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  1. You only get second/third/fourth choice votes when a candidate drops off. For instance, Rick Peterson probably has a good chance of coming in last place. If he were to fall off first - and he may only have ~1% of the points - then his supporters second choice votes will be counted. If Andrew Saxton were to fall off next then his second place votes would be looked at. For those Saxton supporters who ranked Peterson as number their 2 then their third choice will be counted. So while it's great to be the second choice of many candidates, you may never see those votes if you fall o
  2. I don't think he sounds like anyone because his campaign has done so little I've hardly heard anything from him. I have absolutely no clue why he's running. The only thing I know is that he wants to increase immigration levels.
  3. August's assertion that Alexander will be able to make it to the final round just seems quite odd to me, and I'll explain why. Despite several years as a prominent member of Harper's cabinet - and being mentioned as a possible successor 10 minutes after being elected as an MP - Alexander has attracted no prominent endorsements from Conservatives. As the media reported a few months ago it wasn't even clear who was running his campaign. Without a strong campaign team behind it won't be easy to even make an appeal to be second place choice. In order to get second place vot
  4. How and why? Whose supporters does he get? Who is voting for him as their second/third choice over say Scheer, Chong, O'Toole or Raitt?
  5. Alexander has no chance at all. The fact that he speaks French fluently may mean he becomes the second or third choice for Quebeckers, but I doubt many outside Quebec care that his French is considered by some to be flawless. While many people outside of Quebec want the leader to be bilingual I doubt many people care how good the candidate's French is. Alexander's French might be better than Scheer's, Chong's or O'Toole's but Anglophones won't really care. As well, Bernier seems likely to make it to the final round so even if Alexander is the second or third choice of Bernier and Blaney suppor
  6. Not everyone who supports the Liberals are left of centre. There are those who are more right of centre and centrists who have voted Conservative in the past and could again. The Greens have been more left-wing on most issues under Elizabeth May but but there are Greens - like former leader Jim Harris - who are more conservative minded but are passionate about the environment. The Ontario Greens for instance have previously run on fairly fiscally conservative policies.
  7. Oh, you're talking about after someone gives birth?
  8. First off: LOL Second: How about non-Christians, is it okay for them to get abortions then?
  9. So anyone who has consenting sex should have to deliver the baby? It doesn't matter if they took steps not to get pregnant and still did? Government should play a role in making sure people have safe sex and understand steps to take so they don't get pregnant by accident. As well, as making sure people have access to birth control and what not. They should also make sure that people understand that there are other options besides abortion. Nobody *wants* to get an abortion, nor do they want to see others get one. However, women should still have the right to decide if it's the best option
  10. It's a fetus, so I highly doubt it'd respond.
  11. I don't agree with Trudeau's approach, but it's his party. It's his prerogative to decide what policies his wants his MPs to support.
  12. There's nothing to pass into law. It's a motion for a parliamentary committee to discuss an issue.
  13. Being "soft" makes someone a Liberal? CC scandals?
  14. Clearly nothing because you don't know the answer.
  15. But how is this conservative? How is that a conservative principle? The idea is pretty non-ideological and more so a populist proposal.
  16. So what exactly does attacking the media have to do with Conservatism? And how is limiting immigration and screening for made up values conservative?
  17. Odd that so many major newspapers endorsed the Conservatives over the years when they thought Harper was so evil.
  18. I haven't heard one Conservative candidate talk about being anti-free trade. Has one of them?
  19. I'm well aware. If we're citing polls though, they've shown these two in particular are the most polarizing candidates. The only reason Leitch has become a competitor is because of her immigration position, prior to announcing it she had little to no traction in the race. While Conservatives may not oppose her idea it doesn't mean they care enough about it to vote for her, and why else would someone vote for her? Candidates like Obhrai, Saxton, Lemieux, Peterson, and Trost, appear to have little to no support so when they drop off their numbers will hardly impact the overall race. A
  20. I doubt Alexander will be high on many people's ballots. As well from people I've spoken to Chong could be high on the ballots of Bernier, Raitt and O'Toole supporters, and vice versa. Leitch and O'Leary probably won't have a great deal of support after their first choices.
  21. I don't understand what you're trying to get at. A candidate would need to quit prior to the voting process for their endorsement of another candidate to have any impact.
  22. At this point it doesn't appear that many will drop out prior to the ballot being finalized or convention.
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