. So using "all Canadians" in your statement makes it look and sound like what it really is - propaganda and meaningless political bullshit that was etched into you
  2. He agrees with you, I agree with you and I am sure most of those who read your post agree with you. But Canada will bring the 400,000 immigrants this year and maybe more in the years to come, why? Because we are a "democratic" country.
  3. What are you going to do with the existing bureaucracy ?? If you can ship them out to China or some place in Africa, it will work. Otherwise they will be demanding fat severance package, unemployment, damages for pain and suffering...you get the picture.
  4. That is about right. Because we have a bullshit democracy where people's voice is never heard.
  5. This doesn't seem to even begin to describe what Harper did. But I am done with him and Kenney and any other conservative.
  6. Sure you can, especially when you decide you need no study. At one point it was decided what habitats will be protected. Harper changed that to suit his agenda. No habitats are protected.
  7. At this point I wouldn't be so concerned. They can't do too much damage with kitchen knives.
  8. Like reforming environmental regulations so nothing is protected any more; yes.
  9. Yes and this is way more than what conservatives did under Harper. In our sorrowful state of affairs we have to be happy with inaction in the face of real aggressive actions against the environment.
  10. Nice. I will report anyone I know who owns a gun. You never know what their mental state will be tomorrow.
  11. You see.....He thanks you for your support because he isn't stupid enough to jump off the bridge putting his faith in God only. But he likes bullshitting us with Bible verses and sending us to web pages where the existence of God can readily be confirmed.
  12. Its fine. He will come back with a verse from the Bible that God does not allow fools to jump off bridges.
  13. Then I am truly surprised you still have a problem with Bonny Boo and can't get her off your mind. Take a deep breath and start thinking about a subject of your choosing - your hobby, your pet or something. Bonny Boo is not going to knock on your door. If you keep her off your head, she will disappear in thin air.
  14. As bcsapper identified above, it will be pointless to continue along these lines with you. My suggestion? Jump off a bridge; if God exists he will save you!
  15. Just about every US president has opened that Pandora box. You think the Bible came straight from the hands of God? I can let the crazy stick to their craziness, but only as long as it does not affect me!
  16. You can keep the archaic primitive views of the Bible to yourself. Those were drawn when man was still fighting nature, believing there is no end to land and that land was flat. Denying other forms of life the right to land and the right to exist for the sake of expanding your own useless population is PERVERSE !
  17. Yep, when you kill off the healthy wildlife able to provide for themselves only to extend more or less useless lives, it is perverse to the core! Then you have developing countries with humans breeding like rabbits in them; populations kept somewhat in check as a result of diseases, hunger and war. But we are the noble people who will bring medication, food and peace to help those nations get their populations out of control. And to what end, if I may ask?????
  18. So based on your own definitions and perceptions, it looks like we cannot consider Canada a single nation, or at least not every Canadian citizen will be in the nation as the only unifying piece is the piece of paper; without it, we have a tourist. The "greater good" is another misleading concept. We are so far jointly working for the "greater misery". And it doesn't seem to matter who we vote in - left or right. But right is worse for the environment.
  19. You are opening an incredibly broad subject. First keep in mind that many of us have received an assisted prolonged life beyond what nature ever intended. Many of us are either too old or too weak or too fat or too lazy or too handicapped to ever exist under normal circumstances in natural environments. But we have been supported by our "humane" system, where the life of every wild animal is sacrificed to provide comfort to the old, lazy and ugly. Even people born with two heads have more chances of survival than a normal healthy cougar for example. And now we are discussing the
  20. So you take the Hindu who just got off the plane after spending his whole life in Bombay to be your nation? He belonged to his own nation and culture yesterday; he still speaks his language that he uses at first opportunity but he lives on Canadian territory being given a document granting him rights to stay. Not to pick on the Hindu or the Chinese or the Filippino or my own herritage but there has to be something more than "coexisting together somehow" to put two or more individuals into a common nation.
  21. I have no problems here. Haven't heard Bonny Boo a single time! That's because I do not watch TV. I may take a look at the news, but will not read anything marked with "COVID" in the headline. Radio? same thing- I tune off as soon as the pandemic is mentioned. The only discomfort is having to wear a stupid dirty piece of fabric face covering any time I walk into a store! To this I object!
  22. There is no such thing although you might have been brainwashed to believe there is a nation. There ARE First NatioinS; then in addition there are people from all other possible nationS on the planet. Many of them hate one another. But you are right that we need to support the left for now, because the right are straight from Hell.
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