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  1. To be honest, the one thing that I admire from politicians like Trudeau and AOC in the states, is their self-unawareness. If I ever said one thing that was as stupid as pretty much everything that AOC has ever said I would be afraid to show my face in public for the rest of my life. She could hazard a guess that 1+1=Jello and then just carry on acting as if she just invented the wheel.
  2. What makes you think that people should automatically discount something this stupid from Trudeau?
  3. So who was accused? Was it blamed on white supremacists? Muslims? Huffpost isn't getting into the blame game, and there's no way in hell that they're protecting anyone they consider to be islamophobes, so I'll just assume that it was liberal jews who blamed "Trump supportin' nazis!!!!!!"
  4. You aren't lying but you're being as disingenuous as you can possibly be. It's slimy as hell. I do know exactly what was in the dossier: unverified, uncorroborated, information that came from foreign agents/informants who were paid by Fusion GPS with money that they received from Perkins Coie, which came from Hillary, disguised as payments for things that were legal. IE, things that didn't involve collusion with foreigners (something that's theoretically a crime, but only when Republicans are accused of it. When Dems are known to have done it it's somehow ok). I know what was corroborated - nothing that qualifies as evidence of collusion. I also know that Steele leaked information in order for it to come back around as independent corroboration. That's known by the FBI to have happened and it's critical information that they withheld from the FISA court. The GOP initiated the Trump dossier that Hillary paid for, but the covert, overseas part of the dossier was initiated after Hillary took it over. The dossier wasn't "the only reason" why the inquiry was started, but it played a huge role in the acquisition of the FISA Warrant and it's subsequent renewals. More importantly, the validity of the dossier was lied about in order to obtain the FISA warrants. That's not speculation. That's fact. Here's the thing about a properly functioning democracy: the police only investigate people when a crime is known to have been committed. The strategy of "You show me the man and I'll find the crime" is not a part of a functioning democracy. It's also not proper to run a smear campaign against a person in the form of a highly publicized sham of an investigation. Did Mueller find evidence of some sort of crime? He says that he did. But no one with access to all the dirty little secrets of the investigation is being specific about what there is evidence of. If there was a useful amount of evidence of a serious crime then for sure Schiff would come out and say it. Schiff and the Demmies are being vague for a good reason: they don't have anything substantial to talk about.
  5. Back to your original topic, don't you find it incredibly pathetic that out of a whole country full of Democrats there aren't 3 people who you would consider really good candidates? Obama would be a shoo-in for the nomination and yet we all know that the middle east turned into a genocial shithole under his watch, and America was fast becoming a racially divided hellhole until Trump got into office. Maybe Dem voters should see the writing on the wall. Their party sucks.
  6. The fact that it's "uncorroborated" is kind of a big deal, but it's a much bigger deal that they faked corroboration by leaking the story to a reporter and then using the resulting story as corroboration, and that they pretended to have enough intel/evidence to start this whole investigation to begin with and yet at the end they don't appear to have enough evidence to justify the investigation (and it's use as a public smear campaign), let alone make any kind of a case against Trump.
  7. 1) Has it been that long since Shady was wrong? Have you been waiting all this time to use this comeback or do you just keep using it over and over? 2) I'll take a crack-smoking Rob Ford over a tea-sipping Trudeau any day of the week.
  8. Surprising to see the Dow Jones doing so well while trade with China is unravelling. It must have to do with the UK Trip.
  9. I find it odd how reluctant Trudeau was to admit that islamic state was committing genocide but he wants to somehow equate this with genocide.
  10. The longer they are set back, the better for them.
  11. Iran is actually quite a bit crazier than Pakistan. The Pakistanis are monsters within their own border, and love to be a training/staging ground for terrorists, but they aren't stupid enough to threaten the US constantly and they stay out of the Israel debate because they were created at the same time and have a track record for crimes against humanity that makes Israel look like darlings. I'm not sure where you got the impression that I said North Korea wasn't being taken seriously. It's to late to do a pre-emptive attack on NoKo. They already crossed that finish line before Trump was in power. Iran, on the other hand, is still in the wannabe stage and has already crossed a serious line with the US when they captured a US Navy vessel and held the sailors hostage (while Obama was twiddling his thumbs). Then they threatened to attack another US ship in the Persian Gulf when Trump was Prez. An aircraft carrier iirc. That's in addition to a multitude of other threats that they constantly make. The Saudis already hate Iran and have been forming a coalition of countries opposed to Iran. It might be possible to goad Iran into making a mistake that gives the US good reason to go in, while other ME nations either help of cheer for them.
  12. What you're supposed to glean from that last answer is that it might be necessary to attack Iran if they get too close to having nuclear weapons.
  13. Could you imagine if your plane was forced to land somewhere and the Dem Convention was going on in that town? What if you were snowed-in for a week, surrounded by those people, and you had to sleep in a football arena where you were literally surrounded by hundreds of them? What would you do?
  14. LMAO. So funny to look back in time and see how consistent and how uninformed your opinions have been. The problem isn't that some students are thin-skinned, it's that universities are churning out fascist SJW morons in droves. They get "set off" by things that they don't understand. They are easily manipulated and lead around by the nose. That's the exact opposite of what should happen in a university. One would hope that they were helping people to become strong, independent thinkers with the ability to process information, to look a little deeper, to try to see a problem from different angles before they seize on a viewpoint that was presented to them by someone with a sick agenda.
  15. You started off so strong Then your post went downhill so fast. No one hates America except for people like islamic state, NoKo and Iran, who offer the rest of the world nothing and want to have power over everyone else. Billions of people in many countries all over the world benefit from their dealings with America. Sure there are some things to not like about America, and lots of Americans don't like those same things as well, but humans are a long way from achieving perfection. Outright slavery was legal all across the world not very long ago, and that goes back to the beginning of time. You must love the US Constitution if you really believe that loveistheonlyway. America is a free country, and respects the sovereignty of nations whose people enjoy reasonable freedom from severe persecution. The US has the power to conquer which they don't use. Overall America is pretty close to a 10/10. If you really believed that loveistheonlyway then you would respect the freedoms in America that allow people to be gay or choose their own religion. I think you believe that your exact version of "love" is all that is allowed to exist and you are positively hateful towards people who don't share your exact belief system. Just a hunch.
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