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  1. What bothers me the most are the tactics the Liberals are using to win votes. On the large front it is over-simplified rhetoric pertaining to either the "Fear of Mr. Harper" (yes the Liberals are using fear too) or the Utopian dream of "Real Change." It reminds me of American Politics which is nothing to be proud of. I wanna hear about the actual policies that are actually going to happen. I don't want to be sold a used car or pandered to like a child that will soon get Ice Cream. The only positive of the Liberal campaign is that Justin is a ripe character for impersonation. For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3qQqsnpmmw
  2. Hi Everyone - I too am looking forward to this whole election to be over. In the meantime here is a fun song I made about the Canadian Federal Election. Trudeau vs. Mulcair vs. Harper!! (and May).. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3qQqsnpmmw I hope you enjoy it! ... My main reasons for making it: 1. Trudeau is such an easy target and I feel no one has properly called him out on his 'Canadian Pride' and 'Victim of Harper Gov.' rhetoric. 2. We still live in a Capitalist System and I think a lot of these Leftist ideals will be a disaster financially.
  3. I agree, a drop in the bucket. Obviously its not a great thing but I just read a "News" article about a $16 drink as if it is ruining our economy...
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