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  1. I almost died laughing when I saw this. You were sucked in by Russian collusion, Ukrainian collusion, Dr Ford, BLM, Antifa and every other bogus story that CNN vomited out without any evidence whatsoever. The photo of the email shown right there is FAR MORE EVIDENCE THAN YOU'VE EVER ACTUALLY SEEN of Russian collusion and that was a 3 yr-investigation that you SWORE by. You're the last person on earth who should be accusing other people of spreading misinformation on purpose.
  2. You're still wrong on every count that I mentioned. 1) There's no mention of construction workers here, 2) the parade was a memorial day parade that the KKK just went into, your cite doesn't say otherwise, and 3) there's still no evidence that Trump was a member of the KKK there. Re: #3 - you're citing wikipedia there, and that's a living document. I can submit a change to wiki tomorrow. No archived historical documents name Trump as a kkk member, or at least nothing that you have provided. Go fish.
  3. There's a WashPo ad at the bottom of my page lol. Are they stupid? Do they think I have enough birds to need their daily paper, or do they think that I'd subscribe to the online version when I can just watch CNN tell the exact same lies for free while I'm watching Brian Stelter's puffy little head turn red?
  4. Get your facts straight Argus. 1) It was a Memorial Day Parade, not a KKK rally, 2) your link doesn't actually prove anything so I don't know why you chose it. There's nothing about renters or construction workers in it either
  5. Lol. "C'mon, man! I got way hairier legs than you, because I come from a long line of coal miners. The kids LOOOVE my hairy legs. And just because I graduated near the top of my class doesn't mean I'm a wimp, either. I'll take you out behind the woodshed just like I did to Corn Pop you lying dog-faced pony soldier! And just in case there was ever any doubt, my Ukrainian collusion is bigger than your Ukrainian collusion, ya know what I mean Jack? I doubt it, because even I don't know wth I'm saying half the time."
  6. For Democrats, that would be considered "A VAST TREASURE TROVE OF INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE!!!!!" How much evidence did you ever SEE from CNN's whole Russian collusion carnival BubberMiley Did you see a picture of an incriminating email Bubber Could you pass it on please? The rest of North America missed it Just remember that during the whole Russian collusion investigation, whatever 'evidence' the Dems/FBI 'had', no one was ever allowed to see it Not even the chairman of the intel committee or the AG. In fairness to the Dems, part of the reason they didn't shar
  7. Many people know how to fact check, and even a left-leaning fact-checker like politifake says that your claim is unsupported: https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2019/mar/28/facebook-posts/heres-whats-known-about-fred-trumps-arrest-after-k/ Many people know that Kamala Harris's great grandmother was an ACTUAL slave-owner, and that Kamala slept her way to the top by dating a 60 yr old mayor for months when she was only 29. Many people know that Joe Biden created THE MOST RACIST BILL of the last 30 years and that he OPPOSED INTERRACIAL BUSSING because he didn't want to create an 'urb
  8. Benghazi was never 'debunked' in any way, shape or form that benefitted Hillary Clinton. Hillary's fake reason for why the attack occurred was debunked, if that's what you're talking about. Simple fact is that Hillary/Obama got no help whatsoever to the troops in Benghazi for 13 hours. They could have gotten a weather ballon to Benghazi in that period of time. It was a gross display of casual disregard for the men and women who put their lives on the line to serve their country. Trump's reaction to a similar incident in Iraq was remarkably different. That was no 13 hr ramble
  9. Apparently Jill Biden was on The View today and they never even asked about Ukraine or China. Not even to make the Russian collusion accusation. At the next debate Biden seriously needs to answer to the Ukrainian quid pro quo question, for Hunter's millions there, and he has to atone for his lack of action when Antifa and BLM were destroying the country and killing people. "I wasn't in office" isn't an excuse. The scuzzy Obamas were anointing the rioters as God's chosen ones while they were out of the Whitehouse. Biden could have spoken up as well.
