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  1. Biden's goal of 70% first-dose vaccination by July 4th is an admission that demand for vaccination will plummet. 

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    2. Shady


      Yes, as cases continue to decline rapidly, many will forgo the vaccine for now.  Also, politicians like to set goals the can easily meet, and then claim success.  This is really a non-story.

    3. bush_cheney2004


      "Canada probably won't reach herd immunity against COVID-19 anytime soon" (if ever)....no kidding.


    4. Boges


      From your citation (which is just an opinion column): 


      In the United States, vaccine hesitancy is increasingly seen as a major and perhaps permanent barrier to herd immunity. The vaccine rollout south of the border got off to a fast start but has been slowing as time goes on and the supply of doses starts to outpace demand.


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