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  1. F*ck Black Lives Matter.

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    2. DogOnPorch


      A new term I'm hearing a lot bandied about by media & governments...Racialized Canadians (everybody not white). Like they're victims de-facto...and you poor white bastard...you're just born evil and irredeemable...like Churchill...you should be sent to the dust-bin of history to let the pure folk live in peace.

      It's like they can't see their own racism by calling an entire group racist...and demanding apologies that will never be accepted.


    3. bush_cheney2004


      "Visible minority" excludes natives, so they needed a more inclusive racist term.  

    4. OftenWrong


      We got an email from the office of the Dean. "What can we do to help blacks at the university?" Apparently he thinks they need our help because, they are so helpless. Like you said DOP , they can`t see how they have  ingrained racism directly into the conversation.

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