  10. Nope, and don't worry. I'm not gonna get in your lane. TBH, I guess that I shouldn't be surprised if someone dumb enough to join the Taliban would also be dumb enough not to want Hillary to get elected, but I can't for the life of me think of anything that she did at Benghazi to alienate terrorist voters. 1) Police knelt on Tony Timpa's neck for 13 minutes. What's your point? 2) Screaming bystanders does not de-escalate a situation, just in case you were wondering 3) The police had several minutes to make a better decision and they didn't do it. There's a good chance that it wa
  11. This version of "all people experience police brutality, blacks just moreso" is a greatly toned-down version from your original crap about how "So you think segregation laws in the Jim Crow South weren’t at the forefront of daily life? Even after the civil rights era, it was and always has been at the forefront of daily life if you are black. And riots were frequent enough Just because people like you have spent your entire life blind and oblivious to the racism and racial tension all around you doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. " People of colour get treated the same as white people in Ca
  12. Eventually that info won't be there anymore. Side note: They say that every new "age" has a shorter span of time. IE, the Stone Age was tens of thousand of years, the bronze age was 2,000 years, stone age was approximately the same, the Rennaisance was a few hundred years, the industrial age was 100 years, the Atomic age less, Space Age even less, the disinformation age was less again... They also say that history is constantly being re-written, and it seems to me as though the length of time that it takes for history to be rewritten is also changing. There aren'
  13. Fake news outlets like CNN and MSNBC are scrambling to make the claim that Russians are responsible for the leaked information from Hunter Biden's laptops, but according to America's most reliable and most-watched cable news outlet, Fox News, the source of the leaked emails is a computer repair shop owner who actually did have access to Hunter's emails. Originally we were being told that Hunter was making $30K/mo at Burisma, now it's said that he was actually making over $80,000/month from Burisma. Hunter admitted that he only got the Burisma job because of who his dad is and the vi
  14. Yeah, and we all believe that they really like him lol.
  15. TBH, not many people know much about the Proud Boys. I personally don't, even after a Google search. I found out that they hate Antifa, and they've fought with them on at least one occasion, but that just means they're not members of the alt-left. The alt-left media describes them as "violent white supremacists" because of their fight with Antifa, but a lot of the Proud Boys are black and latino - and blacks and latinos aren't typically white supremacists. Believe it or not you need to explain that to some people. What can I say - leftists are extremely stupid for the most part
  16. "This is absolute proof that Antifa doesn't exist, and it's also proof that if they do exist, they're not fascists." - Joe "coal miner turned Valedictorian" Biden.
  17. This forms the basis of a very good "letter to the editor" imo. If you flesh that out with some cites and go into greater detail then you'll have written something that all Canadians should see. Not a lot of people who write about native issues do it with much common sense, understanding or accuracy. There's always a political agenda and a side of guilt to go with it.
  18. You are being racially divisive by advancing a racially divisive and false message. You're actually fear-mongering against police. That's a fact. FYI police are not committing genocide against blacks, they're not even in the top 20 killers of black people. Black people, even criminals who are black, are completely safe when they're being arrested if they're just polite. Sharks and murderers are still dangerous if you're polite with them. Police are not. Therefor, police are not dangerous. It's just your own stupidity that gets you killed. Eg, if Brionna's boyfriend hadn't
  19. OMG, how old are you, honestly? Your petulance far outweighs your common sense. Colin Kaepernick has free speech. But the SC ruled that "you don't have free speech at work". If you invest $100,000 to start BeaverFever Coffee can your employee wear a T-Shirt to work there that says "I hate Jews"? When people are outside your store protesting and customers can't get in, and when your store is being constantly vandalized and you're losing a ton of money every month, do you have to keep letting that girl wear her free speech shirts? Of course not, that's just stupid. The NFL doesn't
  20. I'm hoping for an election because TBH I still don't believe in polling data that has liberals ahead so comfortably. If it's really true, then Canadians truly are the dumbest sheeple on the planet.
  21. I Googled it. Apparently the FN people used to spear and gaffe lobster close to shore. That's not a thing anymore, there aren't any lobster close enough to shore these days.
  22. 1) It's not racism. It's fish schism. 2) Did they even fish for lobster before Columbus came? I'm not really a big believer that the FN should suddenly have new rights to do things that they never did traditionally. I'm not saying that they shouldn't be allowed to fish for lobster if they never did it before, they should just face the same restrictions as others if they just started in 1800. Side note: I'm still not down with them using canons to hunt whales either. If they wanna be badass and kill whales old skool, maybe. They can even produce a tv show that will make fishing for cr
  23. "I will take my ball and go home if you keep calling me a cheater!" - a bunch of 7 yr olds and the PM of Canada.
  24. Too funny. At least someone said that about you lol. Not even my own mom would say that about me.
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