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  1. I don't think McConnell has the votes. There are plenty of Senators who'll lose their seat for this level of overt hypocrisy.
  2. Then a political price may be paid. Plenty of Senators don't have safe seats.
  3. They snuck through an EC win by the skin of their teeth. People here pretend it was some resounding victory. There's a reason this law hasn't been overturned, the political appetite hasn't been there. McConnell may not even have the votes. Many Repubs must realize their fate will be sealed if they allow this.
  4. The biggest issue in this election has now pivoted from the Virus to if Trump and McConnell commit one of the worst moments of hypocrisy imaginable. If they ram through a nominee in under 50 days when they wouldn't allow a vote for Obama's nominee in 2016, a huge political price will be paid.
  5. Based on today's news that a potential lame duck president and Congress could reverse Roe v Wade, that'll be a huge reason to look at the US as a political dinosaur. A country ruled by the few that cling to a single issue in the name of God.
  6. Darwism pwns this fool. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/09/18/coronavirus-idaho-pastor-icu/
  7. A higher standard of living, longer life expediency, a less politically divided society, a lot less people dying from COVID-19, Universal Healthcare. Should I go on? BTW I love America. I miss being able to go. It's a novelty to visit a First World country that has such a different culture. But right now a large faction of the country are objects of ridicule.
  8. And Trump can't walk down a ramp without almost having a stroke. Biden's election will be a master stroke of pragmatism. And I'm all for it.
  9. Oh so you'll be the person claiming the 2020 election was fraud well into 2021 when job numbers rebound and COVID numbers level out.
  10. It's not them that I actually care about. Note that this blathering fool won the Democrat primaries because of the people that stayed home in 2016 (African Americans). It was a pragmatic selection because they knew the Socialist attack wouldn't stick to Biden. And it hasn't. So now he's a senile fool. Except when he's not, then that's just a good day.
  11. I actually have. I'll accept your surrender considering you have no ability to actually discuss the reality of the race. BUT 2016!!!!!
  12. Have you done any analysis of the EC and how dire it looks for Trump based on current polling in all Battleground states? If Trump can't win back states he won by the slimmest of margins he loses. Not to mention being down in Arizona and Florida and playing defence in Texas and North Carolina.
  13. You think it's the Bernie Bros in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania sitting at home that got Trump the White House? Biden beat Bernie easily in those three states.
  14. Until he doesn't because of democracy.
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