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  1. Trump has blood on his hands. https://qz.com/1570266/ethiopian-airlines-crash-us-shutdown-delayed-boeing-737-max-fixes/
  2. The optics of slamming an indigenous woman who he initially had named Justice Minister is awful. JT is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  3. This is JTs Adscam or LavScam if you will. There's something about Liberals and gross corruption.
  4. LOL Trump intends to sign a bipartisan deal that only provides $1 billion for "barrier" construction. He knows that another shutdown would be untenable. Utter Failure of a President.
  5. Convicted felon Micheal Flynn chanting Lock Her Up is hilarious in hindsight.
  6. People chanting "Lock Him Up" after Roger Stone was arrested was funnier.
  7. When he helps your team win an election, I can see why you'd feel that way.
  8. And you can make that prediction today. I'm sure you'd have thought the same about Obama is 2007. Also Carter beat Ford, though Ford was never elected President.
  9. The bubble is fun eh? All bad news is part of the Liberal/Deep State plot. If the polling was fake then Trump wouldn't have just folded like he had 7-3.
  10. A CR to fund the government passed the Senate 100-0. UNANIMOUS. Then Coulter told Trump to have a temper tantrum and the then GOP controlled House refused to vote on the same Bill. That means it was caused by the GOP.
  11. And you're even dumber thinking you can get elected president with Approval Ratings like that. Regardless. He folded and now looks like an idiot. Today is a Good Day.
  12. Dude, have you seen Opinion polling? 70% believe a stupid metaphorical wall isn't worth a government shutdown. Trump's approval rating is now under 35%. 6 Repubs voted with the Dems yesterday. Another week of hearing about people who are in charge of National Security, Food Safety and Airline Safety not being able to feed themselves and what would the polling show it would have been way more. But Trump's base is now mad, so he has no one. But then again, who else are racists gonna vote for?
  13. This ended like all other shutdowns. The party that started the shutdown took such a beating that they knew they couldn't keep it going much further and folded. Trump is just more stubborn than most.
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