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  1. I read somewhere before that it was the Harper gov't that created the law that barred companies which were convicted of crimes from bidding on federal contracts for ten years. Can't find that on google though. All that comes up is a bunch of "Harper ethics breaches" lol.
  2. Does that have something to do with access to oil in the Arctic? First I ever heard about it.
  3. You make sense based on your limited understanding of the world. If you had a conversation with a 4 year old you'd get the same answers. It's cute, it just doesn't work in real life. "Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it." Here's a typical kindergarten/GH sentiment: "If we stopped having soldiers we could have free doctors for everyone!" (sorry kids, history has shown that if you have a problem with paying for an army then you have a problem with being killed, raped, enslaved, etc. Doctors can only save lives when they're protected by soldiers.) "We could solve world hunger if we stopped eating meat and just grew vegetables". (Sorry kids but world hunger is a moving target. If you feed 7B then you eventually have 12B, and you still have world hunger. Sadly, lack of population control = world hunger.) FWIW, you're the one who brought up the subject of making room in the budget for military spending vs healthcare. And yes GH, I make sense, I'm just saying things that you don't understand, or things that you don't want to admit are true. I think I can say something that we can both agree on. There was a character named Q on a Star Trek series and, long story short, he was usually the antagonist but in one episode the Trekkies and Q needed to team up to ensure their mutual survival. The Trekkies offered for him to stay on their ship but "he would have to agree to be bound in a manner that restricted him from being able to wield his immense magic." Q's reply was "Captain Picard, knowing humans as well as you do, would you ever allow yourself to be held powerless by them?" Oh snap. That's a gotcha moment if there ever was one. Right? Surely you must understand then, that opting to not have an army is like allowing yourself to eventually be at the mercy of your enemies? The US is a wealthy country with a lot of natural resources and beautiful places to live. To not protect a country like that is like walking around with $50,000 in your pocket, wearing a t-shirt that says "I have $50K in my pocket". That might be cute at 3:00 pm in the mall, but at 1:00 am you wouldn't walk through Compton like that.
  4. I guess that the whole world could just rely on that then, right? Something that has happened once will always happen in the future, right? Good to know. I guess that you didn't understand the meaning of "if Iran was our neighbour instead of the US"? Maybe they couldn't handle swimming in the kiddie pool anymore? It gets exasperating after a while, explaining the exact same things over and over again. The necessity of military power is quite on topic GH. You probably couldn't be any more on the topic of the US election than weighing the necessity of a military vs dropping military spending entirely just to increase healthcare coverage. You make a good point that maybe 40M people would get better health care coverage in your scenario. So ask yourself, if the US ceases to be a world power would there be 40M casualties? (Hint: before you answer, find out how many of their own people the Chinese government killed between 1940 and 1970) Whatever. Not on topic, right? Hey I'll jump at the chance to hop out of your kiddie pool.
  5. It's really pathetic how weak their candidates are. That's why CNN is pushing the "all Republican voters are racists" and "Republicans force immigrants to drink from toilets" BS so hard. It's literally all they have. Side note, if they're successful, and they manage to get Elizabeth Warren elected, would America have their first Commander in Chief who's really a Chief
  6. Wrong again. If you have a strong enough military then you don't get attacked. Would Canada attack the US? Nope. Not even if we wanted to (explain that to Bastile John). It would be suicide. Would Iran attack Canada if they were our neighbour instead of the US? Yup. All the women in this country would be wearing hijabs and those of us who didn't convert to islam would be dead or enslaved. If you don't understand these kinds of things that's ok, not everyone does. We'll just take your opinion fwiw.
  7. The problem is that you don't understand the net effect of what you posted. You're one of about 4 people here who just heard a big "swoosh" when they red that, and that's only if Bastile John reads posts in threads that he didn't start. You know how those crazy sayings like "a stitch in time saves nine" never made any sense to you? This is one of those things. You can't let the world go to hell in a handbasket and then just miraculously put all the toothpaste back in the tube. Yes GH, the US could fund healthcare, stop military spending and just see what happens. See what China does when they're the ones with the best nukes and the best missile defences and the biggest navy and the best fighter planes..... They've got such a great human rights track record in their own country, I'm sure they'll be just as nice if they control the world.
  8. 1) I wouldn't be surprised if those plans would have ground to a halt if a Dem got elected in 2016, just like $140 Billion worth of investment in Alberta pipelines went away within the first 2 years of the Trudeau government. I don't know if Trump helped keep that plant going and 'Time would never tell'. 2) You're using one specific event to try and prove a series of things, and that's not how it works. Obama was a horrible President. In case you forgot there was widespread arson, looting and rioting all over the US for his last two years and islamic state went from a "JV terrorist group" to being a 280,000 sq km country committing genocide (denied by Trudeau) under his watch. He couldn't possibly have been a bigger failure domestically or on foreign affairs.
  9. Trudeau is in a threesome with the ayatollah and al-baghdadi. Didn’t you see the selfies? If you don’t follow Trudeau’s Twitter feed you’re a RACIST!
  10. OMG, there you go again with your wisdom. “Gabbard is the best because she’s taking time off of being the leader of the free world to go camp in a tent and shoot blanks at other kids!” LMAO So, if she’s elected President, and they need peacekeepers in Angola, does she stay and run the country or does she go dig latrines and carry sandbags?
  11. It’s $3 for every man, woman and child. BOX OF BAND-AIDS FOR EVERYONE! #LetThemUseJohnson&Johnson
  12. Omfg GH, you have the wisdom of a small child. If all Americans had health care but Germany won WWII would we be better off? Should the US just get a really good twitter account and tgen they won’t need fighter planes anymore? Maybe Trump is way ahead of you on that one.
  13. Yeah, that's such a thing. I'm like that guy who says 0+0>2. Oh no wait, that was a liberal, in this thread, just a few minutes ago.
  14. Is that your pacman emoji? mange, mange, mange
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