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  1. The level of crap that you gobble up is absurd. This is an article that's giving 1005 credibility to impeachment but they say that the claims of corruption against Biden are "unsubstantiated". No one has substantiated anything against Trump, it's all just opinions based on hearsay.
  2. Trudeau did something stupid & childish. Oooh what a shocker! Canadians were stupid enough to elect him so now we have to live with the consequences for another four years.
  3. I only post things as being factual when they are known to be true. I don't post the strong assumptions of news agencies as facts. I'll report facts from anywhere but CNN isn't a valuable source for fact-finding. EG, Hillary's emails were destroyed fter they were subpoenaed. Fact. Trump is accused of colluding with Russians but after 2.5 years of investigations there's no evidence of collusion.
  4. That was your best, most succinct post ever. Instead of posting a link, quoting it, and then regurgitating CNN's opinion of how pertinent their blatantly fake news is, you just condensed it all down to two words: "fake news". I like it. You can just copy and paste "fake news" as your reply to everything here. It will save you a lot of time and your credibility will go up because you'll be telling the truth.
  5. Totally, and the thing about military hardware is that new stuff always trumps old stuff, so it's not a 1 v 1 comparison. EG, the Soviets had half of the tanks on the planet back when I was in the military, but they weren't in the habit of decommissioning old tanks from the WWII era. The old tanks are still useful to some extent, but ten 1944 tanks can't take on a single Abrams M1A1. China also spends a ton of money on cyber warfare. I heard it said that they spend almost as much on that as their conventional warfare. I heard it said that their guys outnumber the NSA guys by 40-1, and they have them running in circles.
  6. I never said it was a home run point, I'm batting a thousand here so I can just hit singles. Re: the part about murder - meh. The death of that imaginary character made for a good story.
  7. If it wasn't fake you wouldn't be posting it. The tax cuts truly are deeply unpopular in places where the citizens pay large state and municipal taxes, which stay in their electoral districts, and for which they get a tax exemption from paying their fair share of federal taxes. NY, Cali, etc. Country-wide, there are areas where the tax cuts are wildly popular, and areas where they're unpopular. If you don't know this it's because of your deep appreciation for only listening to sources that tell you what you want to hear. IE, fake news. Jack Nicholson talks to CNN viewers:
  8. What are you babbling about now Bubber? Clinton confessed to having flown on the Lolita Express on two trips to Africa, one to Asia and one to Europe, plus he's known to have flown on various legs of shorter trips while he was abroad on those continents. This was long after Trump had barred Epstein from Mar-A-Lago, so there's not a chance that Clinton didn't know what was up. Just like leftists played friendly with Weinstein for all these years, just like they're ok with Roman Pedo-Lanski after he roofied and sodomized a 13 yr old girl, it's ok for leftists to hang out with this serial pedophile too. And what's with that pic? Is that supposed to be an underage girl that Trump had sex with? She seems older than 16 or 17 to me, and where's the proof he even did anything with her?
  9. 1) There's no more proof needed, that's a done deal, it's just a matter of how seriously they want to take influence peddling. 2) The Russians have only ever sold "intel" to Hillary, so you're correct to assume that Trump won't get help from them. 3) Who cares about Ukrainian interference coming up short? So did Russian interference, after 2.5 years of fake investigations/smear campaign. At least the Republicans/Trump didn't use this as a smear campaign, just an investigation. You miss the point. Biden's influence peddling is an integral part of the investigation whether you like it or not. Your analogy is idiotic. Trump didn't rob the bank, he asked for an investigation into the crooked bank officials.
  10. godzilla: I just found this out in the ABC video below, Hunter left the Burisma board a month before Joe announced his run for the presidency. https://amac.us/democrats-star-witness-ambassador-george-kent-admits-ukraine-burisma-are-corrupt-and-needed-to-be-investigated/ FYI Shokin took the top prosecutor job in 2015, inheriting the Burisma investigation, and Biden's infamous quid pro quo happened in Dec of the same year. Video of Biden stating unequivocally that he was unaware that Hunter was on the board at Burisma:https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/11/02/joe_biden_on_hunter_i_didnt_know_he_was_on_the_board_of_that_company.html Hunter quotes from: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/10/15/hunter-biden-speaks-out-amid-ukraine-controversy-admits-mistake/3983320002/ and: More general commentary: https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/436816-joe-bidens-2020-ukrainian-nightmare-a-closed-probe-is-revived Later in the same article: So, the "solid" guy that was appointed by Joe Biden abruptly stopped the Burisma investigation. I'm a random internet poster and I just dug up actual video evidence of the Bidens' blatant corruption in part of the morning. The Dems haven't provided a single first-hand account or video of anything that implicates Trump in anything at all, over the course of three years of investigations and spying by the FBI, offers of heavily-reduced prison sentences for people who were convicted for unrelated crimes if they'd testify against Trump, thousands of subpoenas which yielded hundreds of thousands of pages, hundreds of people being forced to testify under oath, a pre-dawn raid with automatic weapons on a senior citizen who's a white-collar criminal at the very worst, etc. So I have videos, the Dems and the FBI have nothing - at - all. Just some second-hand "I s'poses". They've mastered the art of guilt by supposition, and the fact that you and Boges gobble everything up that they say is proof. Just think about that the next time you're about to post more of your same-old crap.
  11. Nothing I said is a post-truth story gz. -There's a video of Biden saying that he withheld $1B in loan guarantees to force the Ukrainians to fire their prosecutor. He also said in that same video that he oput a solid guy in that spot. -There's video of the Bidens saying that Joe didn't know that Hunter got that job, and that they never talked about Burisma. -There's video of the Bidens admitting that they actually did talk about Burisma, but that didn't happen until after the photograph of Bidens with another Burisma board member. (And the Dems were furious that the President tweeted that out. There was nothing wrong with that, at all.) -There's video of Biden saying that the prosecutor was fired long after the Burisma investigation was over, and that's a lie too. -There's a video of Biden saying that the guy he "put in place" was "solid", but that guy isn't investigating Burisma. Shocker. The difference between what I say and what you say is that I don't make declarative statements which are unsubstantiated or which I know to be false.
