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  1. Lol, I wonder if her insurance will even cover her if she gets a distracted driving charge.
  2. The Dems land all of their body blows with baseless accusations, and Trump is pretty good at dishing out I told ya so's when the dust finally settles and the truth is out. People who support the President get tired of seeing the Dems lying about everything regarding the President, combined with their absolute failure to acknowledge the things that he has done really well on. Sentiments like "Suleimani was a beloved father figure among Iranians" and "Peace agreements between Israel and other countries in the middle east is no big deal" don't sit will with anyone who has more than h
  3. Candace is great, it would be interesting to see what would happen if she ran. I'd also like to see Dinesh D'Souza or Ben Shapiro run, just because I'd love to see someone try to win a debate against either of them. Can you imagine a debate between Biden and Shapiro? LMAO, it would like a fight between a pit-bull and a rabbit. He speaks too fast for Biden to even have a clue what he was talking about. DeSantis in Fla will be a really strong candidate if he ever runs, imo. He's a solid conservative in a state that's generating really high support from the latino community.
  4. Why is it that every time I challenge a Dem sycophant to come up evidence of what they pretend to know, they always come up with blanks? They just know that Fox News only tells lies 24/7, but they can't find a single specific example. I've posted thousands of actual lies by CNN on this site, no one has disproven anything I wrote about CNN's lying, but people still regurgitate their drivel. "The Dems go high" is a common refrain from Demmies, but I have never seen an example of it. I have plenty of examples of them slithering through the gutter though. It's a daily occurrence. When w
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/elections/2016/results/president Col, Minn and NM are the only only real 'fly-over' states that were blue. Illinois is the only other state that went blue that's in the middle of America and 3/4 of the population of Illinois is in the Chicago MSA. There are about 23 red states that would be considered 'fly-over' states. With a final tally of red 23-3 blue, fly-over states are not "blue". Here's a pretty cool page. It has maps of which party won, by county, and maps that shows how much each county was won by. The Dems won by a very large margin in a few
  6. LMAO. You can't even name one time in the last 6 years that "the Dems went high", can you? That's a myth. Michelle Obama panders to racists and rioters every chance she gets. The Dems call violent protests where police and innocent bystanders are attacked "mostly peaceful". 2 billion dollars worth of damage and dozens of people murdered = mostly peaceful. Gerry Nadler said that the rioting in Portland was a myth, after it had been going on for 100 days. People there went to the extent of cementing doors shut and trying to start the building on fire. But it's a myth. There
  7. It's a total answer. The Dems have done nothing but lie and slither for 30 years. They told dozens of unforgivable lies just on the Kavanaugh confirmation alone, and you want me to care that Lindsey Graham is going back on his word from 4 years ago? LMAO. FYI the worst kind of lying there is, is fabricating to malign the character of another human being. That type of lying is at the very core of who the Dems are. They did it to Kavanaugh, they did it to Trump, they did it to Carter Page, they did it to Flynn, they are still doing it to police officers on a daily basis.
  8. To be honest, RBG was an SCJ in name only for the last year+. She was too sick to work and she should have resigned a long time ago. This is an appointment that should have been done last year.
  9. Do you notice that all the leftists avoid this topic like the plague? They know why this happened but they'll never admit to it.
  10. So you think that Canadian culture is the best culture on earth? I actually don't think you have it in you to say that.
  11. She's like the poster thing for the Democrat party.
  12. The Dems broke from norms of adulthood 30 years ago and they never looked back. Their attacks on Bork, Kavanaugh and Thomas were the absolute worst of human behaviour. The Dems can't give anyone anything right now, but seeing as they already opined that maybe there need to be 6 more judges on the SC, what if the GOP wins the election and keep control of the senate? The SC could be 12-3 in favour of the GOP. How do you like them apples? The Dems are worthless scum.
  13. The people under duress in a country are usually the ones suffering from things like genocide and enslavement. Not the ones inflicting those things on minorities. If we could go back in time to WWII and rescue some refugees from Germany, should we take German refugees or Jewish ones? Im asking for a Liberal friend, because he is retarded.
  14. It was favouritism. That's what it was. Not just a bit of favouritism mind you, it was a lot of favouritism, to a lot of people, and it came at the cost of our safety. People have been assaulted and killed as a result of this mere "favouritism". That's why it's a real topic.
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