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  1. Officially Twitter says that O'Keefe had multiple accounts but we all know that his success in exposing CNN's lies is the main reason for his lifetime ban. https://nypost.com/2021/04/14/cnn-staffer-tells-project-veritas-network-played-up-covid-19-death-toll-for-ratings/ There's a boatload of Project Veritas videos out there proving that everything that I've been saying (as were InfidelDog, Shady, Dog on Porch, taxme, oftenwrong, etc ) about CNN is 100% true. This is the video where CNN's Technical Director is talking about how they intentionally sell covid fear for ratings, but there
  2. What in this country isn't these days? Even O'Toole, Kenney and Ford are like Trudeau's mini-mes. If it gets any worse here AOC could run for PM.
  3. Another things that the Dems are doing which resonates with mega-corporations is their covid fear mongering. It's decimating small businesses while it's helping them rake in cash. When I go to small stores here they sometimes have a lineup outside waiting to get in, and they know they'll be shut down if a Karen snaps a photo with 8 people in it. Some people just go elsewhere instead of waiting. The doors of Home Depot etc are wide open. States like Texas and Florida are the exact opposite of what Amazon wants to see. The Dems and Fauci are their friend.
  4. I'll give the Devil his due... There's a brilliance to the way that the Dems can put a smelly bow on a shit sandwich and get their peons to gobble it up like it's the cure for cancer. That's it. It's literally the only compliment that I can give to the Dems, and I feel like I need to scour my soul now, MacBeth-style.
  5. In order for that to be satire it would have to fall into the 'humour' category, but it's actually quite a perfect picture of what idiots like Don "Racist" Lemon are portraying as the actual state of affairs in America.
  6. 1) It's actually awesome that he's suing that guy, but I doubt that he can get a lot out of him. I'm guessing that his Nikes are his most valuable asset. 2) It's ridiculous how leftists try so hard to make believe that some things said by white people are racist when they're not ( even the race-baiters at CNN used to acknowledge that problem ) but this is a disgusting level of racism and I doubt it will go viral. Do you know if CNN touched on this story?
  7. Yup. The 'adult in the WH' is like their main theme. Whenever Joe mumbles something they never have to notice that he tripped over his words again, they don't have to weigh the merits of his statement or discuss the long and short term ramifications of it, they just have to throw out a platitude because leftists never tire of them. They also like: 'he's what we needed at this moment' (they use that on his appointees as well, but it sounds a lot like - 'we know he sucks but he'll do for now'), and his speech was like a big hug (*barf*).
  8. According to the Dems poor black people don't know how to get ID to vote but poor white do it with ease. They come to that conclusion non-racistly though....... I'm not quite sure how they do it.
  9. I never said anyone should attack anyone, I didn't even bring up the fact that they did attack anyone. You did that. I correctly said that new immigrants are undercutting people for low-end jobs and affordable housing, and corporate America LOVES that. You insinuated that I was wrong, and that my dishonest comment was the kind of thing that caused racial violence, then you told a story which proved that I was actually correct. RTL - Middle class and poor people in America will take a big hit under Biden's presidency, but the most heartless Americans at the very top of the food chain
  10. It's boring if you watch CNN and their 24/7 coverage of rainbows coming out of Biden's butt, but the reality is that the American navy is doing u-turns at Putin's command, the POTUS sees things and flops around like a fish on the stairs (it used to be the end of the world when a POTUS slipped once, now when the POTUS goes down like Nancy Kerrigan it's not noticeable), their UN ambassador is declaring the American democracy a failed state, the VP is ignoring orders from the senile one, rioting is suddenly cool again, the US had two terrorist attacks in Biden's first 3 months, and all the bad ac
  11. Right RTL. The violence was because of a fake perception that new immigrants were working for less money than people could afford to work for 'on the books', and not because they were finding it harder than ever to make a living or find a home to live in. People just imagined those things. You know that to be true from your cozy couch in Canada. Thanks for explaining that. It makes so much sense. You just admitted that new, illegal immigrants take under-the-table jobs, and that they do it for less than Americans can afford to earn 'on the books'. (that was my initial point lol)
  12. LOL I don't even need to respond to your post, it speaks for itself. Re: the bottom part, my son's friend pointed a make believe rifle at the cop and pulled the imaginary trigger, making the "puh" sound that a rifle makes. Can you tell me why an 11 year old kid from a nice, 2-parent home in BC hates the pigs RTL? Is it from personal experience? Do you think they stop-&-frisked him one too many times? His dad is white, so theoretically his dad doesn't have racist encounters with the pigs to complain about either.
