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  1. I'm sure JT would love to ignore Trump.
  2. The US does business in Canada for a reason. If it was such a favour, they wouldn't do it.
  3. I've posted many thing other than from CNN. You only acknowledge opinions and reporting from Alt-Right sources.
  4. We're not begging the US for those things. It's a partnership.
  5. Such as? The US is bigger than POTUS. This business will happen regardless of who the leader of each country is.
  6. Sure. But the world wasn't laughing at Obama. They are laughing at Trump.
  7. Just a response to MH claiming that JT mocking Trump is going to change anything. It may for Trump as Biden is using it in attack ads now. But to punish Canada is a petty fool's errand.
  8. Trump was the one that wanted the deal re-negotiated. That trade is still going to happen with or without the new deal.
  9. If Trump is going to put the billions of dollars of trade, especially in states he needs to get re-elected, at risk because JT bitched that he was late because of a press conference, then he'll prove himself to be the petulant and childish crybaby he is.
  10. I don't like JT, but hated him a little less yesterday. It speaks to Trump's temperament that he took his ball and went home after the story broke. Makes sense. JT makes him a legit Cuck.
  11. 1) That's a reasonable fear. It required a huge campaign in North Africa to stop that. 2) They tried to stay out of it until Poland was invaded. It's extraordinary hindsight to claim Hilter would have stopped at Poland. He wanted to avenge the embarrassment of the Treaty of Versaille. That meant going after France.
  12. And will Trump let it happen because we don't reach a fake 2% benchmark?
  13. You said that Russia and Germany should have fought it out and the UK and France should have sat there with Popcorn. Ignoring years of Nazi aggression and invasion of Poland. Germany and the USSR partitioned Poland off. They were allies in 1940. There's a reason Neville Chamberlin is seen by history as a capitulator and Winston Churchill is seen as hero. Chamberlin tried to make peace with Germany. . . and it didn't work.
  14. Says the guy who doesn't know basic facts about WW2. Russia can certainly regain its military might. As noted by Argus, they and China have cheap labour.
  15. You're acting like Canada spends nothing on their military. They're still top 15. And I doubt Canadians would support the several billion required while still running a deficit. Most countries don't have the will or the Military Industrial Complex that US has. In fact none do.
  16. No, they declared war because they invaded Poland. And that was annexing Austria and parts of the Czech Republic. It was seen as finally a bridge too far. And even then they just waited to be invaded in the Spring of 1940. Very prudent since this was a World War and Japan was also a threat. That's a grim view of Canada's involvement in WW2. Don Cherry would be outraged by that sentiment. And had they acted earlier perhaps they could have staved off Japanese expansion and further loss of life. Regardless FDR did work to support allies using back channels because he recognized the Nazi threat even though this whole America First sentiment Trump flaunts was powerful. Your view of history is complete fiction.
  17. No but they're providing military support. Kind of what this whole impeachment is hinging on. Trump withdrawing military support to Leverage political gossip on a rival. AND might I add, Article 5 of NATO is what's keeping Putin from expanding beyond Ukraine, because then the rest of the Nations have to intervene. And there's no way Putin can take them all. If you've got one, you've got us all. Kind of a nice sentiment until Putin got one of his puppets elected POTUS.
  18. Wait what? Until Operation Barbarossa Germany and the USSR had a non aggression pact. They were seen as allies. It was Germany that was stupid enough to pick a fight with Russia. And once they did, Russia benefitted greatly from support from the West. If it wasn't for a the Battle of Britain, all of Western Europe would have been under the influence of the Nazis. Being passive did not serve the allies well. Ditto with the US in the Pacific. Where they were a handful of flukes away from having their West Coast invaded.
  19. Then why is the US officially supporting Ukraine against Russia?
  20. The French actually had a decent sized army in 1940. But the Nazi's used new tactics that the Allies didn't expect. Hindsight is 2020. For example, having Tanks out flank a fortified line through a forrest. And using those Tanks on the front of an offensive, not to support it. The lesson from WW2 is that the Allies should have stepped in when the War was in Poland and China instead of waiting for it come to their collective doorstep.
  21. I like how you use a guy admitting to murder as your Home Run point. Very telling.
  22. Isn't that what the whole point of the Cold War? US and their proxies vs USSR and their proxies. The US works to become the world's only Super Power and then bitches about it because other nations aren't as committed to it. They have Healthcare to pay for.
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