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  1. Except there is no wheeling and dealing. It's a preferential ballot.
  2. Wrong. If they have it setup properly they sell membership through their website which tracks the numbers for them.
  3. What? Kevin O'Leary has since said he has sold 9000 memberships.
  4. We also don't know if Bernier's fundraising support is translating into membership sales either. I know he has had some issues with on the ground organizing. None of the candidates have given any indication on how many memberships they've sold.
  5. So the Conservative should not be any different than they were under Harper because they shouldn't have lost to Trudeau and people will eventually realize it?
  6. Mulroney may have screwed up after getting the coalition but he still was able to find a message that resonated across all of Canada, something Harper never really did. The party needed to move on from Mulroney, the same applies for Manning, Day, Clarke, Harper etc. A leader needs to be leading their own party, not their predecessor's party. The country is going to be a lot different in 2019 than it was in 2006 when Harper first won. Whoever succeeds him has to find their own winning coalition. If Harper's coalition had been so great he'd be Prime Minister at the moment.
  7. Why not a Mulroney 2.0? Why not a Bernier 1.0? a Chong 1.0? Yes, Harper was successful and people know what he did to win. The party needs to move on past Harper just like they have moved on from other past leaders of the predecessor parties.
  8. Personally I couldn't give two F***s who Harper would vote for. The man is gone and it's time for the party to move on. Whoever becomes leader is going to have to figure out their own winning coalition in order to succeed.
  9. What did Obama have to do with, Kinder Morgan, Northern Gateway or Energy East? The only pipeline project Obama screwed up for Canada was Keystone.
  10. I never said that at all. I think it's quite important that she investigates. What I said was that there are a lot of people who think the whole thing is foolish and have criticized the media for paying attention to it. I don't agree with those people.
  11. I've heard lots about Trudeau's ethical breaches, and I mainly watch CBC. And while they're covering Trudeau possibly breaking the law I hear people complain about how foolish it is that the media are focusing too much attention on it.
  12. I don't even know what would make Scheer quite capable of doing a good job. Maybe as leader he'd do well with regard to keeping the current party base together but his resume outside of politics is weaker than Trudeau's so who knows what he'd be like as a Prime Minister.
  13. He has the most support from caucus but at this point his campaign has been relatively quiet. His campaign may very well be quietly signing up members and receiving the support of current members.
  14. So which ministers are grossly unqualified to be ministers and only hold their position due to their gender or skin colour?
  15. The NDP, if things don't improve greatly for them, would probably be wiped out with a ranked ballot.
  16. (Why you'd make up the quote I striked out I don't know) There's a difference is stores selling medical marijuana and just selling it to whoever walks in the door.
  17. The Liberals still had a nice crop of candidates running when Trudeau won though. Besides Trudeau there were two MPs, a former MP, a former cabinet ministers and some lesser known candidates. None of them stood a chance but they still ran. The Conservative race is too big. They can't even have a proper debate with so many on stage, just like the Republicans couldn't.
  18. I still don't think O'Leary will enter. I'd bet on him endorsing Bernier than him actually entering.
  19. Bernier's higher profile came from being fired from cabinet.
  20. I think Blaney waited a bit too long to enter the race but he probably appeals to Quebeckers more so than Bernier does. As well, his clearer vision on identity politics will probably help him more so than it has helped Leitch. I don't know how long he'll last though.
  21. Why? I say bravo to her for pushing back against those making sexist comments instead of letting it slide. You may not like her but I know lots of people who aren't fans of the CPC and really like her. She'd be a very strong candidate and I think cause a bit of excitement.
  22. She didn't describe herself as 'so young' and a 'chick,' she spoke out against those telling her she was both those things and therefore not a leader. She pointed out that she was successful in her pre-political career and ran a government department.
  23. Yes it can be quite different. I know of someone who had a French degree, lived in Quebec for a little while and then moved to France. They only lived in France briefly because they didn't like it but one of the hardest parts about being there was the language. Despite being bilingual and being able to live in Quebec they found communicating with people in France tough.
  24. Using Anglophone or Francophone isn't really correct. Non-Quebec leader would be.
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