  12. I said that it wasn't cool in my post that you quoted. I agree that there's no excuse and I never said that there was. It's just not a crime, per se. People are disappointed with P Andrew, but they're not out with the pitchforks because of a romp with a 17 yr old girl. If the truth is out there, that Epstein's island was rife with sex-kids under 15 yrs old, this issue will be uncontrollable. It would be headline news 24/7. But 17 yr old girls having sex is not a huge issue. Girls are forced into marriages where they're not allowed to stop their old-ass husbands from having sex with them many years younger than that. I just want to know the depth of the depravity there. IMO 17 yr olds having sex isn't the biggest news in the world.
  13. Are you sure that you're not talking about Hillary/Obama? Or Trudeau? Hillary's husband just coincidentally had a secret meeting with Obama's AG on a random tarmac somewhere in the vast country of America days before Hillary was exonerated of a crime that she blatantly committed. Even Snopes will tell you that the server was wiped after the subpoenas were issued, and they were wiped by people who already knew that the subpoenas were issued. Someone had what they called an "oh shit" moment so it's all good lol. Witnesses in Hillary's case were granted immunity for not providing any evidence. Can you tell me another example of people being granted immunity for nothing? Hillary/Obama got the collusion investigation (smear campaign) up and running based on false evidence and a fake corroboration scam. The FBI used that to spy on Americans, and the warrant was re-issued despite no new evidence being discovered, which is a no-no. People in the FBI have already been fired and demoted for malfeasance based on their actions in the collusion investigation. Do you know why Trump's administration doesn't have control of the justice dept? Because the media is so aligned with the Dems and it's so powerful. Just look at all the stupid things that people repeat that they saw on CNN here. When's the last time that anyone quoted CNN here and they turned out to be right? I've gon back and forth with CNN sycophants 1,000 x here and never had to backpedal yet. If CNN toadies were honest they'd have written 1,000 retractions by now. But that's why they're sucked in to CNN. They have no sense of accountability. They can be wrong and not learn from it, they just move on to the next shiny new accusation. The latest one was "Al-Baghdadi was killed in spite of Trump's involvement" lol. They all belched out the same crap. Obama got nothing done against islamic state. Nothing. Trump eviscerated them. But it was all done in spite of him lol. If you don't understand that Biden is guilty, or what he's guilty of, that's just your problem godzilla. The only reason for you to actually believe that is the fact that Biden says so, and CNN doesn't ask anyone who'll give an honest answer. The information is all out there godzilla. You just have to man up and actually look at it with an unbiased viewpoint. Did his son get gifted a $50K/month job in a country where he doesn't speak the language or have any job experience? Yep. Was he completely inexperienced in that field? Yep. Was that job secured at one of the most corrupt companies in the Ukraine, while Joe was overseeing corruption clean-up there? Yep. Did Joe and Hunter lie about the fact that Joe didn't know about it? Yep Did they lie about ever speaking about it? Yep. Why did they fess up? Because a photo was leaked. And what was their initial response? What happened when it was discovered that they lied? Biden: "WHO LEAKED THAT PHOTO. ok we lied but it's no big D." CNN: "Yep, you got that right Joe!" Did they lie about the investigation being over when the prosecutor was fired? Yep. The inspector's home was raided just days before Biden's quid pro quo. Did Biden really put a "solid" guy in his place? No, Biden lied again. The new prosecutor didn't do jack shit about Burisma. Contradict me if you can godzilla or just sit this one out. Others have gone silent, follow their cue.
  14. I was just thinking about how the Dems and CNN are shielding Biden right now, and wondering if it's ever going to come back to bite them in the ass. If he does win the nomination, and this still hasn't really seen the light of day, Biden could really get hammered on this issue in the final push to the Presidential election. All that comes up on CNN when they talk to Biden right now is "I was already cleared" and they just leave it at that. If Biden finished the sentence truthfully it would sound something like: "in an investigation that was done in total secrecy, when AG Loretta 'meet me on the tarmac' Lynch was still running the show, while I was still sticking to the theory that I didn't even know that my son had been gifted a $50K/month job on the board of the company with the most corrupt CEO in Ukraine". CNN, Google and the Dems still can't control social media to the extent that they would like to. Right now they have America fixated on Trump and there's no magnifying glass on Biden yet because he's still 1 of 12 or whatever. When the 2020 election comes down to one-on-one the job of keeping the focus off of Huntergate will become impossible. Even Dem voters aren't thoroughly stupid. They will start to care at some point.
  15. Not sure what the deal is with this Epstein story. Every time that they say someone had sex there they say that it was with a 17 yr old girl. I get that it's not cool for a guy Prince Andrew's age to have sex with a 17 yr old, and the fact that he's married makes it sleazy, but in Canada that's not even a crime. Our age of consent was as low as 14 at one time. I think it's 16 now but I'm not sure. Is the media covering for these people by continually saying 17 yr olds, or is that the youngest sex-workers that they had there? I was under the impression that they had much younger people there but I never hear about it on the news. I don't think that there will be a whole lot of outrage about 17 yr olds having sex. If they're shipped/held there against their will that's a different story, if they're younger than that it's a different story, but if people having consensual sex with 17 yr olds that's not a very big deal imo. Our own government just changed the age for consensual anal sex to 16 recently. It's a bit of a touchy subject for people who are against homosexuality but it's the same as the age for consensual vaginal sex too.
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