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  1. I don't think disagreeing with abandoning the Kurds is exactly Warmongering. It's supporting and protecting the one ally that actually represents western values. If ISIS is deemed an existential threat, then supporting the people that oppose them is worthwhile. Trump seems to always bend to the brutal dictator. He's doing Erdo─čan's bidding here.
  2. You're right we're just two Canadians debating American Politics. It's a brain exercise. Neither of our opinions really matter at all. BC2004 will remind us about that frequently.
  3. And that's what the inquiry is for. It's fucking two weeks old. And might I add, your smoking gun is not everyone's smoking gun.
  4. Shorter? Trump is losing his shit over this Inquiry. Not exactly acting like an innocent man.
  5. You don't know my opinion of Obama's foreign policy. The Kurd's are an example of Muslims that are actually progressive in gender equality and the things we in the West should embrace.
  6. Well this Whistleblower thing just fell in their lap two weeks ago sooooo.
  7. And Republican would criticize him for abandoning an ally. Like they did to Trump yesterday. This move in Syria shows that no American ally should feel that Trump has their back.
  8. The inquiry is to find evidence. The first shoe to drop is to start an impeachment inquiry where there's more teeth to the investigation than before where Trump and his associates were just ignoring subpoenas. Articles of impeachment have not been drawn yet.
  9. Again, chicken or egg. It did reveal evidence of Obstruction of Justice but a DOJ opinion says he can't be indicted. So as you say, Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law can't apply when you can't even charge him of a crime. So the solution would be impeachment. The question remains, why not wait until next year to remove him from office via election? I would argue when there's evidence Trump is using the power of his office to target political rivals, which is something dictators do. You need to say enough is enough and add some oversight to such behaviour.
  10. Such definitive words. Go on and believe that. I like the Chicken and the Egg of a Crime. The Mueller Report revealed many potential crimes Trump may have participated in. But he's protected by the DOJ opinion of a sitting POTUS not being able to be indicted. So the remedy to that is impeachment. But you're saying that you need a proven crime to impeach? So he's protected either way in your world.
  11. Not in impeachment. This is not a legal proceeding, it's a political one. I think intelligent people can draw their own conclusions. And gaining popularity.
  12. Cite involving a political rival. Yeah it was just a week earlier and it was forefront in Zelensky's call. And mentioned repeatedly in the previously quoted text messages. Yeah it's just what the people who were actually co-ordinating all of this were talking about, that's all. BTW what is proof of anything? Trump being recorded saying this is a Quid Pro Quo for election help? That's the only thing that'll convince you? That's a mighty high bar. I'm curious if that's the same bar you'd consider the SNC Lavalin scandal being a legit scandal.
  13. 1) You don't need a Quid Pro Quo to impeach. He's clearly asking for political help from another countries leader. 2) The context is that money has been suspended and Zelensky wants a meeting with Trump. 3) Have you read the text messages where diplomats confirm that this is about Military funding and a meeting with Trump? https://www.politico.com/news/2019/10/04/how-to-read-the-explosive-ukraine-texts-028139 So after Taylor mentions that it's insane that they're doing what's obviously a Quid Pro Quo, instead of immediately denying it, 5 hours pass and he gives a lawyered up comment and says they should talk about it on the phone going forward. Something all innocent people do.
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