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  1. FN run Casinos in Canada. Ever heard of Casino Rama?
  2. Excellent substantive defence of Trump.
  3. It's rewarding that debates regarding Trump on this site will always lead to how Trudeau is a bad PM or that the Dems used to support Slavery 150+ years ago, without actually defending Trump in any substantive way. I take that as a W.
  4. I'm sure that's a point of pride for him.
  5. So what's the point there? You calling Biden Racist for working with GOP Segregationists?
  6. So is the narrative being put forward here is that the current Democrat party is as racist as the Dixiecrats and the current GOP are still the party of Lincoln. That's laughable. If that was the case, why is the GOP dominant in Southern States? They haven't given up the Confederate Flag. I'd contend that's a Democratic symbol if anything.
  7. Ahh so you dare me to ignore you. Fair enough. I guess Mr. DoP would content that's a surrender.
  8. In a black and white world, your only assumption is that I support Trudeau. . . I don't. So I don't know why you continue to use him as a debate tactic. Seems like your internal algorithm is broke.
  9. We plan to. As well as watch your continued feverous protest to Canadian opinions about Murica. You know BC has run out of things to say when the posts about US Matters more and Trudeau sucks come out.
  10. Ahhh so political parties don't change. The Dems supported Slavery in the latter 19th Century so therefore they always will. Racists in the South used to be Democrat too (Dixecrats, I believe). I wonder what party they support now?
  11. Nice to know you embrace racism. Speaks volumes.
  12. Ahhh the idea is to consolidate power so that popular support isn't relevant. The goal for Democrats is to convince Obama voters that sat home in 2016 to come out and vote for X-candidate in 2020. Not to placate Racist people that wear MAGA hats.
  13. The problem for the Democrats isn't calling Trump voters for who they are. It's convincing Snowflake Liberals not to stay home if their candidate of choice doesn't win. As pointed out. Trump's support hasn't grown and has actually shrank based on previous GOP candidates.
  14. It appears that this lot only listens to what Trump tells them. So they're not well versed in the critical thinking aspect of human existence. The 2020 candidate can call them whatever he or she wants. After seeing a crowd of people yell "Send her Home" last night. I'll make the proclamation that they're Dumb AF.
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