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  1. This fool of a prime mistake of Canada was over in Nigeria recently( boy, does this guy get around)and was there apparently pleading with the president of Nigeria to allow for one million Nigerians from that country to be able to leave and immigrate to Canada under a new employment and migration program designed for immigrants. No doubt due to the United Nations migration program which Trudeau signed onto that says that any refugee that wants to immigrate to Canada can do so, and be allowed to come to Canada, and cannot be denied entry into Canada. The fool says that it cannot be overlooked the contributions that new immigrants have giving to and done for Canada. Well, for all the new immigrants that have been coming to Canada for decades now, why is there still approx. 2% of Canadians unemployed and are on unemployment or on welfare? More immigration appears to not be solving the unemployment problem. Bringing in more new immigrants can only add to the destruction of this country. The environment, landfills, pressures and more damages to our infrastructures, more social and medical services needed, and more wildlife losing their homes, I find it very hard as hell as to how more immigration will be of any benefit to host Canadians or Canada itself. So far, no good. Trying to tell host Canadians that they need a million more new Nigerian immigrants to come to Canada is bloody insane but yet this is what the fool and his Somali immigration minister is trying to do too Canada. Flood Canada with every refugee that they can which is costing the Canadian taxpayer's hundreds of billions, of their tax dollars to take care and hopefully try and get them settled here with a job to boot. Toronto is crying and staggering with the amount of tax dollars that it is costing them with all the new illegal refugees living in that city. This nonsense that Canada has an aging problem is right alright. People are aging every day. Even you and me and thee. Well duh! But to make it appear as though we need more immigrants because all we appear to have left are old people getting ready to retire is ridiculous. This is just a farce and an excuse to flood Canada with more of the worlds poor and help keep wages and benefits down. This prime mistake of Canada has done so much damage to Canada and it is costing the Canadian taxpayer billions of their tax dollars every year to help fulfill Trudeau and his Somali immigration minister dream of bringing in millions of the worlds poor refugees. There is supposed to be hundreds of millions of refugees in the world. Is it the plan of this fool of a prime mistake of ours, at the behest of his hero G. Soros, to bring them all in? With this fool I think if he could he would. The guy is crazy in the head. Just my opinion of course. So, anyone here thinks that this is a great idea to be bringing in a million Nigerians into Canada on top of the thousands of criminal illegals that keep crossing our borders into Canada illegally every day plus the 300,000 that are allowed to come to Canada legally will be good and great for Canada and Canadians? We all must know full well by now that Nigeria is full of scammers, and many of those scammers have been trying to bilk millions of dollars out of unsuspecting Canadians out of their money for decades now. Imagine what some of them will do to Canadians when they get here? Our present day immigration policy has gone beyond ridiculous and way out of whack. Canada needs a moratorium on immigration, not more immigration. How long will it be before Canadians demand this madness to stop? Source: Website CBTV
  2. Why should any white conservative minded person who gives a shit about Canada and what the leftist liberal liars have to say? You know, those lefty liberals who are trying to make Canada into their own third world image. It is the "cranky old right wingers' that are trying to save this country from turned into a third world hell hole that is being created by those lefty bunch of loonie toons that are still being allowed to try and wreck this once great British/European nation. The lefties have nothing to offer but doom and gloom.
  3. Hussein is concerned my butt. Hussein is the one along with that fool Trudeau who is pushing for more immigration, not less, especially from the non western countries in the world. Trudeau just recently was in Nigeria wanting to have a million Nigerians immigrate to Canada. What will those millions of Nigerians do to the Canadian culture when they get here? Assimilate right away? Nope. Not really because if there are a million more like you why would you try and assimilate into the main Canadian western culture? Those two misfits are truly a danger to Canada and it's decent and moral ways of life and values and culture. The insane inmates are truly running Canada these days. Canada has truly become a joke. LOL.
  4. They should be here working and employing and paying taxes into Canada's coffers, and not HK or China's coffers. How can they dare call themselves a Canadian and yet go live in another country and help that country to create jobs and taxes for that country. Canada is and has always been a sucker for the rest of the world thanks to our stupid and stunned politicians that we all keep getting every year. But what is even sad about the whole thing is that most Canadians don't even give a dam about Canada anyway. Some here appear to be quite happy about it. Indeed, it would appear as though our politicians prefer to have drug dealers, terrorists and human traffickers and millions of unskilled refugees from the many third world countries come to Canada. Canada does not want new immigrants from western countries immigrating to Canada anymore unless they are of the leftist liberal kind of ilk. It must be great to be able to have two passports. If things do not go well in one country then one can always run to the other country. What a deal, eh? FYI. Did you know that your dear leader Trudeau went to Nigeria and actually begged the Nigerian government to allow a million Nigerian immigrants to come to Canada, no doubt because of the Untied Nations program and agenda migration program where Canada signed onto that now makes Canada have an open door policy where no one can be denied entry into Canada which this fool wants to take advantage of. Nigeria is well known for it's scam artists and this fool of a prime mistake of yours will be letting in a few of these con artists with open arms and free welfare. Source: website CBTV.
  5. Are you referring to billionaires or just your ordinary Joe and Mary Canadian? I wonder if J. Pattison would go as far as to donate some of his billions and not accept any write off for it. Now that would really be something for him to do and show that he does not really care about any write offs. Just wondering.
