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  1. Leftists think that the plural of anecdotes is data. "4 guys said that the election was 100% legit, and Anderson Cooper said it right on the election night itself. It's PROVEN 100%!" They actually started emptying those prisons when the Dems needed more rioters, murderers and looters on the streets earlier this year.
  2. Yup. We've seen nothing but derangement from alt-left loonies over the past 4 years. Deranged is when people shrieked "TRUMP COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA!" for 4 years when there was never a shred of credible evidence uncovered, the claims come from the least credible scumbags in Washington and on CNN, when CNN's own Van Jones was caught on hidden video admitting that collusion was just a hoax but they pushed the narrative for another 2 years, when zero witnesses came forward and even people who were being leaned on by the FBI denied collusion, and when the claims made were just ridiculous to beg
  3. They gave up on the Russian collusion thing if that's what you're talking about. Re: "overturning", that's not the proper term yet. The election hadn't been declared yet last time I checked. What's going on right now is getting to the bottom of several very serious allegations which are backed up by hundreds of pages of affidavits, and clearing several legal challenges. I don't doubt what conclusion will eventually be arrived at, but like everyone else in the world I have serious reasons to question the integrity of this election. I'm just not one of the people who refuses to a
  4. 1) Pretty strong accusation considering that you're wrong again, as usual. Dems started the accusations long before Obama was a presidential nominee. Look it up. 2) That whole part of your post was tripe. Which, I guess, puts it on par with part 1 and probably the rest of your post. You can speak ill of Trump all you want, as long as it's accurate and in context. There's lots to say, just don't act like criticisms of Trump are unique, or that B Clinton hasn't done far worse. Pedestals? The MSM in the USA won't even consider that Biden did anything inappropriate and everything he & Hun
  5. McCabe lost his pension just days before retirement. Kevin Clinesmith was charged and could face up to 5 years in prison, but will likely serve 0-6 months. You're the one who was talking about Trump having several days in court, not me.
  6. Read up on Kevin Clinesmith and Andrew McCabe. Clinesmith isn't merely 'accused', he has already pleaded guilty to 'altering evidence to provide it to the FISA court'. The fact that the FBI has been caught altering evidence is MASSIVE. Their credibility as a police agency was harmed to an extent that you apparently don't fully realize. They are a joke now. A total joke.
  7. Yeah there was about 3 years worth of court from 2017-2019. You know who lost? The Dems and the FBI. The FBI were exposed as actual criminals. This was a very sad 4 years for America, and not for reasons that you and your fellow alt-leftists would be hasty to point out.
  8. 1)There was a time when Obama's birthplace was an actual issue, but that's going back over a decade now. 2)I get that you're completely butthurt that anyone would question anything about Obama but I don't care. 3) I didn't talk about Obama's birthplace either beaver so once again, stop putting word in my mouth you little liar. Yeah I can and I did. I said that leaving travel open from covid hotspots was bad. Telling people not to wear masks was bad. Canada was one of the very first countries to 5,000 C19 deaths. Countries like Japan that blocked travel and
  9. Preying on children in universities is sick, but campuses are a ripe spot for religions, cults and activist groups to recruit lost, lonely, impressionable kids who are away from home for the first time and have no real bonds yet. You'd assume that people who go to universities are by and large more well-equipped to jump certain mental hurdles than people who are less educated, but in a lot of instances the people who leave home to learn by rote from their so-called 'superiors' are the easiest to program. They become accustomed to just soaking up what they hear and focusing so hard on memo
  10. Agreed. The Dems, CNN/MSNBC, and Antifa/BLM are all thick as thieves. You'll see guys from big tech getting jobs in the Biden administration if he gets in, just like you commonly see guys who were big Pharma execs getting jobs in the FDA, etc.
  11. Intolerance comes from things like media corruption here. I don't mean to single out USA today because WashPo, CNN, NYT and all the other fake news outlets posted similar disinformation on their various platforms. I'm just not rounding up all the links. Those people know that there's a certain percentage of people who lack the reading comprehension to make sense of what they're looking at, some are ignorant enough to just believe it without checking into it, and there are people who are happy to just lie right along with them just to smear someone that they don't like. In the end i
  12. So don't drink and post. And that includes drinking stupidity from CNN's firehose.
  13. Blah, blah, blah. You can recite CNN's idiotic talking points. Your post is 100% devoid of anything like evidence of what you're claiming.
  14. Do you know what "live TV" means sapper? Don't be afraid to ask.
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