  13. OK, stop playing the role of CNN's Dr. Flunkie because no one gives a crap about your diagnosis, and listen to the guy who's saying that he can't breathe and the toxicology reports. Why, with the benefit of hindsight, do you have reason to doubt Floyd when he said that he couldn't breathe when he was in the cop car? Chauvin didn't believe him either and Chauvin looks like an idiot right now..... Just sayin'. You're talking about two different types of Fentanyl victims, aren't you Spanky? 1) A person who's super-happy because they're high AF but they don't realize that they're dying a
  14. Why do you think that there's a 'growing underclass'? Do you think that illegal immigrants are living in the wealthiest neighbourhoods with Pelosi, or do you think that they compete for low-end housing and jobs? Ugh. This was like a bad idea soup. I do see the libs stoking division left and right, that's about it. They're like the kids in grade 8 who "hate the pigs cuz they got nuthin better to do than stop me from smoking weed and vandalizin stuff." Riddle me this RTL... What do corporations stand to gain from a massive influx of cheap labour? Who benefits from
  15. America is only 1 stairway away from having a president who bailed violent rioters out of jail to reoffend, and who openly & gleefully supported rioting, looting, arson, racial violence, assaults on police and the assassinations of police.
  16. You haven't seen all the evidence spanky, you're just going on what the alt-left MSM wants you to see. There is video evidence available that CNN hasn't shown, particularly the part where they were trying to get Floyd into the back of the cop car. No one was touching anything but his feet, and Floyd was saying that he couldn't breathe. Pray tell, why was Floyd having a hard time breathing when no one was touching his upper body, if it had nothing to do with drugs? Honestly you should at least watch all the video evidence of the incident before you form your opinions. Jus
  17. I agree with Shapiro 100% about what crimes Chauvin was and wasn't guilty of, but this was no time for logic. This trial was amped up to extreme hostility/stupidity level by the MSM, BLM and the Demmies and a verdict of "guilty of things that were done 300 years before he was born" was the only way to avoid more Dem-sanctioned killings and racial violence. The verdict did nothing to stop black racists from acting like this was all part of a plot to kill all black people but at least the loudest and dumbest among them don't have anything to scream about.
  18. Nothing in that video says that Chauvin should have been acquitted, but Tony Timpa suffered the exact same fate and not one cop from his murder went to jail. I think that Chauvin should stay in jail, but I would sure love it if this tragedy could help Timpa get some justice.
  19. I know that it's not a popular talking point, but my son's best friend & neighbour since he was born is half-black and ever since he's been born I've been really critical of the messages that go into his brain from the TV. The messages that I hate the most, by far, unerringly come from sources like CNN, CTV and the Dems. He's a bright, good-looking kid with an unlimited future, and the biggest obstacle for him is what he sees on the news. FYI he does 'have a chance', he should get an education, the cops don't hate him because of his skin colour, and if he ever gets pulled ov
  20. I've heard that developers love the shitty neighbourhoods because they can be bought for cheap. I've seen it in Cabbagetown (Tor) and Yaletown (Vcr). In North America the people who are creating the ghettoes for blacks are the Dems. Their whole shtick of "You can't succeed because you're black in a racist white world!" is designed to keep people down in the dumps. Why get an education if the crackers won't hire you? And you obviously need a gun to protect yourself from the police... The only realistic option in the society that the Dems are painting is to join a gang and sell
  21. Joe Biden, doddering idiot extraordinaire, just jumped to the conclusion that George Floyd was murdered by racist pigs because of his blackness. What do Joe Biden and all the retards who consider him to be a leader think of Tony Timpa's killing? It must be racism too, right? This murder was actually covered up for months. Did the cops go to jail for murder? Nope.
  22. I think that juror selection is to blame. They should have about 10,000 books and/or videos on hand during jury selection, they could even be excerpts from actual trials, and the jurors should each have to display an ability to weigh in intelligently on a randomly selected video that they just watched.
  23. That's right, you did say "the Trumps" [calling their illiterate mobs to war], and you were 100% incorrect in doing so because only Jr made the comment that you're ascribing to both of them. Do you speak English, MH? Or do you have a cite that shows Donald Trump talking about 'total war'? You were busted for popping off about illiteracy while simultaneously proving that you have no clue how the language actually works lol. My advice to you: keep playing with the chucklehead emoji and use less of the word thingies.
  24. I actually watched a bit of Don Lemon's video now, even though I already knew that he was a racist piece of shit. He just said some stupid, racist things but he sounded kind of angry when he did it so it's ok.
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