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  1. Generally this is the only viable theory for why they attacked Paris (IMO). Aside from anything else, I dislike this thread. So I leave it with this. http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/03/what-isis-really-wants/384980/
  2. Exactly!! Vote Bernie! oh wait..... The problem with US politics is you have to be wealthy and have nothing better to do with your time. So the people who should really be in charge have no chance at all. It also helps if you are a complete loon (see: every candidate for the US presidency)
  3. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/federal-infrastructure-fund-spending-favoured-conservative-ridings/article25172781/
  4. Maybe it'll be a male on odd days, and a female on even days. Interestingly, I think Harper would make a great speaker.
  5. Why is a geographer talking about MS treatments in the first place...Anyway, that article can be read in a lot of ways. Not all of them are especially negative. She also isn't wrong to suggest that young female scientists are often treated with derision..such as "[she] does not understand how science works" or "She was “a megalomaniac, a control freak,”. *shrug* I assume that politicians don't know anything to begin with, you just have to hope the people under then know what they are doing.
  6. I'd be more worried about not being part of the TPP right now.
  7. Honestly I think "The Bern" has changed into "The slight warming"
  8. Though I'm not sure that we are really disagreeing about anything (in this case) If a company is funding/whatevering research that says one thing, while telling the investors things counter to said research, I'd call that fraud. Again, I'm mostly saying that didn't happen in this case, since the research was available anyway. The article doesn't really delve into specifics, so I can't actually comment on what alleged fraud occurred. "Climate Change" is too broad a claim in this case anyway. Exxon would have to have had specific and concrete evidence of their operations having definite ne
  9. http://cdn.exxonmobil.com/~/media/global/files/energy-and-environment/climate_peer_reviewed_publications_1980s_forward.pdf Papers citing Exxon on climate change. Anywho, I haven't read these, but the article posted in the OP says they mostly agree with "mainstream climatology" whatever that means. I take it to mean that exxon published/funded/supported papers that show climate change is real...so how they defrauded their investors while publishing publicly available papers is and odd one.
  10. Anywho, the actual case seems to stem from what EM told its investors vs what its own research was saying. IF what their research said one thing and the company told their investors the opposite...That could be fraud. If in house research says that smoking does cause cancer and they sell to the investors that it clearly doesn't... Good luck proving that level of harm for climate change. Honestly the case is likely to be tossed.
  11. Well this could be interesting. We wouldn't have: paper, gunpowder, the printing press, the compass, bruce lee, It even might reduce the awesomeness of Chuck Norris!! Way to break the world.
  12. I think like 4 of the last 5 US Presidents were left handed....coincidence?!
  13. This should be it's own thread. Interesting all the same
  14. Actually that's kinda what he said, In his own way.
  15. Gotta be careful with "equal" vs "fair". The two tier might be equal, but I'm not sure that it would be fair. And, I'm not sure that fair is more important here than equal.
  16. Well, Kent kinda deserved it. As to the gender wage gap...that's a whole other thread. Actually this whole post should be another thread "Why I think JT is a complete idiot." That could be a fun thread in and of itself. While Harper wasn't the most emotional person, I doubt anyone would claim that he was an idiot. We'll see how the next few years treats Trudeau.
  17. Proportional votes for some; tiny flags for the rest!! Two tier voting...I'm not digging it. Somehow going STV with rural/geographic exceptions would strikes me as benefiting the Conservatives. They would still get representation in urban areas, while retaining most of the rural. Time for research! (Well, in Ontario anyway)
  18. This calls for an infographic on the effect of 7 member ridings!! I'll leave this for someone else.
  19. How big would said ridings be? Would they still be "local"? We already have ridings that are far too large.
  20. Although I'm sure most people would welcome electoral reform, I'm not sure a majority of people would vote for Reform type B. Getting agreement on the type of system to use just wouldn't happen. A lot of people like STV, (myself included) but it just isn't viable in Canada, unless you want to increase the size of parliament significantly. AV would tend to favour the Liberals, MMP has it's own issues etc etc etc. NDP and the Greens won't support AV, and niether I think would the Conservatives. If JT put it to a referendum it would fail.
  21. So long as they are following actual protocol I see them as a good thing. Any use of force could then be viewed in the full context as apposed to whatever fraction we see on other's recordings of the incident.
  22. first thing I thought of.. Putin suddenly appearing and taking up the entire screen, thus freaking out everyone assembled. Honestly though, this sort of international agreement(ing) is best done in person.
  23. Well, appointing pure Liberals won't help him in any case then. Better to appear to appoint non-partisans and then complain when the senate actually tries to do it's job. Or showing that his "non-partisans" are supporting his bill while the old rank-and-files are holding things up... Regardless the Senate is still irrelevant.
  24. Of course he will. In what ratio is the question.
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