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  1. Although I respect the fact that most users on this forum are Pro-Harper, that does not give moderators the right to delete my post 3 times simply because I have opposing points of view. If this thread is deleted yet again, I will report this forum at every scam-reporting web site as a biased fraud. I am contacting Greg about this matter as well, the owner of the website. If the mods are not responsible for the deletions, then who is? Once again here is my post of the subject of why I changed my mind about supporting Harper again. I read this article written by a colleague of mine a few mon
  2. This here is the biggest reason Harper needs to go - Abuse of Power. This very weel researched article exposes Mr. Harper's dark and arrogant side. http://www.alternet.org/world/whats-his-problem-70-ways-canadas-prime-minister-has-assaulted-democracy-and-law
  3. Deleting factual information that is part of Ontario Superior Court File E-19-00 is unethical. SInce you are new you can read about what was deleted here: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?685196-PM-Stephen-Harper-Uses-Scam-Extradition-of-Whistle-Blower-To-Conceal-Torture-amp-Government-Crimes
  4. For the third time in three weeks yet another thread about Stphen Harpers well hidden scandals from almost 10 years ago was deleted. The latest one to disappear was Titled: "PM STEPHEN HARPER CANNOT HIDE 9 YEAR $1BILLION COVER-UP". I made a comment on the thread yesterday and Scribblet made a rebuttal. I went to post this comment now, and guess what? The thread is gone! It was originally posted by user "Not Yet" three weeks ago. So is this a case of a biased moderator or a Harper hacker? Just more good stuff for my article I am researching. How convenient that someone deleted (CENSORED) t
  5. That's a great video and I hope everyone will share it with their friends and families. Strategic voting may be the only way to replace Harper's majority government. I thank the OP for bringing this to our attention.
  6. It's your right "not to care" but I think most Canadians do care - especially if they have children. Letting corrupt foreign agents like Terry Nelson smuggle cocaine and heroin into Canada for years just because he is "close friends of the Bush family" endangers all of our kids. Do you know anyone addicted to drugs? I did - before they ODed. Before getting hooked on heroin JJ was on a scholarship to Queens University. Because of his habit, he dropped out nad became a burglar to get money to support his habit. As a kid he great hockey player and loved by everyone in his neighborhood in Windso
  7. Pledges made before elections are important. I would like to see PM Harper swear to us all that he will never ever again allow any Canadian even to be linked with any operation that involves the torture of a human being - any human being, from any country. This must never happen again http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/pm-stephen-harper-inhumane-falsely-extradited-torture-victim-whistle-blower-gorcyca
  8. Like this guy says, you need to get off your butt and do some homework. In the end it will probably be more about Bush than Harper, but we are not yet the 51st state so Harper needs to defend and watch out for Canadians first. He has the opportunity to make a fresh start and distance himself from any criminal enterprise the American thugs did in the past on Canadian soil, and make sure that it STOPS! with no open loopholes in our air defense. THERE WERE HONEST MOUNTIES WHO WANTED TO DO THEIR JOBS. Nobody should stand in their way, even if Bush and Harper are good buds.
  9. You find nothing wrong with letting little kids die when you have the power to let them live? https://www.reddit.com/r/canada/comments/3nfubc/yet_another_coldhearted_coverup_of_pm_stephen/
  10. The links you provide only say that Gorcyca was accused of stock fraud. He was never convicted of stock fraud and if you look here you will see those charges were DISMISSED by the oldest judge in America on December 17th, 2007. http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot.ca http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-JQLAcN3aTrQ/VRTiqK3DUSI/AAAAAAAAAIE/Ayp0ucmh8T0/s1600/dismissalbyseniorjudge_1.jpg So you still want to smear instead of deal with the facts eh?
  11. This was one of the best hidden scandal bombs. The way to defuse a a disclosure threat is to charge them with a crime - any crime - even a fake one that doesn't have to be provem in a foreign country. So when they extradited this guy Gorcyca, the story basically died. There are reports confrimed by the RCMP amd Peel Police that the family of Gorcyca received death threats. So when you have a family with young kids, people tend to forget about scandals when people are threatening to kill your kids. This article may give you a better explanation http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/open-letter-world
  12. Maybe the problem is not so much Harper but his buddy Bush. It appears that Terry Nelson has 20 year links to the Bush family and as you know, Nelson's partner Stephen Finta was seen dropping off $16 million in cash at American Financial Group in Miami. If the Nelson and Huxtable court files are unsealed it will probably implicate either George or Jeb bush. My gut tells me the Canadian damage will be limited to Nesbitt Burns amd Levesque. I have a hard time believing that Harper would let himself get dragged into drug smuggling. He just may be protecting his Bush buddies. See here: http://
  13. Harper has been the most secretive PM in Canadian history and has an atrocious record on torture and human rights. He even went so far as to allow a fake extradition of an American whistle blower just to kill a major scandal that was about to unfold. Here are two disturbing links that reflect Harper's lack of ethics and compassion: http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/international-law-news/89557-iraqi-children-denied-human-rights-pm-stephen-harper-who-blocked-organ-transplants.html http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/pm-stephen-harper-violated-law-human-rights-treaty-8-times-fake-extradition-bruc
  14. Actually Scribblet it is indeed an article from the Toronto Star written by Jennifer Wells. You can call her and verify directly by calling her at 416-367-2000 as I did last week. Or you can spend some money and but a hard copy from the archives department at Torstar. Also if you Google "American Financial Group, SEC, Siegel, Chism" you will find no less than a dozen similar articles from the Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel, and other Florida newspapers. Also, I have cut and pasted the below from another forum that I think is appropriate for people who try to pooh-pooh the message by attacking
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