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  1. Noooooo. That would cripple the local healthcare system and drive the mortality rate through the roof. Like seen in New York, Spain and Italy. And not just for COVID-19 patients. Anyone who needs healthcare would get elbowed out of the way by the surge of COVID-19 cases. Cancer, Trauma, Seasonal Flu. . .
  2. You can't call New York, Spain and Italy a statistical outlier because they're full of people and many are old. Because that describes a huge swath of the developed world. You could say the same about Toronto or Montreal. And once this virus spreads to rural areas with lots of old people with a fraction of the medical infrastructure of a big city, you're going to see the death rate spike further. Especially if people insist on going to church.
  3. Fresh off the heels of the Governor letting Spring Breakers congregate on Florida beaches during a Global Pandemic Ron DeSantis is allowing church gatherings despite a State-wide stay at home order. https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-hillsborough/governor-desantis-includes-attending-religious-services-conducted-in-churches-as-essential-services Out of all the places where this disease can easily spread. . . A church is probably in the Top 5. This is probably one of the more selfish and Godless things someone can do. The church my family like to frequent has gone to doing a Streaming service on Sunday and it's actually quite nice. In this time of separation, we can actually come together.
  4. It speaks to where they are in the outbreak. Some say the virus appeared in New York much earlier. Regardless Florida finally called a Stay at Home order. Even if all these are statistical outliers, it doesn't mean we should stop social distancing. Even countries like France, Germany and the UK are struggling to keep up with infects, though they're not as seriously as effected as Italy.
  5. OK, How about Iran, Spain and New York State? are those also anomalies?
  6. Well it ended as close to 500. Almost 300 today. This is above and beyond death by "conventional" means as this virus is brand new. I think the idea that this, so far, has ravaged first world economies is more jarring. We simply haven't seen a disease take control of first world nations since the 2018 Spanish Flu.
  7. Let them open up. But don't expect people to flock back immediately. I suspect this who thing will change a lot of behaviours? We do people have to go into an office 5 days a week when they can accomplish their tasks at home a majority of the time?
  8. It's interesting to note, that this disease has only really ravaged First world economies. It hasn't ravaged countries in Central America, South America the Caribbean or Africa. Could that be weather? Or the fact that it's easier for governments in poor countries to control the populace. Who knows?
  9. If I was to guess, and I'm just talking about Ontario here, within the next two weeks this whole Essential Services thing will get repealed but restaurants, schools and public gatherings won't re-open mid May into June. This assumes the infection rate levels off.
  10. How about I read the guidelines by our current governments and public health officials. I never claimed social distancing was a cure, it's an attempt to spread out the infection rate to a more manageable level. What is your proposal? The draconian Trump logic (later walked back) that we should just re-open the economy and let nature take its course?
  11. Sure if we could test everyone immediately, the ability to determine the "actual" spread of the disease would be much easier. But in reality, we can't even seem to test people with symptoms. I think the UK was flirting with a mail-out test. But those measures don't help our current predicament. We still don't know who's infected for about a week when symptoms present, if at all. But not nearly as contagious. SARS was way worse than COVID-19. Mortality rate of 10% plus. But it petered out for some reason. H1N1 was very contagious (I'm pretty sure I got it) but didn't kill many more people than the common flu. No where in that inane diatribe did you mention a countries health care system. We're under no illusion that this disease will spread its course and people will die. But if we all get infected at the same time, which seems to have happened in Italy and in New York, healthcare systems can't cope and mortality rates skyrocket. Grim decisions have to be made about who lives, dies, or even who qualifies for healthcare (Eg. You get to die in your home because the hospital can't take you). And then bodies pile up, only making the problem worse.
  12. Nature may, one day, conjure up a disease as contagious as the flu and as deadly as Ebola. Which would decimate Civilization. COVID-19 is not that, but it seems to be a very insidious disease that spreads by not making everyone sick so populations underestimate it.
  13. The surge right now is largely due to a testing backlog. So it's largely a snapshot of people that were infected before large scale Social Distancing was encouraged.
  14. Sure people die as a natural part of life. But not the the extent we've seen in countries that have been ravaged by this disease. Is it common to not have a big enough morgue for the bodies? Or mass graves like seen in Iran? In one New York hospital, they had to bring in a refrigerated truck for the excess bodies. Any attempt to normalize this pandemic is dangerous and reckless. This is not normal!
  15. Sure it's a mitigating factor. But what about Spain? Or the US for that matter? They didn't do Social Distancing until it was too late.
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