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  1. The US isn't on pace to hit Biden's target of 70% of adults with one-dose of a vaccine by July 4th. Canada is already there. 

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    2. Boges


      Weather is a contributing factor as well. 

      If vaccination rates stay at 50% or below in certain states, the disease could re-gain a foothold with variants. 

    3. Shady


      It certainly is possible, but in the meantime they’re living their lives as mostly back to normal.  Keeping things closed down because something might happen later on is not what this is supposed to be about.  We’re down to 400 cases/day now in Ontario.  Why was it ok to have limited capacity at a gym last July but not this July when vaccinations are overwhelming?  

    4. Boges


      I guess because our full vaccination rate is only like 8% and we have variants to deal with now.

      They've kind of moved the goalpost on this because of a study that shows 2 dose is less than 50% effective against the Delta variant. 

      DoFo was burned by re-opening before hospitalization went back down. 

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