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  1. Do you not see the thread where I'm calling JT an utter hypocrite?
  2. As opposed to Trump who gets away with everything?
  3. So if a political defeat is framed, by Trump, as a rigged election. Would that warrant a violent response?
  4. Indeed. The far right is just as bad as the far left. I can go to another board and see people ardently defend JT like people defend whatever Trump does here.
  5. Just curious. Why is Trump so vehemently opposed to having his Tax returns released. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/19/politics/trump-tax-returns-vance/index.html It's kind of a case of thou dost protest too much. It's clear by his constant obstruction that there's something he's hiding. And why such a fuss, if it showed he never paid any taxes, would his base really care?
  6. It's a huge problem. But it's a problem that's being made worse by the "Woke" left.
  7. Hard to debate with someone that believes that any action is warranted. I wonder if that would include violence if Trump ends up losing? You know he's going to claim the election was rigged.
  8. Can we also talk about how it's The Banana Boat song and not Day'O. God Damnit Justin!!!!
  9. It's the Genie that was Blue. Not Alladin.
  10. Sure. The same reason Trump has a fair chance of being re-elected.
  11. The other avenue one can go down, ignoring the racism, is JT's admission that he likes to dress in "costumes". He admitted as much last night. We saw this with him dressing as Superman in the HOC and his now infamous India trip. He's a very immature man that shouldn't be taken seriously.
  12. I think a lot of people who were going to vote for him will make that Pragmatic decision that he's still better than Andrew Scheer. But that's the same cost benefit analysis a lot of people made when they voted for Trump. Two ways this will effect the Liberals IMHO. 1) The NDP were in big trouble. Now having the only visible minority leader may move many people on the Liberals Left to their direction. Jagmeet Singh's fortunes have change. 2) The Liberals were big on unearthing things Conservative candidates have said. A few weeks a recording emerged with Scheer speaking about how Gay Marriage isn't really marriage. That has has to stop now. They can't be playing this retroactive morality play against the Conservatives when their leader did something so much worse.
  13. At one point or the other. Trump has never been over 50%
  14. Trump took advantage of stupid people. . . You said it.
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