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  1. Minnesota officials say Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar illegally filed joint tax returns with her current husband years before they were married and at a time when she was married to another man. (She’s part of the Democrats Anti-Semitic Caucus in the House Of Representatives)

    1. BubberMiley


      Shady is just continuing his authoritarian guilty until proven innocent principle.  His “show me the woman and I’ll find you the crime” justice system, as first described by Stalin’s head of the secret police.  It’s sad that we have people that live in a free society echoing and championing anti-freedom and anti-justice principles just because they hate Ilhan Omar.

    2. Shady


      Nope, she's innocent until proven guilty.  Minnesota officials feel like she did something inappropriate.  And imagine, they found that out without her having to release her tax returns to the public!  Weird huh? 

    3. scribblet


      Fined for illegal campaign donation spending too. 

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