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  1. Keisha Lance Bottoms is going to be Biden's running-mate. Hands-down, no doubt about it. She's well-spoken, attractive, passionate, and she belches out BLM platitudes like a robot. She was talking about black-on-black crime when she said "We're doing more harm to our own people than any officer on the force" lol. Yeah bitch, surprisingly, police officers aren't killing 20 black people every weekend. Duh.
  2. Anyways, Hunter Biden flew 411 times in 5 years, roughly once every 4 days he took a flight, and none of them were to Ukraine. He was gifted the $30K/mo job there before he ever even went to Ukraine. "No scandal here folks."
  3. You're not posting evidence. You posted google searches. When you post proof of something that's disputed, cite a link to a specific site, copy and paste some of the relevant quotes which support your position. It's easy. Here's proof of bigotry in Pakistan: https://www.google.ca/search?source=hp&ei=tpADX8HsLLux0PEP5q6soAE&q=bigotry+in+Pakistan&oq=bigotry+in+Pakistan&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzIGCAAQFhAeOgUIABCxAzoCCAA6CAgAELEDEIMBOggIABAWEAoQHjoICAAQ6gIQjwE6BAgAEAo6CggAELEDEEYQ-QFQqQhY1_MBYLP3AWgTcAB4AIABWYgB3BGSAQIzOJgBAKABAaoBB2d3cy13aXqwAQo&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwjBn6G3wrnqAhW7GDQIHWYXCxQQ4dUDCAw&uact=5 So is that proof of the bigotry in Pakistan, or just a google link? What about this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_discrimination_in_Pakistan https://www.wilsoncenter.org/event/religious-intolerance-pakistan-and-the-plight-religious-minorities https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Searchlight https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_during_the_Bangladesh_Liberation_War So have I proved that systemic racism in Pakistan is a problem? Is religious bigotry in Pakistan a problem? Is the recent violent past in Pakistan quite relevant right now, compared with the issue of slavery and systemic racism in Canada? If we're gonna post about what's going on in Canada, should we really use the same words that theyre using to describe the situation in Pakistan? I'll admit that our PM used the same terminology, but Trudeau is a grand-standing moron, and that's why the issue of "Canadan racism" is a touchy subject. It's actually inflammatory and divisive. Canada is awesome. Anyone who is lucky enough to live in Canada should just be thankful. We have been tackling the issues of racism here for decades, we're well ahead of the curve, and we don't need criticism from any quarter, thanks.
  4. The middle ground is "stop acting like white men are the scourge of the planet because that's entirely racist". All the races and sexes have been here for a long time. Did asian women abolish slavery? Did African men lead the charge? Was it just middle easterners in general? North American aboriginals? South Americans. Nope. White. Men. Did. That. If you think I'm gonna be caught 'holding the bag' for something that I am less guilty of than everyone else go to hell. That's not the middle ground.
  5. Not exactly. The 'conversation' whites being the only slavers in history is broadcast by MSM and the last US President talked about slavery from that POV. You're pointing to a bogeyman that either doesn't exist, or might just exist at a low level in a few places. I can point out where companies like Google and universities have anti-white and anti-asian admission policies. The presumptive nominee of the Democrat party has announced that he's limiting his choice of candidates to 'women of colour'. That's more blatant discrimination. There are black-only colleges in the states. Are there white-only colleges? You're trying super-hard to make something that's basically non-existent into the biggest cause of the day, and it's more of an accusation than a cause.. It's pathetic.
  6. I'm not sifting trough google links. you do it. you're the one making the unsubstantiated alegation. i clicked all your other links and it was just idiocy.
