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  1. In the middle of a global pandemic, and the DOW is 6000 points higher than it was on Obama’s last day in office.  And that was only 3 and a half years ago.

  2. Nobody’s arguing that people that have died from the Wuhan coronavirus aren’t real. You people still aren’t listening.
  3. White people and the police are the only acceptable groups to judge a whole by the actions of a few.  For every other group, it’s wrong and bigoted.

    1. bcsapper


      Don't forget Karens!

    2. OftenWrong


      It is by promoting these fundamentally anti-social attitudes that the radical left seeks to destabilize society. That is how our foreign enemies would like to see us fail, and why the left must be stopped.

      We are obligated to do so, to save the world, troops.

  4. Exactly. And the vast majority of covid deaths are in long term care facilities. We treated this virus like it was the plague. Like if anyone gets it there’s a good chance they’ll die. When that’s the exact opposite of the truth. It’s the exact opposite of the science. But policy is being made based on emotions, feelings, and panic. With little regard for actual facts. So we get a one size fits all solution, which doesn’t make any sense, and only causes more problems, but on a scale a thousand times bigger than the virus itself.
  5. I wonder how Twitter would like it’s exemption from federal law under section 230 of the CDA removed?  Other media doesn’t enjoy such exemptions.

    1. BubberMiley


      Feeling particularly bot-like today?

    2. Argus


      I imagine they'd have to crack down more on abusive accounts and delete Trump's.

    3. scribblet


      Including their own employees (Twitter's )

  6. I agree. I vote for the German health care system!
  7. Nothing like a biased source from 2012!
  8. Disney World re-opens July 11th!  Woot!

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    2. bcsapper


      If only we could bet on it.  I could use a few beers.

    3. OftenWrong


      You seem like one of those who likes the idea of the virus staying around, as if you almost encourage it.

    4. bcsapper


      Same as I like Climate Change, I guess...

  9. Exactly. The United States is 9th in deaths per capita, Canada is currently 12th, but moving up fast. We may catch and pass the United States in another month.
  10. I’m not promoting Trump. I’m illustrating the derangement of how Trump gets saddled with every American covid death and a “late” response, while Trudeau gets praised, while he’s literally done everything the United States has done, but weeks, if not months later.
  11. It may come as a surprise, but other kinds of tests need to be done as well. 100% of testing can’t be all covid. Interesting fact. Almost 80% of Ontario’s covid deaths are from long term care facilities. Once again illustrating that covid is just not that dangerous to the general public. #Science
  12. If distancing is a problem than that’s what masks are for.
  13. Good news. Except that Trump did this type of thing like 2 months ago. But I’m sure Trudeau will be lavished with praise. GM signs contract with Ottawa to produce 10 million masks https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/gm-signs-contract-with-ottawa-to-produce-10-million-masks-160027024.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNhLw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAFfBUWXanhohEobIZZ9N9EEfZcqyLCIiNGKqpuh8oD-nMBgtEq7Ov_Q_yh2ts9S6bUjiFWFhB2AnpHN_aOJc4OPJHqs8FOZGIWsaET1qyC05f1DMGGWywmNIhpQJh3sts_Pf21qF5ySbLW-P43z-u4KNdiCmcjkNvpOuqeBbo4lq
  14. I can’t tell if Biden is purposely lying or if it’s his dementia acting up.

    1. Argus


      Can you tell if Trump is purposefully lying or if its his dementia acting up?

    2. Shady


      I think it’s more ignorance.

  15. In your opinion. Unfortunately, these opinions aren’t based in any science. Apparently one won’t get covid if they need an abortion. But they will get covid if they need a colonoscopy. Everyone can go to Walmart and won’t get covid. But if you go to church or a family owned business, you will. You won’t get covid buying alcohol or lottery tickets. But you will get covid if you’re buying a television. Marijuana dispensaries are deemed essential even though they’ve only been in existence for a couple of years, but a family owned business that’s been in existence for 20 or 30 years is non-essential. Because apparently you can’t get covid from buying pot. But you can get covid from the latter. Don’t you see how ridiculous and absurd this stuff is? Even you must see it. It’s completely arbitrary. That’s why having everything open but practicing mitigation and distancing guidelines is the only real solution.
  16. We acknowledge as a society that mental illness is real.  We have Bell let’s talk day where everyone seemly acknowledges and understands how bad mental illness can be.  Yet this virus shows that we still put physical illness a head of it.  Even if the mental illness impacts tens of millions, while the physical illness impacts thousands.

  17. I’m not familiar with parts of the act that you’re uncomfortable with.
  18. Again, which part are specifically referring to? Regardless, at least the patriot act is a law written, debated and passed by a legislature. It’s not a decree from one individual.
  19. Here’s actual data related to when states opened and how their cases have gone. It’s not a selected snapshot of a day or two like the mainstream media likes to report on, and then disseminated by our forum fake news specialist.
  20. No, the last 6 days have declined every day. Do you ever tell the truth?
  21. More fake news. The last two days have been around 500. Do you ever tell the truth?
  22. It’s a bigger fairy tale to insult everyone be forced into quarantine. And again, nobody is saying society move along like normal. Are you retarded? Did you not read what I just said. Seriously, are you retarded?
  23. You’re fake news and you continue to post fake news. That’s why I ignore most of what you post. It’s garbage. Regardless, as places open up, there will be slight increases of cases, that’s not the point. Anyways, Georgia
  24. I’ve stopped trying to explain this to people. I’ve suggested opening everything up but along with practicing mitigation and social distancing, but all the alarmists want to hear is open up. I’ve literally had to explain with mitigation and social distancing about 15 times in this forum, and people still accuse me of wanting to open up as if there is no virus. Don’t waste your time.
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