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  1. You have no evidence they are lying. It's just a partisan argument. If the Dems want them to testify, they must be corrupt. Keep Flailing.
  2. So who cares about your opinion regarding hearsay. Even if someone saw the 45 direct someone to withhold the money in exchange for dirt on the Bidens, you wouldn't believe it.
  3. I see other sources in Member Rue's citations. Vox, Politifact the Guardian. Perhaps the only source you'll believe is Fox News (Except their polls that say Trump is unpopular) and Breibart.
  4. You may have a case if yesterday was all the testimony we would be receiving. BTW if someone who did have first hand knowledge of Trump directing money to be held in exchange of an investigation into the Biden's and Crowdstrike and testified to it. . . would you even believe it?
  5. Oh yeah, testimony that Sondland received a call with Trump and said that Trump is more concerned with Biden than corruption is nothing.
  6. Yeah Trump never exaggerates anything. So the GOP defence here is that, Because Taylor didn't hear it from Trump himself (which is not part of the chain of command) his testimony can't be true. Which is absurd. If Taylor isn't lying and Trump isn't lying, who's getting thrown under the bus?
  7. If he thought he was getting rehired then having this clown call Rogers and their viewers Fascist is not the way to go.
  8. You're right. Let's just go back to the old days when players didn't wear helmets.
  9. Remember when Cherry called out players for wearing visors? Eye injuries are a sign you're a man!
  10. I suggest your philosophy is going to make you a very lonely person as society leaves you in its dust. Keep crying tho.
  11. Yet two sports where contact isn't allowed (Basketball and Soccer) are eating Hockey's lunch in popular support amongst young people today.
  12. Ron just apologized. He didn't say Cherry should be fired.
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