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  1. Here's a basic overview of the electromagnetic spectrum. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cf/EM_Spectrum_Properties_edit.svg As is well known, cell phones and WiFi emit radiation in lower ranges of the microwave part of the spectrum. i.e. Visible light gives off more radiation than cell phones and WiFi. Butterflies emit more radiation that cell phones or WiFi
  2. The reason is that the Bloc is proactive and progressive on a range of issues, from pay equity to anti-scab legislation to child care. On the basis of its strong support for social, human and labour rights alone, it gets support from workers and their families. Uhmmm...so was the platform of the NDP at the time. And to a lesser extent, the Green Party as well. Both are Federalist parties and had candidates run in her riding in 2006. Why choose a BQ candidate? The raison d'etre for the BQ was to separate Quebec from the rest of Canada. You can ice it as much as you like but here is the part
  3. Nycole Turmel, from what I have read, is a former supporter of the BQ and Quebec Solidaire. The Bloc are a party most of you know, but for those of you who don't know QS, its a provincial party here in Quebec that is staunch separatist and on the very left of the political spectrum. It is headed by Amir Khadr, the one who marched in front of mom and pop shoe store in Montreal's Plateau area because some of their brands of shoes were made in Israel. "The 68-year-old was part of the orange wave that swept across Quebec in the May election. She defeated a five-term incumbent in Hull-Aylmer, whic
  4. Oh crap I know TV doesn't do justice to people, and its hard to make any diagnosis from a clip, but the rate of deterioration does not look good from what I see. My father died of prostate cancer as well. Before becoming ill, he was a big man, and the treatment, and cancer, both took its toll on his strength. He lived a few months as his body quickly deteriorated. Once it spread to his bones, it was a matter of weeks. If Jack's cancer has spread, then this is not good news. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. If Federal institutions are supposed to provide services in both Languages, then I could have sued for thousands when I first moved to Quebec City. It was extremely hard to find Federal employees in this city, who spoke English. Both at Revenue Canada, as well as Human Resources Canada. And I'm not talking being fluent. I'm talking about having even the slightest working knowledge of English. Some didn't even understand even basic English words. At Human Resources Canada, I was told I had to go to St. Foy for service in English. Thank goodness I speak French as well. But at the time, I was jus
  6. Maybe. But I think it had more to do with the fact that this particular steward made quite a few trips back and forth between Montreal and Orlando and probably picked up a few words, or had a working knowledge. I find it difficult to believe that American Airlines go out of their way to hire French speaking stewards. From personal knowledge, finding qualified, French speaking personnel from the US is not an easy task. The quote said "airports" not "airlines". I have traveled to many US city airports, and the only airport where they had employees who could speak French, was in Washington DC.
  7. There were occasions they were not served in French in Atlanta? Its amazing they got served at all in French in Atlanta.
  8. Are you off your rocker? Postal workers currently accumulate sick days at the rate of 15 per year, with no maximum. The extent of this bottomless bank of sick days is illustrated by a recent Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) bulletin that offered up the apocryphal example of “Narinda,” who has “402 days of sick leave credit.” Canada Post’s ... strategy is to establish a more reasonable pay and benefits system for workers in this declining industry—but only for new hires. Other than replacing the absurd sick-day bank (which Canada Post has offered to refer to binding arbitration), full
  9. Here http://www40.statcan.gc.ca/l01/cst01/labr80-eng.htm Average hourly rate in Canada is $20.95, but one must also take into consideration that 9 provinces are below the national average, while only Alberta and the territories are above. So in fact, the majority of the population earn less than the national average. But even with that, only in the Yukon and Northwest Territories would the average hourly pay, working a 40 hour work week would yield a person over $50,000 a year. The average is 20.95 x 40 x 52 = $43576.00 But this data is skewed, because it includes overtime. I couldn't fi
  10. That is a poor link. Its median per household. Here is individual salaries on a weekly basis here http://www40.statcan.ca/l01/cst01/labr79-eng.htm 853.19 X 52 = $44,365.88
  11. Salary for 1st year medical resident - $ 41 355 up to a maximum after 7 years to $ 64 398 http://www.carms.ca/eng/r1_program_salaries_e.shtml#QC in Quebec Salary for 1st year postal worker is $42,000.00 up to a maximum of $60,000 a year http://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/Canada-Post-Salaries-E8747.htm This is ridiculous and they allow some of the most unskilled and unmarketable workers in the country to obtain wages which would otherwise be impossible to get in the real world. Meanwhile 390,000 qualified Canadians are unemployed. Psychologists in Quebec, who are in demand and must wield a PhD
  12. And this is what the NDP are fighting for. I was under the assumption that the NDP wanted to help the everyday, poor worker? Not those who already live well above the poverty level. I guess I was wrong. Way to go, fighting the good fight NDP MPs. Maybe they'll start by fighting for those who already earn ridiculously high salaries then work their way down? I guess I can also look up to the sky and hope to see pigs flying as well.
  13. It would be nice if the NDP stood up and fought for those who earn little at their unionized jobs in the private sector i.e. around $25,000 a year, and are getting pay cuts. But instead they fight for pay increases for people who work in jobs such as this: Department Name: Department of XXXX Location: Someplace in Canada Classification: This or That Salary: $39,395 to $47,114 Closing Date: The end of today, Pacific Time Useful Information Reference Number: xxxxxxxxx Selection Process Number: xxxxxxxxxx Employment Tenure: May be used for Full-time, Part-time, Casual, Acting, Term &
  14. I feel no remorse for postal workers. I'm sorry. After I graduated University, me and a friend of mine, who were both out of work at the time, applied to Canada Post as letter carriers. My friend, who didn't even finish High School, got a position and today owns a $300,000 home with two new cars in his garage. He's also going to retire with a sweet package. Meanwhile, even though I too am unionized, but work in the private sector, I earn approximately $25,000 a year, with medical benefits I pay for out of my salary, at top dollar, which I must buy into, even though I get a better deal throug
  15. Questions are weighed differently Which makes this project all that much more difficult. But I will get it done Muahaha Q2 P1 "I'd always support my country, whether it was right or wrong." only effects the Social Libertarian/Authoritarian scale. An answer of "Agree" -0.10, an answer of "Disagree" -0.41 and an answer of "Strongly Disagree" -0.51 i.e. Starting with a Social Libertarian/Authoritarian score of 4.36 "Agree"= 4.26 "Disagree" 3.95 and "Strongly Disagree" 3.85
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