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  1. Boges

    The Jim Acosta Lawsuit.

    So Reporters can only ask follow up questions if Trump lets them? Sounds like a transparent government LOL.
  2. Boges

    The Jim Acosta Lawsuit.

    LOL https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/19/media/cnn-acosta-emergency-hearing/index.html Tough Guy Trump bows to pressure.
  3. Boges

    Caravan Now 7K Strong

    Democrats just spent two years with zero power and no Wall was built. Now they have the House, the GOP squandered their chance to get a Wall Built.
  4. I mentioned Trump because you did.
  5. Boges

    The Jim Acosta Lawsuit.

    Well a court has ordered he get his press pass back. Oh and thinking Trump would refuse to leave isn't so far fetched when you see him laying groundwork by claiming fraud in elections. He actually Tweeted this week that people go to their car and get disguises and vote multiple times.
  6. That was in response to the OP claiming Trump has somehow "drained the swamp". Unreservedly this was an dumb thing for the RCMP to do.
  7. After getting routed by the Democrats and right before he'd try to turn the page on the election by firing his AG, Trump had a press conference where he was more combative than usual. His favourite arch-rival in the press, CNN's Jim Acosta, asked a string of questions that made Trump call him a rude and terrible person. He also had an intern try to take the microphone from Acosta when he refused to stop asking questions. Nothing new, I know, this is Trump's MO. BUT Trump went into new territory by revoking Acosta's press credentials. It's an avenue to dictatorship where you ban people that ask questions you don't like. The initial claim was that Acosta had assaulted the intern, but people have eyes, and this was clearly a lie. So now the argument is that Acosta hogs the mic. Anyway, this would be just another day in Trumpville, but it appears CNN is suing Trump, with an unexpected defender. https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/14/media/cnn-lawsuit-support/index.html If allowed to stand, Trump will see the treatment of Acosta as permission to revoke the press credentials of anyone who he doesn't like. And that's a huge infringement on the free press. O
  8. Boges

    Government pot sales

    Competition works doesn't it. This is why the way Liqour is sold in Ontario is an abomination.
  9. Boges

    Caravan Now 7K Strong

    Thread drift, we're talking about people who plan to legally seek asylum.
  10. 1) I agree, the RCMP should be ashamed of themselves. Too bad this wont stick to JT. 2) You really should cite, I heard about this last week. 3) Trump is wasting oodles of money deploying troops to sit around to assist border security as a Political stunt to scare people about this Caravan. So I wouldn't say Trump is a fiscal hawk, the US government's deficit spending for a month.
  11. Boges

    Caravan Now 7K Strong

    Well that would stand in the way of George Sorros' plot to get them in the country and immediately vote Democrat.
  12. Boges

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    And you're the guy generalizing the entire French experience from WW2 to now on Vichy France. Do you still consider any German you see today a Nazi?
  13. Boges

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    How many in Vichy relative to the Free French?
  14. Boges

    Caravan Now 7K Strong

    And my point is they've been bowing to them for the past two years. Where's that Wall? This Caravan talk is just to gin up fear from the base and help retain the Senate. The MAGA crowd is getting played. Trump has moved on to picking fights with France and lying about the state of North Korea's Nuclear program.