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  1. Fixed, to comply with new social media regulations.
  2. It's not the metric system, it's a mix of inflation brought about by the Liberals' spending, Trudeau's carbon taxes, and the federal government's all out assault on pipelines & the oil sector. The Liberals want you to stop driving a car, period. RIDE THE BUS, PEON! The cost of gas won't stop Trudeau from flying his chosen propagandists from CTV and CBC all across Canada to gloss over his election campaign, it won't stop climate activists like DiCaprio & J Kerry from cruising in private jets and yachts, but it will affect our bottom line greatly. It sucks to be a capitalist bearing the brunt of a socialist government's spending/taxation, but here we are.
  3. The only option that we have is to acknowledge that CBC is a disinformer, and to treat them accordingly. They can't be allowed to control social media, period. It's not enough to allow liberal or conservative demagogues in small communities to have their own websites, getting honest reporting/information to 4% of the population isn't a solution.
  4. Excellent post up to this point. We don't actually have the technology to fight back, the leftist government controls the owners of the companies who own that technology. As a result, free speech - even when true - is being criminalized. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/covid-misinformation-disinformation-law-1.5532325 Did you see what happened to Parler when they gave the POTUS a platform to speak? Big Tech cut them off in a heartbeat. They didn't stand a chance. FYI CBC is a spreader of disinformation on a daily basis. For example, the amount of disinformation that came out about HCQ from the western politicians & media was legendary, blatantly false, and anyone with the internet could find incontrovertible proof of those lies within seconds. Yet these disinformers are the exact people who are calling for the right to be the fact-checking police for all of us. CBC can lie all they want with impunity and they'll always reserve that right because they'll control the fact-checkers, and if you confront them with the truth in the future, you could very well face a fine. Fines are one of the ultimate forms of punishment because they're issued unilaterally and then the onus is suddenly on you to prove that you're innocent. You can either take time off work to attend a trial to get out of paying the fine, or go to work for nothing that day because you have to pay their fine, but even if you do show up, you could get a judge who was appointed by the same people who appointed the fact-checkers. Then what? Welcome to China/NoKo/Iran/Russia, etc. No one will express themselves freely in a world where the government of CBC's lackeys can just keep on issuing fines against you. You'll have the Trudeau flunkies spouting disinformation at will and no one will be able to say jack.
  5. Exactly. An example of panic is when the people who called for "defunding the police" suddenly hear gunshots just a coupe of blocks away from their 5-star dining experience. "OMG! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! THIS IS ONLY SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN IN THE BLACK COMMUNITIES! GET THE COPS HERE - NOW!!!!!!!!!!!" Jim Acosta just remembered why he loves police the other day, but he won't say it.
  6. That's an obvious lie. Who's cheering when 'vaccination targets' aren't met? I'm not vaccinated but I'm glad that lots of people have been. Technically, no one is 'cheering' Biden's failure - people are just pointing out the fact that Biden is every bit as much of a dismal idiot as we said he was. It's more of an exercise in dolt-shaming the leftists who supported Biden, voted for him, and who still try to act like he's an idiot who also happens to be well on his way to senility. It's sad how he is failing the country, it's nothing to celebrate.
  7. The sad fact is that people can grow up on a completely different planet within the same small town. Some people's whole mentality was formed in a place of complete misery and mistrust. It's easy for us to think "They just have to learn to work hard and to trust people" but that's like asking a hyena to become best friends with a lion or asking liberal to think for themselves. Once your brain is wired through your childhood it's not easy to swap all the circuitry. "Give me a child until he's 7 and I'll show you the man...." I'll grant you that harsh circumstances can sometimes create the strongest people, but that's a low-percentage outcome. A lot of people will be unable to overcome a really high level of adversity. Instead of trying to force them to become normal you may just have to help them cope with the life they live.
  8. Don Lemon's deceitfulness is in full view there. If Trump was badgered for thirty minutes and then stammered and blurted out a single incomprehensible bafflegab like that, Lemon would give a hellfire and brimstone speech about "MENTALLY UNFIT!!!!! OMG HE'S GOT ACCESS TO THE CODES!!!!!!!!" Instead, Joe is given the morning to rest and then he's lobbed some softball questions and his brain gets discombobulated. "Joe's a Demonrat. Joe is to be protected and his shortcomings are to be glossed over at all costs." Part of me doesn't blame Lemon for protecting Joe. The alternative is Satan.
  9. Dumber than Trudeau? Joe is no longer fluent in the only language that he speaks. His advanced state of cognitive decline is visible from outer uh, big dark thing with uh, shiny dots and the uh, excuse me, we all know the thing!? I um, expect it's underway, uh, quickly. I got hairy legs.
  10. We're a few really bad pandemics away from underpopulation being a problem. Honestly, if you look at the world from the POV of: "What population is required for the really rich people who control everything to live in ultimate luxury?" that number has steadily been going down for the past few decades. It used to take billions of people to scour all corners of the earth to dig up precious materials, harvest all kinds of rare delectables from the seas and forests, build machines/gadgets/skyscrapers/cities & infrastructure, and to cook, clean, deliver and maintain it all. Because of the industrial revolution, and more recently the rise of IT, robotics and other modern advancements, there's no longer any advantage to having 7 billion people around. No one in the US even cares that Gov Cuomo sent a horde of C19-infected people into care homes, which resulted in the deaths of several thousand seniors (aka non-productive consumers). In the eyes of the people who make the decisions, overpopulation is a massive problem.
  11. Then our communist-style government, along with their media lapdogs, took total control of the narrative and tried to act like all of our covid came from Europe. "Look, we have some fake science that says so!" Over 26,000 people died here 'from covid' but Canadian liberals are so stupid that they think the government fought covid effectively. By comparison, Japan has several times our population, their density is 100x higher than ours, and somehow we have 66% more c19 deaths than they do. Hmmmmm.
  12. Not all types of trauma can be overcome, despite what life coaches will try to sell us. Being raped as a child, the death of one's child, losing a limb.... There are things that we can't wish away. As a society we can't just expect everyone to 'walk it off' lol. Life can really suck.
  13. If there were only 2,000,000 couples on earth, and they always have 2,000,000 kids in each generation, will the population remain the same, grow, or shrink? Unless you live in a perfect world where every child grows to adulthood and has children, the population drops. It's not math, it's common sense.
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