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  1. I'm Chong, O'Toole, Bernier, Raitt. Raitt's lack of a platform troubles me but I like her. Don't care much about the other candidates.
  2. Tomorrow is the deadline to signup to be a party member in order to vote. It's possible some candidates may drop out after this. Although considering more were expected to drop out before now that may never happen.
  3. Affordability isn't the only reason people aren't popping out 4, 6, 10 kids.
  4. Oh right, I forgot every immigrant to this country was Islamic. And they're all bad people, correct?
  5. So f**k the people who are going to help build Canada for the next 150?
  6. Yet there has never been a distinction between these "two types" of Canadians.
  7. They're not immigrants if they become Canadian citizens.
  8. So were the people that built this country 100 years ago not as "Canadian" as you because their roots in the country weren't as deep?
  9. But Alexander has no support. As I've said it's just not enough to be people's second choice. Scheer for instance probably has a lot of second place appeal, but he's also popular on the first ballot. Same goes for O'Toole and Raitt to an extent and maybe Chong. You bring up Dion as someone who won because he was the second/third choice but he was also in the top 3 out of 8 candidates, and not significantly far behind the top two.
  10. I must have gotten confused by the Bernier vs. Alexander thread.
  11. You're not really making any sense to me. But why exactly would we want to send someone who committed a terrorist attack back to whichever country they were born in? I'd feel much safer knowing they're locked up in a Canadian prison.
  12. You don't automatically become a Canadian citizen just because you marry one though. Nor do any immigrants/refugees become citizens as soon as hey move here.
  13. Oh right, you said that about O'Leary. Well anyways if you think Leitch is ethical that's all that matters.
  14. The example that was used in this thread is of someone who came to Canada as a 13 year old kid. What do we do with terrorists born and raised in rural Ontario?
  15. Well, you're criticizing Bernier for not have ethics yet the policies he's pushing now are ones he had been promoting as an MP. Leitch wasn't afraid of immigrants until she found out that people like you would be foolish enough to vote for her if she was.
  16. They'd lose their Canadian citizenship and be deported to whichever country they were born in. An extremely stupid policy.
  17. But why are we saying that they have Canadian citizenship when it's not equal to those who were born here?
  18. Not very compassionate if new Canadians are treated as second class citizens compared to those who happened to be born here.
  19. If Alexander isn't even the second choice of Anglo's how does he make it all the way to the final round?
  20. If new Canadians are going to be treated as second class citizens then why even allow immigrants to this country to obtain Canadian citizenship?
  21. He may have improved over the last number of months, but I found Scheer struggled in interviews when he first entered the leadership. The night he entered I watched him be interviewed by Rosie Barton, she never asked him any questions that should have come as a surprise but it was like he was caught off guard and didn't know how to answer. He was also using uhhh.. and umm... a lot. He didn't seem to have that issue with the debates though. O'Toole I've found to be impressive since first becoming a parliamentary secretary several years ago. On political panels at that time he always commun
  22. If you look at most of the populist policies she has been promoting since September they're things she never spoke of before. Until September she was known to be a very red-Tory. When she realized her campaign was going nowhere after 5 months in the race she decided to bring up screening immigrants and tourists to Canada for anti-Canadian values, which she couldn't even define. She didn't promote the policy until her campaign manager did polling saying it could work for her. She needed headlines because she was at ~1% in the polls so she started promoting controversial policies that would
  23. Yet you'll support Leitch who discarded her ethics for news headlines?
  24. Coffee and teas would only have sugar in it if you added it.
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