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  1. Republicans flip another house seat.  Now at +8.  

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    2. sharkman


      bcsapper, your comment did not ask what would happen to our heads.  Try to keep it real.  You asked what we'd do if the 2 senate seats go to the democrats.  Either way, the midterms will come soon enough, and our heads will be just fine.  Yup Betsy,  the election was a rout except for one single outcome.

    3. bcsapper


      Yeah, I meant your heads though.  Sorry for being a little ambiguous with that.

      Keep it real?  Hahahahaha.  What was that you said about fraud again?

    4. Shady


      Even if Republicans didn’t win either senate run off election.  The senate would be 50-50.  Democrats would need every Democrat senator to vote with them, even ones from Republican states to advance any legislation.

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