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  1. That would be inline with forum rules. Bashing JT in amongst a bunch of other people who don't support him isn't fun. Go to a Liberal board and bash him there, and while you're at it, defend Trump.
  2. No, I didn't because he claimed he got "everyone". Just the idea that he needs to highlight the "poorly educated" is hilarious. Saying something like this, tips your hand as a troll. You're not really in this for debate at all.
  3. Smart people right? "Trump Nation: We love the poorly educated"
  4. Yes that is most certainly your opinion. JT is stupid and feckless but he doesn't go on crazy meandering rants claiming he's the "CHOSEN ONE".
  5. So to win an argument, you pivot to talking about the Leader of Canada?
  6. Yes, in a Trump thread I'm discussing Trump. It's how threads work.
  7. So because Steve King is a racist and believes Humanity wouldn't exist without Rape and Incest, and isn't being removed from the party, that means that's what the GOP believes in. Treating any ethnic group like they're all one thing is racist AF.
  8. Obama appealed to voters in the Rust-belt states, but the EC is still rigged. If a candidate wins an entire state with dozens of EC votes by only winning the state by a handful of votes, something is wrong. Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin are all hotly contested states. But in the end they get the same share of votes that California or Texas gets, 100%. For the system to be fairER, each EC vote should be representative of the district it represents and not the state it's in.
  9. Well they're fresh faces. But none of those four are going to be running for POTUS AFIK.
  10. No they're the ones that are being fear-mongered by Trump. Making definitive statements about the party before their candidate is selected, next year, is just white noise. I do believe the Democrats need to focus their narrative on the type of politics that beat Trump, where they need to beat Trump. Appealing to Costal Liberals may win more votes, but in the rigged EC system, it doesn't win the election.
  11. Then Steve King is the face of the GOP. Or at least that's how the Democrats should frame the debate.
  12. To contend that if a Jew votes for a Democrat, they're either stupid or Disloyal to Jews is extraordinarily anti-semitic. These two congresswomen may be opposed to Israel but lumping their opinions to that of the Democrats official position would be as dumb to assume that the opinions of Steve King of Iowa are representative of the whole GOP.
  13. Well that's the thing right. No one is forced to debate on the internet. Often it's a brain exercise to be able to form informed opinions. A 21st Century version of the Debate Team. If people here think spewing their propaganda is changing hearts and minds, they're as ignorant as the opinions they spew. I go to the "other board" to argue about JT. It's no fun to debate Trump there.
  14. Trump recently tweeted that a study found that Google manipulated votes in the favour of Hillary. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/19/politics/trump-google-manipulated-votes-claim/index.html Trump is an internet troll that got himself elected President. And even on Messageboards like this one, you're often completely discredited if you don't probably have a citation for your opinion. Trump can spew unsubstantiated claims and his base of uninformed rubes will believe him and not seek out any further information. And if people protest that he's misinforming the public, they're just whiney Dems with TDS. It seems to be a pretty effective tool, but only shows how the internet has actually made people dumber.
  15. Trump seems to reserve the word Nasty only for women. It's like he's taken aback that a women wouldn't do what he wants.
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