  6. And why cutting the program and agenda of leftist liberal multiculturalism will not save 100s of millions of taxpayer's tax dollars? Who knows, by cutting multiculturalism the Canadian taxpayer could maybe save billions. Hey, you never know, eh? And it is for sure that you have no clue as to how much tax dollars are being blown on useless programs like multiculturalism. I guess that this will just be another question that you will avoid to answer, eh? Sad indeed.
  7. I know a lot more than what you think I know. Your problem is that you think you know more than anyone whom you disagree with knows. Incredible.
  8. I get what you are saying here. Sure it helps hospitals, but as I said already, if there were no tax write offs to be had for Pattison do you really think that he would give one nickel to any charity or hospital? I don't think so. My opinion.
  9. Why should we accept any of those you mentioned? Why are the Canadian taxpayers not being consulted and asked as to whether they want millions of new refugees to come to Canada?They have no right to be here just because they may end up as climate refugees. Let them stay home and fix their own problems. Millions of new immigrants will ruin this country forever with the amount of garbage to our landfills alone will be massive beyond belief. Traffic gridlock. More infrastructure required, and more medical and social services needed. Canada will be finished off if we keep flooding this country with millions of refugees every year. Immigration is one of the biggest threats to Canada and Canadians. Hello out there, are you getting it yet? Probably not.
  10. It's called getting your chit together. LOL.
  11. 1. The entrenched culture does not have a problem with immigration. The only problem that most of the entrenched culture has with immigration is with the numbers of immigrants being allowed to immigrate to Canada and where they are coming from is their problem. When approx. 85% of all new immigrants are coming from non western countries, that is a problem for some entrenched cultures in Canada. 2. There needs to be more discussion about what native Indians have done to each other in the past, and not continue to keep trying to hide that fact. 3. Living in the past has nothing to do with it. It is your dear leaders who are trying to convince we the people that more non western immigration will be great for Canada. Such bull chit indeed. More immigration has done nothing to help make Canada great but just the opposite. More social and medical services required. More infrastructure required. More assaults and attacks on the environment. More wildlife being killed. More garbage for the landfills. Do you honestly want to try and make the entrenched people and others out there believe that massive non western immigration is going to be all that great for Canada? Give your head a shake will you. What part of what I have posted here are you not getting here yet? But I must realize that you have no answer to anything at all. All you appear to want to do is try to look like Mr. Nice Guy here and we should all just try to get along. Well, tell that to your politically correct politicians who do not want us to all just get along. Division is their strength. Diversity and multiculturalism is we the entrenched people's enemy.
  12. Black Africans and Asians and even the North American native Indians have always plundered and slaughtered each other for centuries now. Hello? It took the white man in North America to stop the Indians from killing one another. But we will not give the white man any credit for that. Those wars where whites were killing whites were wars created by the globalist international bankster elites who were able to get our puppet on a string politicians to get white men and women to go off to war to make money for them and to get white people to kill each other and die for their elite created wars. Scum like G. Soros is one big threat to Western man and woman, and that pos is trying to destroy Western culture and values and ways of life. Those international globalist banksters have been at it for centuries now starting with the Rothchilds. Don't believe me. Go on the internet and look it up. It's all there if you take the time to want to learn and read all about why white people were forced into killing other white people. Educate yourself and get away from the lying lame duck western libmedia propaganda who despises you and me and thee. As Trump has said many times already? "The media is the enemy of we the people. Trump is so bloody right on that alright. The libmedia lies to we the people every day and people like you still will believe their lies. Deplorable.
  13. 1. I took the time to look up "Black Pigeon speaks" and I saw nothing there where Trump has said anything close to what this guy says and believes. If the guy loves Trump, well, he and me have something in common. Trump is a real and true leader something you have and probably will never see here in Canada thanks to the leftist liberal lying and fake Canadian and American media who hate Trump's guts and want him impeached or at least gone. Good luck to those fools. All those other fools out there are going to be crying when the next election in America rolls around and Trump will be the president for another four more years. Maybe those fools can go live in another country, say Venezuala or Cuba. Ha-ha-ha. 2. The only problem that BP had with the lying leftist social media is that he is not one of those leftist liberal social media minded idiots. I saw lots of great reading and I may even go back and look at some of the videos that BP posted. To get the other side of the story is what everyone who gives a shit should do. But with most brainless Canadians and Americans they all just let the leftist liberal lying and fake news and social media outfits do the speaking and thinking for them. I did not see any "hate" speech in any of his videos because there was no hate speech being promoted at all. It's just that you cannot tell the difference between truth and lies. You appear to keep falling for the latter. Your problem and not mine. 3. Really.
  14. If there were no write offs to be had, billionaires like Pattison would not donate a bloody cent to any charity or hospital. Do you honestly believe that people like Pattison really give a crap about what is good for we the people? Come on, wake up will you. It's all for tax write offs only. Hello out there.
  15. What about all the terrible things that non-white people have done in the world, past and present? Are you trying to make it appear as though non-whites are squeaky clean and have never committed any terrible atrocities in the past and even today? Give your head a shake if you believe that all nonwhite people have always been the greatest race of people on earth. Hello?
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