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  1. I just do it for the exercise in debating. I'm just opining considering the plant workers this week were paid.
  2. If I could get paid for messageboarding, I'd take it. How do you get a career in that? I suppose you have to go to Russia tho.
  3. I think Trump's biggest issue, when it comes to honesty, is taking credit for things that were done by Obama. https://time.com/5651516/trump-claims-shell-plant-obama/ Do you think the Deplorable brigade will even know that he's lying through his teeth when he was saying that. And I remember the accusation of professional protesters from the Right. Gotta wonder how many people show up to MAGA rallies because they're getting paid?
  4. I must say, it takes some stones to call Chris Cuomo a Fredo. Dude's lucky he didn't end up like Fredo. 

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    2. Boges


      I suppose the Trump family is the personification of Nepotism. 

    3. DogOnPorch


      They all are...Chelsea Clinton...like you'd be subjected to her without a famous mommy & daddy.

    4. QuebecOverCanada


      Fredo must be so mad to hear his colleagues say it all the time!

  5. Very defeatist attitude. TBH, I was initially amused an interested by the Trump presidency. I wanted to see him prove people wrong and be a competent leader. It's always fun to see the Woke Brigade freak out. But man, he's been an absolute embarrassment. Racism aside. His general decorum and treatment of other people is astonishingly pathetic. It's no wonder he's still popular amongst uneducated rubes.
  6. Well when he does cure cancer, be sure to check in with me and see my opinions.
  7. They are the main thrust of the narrative around 45's remarks of "fine people". I suppose this is all thread drift. But the OP relates to an outdated anecdote.
  8. Just to be clear. You really think the main motivation of the Charlotteville Rally was to celebrate the Military Greatness of General Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Was "Jews will not replace us" his Rebel Yell?
  9. To the level to go and stand shoulder to shoulder with them?
  10. Would you also suspect that Mr. Kessler didn't appreciate Lee's military prowess like you do?
  11. It's not General Lee's fault that racists use him as a symbol now.
  12. I'll repeat this again. It was organized by a White Nationalist. Who did they think was going to be there? Especially considering this happened the night before.
  13. He did say "fine people". The debate is who he was referring to. I'm of the opinion that anyone who took time on their Saturday to stand with White Nationalists were racist, even if they didn't carry Tikki Torches.
  14. Thanks mostly to the Ousted Ontario Liberals. That being said, it seems Ontario doesn't have the appetite for curbing that debt as DoFo may be a one-term Premiere. He's very unpopular.
  15. Like how he's constantly critical of multi-cultrual urban areas with poverty. When the white counties that support him make up some of the poorest places in the US? And he relishes supporting them, but not poor cities?
  16. Like how he lied about quickly moving on from hearing his supporters yell "Send them Back!" at a rally, when in fact, he let the chants go on for 10 seconds before continuing.
  17. Like how his rhetoric towards immigrants led to the El Paso shooting?
  18. Kind of like how Germany tried to remove their Nazi heritage. The Charlotteville protest was organized by a man named Jason Kessler https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/inside-jason-kesslers-hate-fueled-rise/2018/08/11/335eaf42-999e-11e8-b60b-1c897f17e185_story.html A devoted White Nationalist. So who are these non-racist that decided to go to this protest for completely heritage loving reasons?
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