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  1. Is that entirely rhetorical? Looks play into it. I'm sure if the Hell's Angel dude had a boiler and huge beard and the designer dressed well, it would be the designer. BTW nothing is wrong with wanting to better yourself physically to attract the opposite sex. For men or women.
  2. See now that's simplistic. I'm sure women do like macho strong men. But we're living in a society where the nerd that likes comics and plays video game can pull just as much tail if he takes care of himself as well. Since we're talking about generalizations, these guys that have these macho jobs need Unions to protect them and often commit suicide.
  3. Companies making political marketing decisions that aren't related to the widget they sell is nothing new.
  4. Yes and if you're a "nice guy" you probably shouldn't want to be with a woman that's attracted to an "asshole". Women can be assholes too.
  5. Gillette is marketing to topical mens issues, that do exist. The fact that a large corporation that markets to women don't call out the things women do is a valid complaint. But it doesn't make this ad wrong.
  6. Yes well Gillette, in this instance, is marketing to Men. Here's an equal opportunity ad about abuse, since you think it's all about attacking men.
  7. The argument is all about opinion. The ad simply states, "Don't be an Asshole". If you're take is that most men aren't assholes so don't tell me not to be, that's fine. But then the ad should mean nothing to you. The marketing didn't work for you. But since you're talking about it so much, it kind of did. If you're defending some of the characteristics exhibited in the ad, then the problem lies with you.
  8. It's portrayed that way.
  9. I thought you were a man? Can't you take it? Is this Gillette ad stopping you from doing any number of masculine activities? Sports, BBQ, Weight Lifting, Video Games etc etc etc.
  10. I just looked at the video again. The BBQ scene had a kid on top of another kid punching him. That's followed by the Boys with Be Boys Comment. That's the context. Bullying is never OK. And if you think it's part of "Boys will be Boys" you're a bad person.
  11. I think it's safe to assume the men that have to hide behind the bravado of masculinity are likely the least masculine men of them all. Talk about being Triggered.
  12. One kid was beating the other up. That's the way it's portrayed. You cool with kids chasing another kid down?
  13. And Feminists would be idiots.
  14. So rough housing is the same as bullying? The video portrayed it in the light of bullying.
  15. Boys will be boys = Boys will be assholes and it's OK.