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  1. Over 50,000 COVID-19 cases in the US. Daily deaths back over 400. Even prominent Republicans are speaking out against Anti-Vaxxers. They know they're going to have to own this. 

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    2. Shady


      There was a Canadian study recently that said most people that died of covid were highly likely to have died sometime that year regardless of covid.

    3. Boges


      You mean your True North study analyzing stats from 2020?

      Again, it doesn't take into account variants and the worst case counts seen during the pandemic this Spring

      Because younger people were getting sick, the death-rate was less, but it didn't mean Hospitalization wasn't skyrocketing. 

      This is why lockdown measures were required! You didn't do anything to stem the infection death rates would have skyrocketed. Hospitals would have had to triage people and unplug those they thought may not survive. 

      Like seen in the US in the winter, before they got the vaccine. 

      Lockdowns were a preventative measure, and they worked. 

    4. Boges


      Another reason death in Canada was less than a country like the US, was because public safety measures stayed in place for most of the pandemic. 

      And they still are in place. 

      The US lowered their guard before reaching a good vaccination rate and now there are parts of the US back to where they started. 

  2. This time it's the US dragging its feet on border re-opening. Probably because they have no way to ensure someone's vaccinated. 

    1. Boges


      Canadians will welcome vaccinated Americans to the US on August 9th. A boon to Canada's economy. 

    2. Argus


      II suspect the issue for the US is Mexico, not Canada. But they don't want to say so because Hispanics are an important voting block for Democrats.

    3. Boges


      Well so are Border town communities in states like Michigan, New York, Maine, Wisconsin etc etc etc. 

      This can't be met well for their tourism industries. 

  3. Who says they aren't. We see that in the US and the UK that Healthcare systems can still be overwhelmed by morons that don't get vaccinated. And then you get the cancelled surgeries and triaging that your ilk will further rage about. A feedback loop of people lacking critical thinking. In the status updates, Shady said that the unvaccinated shouldn't be allowed into the ICU. Would love to see it.
  4. I think Quebec has the right idea. If numbers of unvaccinated rise, they get locked down. Impose Vaccine passports to access things like indoor dining, gyms, theatres and other indoor public activities.
  5. It's a bizarre narrative Trump is peddling. The anti-vax sentiment, in the US, is driven by the public's distrust of Biden. . . But he's just trying to get people to take the vaccine you take credit for having developed.
  6. Or no international travel while unvaccinated. Well you can, but you still have to quarantine, upon return.
  7. People with HIV/AIDs are still banned from giving blood, I believe.
  8. Canada moves past the US in percentage of the population fully vaccinated. 

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    2. bush_cheney2004


      Why wouldn't you believe it ?   So little confidence in Trudeau/Canada ?

    3. Aristides


      Too much confidence in the US, it has been swimming in vaccines since the new year and still can't get its act together

    4. bush_cheney2004


      Canada has yet to produce an approved covid vaccine.

  9. #1 you can't ban businesses from choosing who they want to do business with (above things like Race, Gender etc). I think in Florida a Cruiseship company is challenging the Governor for banning them from ensuring all staff and guest are vaccinated. You know Universities are going to demand all students be vaccinated.
  10. The State of Florida recorded 7000 COVID-19 cases yesterday. All of Canada reported around 400. 

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    2. Boges


      And you still don't get that Hospitalizations are a lag indicator of case counts. 

      See what's happening in Missouri right now. 

      Regardless, I thought COVID-19 was done in the US? Doesn't seem so. 

    3. Shady


      Hospitalizations won’t be as much of a lagging indicator as before vaccinations.  Florida is almost 50% fully vaccinated.  Regardless, vaccines are widely available.  Anybody that wants one can get one.  It’s not up to other people to shut down their lives to protect people.  And Florida has been open for months, so we’re at least 3 months behind them.  Our numbers will go up in the fall.

    4. Aristides


      By the fall, Canada will be 80% fully vaccinated, the US seems stuck at 50%.

  11. The US saw the most COVID-19 cases since mid-May. They're going in the wrong direction. With no public safety measures in place, numbers will continue to rise. Deaths are also up. 

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    2. Boges


      It's a good thing you make public health policy Dr. Shady. 


    3. Shady


      I speak the truth.  Even you deep down inside agree.  The decision of unvaccinated people shouldn’t impede the lives of the vaccinated.

    4. Boges


      I totally agree. But that's just not healthcare works. 

      The problem we're going to see is that variants will keep popping up the more people treat the virus like they have in the US. 

      Eventually the vaccine will lose its effectiveness. Which is why we get Flu Shots every year. 

  12. You should be hiding. The Fascists are out to get your and put an needle in your arm. BEWARE!!!!
  13. Again, like with all conspiracy theories, you're forced to expand your group of people "in on it". Italy, Spain, France, The UK, Brazil, The US, Canada, South Africa, India, Russia on and on and on all report huge COVID-19 numbers. Countries that don't have implemented huge lockdown measures to keep infections at bay. More so than even Canada has seen. So they'd all have to be in on it. EVEN Trump who did downplayed the virus but also said he got it, was hospitalized and ended up getting the vaccine. And what does not getting a vaccine do to stick it to that powerful a cabal of people all in on it. All it means is that you can't leave the country.
  14. We don't, that's why it's irrelevant information. You could report your entire family died from the vaccine and no one would question it.
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