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  1. This is actually going to be a big problem in the US. They have a sufficient supply of vaccines but still haven't reached Herd Immunity because people don't want to get them. If it's true that people in Hot Zones are largely spreading this through workplaces, you can easily see vaccination being a requirement for employment.
  2. I hope you ironically misspelled brain. You also don't live in a Hotspot, AFAIK. DoFo said 80% of the cases are coming from 20% of Province. A majority of my family and friends live in Hot Spots. I'm kind of avoiding them like the "literal" plague right now.
  3. There have been outbreaks at Grocery stores. You don't have stats and nor do I to defend if they're safe or not. I think it depends on where the Grocery Store is located TBH. This is way more a socio-economic crisis.
  4. Those aren't the people we're talking about. We're talking about people who have been working the entire pandemic and who can't go home and get paid if they're sick.
  5. I actually don't think so anymore. Obviously that's always been an issue. But we are seeing lots of spread at workplaces now. And the infected people go home and infect their families. The demographics of these regions indicate that they live in multi-generational homes.
  6. And the absence of it is the #1 reason for the virus spread we're seeing right now. If you're an hourly worker that only gets paid when they clock in, getting COVID-19 could mean the difference between paying bills or not. These are the people that can't go on CERB either. They work in an "essential" job. Any workplace has a screen process for when workers should and shouldn't come to work. But it's self policing. We've created an environment where you have to get COVID-19 tested if you have a Cold. So yeah you'd have to get tested, and you should be compensated for it if you
  7. I think people have to be willfully ignorant of the demographics of Ontario to know where the HotSpots are. We don't need Postal Codes to imagine where these places are. GOOD NEWS! Tomorrow people 40+ can get Astrazenca. Being 40+ I'll try to get one. If only to not have to worry about seeing family and friends anymore.
  8. The only nations of any size or influence that have higher rates of vaccinations than Canada is Chile, the UK and the UK. If you discount people 16+ who won't be eligible for the vaccine, Canada's 1st dose vaccination is almost 30%. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. bush_cheney2004


      16+ includes some minors/children and adults too.   Ontario just opened up vaccinations for 40+, not 16+...because there are not enough vaccines available in Canada.   

    3. Boges


      Yes but Health Canada has not approved any vaccine for people 18+.

      So people 18+ aren't getting it because it's not approved for them. Not because there isn't supply. So when considering vaccination rate of those eligible would be a more accurate metric. 

      Sort of like when Biden said he wants all people 18+ to be able to book a vaccine if they want it. 

    4. bush_cheney2004


      Provinces decide what ages to vaccinate based on approved vaccines...Canada just doesn't have enough doses...even going so far as to stagger 2nd doses way beyond the manufacturers tested/approved interval.   Playing games with numbers will not change Canada's situation and vaccine shortage.

  9. No matter how dire the ICU situation is in Ontario, making workers wait until 3pm on Friday afternoon to know if they can work next week is Bush League. Shame on Doug Ford and the Clown show he's running right now. 

    1. OftenWrong


      I think many people are simply ignoring the stay at home order. In fact it should be mandatory to go outdoors and get fresh air daily.

    2. Boges


      It should be. You can also Social Distance outdoors though. 

    3. OftenWrong


      They're expecting something about restrictions on curb-side pickup now as well. Probably because too many people are waiting in lines outside to get in.

  10. The vaccine number are available here. https://data.ontario.ca/dataset/covid-19-vaccine-data-in-ontario/resource/8a89caa9-511c-4568-af89-7f2174b4378c They have the supply to vaccinate at the current rate for the rest of the week even with no more additional vaccines. At the current rate you can vaccinate (first dose) at 3 mil or so per month. That gets us at a pretty good benchmark by June. But the doses need to keep coming. You'd hope J&J can be introduced in May. DoFo has said they have the capacity for 150,000 a day but you don't want to just burn through th
  11. The vaccination numbers are public knowledge. 100,000 vaccinations a day. Everyone 60+ can book an appointment across the province. 50+ in Hot spots and there are opportunities for people 18+ who are especially at risk to be vaccinated early.
  12. Looks like JT is gonna do Universal Daycare. Might as well while we're printing money. 

    1. OftenWrong


      Kinda wondering who is going to use it, what with everyone working at home.

    2. Boges


      You think it's easy working with a child at home? Especially one that would go to daycare? 

  13. But the numbers are made public. Which is how the CBC was able to discover that certain areas were being considered Hotspots that shouldn't and vice versa.
  14. It would definitely be Shameful if Dofo decided not to give priority to areas because they're politically useless to him. Ultimately stemming the spread is politically useful to him everywhere. The saturation in hot spots is effecting the lives of everyone in Ontario.
  15. There's a very predictable Conservative narrative for Biden regarding Taiwan. He's a Warmonger if he stands up to China, he's in their pocket if he doesn't stand up for Democracy in Taiwan. 

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    2. Boges


      Except when the Lefties stand up to China. Then they're warmongers. 

      If China invades Taiwan, what do we do? 

    3. OftenWrong


      Hey didnt Mr Trudeau recently put his finger up Taiwan presidents ass? He screwed their president, who is a woman, out of an award for her outstanding work.

      “Canadian officials, upon learning of the decision, made it clear the Canadian government would pull its support if organizers gave the honour to Tsai, Politico reported.”



      There is your answer. I know, sad...

    4. DogOnPorch


      When has the Left stood up against Red China again?

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