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  1. He could stand trial for things that happened before being POTUS. Remember Stormy Daniels payoffs?
  2. To use your favourite term. So? Different POTUS, different crimes.
  3. That's not written in law. It's a DOJ opinion. Impeachment is the remedy. But we know that it's a completely political process and not a legal one. So the other remedy is charges once the POTUS leaves office.
  4. I was, did not hear that he was released. My bad. Does not change the fact that the only reason Trump wasn't also charged in his case was because the DOJ was providing cover. Should Biden get elected, that will change.
  5. Oh...good for him. He's still a convicted felon right? Was Trump not an un-indicted co-conspirator in his case?
  6. Is Micheal Cohen not currently serving time in Federal prison? Is that not a verifiable fact?
  7. Oh I'm not. I check the numbers with more consternation than I did in April and May. Because the margin for a bad result is much lower. a 300 case now will feel much worse now than a 500 case day in May. What happens if we get a record breaking day? Do we shut down immediately? But two or three weeks of numbers like this, with a continued drop of active cases and hospitalizations will be very helpful to move on to Phase 3. With rates this low, contact tracing is possible. I was actually really worried when we got a 260 day this week until I found out it was mostly from Windsor-Essex and Migrant workers. So not really community spread.
  8. Damn Florida! Is this NBA Bubble thing even going to happen?
  9. LOL at Trump spiking the football on 5 million new jobs when most the country is seeing COVID numbers that'll send much of the country back into Lockdown. 

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    2. Shady


      Covid cases have risen, but deaths haven't.  Lockdowns aren't necessary, people just need to practice mitigation.  Oh, and nothing thousands of people protesting would help a lot too.  But, but, but, blame Trump!

    3. Boges


      Deaths will rise if Hospitals reach capacity. And even if people aren't dying, so many people getting sick will effect people financially. Especially if they don't have paid sick leave. 

      People don't really want to wear masks. And they seem to want to party indoors. Heck, people are going back to church.  

      I didn't blame Trump in this post. But he's said almost nothing about COVID-19 this week. But he comes out of his hole because of a good jobs report.

      He doesn't have the critical thinking to consider that though re-opening so fast may have helped with jobs, it's also let the virus spread out of control in most of the country.

      That will have consequences. 

    4. bush_cheney2004


      So ?  Deaths will rise no matter what...even in Canada...oh my !

  10. Around 150 new cases each in the past two days. Almost all coming from Toronto, Peel and Windsor Essex. The Rest of the province is approaching 2 weeks in Phase two without a concerning spike. The better result is the number of active cases dropping to under 2,000 cases. Consider that compared to 5,000 plus new daily cases in many states in the US.
  11. It's going to be a depressing Fourth of July weekend down South. States like Texas and California are in a bad spot right now. Hospitalizations saturation will lead to a spike in deaths. I don't see an avenue out unless they go back to total Shutdown. And it doesn't seem they have the political appetite for that. https://www.texastribune.org/2020/07/02/texas-hospital-capacity-coronavirus/
  12. I'm not saying he does. I'm saying that the SDNY is licking its chops to indict him when he becomes a private citizen again.
  13. Micheal Cohen is in jail for things done under DT's direction.
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