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  1. What Soros-based group is funding worldometer?
  2. It doesn't matter. It's no questions asked. You're already a registered voter. You can vote by mail because you hate crowds if you want. I'll post again.
  3. How is this fraud if it's something people already have access to? I'll repeat, in all the states that matter, you don't need a reason to obtain an absentee ballot. I would suggest that the risk is less from going outside of your house and more from reduced polling sites because fewer people (mostly seniors) will volunteer. We saw this in primaries, in the spring, where people has to wait extended periods to vote. And it's not like everyone can take the entire day off to wait in a line to exercise their constitutional right. Pick one: Your Job or Your Right to Vote.
  4. AFIK The main risk is to people with heart conditions. The point is it should be taken under doctor's supervision. There are diseases that call for continued use of HDQ and COVID-19 isn't one of them. It's used for people who are already very sick. People are peddling it as a prophylactic and a cure. That should be censored as it's complete bunk.
  5. But people who don't want to/can't vote in person can request an absentee ballot if they are a registered voter. And in all the states that matter (Swing States) a voter doesn't need to give a reason for getting an absentee ballot. It can be because they're a soldier, they work abroad, they're on vacation, they're super busy on the day of the election OR. . . . . . . because they don't think doing to a polling station during a Global Pandemic is a particularly good idea. It's not fraud. There are states that do have Universal mail-in balloting. They did last election as well with no apparent fraud. I doubt, in this late stage, that other states can get onboard with Universal Mail-In Balloting. The virus will cause absentee balloting to go up. And that's a good thing because it will increase voter turnout.
  6. There are side-effects. https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/hydroxychloroquine-oral-route/side-effects/drg-20064216 It's a prescription drug that should be taken under a doctor's supervision. Not because some quack on a Viral propaganda video says it's a cure.
  7. I'm sure he'll be claiming a vaccine is ready even if it isn't.
  8. How is it fraudulent to do something completely legal in almost all of the 50 states? Some states even give you the mail-in ballots without you having to ask. If you are registered you can ask for an absentee ballot. It's been like that in many elections before this one. BTW with this Tweet. Trump is conceding that voting won't be safe in November. So the solution is that he gets to hold power longer? NICE!
  9. Listen, if doctors think it may help someone who is already in the hospital, I have no problem with it being used. Though the FDA has removed it as recommended treatments for COVID-19. But the likes of Trump and the wacko doctors in this video claim it's a cure and it can be used to prevent infection. That's dangerous and misleading propaganda.
  10. Today Trump tweeted that the election should be delayed because many people may want to vote by mail. Voting by mail is completely legal and in all swing-states, a registered voter can ask for a mail-in ballot without giving any reason.
  11. The video in question floated the idea that HDQ is a cure for COVID-19. There is no cure to Covid-19. And overwhelming number of studies have come out showing it's useless. And there are side-effects for people with heart conditions.
  12. All of North America came to realize the seriousness of COVID-19 at about the same time. Around March 10th. And NBA player tested positive and the NBA shut down. Within 2 days schools and large public gatherings were closed/cancelled and within 2 weeks, non-essential businesses were being told they can't operate. All should really be judged by their actions after that. Because since then Canada has been able to tamp down infection and the US can't. You note Co-morbidity as a culprit in the US death toll. I tend to agree. But the infection rate is still alarmingly high. They clearly aren't doing a lot to "protect the vulnerable".
  13. You cited a British article, an Irish article and a Canadian article from May (before many re-opening steps had started). COVID-19 hospitalization is now very low. Any delay from the Spring was necessary, because the lockdown was necessary.
  14. And you're a liar to contend it was protesting. You have no evidence for that. Proven to you over and over again that states that didn't see protests saw spikes and states that did have protests didn't see nearly as high spikes. Why has re-opening efforts in most states now stalled? Bars closed again. States not wanting to open schools. Mask mandates. All because of BLM? Please!
  15. We discussed this last week. Note, all the important Swing States don't require a reason to vote for by Mail. Going to be hard to convince people that doing something that's completely legal is actually a "Scam".
  16. What they need is dropping infection rates.
  17. Re-opening the economy hastily is how the US got into its current predicament. Plus, if people fear they aren't safe, they won't flood back to work or back to leisure activities.
  18. Trump tried to ignore it. But pathetic poll numbers has forced him to focus on it again. The fact that Canadian deaths are overwhelmingly from LTC homes show how well it was contained compared to other countries. Other countries don't have near that percentage.
  19. Well that is how they get paid.
  20. Or banned from the tournament.
  21. And in NHL bubbles in Toronto and Edmonton.
  22. Which you'd support. Sports aren't important right? Better to keep all those COVID infected players south of the border.
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