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  1. Doug Ford, the de facto leader of Canada during this crisis. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/doug-ford-declares-war-on-price-gougers-taking-advantage-of-covid-19-outbreak
  2. Dang. I was hoping that when you said it you actually felt it. So you're admitting that you're a threat to Canada? Your entire gamut of debate tactics includes straw man arguments, ad hominem attacks, dodging questions/topics that you have no good reply to, and regurgitating platitudes as if they're evidence. Three posts up I just challenged you to talk about the topic of Trudeau bringing known terrorists into the country and calling them "fighters". You dodged that to write this latest virtue-signalling post (damn you just went full Liberal. Didn't you see Tropic Thunder?).
  3. To your credit, you're becoming somewhat of a conservative now, with a comment like that. If you're not careful then one day you'll wake up and realize that Canada, Canadians, our economy, our future and our way of life are worth protecting.
  4. If you can completely exonerate yourself you may have a shot, but there are certain types of allegations which can never be disproven. For example, like Dr Ford you can say that "he almost raped me in about 1987 or 1988, in one of the summer months, at someone's house party. I can't remember which ones. I have no witnesses and I never talked to any of my best friends about it, never talked to my parents and I never filed a police report." That vague of an accusation can never be disproven. Or you could say "Trump colluded with Russians." Unless he has a video of every second of his life he can never prove that he never said "Let's collude, baby!" Slimesters like the Demonrats know exactly what they can get away with. Saying "These guys told me that they wouldn't make my cake" is easy. Proving that you never ever said it is impossible. They could have audio and video in the store, you could say "I talked to him just as he was leaving his work. We discussed my cake. He said "I don't bake cakes with faggots on top of them." Done deal. That accusation can never be disproven.
  5. B_C did Sophie? So you're saying that Idris Alba posts here?
  6. I already posted the proof in the OP. Read the part about islamic state terrorists being left to roam free here and being dubbed "fighters". It has been there for over a day and no one has denied it, so it stands as being accepted until there is some sort of a challenge to the facts or what they mean. You don't really know what you're talking about, do you? FYI, there are varying shades of grey in most things. There are even different degrees of murder. Trudeau betrayed the country to be sure, but there are varying degrees of that too. Come to think of it, I wonder if we ever officially declared war against islamic state, and if we did, was it declared over before Trudeau let the terrorists back in here to go free? It would be an interesting distinction if he let those guys free here when we were technically still at war with them. Truth is that they are still at war with us, but it's not acknowledged by our current government.
  7. If I smuggled 25-30 terrorists into the country would that make me a traitor? Why is it any better when he renames them "fighters" and just legalizes their war crimes?
  8. Putin is like a shark or a snake. You know what you're getting. I can "trust" Putin in a way because I know that he will only do what works out best for his country in the long run. As long as his needs run parallel with ours he can be relied on in a limited way. Much like Stalin could be relied on to fight the Nazis, Putin can be counted to act a certain way. Trudeau is the exact opposite. You could never count on him to do the right thing for Canadians at any point in time, but he's not up front about it. As an example, my ex had a couple friends I hated. One was a huge slut who never pretended to be anything but (I found out she had a threesome in her sauna while she was married, with 2 of her neighbours, just a total pig). The other pretended to be a Christian, but she was just as much of a whore. I never had to tell the first one off because there was no point, it was just like a joke with her. There was an understanding. I had to put the other one in her place right in front of her kid one day when I went to pick him up to bring him to his dad's place. She threatened to call the cops on me. It was epic. But it felt so good. I never felt bad about it for a single second of my life. Trudeau is slut #2. The hypocrit/slut. You literally just want to puke when those two start pontificating. It's bizarre.
  9. I'll do more than just turn my back on this germ geyser, I'm running: https://www.thestar.com.my/lifestyle/health/2017/03/09/beware-snot-and-sneeze Make sure to watch the video. It's completely disgusting.
  10. There would be 1 party left in the US. When the party chose their own leader, that person would become President. There aren't enough Libertarians to fill a football stadium.
  11. With friends like the Demmies? I'm not sure what friends you're talking about. I'd trust Putin more than Trudeau, Biden, AOC, Omar, M Waters, Schiff or Pelosi. Those guys are only ahead of Khomeini, Ahmedinajad & the UN.
  12. Jan 31 he banned passengers who had been to China within 14 days from entering the US. That's 45 days before our PM did even one single thing. We had no social distancing guidelines, no bans on travel, no anything at all that would indicate that we were trying to stop a pandemic from ravaging our coutry. People could get off a plane from China, walk through our crowded airports with no mask or gloves, they didn't have to self-quarantine if they didn't want, they could ride the transit system all day if they wanted and then go eat at any restaurant in the country. Right up until March 19th. Can you tell me even one real action that our village idiot took prior to March 19th? He did make comments about how banning travel was racist and it didn't work, and he said that our risk was low, etc. Seems like our country, our whole economy is shut down now. So tell, me, was "Do absolutely nothing differently until March 19th" a winning strategy?
  13. It's telling that not one person would come out and try to make the point that Trudeau isn't actually a traitor. The only question is, how much of a traitor is he?
  14. Ones doesn't need an apostrophe there, and that's a trite overgeneralization with absolutely zero proof. Kind of the exact opposite of all my claims against Trudeau which had video and which were all accurate and true. I could accuse Trudeau of putting cows on the moon by your standards.
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