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  1. What kind of sick puppy cares so much about the fact that someone put a single wrong word into a tweet? Is that really more worthy of comment than "there are so many sick f___s running around Sri Lanka that they can carry out multiple terrorist attacks at the same time, just to kill people"? This isn't the time or place for your opinion of the POTUS.
  2. There's another way to get that oil. We could just kill the dictators and as many other people as it takes to get a decent government there, but folks like you would call it "racist" or say that it was just "religious bigotry". Why are you even acknowledging that there are dictators out there anyways? Isn't that kind of like admitting that there are shithole countries?
  3. Dependance on foreign makes it a necessity to deal with people who you normally wouldn't. You try to do business with the nicer dictators, and steer clear of the bad ones I guess.
  4. Not true, at all. The muslim minority in Canada is already flexing their muscle with serious terrorist attacks, attempted attacks, hate rallies against Jews, they’re promoting racial division through groups like BLM & women’s marches, and calling for sharia law (just civil law, for now) which runs contrary to our own civil rights. Now it’s a “thing” that muslims like Sarsour can talk trash about our laws, our country, our political parties and our allies while preaching the “glory” of islam but theoretically we can’t talk about the unparalleled evils coming from the rank and file of islam? People bash “whites” and Christianity all day long, no problem. Even Buddhism gets the blame for what happened to the Rohingya. But we’re not supposed to talk about muslims or it’s suddenly bigotry? Sorry but the truth hasn’t been banned yet. We need to be outspoken about what it takes to gain acceptance here. Just crossing the border doesn’t automatically make a person Canadian. Accepting our values and our laws needs to be a requirement and right now it’s not.
  5. Lol The best quote I ever saw about humans was by Q on Star Trek. Capt. Picard and Q needed to fight together against a common enemy and Picard offered to have him on the ship as long as he could be held in check by Picard. He said “Captain, knowing humans as well as you do, would you ever allow yourself to be held powerless by them?” Burn..... total burn. The worst fate imaginable is to be under someone else’s total control.
  6. That’s a lie. No one said “there are no white racists”. You were merely told that they’re not the number one terrorist threat and you refuse to let facts get in the way of your narrative.
  7. When boxed in by logic and facts, leftists turn to accusations and soapbox platitudes. Wait for it.....
  8. Lol, kudos for that one. It’s easily your best post to date imo.
  9. Leftists assign blame where they choose Argus, unless they’re busy making unsubstantiated allegations and placing the burden of proof on the accused. Facts are just a speed bump between them and the soapbox.
  10. So, in other words, you said something stupid and now you're changing the topic. My turn! Egg salad is much healthier than radioactive waste. You should never eat radioactive waste when you can eat egg salad instead.
  11. Of course you have no interest in that debate, because it's not a debate at all. You put yourself in the most untenable position in the history of debating and now you're trying to weasel out of it with a lecture about religious tolerance. Like I said, you lose. I'll spell it out for you: Equating "Christianity's ties to terrorism" with "islamic ties to terrorism" is extremely stupid. If you want to say it, that's fine, it's a free country. Just defend your position with some well-sourced facts or you'll just keep getting called out.
  12. If you can find some examples of Christ committing acts that were akin to terrorism then you can say that the Christchurch attack was motivated by Christianty OK Jacee? I can definitely provide you with well-sourced examples of mohammed committing serious war crimes if you want, but I'm sure that by now you know what they are. I'll tell you right now, you lose and it's not even close.
  13. What a stupid reply. You should be ashamed of yourself. One person was erroneously found guilty and you randomly assign blame to racism with no proof whatsoever, and you are drawing a direct comparison to a person who was actually locked up for a very specific and plainly-stated reason which is based purely on religious bigotry? That's realistic to you? LMAO. Do you get that your own story only has the credibility of "random accusation made by an anonymous internet poster" and the other one is an established fact?
  14. If that's what you call "the lowest of the low" that just speaks to your own ignorance. Trump grabbed vaginas: he didn't chop the heads off of people who surrendered, force their wives and children into slavery and say that it was legal to rape them, and make it legal for middle-aged men to marry young girls and have sex with them. I get that you don't like Trump, but you're trying to compare him to the most evil people who have ever lived. You live in a bubble.
  15. They're both wrong John. But it's people of your ilk, who try to use the images of dead children to spark the next round of hate, who are responsible for those dead kids. Whats your best reason for the existence of terrorism John? Is it because Israel, like Pakistan, was given their own country in the 1940's? Is it because Israel didn't commit genocide against the Palestinians like the Pakistanis did against the Hindus, Sikhs, etc that were in Pakistan when the nation was formed? Would the world be a better place now if Israel did what Pakistan did, and just ethnically cleansed the area so that there were no "refugee camps"? If you can cease to be an extreme religious bigot then you can reconcile yourself with the existence of Israel. If you can reconcile yourself with the existence of Israel then you will cease to justify/support terrorism. If less people justify/support terrorism then there will be less Islamic State jihadis to kill, and less innocent civilians will get caught in the crossfire. You must have loved the fact that Trump stood up to Assad when he gassed those children, right? Just admit it, Trump is your hero.
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