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  1. Not even the slightest attempt to discuss or add facts... just an idiotic blurp. Run along ronnie
  2. Here's the part where you completely ignore every fact in that post and object to the tone of it, or make yet another excuse for her.
  3. Stop being an apologist for the incitement of violence and murder myata. Michelle Obama knew that police officers were being assaulted every day, she knew that innocent people and officers were being killed, she knew that businesses were being looted and burned to the ground, she knew that entire communities were being devastated, and she knew that it was all based on disinformation, yet instead of calling for reason she chose to ramp up the destructive rhetoric. Do you think that she didn't know her words would lead to more violence? Why wasn't the current level of violence en
  4. The god-damned dipshit actually said it: How many rocket attacks are acceptable Joe? What does "significantly less" mean? There were 2,000 (or more) now. Are you ok with 400? That's significantly less. Do you prefer for them to be aimed at schools, hospitals, old age homes, low-income housing, affluent neighbourhoods or what, Joe? I just gotta know.
  5. OK, how many BLM rioters do you think there were myata? Did it just take 200 BLMers to injure 2,000 cops, cause billions of dollars in damages, loot all the stores, burn down all the buildings, and commit all of the violent assaults and murders at all the different BLM riots in all the different cities? If 200 people did all of that damage, killed 20 people, assaulted so many cops and civilians then why was Kamala bailing them out of jail? They're basically super-villains.
  6. Apparently the stammering idiot wants to see "less rocket attacks" on Israel lol. https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/biden-urges-fewer-rocket-attacks-as-israeli-palestianian-conflict-flares-1.9806877 I couldn't find the direct quote from him, but they summed up his comments thusly: I'm gonna write a historical novel called "2,000 Missiles Later..." when this is done. Here's an excerpt: The President of the US shambled into the room and wiped the sweat from his brow, apparently oblivious to the drool running down his chin. He looked squarely at the teleprompter and sta
  7. The actions of the BLM leaders speak for BLM, the Obamas endorsed the rioting when they were in the WH, and even after they were out Michelle was still encouraging kids to "stay angry", "focus their anger" and "never let people tell you not to be angry". There were closer to 200,000 BLM followers participating in rioting than 200.
  8. There's a very good reason why you can't address any single topic that I've brought up, and there are many more. Feel free to go back into your cozy bubble if you don't want to talk myata.
  9. Income inequality is absolutely normal, and is less of a factor in a healthy capitalist society than anywhere else throughout history. Go check it out for yourself. The problem with being poor in America now is that there's extreme competition for low-end housing now because there's so much illegal immigration. It's not like homelessness didn't exist 6 months ago, and now there are 180,000 people apprehended at the border every month, plus all the people who slip by. That's a whole new wave of abject poverty, plus the fact that Americans looking for low-end housing and low-end jobs
  10. Exactly. We all knew that he was a sacrificial lamb right from the get go. A 'Nigel Wright' as it were. Only this time there was an actual scandal with tens of millions of dollars paid out, not just a $90K 'whatever Duffygate was'.
  11. Sorry that you had to be the bearer of bad news, but that decision was either 1) a joke or 2) more evidence that we no longer live in a properly functioning democracy. From your link: Why didn't Trudeau need to recuse himself? He was involved with We in the most unseemly way imaginable: https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/trudeau-government-contributed-1-18-million-to-we-day-event-in-2017-during-which-pms-mother-was-likely-paid-to-speak There's already a track record here of Trudeau soliciting We to host events where his mom ended up getting paid to speak.She made over
  12. The exact people that had you sucked in for most of the last ten years just sucked you in again, and you're asking their stupid questions instead of 'critically thinking'. If you're keeping score, I correctly stated [paraphrasing] that leftists are the biggest group of muppets since the German people blindly followed Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, and you're getting bogged down talking about how many people supported 2 hrs of unarmed riots. I'm talking about a class 6 hurricane, you're talking about a tempest in a teapot. Leftists lovingly gobbled up tens of thousands of doses of blata
  13. Lol. The biggest thing that you can find out of the last 7 years is 90 minutes of quazi-rioting at the capitol by less than 200 people myata? What you fail to understand is that conservatives don't agree with what happened either. We don't act like it was a myth or it was peaceful. It's just not at all what liberal sycophants make it out to be. The actions of 200 unarmed people don't speak for over 100M.
  14. If you realize that 'income inequality' was a bullshit response (because 1) destroying the middle class is the surest way to create income inequality, which is a primary goal of Biden and other leftists and 2) being poor in the US, aside from in Democrat states, isn't nearly as bad as it is in most other countries on earth), big tech is the only thing cited that points at America. Not at all. Conservatives were well aware of shadow banning, the false/discriminatory use of fact-checking, etc but it took a long time for the rest of the world to be forced to acknowledge it. It took some
  15. It's not lame at all, it's quite an accurate counter to your post. I'll grant you that maybe there are some places on this earth where leftists don't lack the ability to think for themselves but none of them have that ability in America or they wouldn't be leftists. I'm not kidding when I say that everyone who considers themselves a demonrat was sucked in by all of the things that I mentioned (unless they're manipulators), and more. Do you think that you can cite some leftists who spoke out strongly against the violent riots of 2014-2016 or 2020? The collusion hoax? Can you find som
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