  7. So you tried to sermonize, who cares?
  8. There's no 'evidence' there. You have a link back to this thread, two Google searches, a stupid accusation that because people in an ER might be betting on the BA level of some natives they don't do it to people of other races, an essay, and none of that constitutes 'proof'. If you had to bet your life on one thing there that actually cites/proves systemic racism which one would it be dialamah? This is all baby-soft, maybe it happened bullshit. I can cite places where white people have been characterized as the world's only slave-owners. Barack Obama famously mentioned slave ownership as a source of division in America. FYI Black Americans owned slaves. The slaves were bought from black slave traders. Obama cited Jim Crowe laws - those weren't made by "Americans" - just his own "Democrat" half. People are pulling down statues of people who had at any point in their lives owned slaves and our own news stations let Sadiq Khan preach to us about that as well because "we all have to stop venerating slave owners". At what point did Sadiq ever renounce mohammed? Honestly, for "white people" to get lectured on slavery by middle-easterners is like Venezuelans getting chastised for their anti-Semitism by Nazis. I don't really give a shit about your idiotic conspiracy theories dialamah. You need to come up with actual instances and not just opinion pieces and Google searches.
  9. With your record for inaccuracy here you're the last person to be giving advice. Examples of really bad advice are saying things like Biden: "banning travellers from covid hotspots is racist", or De Blasio: "just keep using the Subway and going to restaurants like normal", or Cuomo: "put those fogeys back in the care home while they're recovering form covid", or Pelosi: "come hang out in large groups in Chinatown" or Trudeau/Tam: "leave those bustling airports crowded with covid carriers from all over the world, and do not wear masks". Those are the worst and most harmful examples of covid stupidity from North America Bubber.
  10. The data doesn't show why the US suffered from covid, does it? Exactly. Trudeau isn't massively popular, in fact he's the only the 2nd Canadian PM that I have ever known to have a rally against him (PET scurried across Canada in a train that was getting pelted by debris), and his abject failures at fighting covid are well-documented.
  11. Your fear-mongering, racist screed isn't cute dialamah. You're making very serious accusations based on the flimsiest, most trivial anecdotal 'evidence' ever presented and you want to be taken seriously. When challenged you make more serious and unsubstantiated allegations and insults. Sorry but this is a grown-up forum that's all bogged down by radical ideas like the importance of facts, cites, and even common sense. Your leftist conspiracy theories don't just fly here, unsupported. The fact is that your complete lack of historical and worldly knowledge are too flimsy a foundation for any type of solid argument to be formed on. What you're saying isn't funny at all, and it's worse than pathetic.
  12. The constitution and the laws of this place have been set up (by old white men) to destroy racism in all it's hurtful forms. The spirit of the day for as long as I can remember has been to eliminate racism in all it's forms. You can't stop some people from being their own way no matter how hard you try, but you should never let dialamah's form of racism to flourish either. And make no mistake, dialamah's screed is racism, plain and simple.
  13. So you had to cite examples going back over 55 years through all of your life experiences across this whole country and you've got a couple of lukewarm anecdotes? That's your great reason for characterizing this country as systemically racist? You have a huge problem dialamah, you definitely shouldn't be pointing the finger at other people. I have 100 examples of BLM and Dem politicians and DAs our own PM Trudeau being more racist than that in the last month FFS. You're way the F out in left field right now. READ THIS PART AGAIN...... YOU CLEARLY HAVE NO PERSPECTIVE AT ALL:
  14. Your post is a scandal of stupidity and misinformation. Pence was put in charge of Covid and the US response, at the federal level, was better than the one that the WHO was pimping, and it was better than the response by our federal government. "Don't wear masks and don't block travel". Sure, there were Dem mayors, governors, public health officials, and the speaker of the house out giving the worst possible advice at the beginning. Then later on they were all promoting protests [rioting and looting] where large crowds of people were gathering in far too close proximity to one-another, but Trump has no control over that. It's not a dictatorship. If people were stupid enough to elect Dems at the city, local and state levels then they inevitably listen to those people and of course they end up paying a hefty price for that. Right now Dem areas have approximately 3x the death rate of similarly-populated Republican areas.
  15. CBC's top story was damage-control, they don't 'cover' Trudeau scandals. The SNC Lavalin story was glossed-over by the media and then ignored, while reporters from The Rebel are barred from even recording the word of our dear leader first-hand. Go ahead and find me a story in the CBC or CTV that mentions the $2.3M bribe that Michel Fournier received from SNC while they are talking about Justin Trudeau's scandal Michael. Good luck.
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