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  1. Wow, so that's what it's like for a religion/culture to progress.
  2. 1)That's idiocy. You saw how easily the US wiped out the Iraqi army. You don't think that Europe and NA could squash the ME countries if they wanted to? 2)If islam isn't a problem, then why is it that as soon as there's any instability over there they all just start stabbing each other? It's like a real-life version of the movie The Purge. 3)There's a problem with religion in general, Islam is just the worst of a bad lot.
  3. You can tell how evil people are by what kinds of things they (eyeball) can justify.
  4. You're spouting the exact type of ignorance that justifies the next wave of terrorist attacks. Islamic terrorist attacks didn't just start in 1947, or 1914. Look at what happened in southern Europe for centuries before the crusades started, or what happened in India once Europe was no longer a soft target. Google Banu Qurayza for a glimpse of what can be "justified". Compare that to anything that big, bad Donald Trump has ever done. And for that matter, can you tell me what's the worst thing that Trump has ever done? Trump inherited a lot of enormous messes, with bodies piling up everywhere. What's Trump's body count eyeball? And don't count the people killed by Iranian missiles, only a small percentage of people on the planet are stupid enough to believe that.
  5. 18.8% lol. The point-eight makes it look soooo official and accurate. We've seen this kind of stat trotted out before by apologist groups. They count things like graffiti on the side of a church as a terrorist attack. Sorry but that's not terrorism it's just idiocy. Apologists don't get to create their own watered-down definition of what a terrorist attack is and then use it to build a false narrative. We know what actual terrorist attacks are. Terrorist attacks, like the ones in the list on wiki which you neglected to comment on (elephant in the room again), are committed by people who have the intent to maim or kill to further a religious/political cause. It's the same as the definition of rape (now sexual assault). If a girl on a date gets naked but she doesn't want to be touched on the vagina, and she gets touched on the vagina, it's called sexual assault, just like it's called sexual assault if a group of guys breaks into a girl's apartment and pin her down, beat her, and force themselves on her. They're clearly not the same thing, but they fit neatly into the same statistical category so idiots can now say "xx.x% of the girls on Yyyyyy Campus get sexually assaulted every year". It's great for activists but it diminishes the seriousness of actual rape, which is it's own type of heinous, violent criminal activity. Broadening the definition of something to the point where it no longer accurately describes anything isn't a positive evolution of the language.
  6. I’m not trying to insult you or your post, I just don’t have time to reply to it all. The vast majority of Muslims live in countries with laws that are extremely bigoted towards people of minority religions. Bigoted to the point where minorities are afraid for their wives and children if they don’t convert. Bigoted to the point where women are forced to wear islamic head coverings or they face harassment, violence, rape, or jail time. The simple fact of the matter is if you wanna live in a Muslim majority country you’re not safe unless you’re a Muslim yourself. If the vast majority of the people there opposed this type of behaviour then it wouldn’t really be a thing.
  7. Go to google, type in “number of terrorist attacks in [pick a month and year]” and look at the list of attacks that comes up. See how many were Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Wiccans, Jews, etc. Do the math. I know that doesn’t mean all muslims are terrorists, but it shows that almost all terrorists are muslims. We shouldn’t be racing to bring in as many as we can from the countries with the highest terrorism rates, and countries where religious bigotry is enforced by the government.
  8. Your reply is very politically correct, but if you're being truly honest, you're just an expert at ignoring the elephant in the room. There are over 100 terrorist attacks on the planet, month after month, and 99% of them come from 1/4 of the earth's population. You can consider that to come from pure randomness if you want, but people who can do simple math can use that info to make predictions about next month and the month after that. You stick to your religion and your strict moral compass to try to predict the future and I'll use math, thanks. FYI I'm well aware of my threshold for violence and I've never come close to being charged for any kind of assault, I don't care what you want to surmise from my posts. I tell the truth, it's usually uncomfortable for people in the post-truth age, so what? Trudeau still hasn't found a way to criminalize it, try though he may.
  9. You're the one who said that you feared committing acts of unreasonable violence. Why? I literally never feel like I will commit an unreasonable act of violence so I just want a peek into the mind of someone who does, or did. You're putting the cart before the horse. The history of violence is the reason for the commentary on the history of violence. I didn't find some random reason to make stuff up. Be a student of history, not a purveyor of bullshit. 1) It's not easy to be violent Rue. Never. 2) Who said I was violent? Then don't use violence. Any more questions?
  10. You're wrong on both accounts. CBC frames this as Donald Trump vs Iran, and Canada is not with America at all as long as Trudeau is PM. Trudeau's statement that: is his own watered-down way of shifting blame away from Iran and placing some of it on Trump. With friends like Trudeau who needs enemies?
  11. What reason could you possibly have to be violent if you don't have anything to worry about? That sounds disturbing Rue. I have never worried about my potential to be violent without reason. I don't even step on ants or earthworms. (but I confess that I don't go all Buddhist and move earthworms out of the way so that I can dig a hole)
  12. But you already said: So clearly you did speak on behalf of all Jews. You talk about putting words in people's mouths Rue, yet you call me anti-immigrant and then you quote me as saying "Netanyahu hates all muslims"? WTF? I said Netanyahu one single time before this post so it should be extremely easy for you to show me where I said that he hates all muslims..... Liar. What do you think the IDF spends on counter-terrorism per year Rue? Twenty bucks? Two hundred bucks? A million dollars? One hundred million dollars....? Now we're getting somewhere. So tell me....wise one..... if Netanyahu doesn't fear islamic terrorism then why does he spend so much money on counter-terrorism? Is he worried about fellow Jews committing acts of domestic terrorism? What percent of the hundreds of millions of dollars that Netanyahu spends on counter-terrorism is to protect the Israelis from Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Taoists, Wiccans, Zoroastrians, Yazidis, Atheists, and Jews, and what percent is to protect them from one single religion's terrorists Rue? Why do I have to go through metal detectors and throw my water bottle in the garbage when I go through security at the airport Rue? How much money is spent on this planet to protect people from islamic terrorism and how much is spent to protect us from all other terrorist groups combined Rue? I know you won't answer. Here check this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_June_2016 That's just one month. 187 terrorist attacks globally. How many of them come from that certain 1/4 of the earth's population? Again, you won't answer. You live in denial. Kudos to you for your ability to stick your head in the sand. That's fine, just don't blame me for the 75 lb turd while you're exonerating the elephant in the room Rue.
  13. My first two comments aren't contradictory, read them again. And you're the one who said you live in fear, not me, look back at your own post. You weren't elected king of the jews Rue, you don't speak for all of them. Netanyahu doesn't seem to think that there's nothing to worry about. And don't say I'm anti-immigrant, I'm anti-stupidity. Brining in so many people from the world's biggest terrorist shithole that they couldn't vet any of them, when al-Baghdadi was telling the terrorists to mix in with the refugees, was stupid. When Trudeau denied that there was a genocide going on and decided that we didn't need to help the Christians and Yazidis that was stupid. I'm against both of those things. Now we have hate rallies on our streets and we have dozens of returning islamic state terrorists (or fighters, if you believe Ayatollah Trudeau).
  14. Leaders of Islamic State named Canada and the west a target. Surely not everyone who comes here comes for that reason, but they didn't all come for jobs and to get along with others. Hence the bigots-only housing.
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