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  1. If they sabotage the GOP turnout in Georgia, they'll get a lot of it. Trumpers don't give a shit about the GOP. The GOP Establishment have put up with Trump's act, but now that GOP Governors and Legislators aren't outright overturning election results, he's sicking his legions of MAGA fans on them to screw them on his way out the door. And if he pledges to run again the day he's forced to leave, he sits on the ambition of every Republican for the next four years. It's deliciously ironic.
  2. Clips of this are so good. They are so dumb! https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pro-trump-attorneys-sidney-powell-lin-wood-urge-georgians-not-vote-senate-runoffs-without-changes Trump is mad he lost, so he's going to take the entire GOP down with him.
  3. Yesterday was the deadliest day for COVID-19 Deaths in the US. 2,800 deaths,  100,000 Hospitalized, 200,000 cases. Before they get the vaccine, it'll be a humanitarian crisis. 

  4. As discussed with OftenWrong. Hospitalization is the most important stat because if the Hospitals are full of COVID-19 patients, even if they may recover, it's taxing the system at large. Meaning if you get in a car accident, have a heart attack, break a bone, anything that required a visit to a Hospital, you may get a diminished level of care because the Hospital is overwhelmed with COVID patients.
  5. Today Ontario reported 35 deaths. That's tied for the most this fall, in the second wave. Again, not catastrophic, but up. In Ontario the measures are largely preventative. Because Hospitalization is going up, and deaths will follow should that not be controlled. https://www.cp24.com/news/ontario-records-another-1-723-cases-of-covid-19-35-more-deaths-1.5213549 Where it is in a crisis situation is many parts of the US. Nearing 100,000 people Hospitalized and yesterday the US recorded the most deaths from COVID since last April. It'll be interesting to see if there's an
  6. I knew I recognized that dude from somewhere.
  7. I see. Post Trump, Russia goes back to being the bad guy.
  8. I trust this was all presented in court.
  9. It's like with 911 Trutherism or Flat Earthers. The more people that don't come to the same crazy conclusions, the more people that are in on it. Barr is clearly a deep statist
  10. All evidence that could have and should been presented in Court.
  11. That was by design BTW. And Republicans were to blame. Laws were passed to force officials to count Mail-In Votes after In-Person voting. They built in the impression of fraud into the system. Many states were able to handle it. See Florida and Ohio who counted the mail-in votes as they came in.
  12. It's also funny that the likes of Huga Chavez's corpse and Cuba would be down with all this corporatist stuff.
  13. Barr is just parroting what courts of law have said. If there was compelling evidence of widespread fraud and not just isolated anecdotes they would have been presented in the several dozen court cases that Trump and his gaggle has lost. Trump's fight is political not legal. He's hoping to pressure Republican Legislators will send Faithless Electors to the EC. That's his last Hail Mary shot. It's come out that the Trump Campaign has raised $170 million since Election. That's the real reason for all this.
  14. You used to be cool William Barr! :lol:

    1. bcsapper


      Obviously he now needs to be hung, drawn, quartered and shot.  At dawn.

  15. We all know William Barr is nothing but a RINO https://nationalpost.com/news/world/staunch-trump-ally-barr-says-doj-hasnt-uncovered-significant-voter-fraud
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