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  1. I agree, but FB and Amazon are finger puppets of the Biden administration. Don't expect any action from the Dems on that front. If you recall Amazon offered to help distribute vaccines "now that the new administration is in power" and they also crushed Parler when they started up as an alternative to alt-leftist Twitter. FB's lopsided 'fact-checking' is legendary.
  2. Now there are some women (3 last I heard) coming forward with sexual harassment claims against Biden and it's getting more attention than the fact that he threw covid bombs into care homes, killing thousands of people. The same people who said: "It's not really that big of a deal that Cuomo sent C19 carriers back to care homes where they would obviously infect thousands of the most vulnerable people in NY state, and 15,000 people died there as a result" are rising up to say "OOOoooh 3 leftist women (we care about them) were harassed, THIS IS A TRAGEDY! CUOMO HAS TO GO!."
  3. Corporations in general benefitted from deregulation. When there are legal hurdles in front of businesses the wealthiest ones with the best legal teams can be virtually unhindered by them, or they can take their chances and pay their fines on the back end. Small businesses can't overcome moderate obstacles that companies like Amazon or Chrysler would barely notice.
  4. Trump represents Americans, that’s why you call him a populist. Biden represents hope for the very largest corporations in America by providing them with cheap labour and killing the middle class.
  5. Are you aware that the Dems and CNN just spent 4 years crying that the 2016 election was rigged, and then they could just feel in their bones that the 2020 election was 100% legit by 10 pm on election night? In case you didn't get the hint, by your comments it is apparent that you're either a huge hypocrite or a complete stooge. It's a fair point. Biden's weakness is like a beacon of hope to America's enemies, who didn't have it so good for the past 4 years. Lol. 95 minutes of rioting by conservatives is stuck in your mind but nearly 3 years of the Dems supporting rioting
  6. Grow up, learn to speak English, and start thinking for yourself beave. Go back and read what I actually wrote about Q. I'm not answering to your idiotic interpretation of what you think you read.
  7. TBH I've barely heard of them, I only hear about Q when leftists complain about it. They're just a tiny fraction of conservatives and I've never noticed them at Trump rallies either. There are literally tens of thousands of people there dude. OMG learn the language. Did Trudeau tacitly accept islamic state when he stopped us from bombing them? Or when he refused to acknowledge their genocide? Or when he refused to condemn quds day hate rallies in Canada? Or when he called islam the religion of peace? Just because you don't say that you hate someone doesn't mean you joined
  8. Of course ID didn't say that, it lacked sophistication and intelligence. I agree that Russian collusion-tards are the worst, but I've never bought into the CNN/Dem/Hillary cult.
  9. Who cares if QAnon people show up? It's a democracy. Stopping them would be no different than stopping muslims or jews from attending. Do people wear BLM gear to Dem rallies? Yup. And why should Trump denounce (FYI that's the proper term for speaking out against a group that you've never claimed to be part of - your lack of education is showing) QAnon? Did the Demonrats ever denounce CNN (the planet's largest source of disinformation)? Did the Demonrats ever denounce the witch hunt criminals? Did the Demonrats ever denounce Antifa or did they just say that it's not an actual group?
  10. ... says the guy who mindlessly devours and regurgitates the most blatantly idiotic propaganda that ever sucked up bandwidth.
  11. You need to go live in an area where you don't need to heat your house or drive a car so that you can stop whining, and I'm obviously not the one who's lacking an education or an honest, intelligent opinion. Face the facts: you need to be posting in a liberal echo chamber in order to be happy beave. You'll be able to bask in the glory of Trudeau, CNN, Biden and CTV, and no one there will question the testimony of Dr Ford types & "anonymous sources". You can even mourn the murder of Suleimani together without being ridiculed. It's heaven on earth I tell you beave.
  12. The Liberals operate exactly like fascists themselves: our media is completely under the heel of Trudeau's band of unmerry fools. Reporters can't get within a mile if Trudeau unless they lick his boots, and the gov't here is always looking at new ways to control the narrative on social media. A lot to unpack here: The first part is pretty funny (actually Antifa should be called “Guys Who Started Off Pretending to Oppose Fascism But Now Are Just Fascists Who Wreck Stuff.”) but the second part is a bit worrisome to me. Whenever I'm on FB and someone sends me an i
  13. If you look at how broadly the Dems are accusing white people of racism, systemic racism, terrorism and 'deadly support of the GOP' etc, and then look at the penchant that the US gov't has for identifying personal behaviour as diseases, like alcoholism and drug addiction, you have to wonder how far they are away from identifying being conservative as a disease, or mental illness... "You voted for Trump, turn in your guns!" Check out these drooling morons at "psychology today": https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/mind-in-the-machine/201712/analysis-trump-supporters-has-identified-
  14. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/gov-cuomo-says-new-york-couldn-t-report-nursing-home-n1258641
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