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  1. Re: Their vote collapsing due to strategic voting. I agree. They have some soul searching to do.
  2. Honestly her twitter feed the other night was sort of amazing. Allthough I didn't much like her as a mouthpiece for the Harper Government, I think she might do fine on her own account.
  3. I don't think you can blame Harper for being principled on this. You could argue that it would have been political suicide to appoint senators given the current climate though.
  4. Specifically getting a minority would be impractical. It takes a lot of deeply rooted dislike to focus strategic voting anyway, and I'm not sure if JT will have inspired enough dislike in 4 years.
  5. Hopefully as a footnote..."The last Canadian Election via FPTP" Realistically, I was just as surprised with the 2011 election. This election was more of a "return to normal", other than the full sweep of the maritimes...I don't think I stopped laughing the entire time...
  6. The Right Honourable Stephen Harper on the topic of omnibus bills...(in this case [/size]Bill C-17, for reference)[/size]
  7. Two types of media endorsed the conservatives, the Globe and Mail (ish) and those media owned by postmedia. Everyone else didn't endorse the conservatives.
  8. I know that in my heart of hearts that I shouldn't respond to this post. But really this topic should not be in federal politics. Political Philosophy maybe? Even then it'd be a stretch.
  9. I'd say dealing with drama students would be a perfect preparation for dealing with politicians. Otherwise I don't see any valid reason that a teacher can't be a viable politician.
  10. To be fair to the Conservatives, It's not easy to make priorities...I mean, It's not easy to change the senate.
  11. Ya, ya, ya...Wynne is now running the federal government. As to the actual content http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/ontario-paid-1-million-to-union-for-labour-peace-with-high-school-teachers/article26900173/ I read your title and was like..They are paying teachers for overtime now?!? How odd...oh wait it has nothing to do with overtime. It is however entirely inappropriate for the government to pay out the union for excessive time taken while negotiating. Imagine the precedent. "Oh, hey, lets drag out the talks so they pay us a lump sum for taking so long" Yarr. Further
  12. I don't think Harper was bilingual either at the start. You can always learn to speak French, it's not even that hard. I don't think being able to speak french now should be a requirement.
  13. Better social services? Lower Public Servant Salaries? From whence? I took one look at the tax entry on that list for Canada and shook my head. (Understanding taxes is bad enough without the wall of text in a box) I think what you are seeing here is that the Canadian entry is far better researched than the others. Tax rates are also notoriously hard to compare since they vary by too many factors. Generally I think I've seen that the average effective tax rate for Canadians is around 10%. (I'm still looking for the cite on that one...) The things you've listed here are essentially man
  14. I mostly had the opposite reaction to that press conference. Suddenly he didn't have a script and he was struggling. I have faith that he'll be OK in the end, he will have quite a while to get familiar with the role.
  15. In a government where you have a choice of co-operating with different parties to get your agenda through, this is less of an issue. --http://www.publications.gc.ca/collections/Collection/J31-61-2004E.pdf
  16. And yet, Dion is probably the most respected Liberal on the Environment. Within the framework of the current Liberal party I think he'd be an excellent choice. May as environment minister wouldn't work. For this reason. It'd still be fun to see.
  17. We don't know any other greens frankly, and May has done an excellent job. If she were leader of the ...NDP say, they might be the ones with the majority.
  18. Of Harper I'd say: -He was one of the better Opposition Leaders in History. -His Government was Centrist -The things that people dislike about his government where the same things he himself hated about the Liberal Governments before him. Heaven knows what'll happen to Trudeau after being PM for four years. The next leader of the CPC has a hell of a battle ahead of him. As much as I'd like to see Chong as leader, I'm not sure that he would be good for CPC unity.
  19. Yes, but geography is a bit of a limiting factor in Canada. We have ridings larger than most (all?) European countries already.
  20. Well, I'm not going to let reality get in the way of debate. It's going to be the main talking point at weed peddling brothels. I hear the first one is going up near me. Seems like it should be a good place to get my debate on.
  21. Exactly, you get better representation, but not strictly proportional. The Green party will still be turfed in all ridings but 2. They would be underrepresented in an STV system, unless you want to increase the house 7x..
  22. The other thing here is that STV is not PR. I know someone called Eric on saying the same thing, but he isn't wrong. It isn't PR. It is more representative than FPTP, but not perfectly so, and in some cases not even remotely so.
  23. I don't think you can actually. Unless everyone who votes for say the conservatives has their second vote as liberal and vice-versa In the end I don't think this would happen. Lets take Stephen Harper's riding: 37,283 - Harper 15,132 - Liberal 4,255 - NDP 1,304 - Green (Ps...this guy has the greatest beard Kelly Christie for Prez) Realistically, the conservatives would have two candidates in this riding running. Anther kinda funny thing about STV...The parties would have to decide if they could support a second candidate. (Or hopefully, we see something like the PC and Alliance, or so
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