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  1. Aside from the whole GST thing being somewhat off topic...The average age of someone making minimum wage is increasing. I'm looking though numbers now. In 2010 (http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/75-001-x/topics-sujets/minimumwage-salaireminimum/minimumwage-salaireminimum-2009-eng.htm) 39% of minimum wage workers were 25-54. As of 2014 that number is ~50%. the 18-24 year old % dropped from 61% to 41%. It's hard to argue that it's just people living in their parents basement. Also interesting to note that women are more likely to make minimum wage than men. I guess that also means, that based
  2. Somehow this free-market voting scheme of Bonam's is appealing.
  3. And here we have the rub of it. This was a hate crime...He couldn't accept who he was, he hated himself. Given this, I doubt this is terrorism at all.
  4. TimG you seem to be worried about a Party List system...Which, so far as I know, isn't on the table. Even in FPTP small parties can have large influences on policies (Make or break a minority government type of thing). I don't see a problem with coalitions tbh, it would like save us from the 1 year government scenario.
  5. I believe her argument is that claiming most Muslims are violent is wrong. It's actually fairly specific. I seem to recall her own criticisms of Islam mirror her criticism of Christianity. Eh. That's not what I get from what she is saying at all. You and I are reading different threads I think. What? Remove Islam, and replace with " " and your statement is exactly as true. As it's been said in this thread a gillion times by now; Extremists will use whatever they have to justify their actions. In the middle east that is predominantly Islam. Again, we're reading di
  6. Eh...DNA as a molecule alone is useless. It'd be like having a hard drive alone, without a computer to use it. More specifically it'd be a hard drive alone full of all the knowledge of the universe, but the concept of a computer had even been thought of yet. If you are looking for a chicken or the egg....DNA is neither.
  7. I still to this day don't understand why taxes aren't an automatic thing, but that's a whole other discussion To the CRA...They manage to reassess me every year, and not to my benefit. It's not like I do my own taxes either..I think they spend on the order or $15 or so in postage to milk me for an extra $20. Good use of time there.
  8. Of course this is an absurd statement. I have a feeling what you meant to say was something more like; "No new understanding is can be made if you don't think outside the box"
  9. Are you suggesting a paid day off in exchange for public knowledge of spending?
  10. I think Sanders has a better grassroots fundraising ability than Clinton. He can't/won't be able to match her corporate donations though. I somehow doubt Carson would be able to go it on his own. In terms of vote share...Who knows. There has never really been a need for ABH type voting in the States, but if it becomes an actual force, Clinton would destroy everyone. I'm still better on Sanders for the democrat nominee though.
  11. Or Trump (I) Carson (I) Bush/Rubio ® Clinton (D) Sanders (I) This could really be a fun election
  12. Well, I read through the Covenant. Aside from never wanting to go there myself, frankly as a private institution I could care less what they ask of their students in terms of "code-of-conduct" My Question: Can they revoke a degree once conferred (based on said covenant), and how would that affect accreditation? I can see them wanting to revoke, but not actually being able to based on breach of the covenant.
  13. Eh Canadian Public Schools are among the best in the world..Frankly I'm not sure why you feel you couldn't trust them. Even if I had disposable income to spend on things like Kumon, etc, I doubt I would (Unless my kids had an actual issue)
  14. Huh? Aside from needed a new thread for this specifically... Social media arguably dictates politics more than TV does these days. TV can go away entirely and you'd still have silly pundits making (more obtuse) statements over social media. As a result the quality of the discussion will decrease and more people will be polarized.
  15. Like this you mean: http://usuncut.com/politics/this-muslim-store-owner-was-just-viciously-beaten-in-donald-trumps-hometown/
  16. I'm most sure that Trump isn't an Islamophobe so much as he's a popularist/alarmist monster that does whatever he needs to get temporary bumps in his poll numbers.
  17. My black and white conviction is that leftists have black and white opinions! I have no grey area where their grey area is concerned!
  18. Unionized RCMP... Well at least that would prevent PMs from using them as Nannies.
  19. 6. Work with, instead of around, those appointed?
  20. My understanding is it's permit based, you'd be paying monthly (or something) for a sticker / rearview mirror hangy. It's certainly the least expensive way of implementing. As for enforcement it'd be the sameish as now, just the police would have to be weary of said stickers/hangies. Generally though I agree that this isn't a great idea, and completely defeats the HOV's purpose anyway. btw, I love the 407, but use it very sparingly (though my last job I used it everyday, and paid for it gladly.)
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