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  1. taxme

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    I doubt that Lavalin could care less about UN international rules. It would appear as though our rules of law were not adhered to by trudeau lying about SNC. Rule of law is only supposed to work and be there for the little guy and not for big corporations like Lavalin. Corporations run and rule the world and can pretty much do whatever they want too and to hell with the rule of law. We do not live in a rule of law world all that much. We live in a world where corporations can do as they dam well please without worrying all that much about any real consequences. This whole SNC bull affair will end up going nowhere and be all forgotten in a couple of weeks or months. Topics like this one do not stick around all that long. A month from now and it will be something else and all forgotten. Corruption and bribery will survive in Ottawa for a long time yet. Believe it or not that is what keeps the Canadian government up and running. Just saying.
  2. taxme

    Islamification of Toronto?

    But would you confront the Muslim if he were down praying on his carpet and chanting to Allah on the subway floor and in the way of several people who are taking a subway like you did with the guy carrying the Nazi flag? Maybe you should have left him alone and waited for him to be accidentally walked on. I wonder if he would have appeared again? Just asking.
  3. Still waiting for you to tell me who the fascists are? I need to know.
  4. taxme

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    You must mean Trudeau and not Trump. All Trump is doing is looking after American interests something which your prime mistake of Canada could care less about that being Canada and Canadians. Congress appears to be full of anti-American traitors. Trump truly does have his work cut out to try and make America great again. Trump is trying to make America great again while those in congress are trying to make America worse. I am pretty sure that trudeau would like to call all the shots if he could get away with it but he cannot. The king appears to have forgotten that he is not dealing with an Obama or Clinton anymore. He is dealing with someone who is great at the art of the deal. Lavalin is a prime example of who and what trudeau cares about and where his loyalties lie. It is for sure that his loyalty is not with we the people. Trudeau's loyalty is to corporations like Lavalin and Bombardier and big bureaucracy's like the United Nations. Trudeau will lie thru his teeth to try and make himself look great.
  5. taxme

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    What Canada lacks is a Trump like politician who says it like it is and who is not political correct and says they he is not. The politicians that Canada has today are being allowed to run and ruin this once great nation into the ground. While pipelines are being built in America thanks to Trump here in Canada pipelines are not being built thanks to our prime mistake of Canada. French controlled Lavalin and Bombardier in Canada pretty much run this country. Aw well.
  6. taxme

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    Scum is putting it mildly. Most Canadians appear to only take an interest about politics on election day and ask themselves who should I vote for today. Will it be teewdle-dee or tweedle-dumb. Who talks my talk and who is going to look after only my interests. After they vote they go back to business as usual and forget all about politics. It's unfortunate that our Canadian politicians have created this atmosphere of apathy and non interest about politics. Canadian politics is as boring as watching paint dry. They all repeat the same old bull shit every day that no one really gives a crap about. I was watching Trump at a rally in El Paso, Texas last night and there were tens of thousands of supporters there to greet Trump inside the stadium. Contrast that to when our politicians attend a rally. They are lucky if they can get a hundred out to their rally. Our politicians are totally boring to listen too compared to when one listens to Trump talk. Enthusiasm is everywhere at the rally. Lineups of people have to stand outside who could not get in to watch Trump speak on big outdoor screens. When did we ever see that happen in Canada. If in the next election no one voted for anyone then trudeau would probably win by default. The only time that I see Canadians taking to the streets is when some old tree has been cut down or a bunch get together for a tree planting ceremony. Trudeau should get his ass kicked out in the next election but will he? Canadians scare me a hell of a lot. They are fickle and can be easily swayed by some offer by trudeau to vote him back in. It's the millennials also that scare the hell out of me. They appear to like social media, liberalism, socialism and communism and their cellphones. The majority of them are clueless about politics as far as I am concerned. Just saying.
  7. taxme

    Syncretic Party - New political group

    We the people must first ask the question as to who is really pulling the strings of our media and our dear leader politicians? All political party's appear to dance to the same tune of political correctness. They are all for more massive immigration, more foreign aid, more multiculturalism, and more of socialism and communism. They also appear to be in favor of more government, more taxes and less freedom. How can we the people get anywhere when we are being controlled by unpatriotic politicians and media who appear to only serve the globalist zionist international banker elite. The Syncretic Party will probably be no different. The party will be taken over by someone from the elite very quickly if they appear to be making any kind of headway against the elite. It's a matter of fact. With so many party's being created in Canada today the division of we the people will become even greater and the two many non patriotic political party's in Canada will always rule. We the people will always end up like the pawns on a chessboard. They are there to protect the king and queen elite from getting checkmated. We the people are just expected to pay your taxes and shut the hell up. What a deal for we the people, eh?
  8. taxme

    Syncretic Party - New political group

    So tell me Mr. Crown man, just who are these fascists anyway that you speak of? Please explain.
  9. taxme

    Syncretic Party - New political group

    It may have to happen one day. Hey, you never know, eh? So far, the Queen and the elite have shown that they are not there for nor are interested in we the people or civilization but are only there for themselves to get richer and remain and hold control and power over we the people and all at our expense of course. Just saying.
  10. All the more reason for Canadians of British and European ancestry and backgrounds to fight the fight very hard now and more than ever to hang on to their culture and traditions and heritage. Quebec has been pretty much the architect of the downfall of Anglophone English Canada for several decades now. It's surprising now to see that a Quebec leader is calling for more European immigration. Funny how he avoided saying the word more British immigration? Between both old man(multicult)and young so called man(feminist)trudeau both had and have been working very hard to destroy our British/European heritage in Canada. The proof is there. When pretty much 80-85% of our new immigrants are coming from non-western countries which has been going on since old man trudeau came along and helped change our immigration policy way back when should tell us all that their has been a conspiracy that has been going on for several decades now in this country. In your America things are no different. Hispanics are slowly going to take over your country as their population keeps rising in numbers every year. There appears to be no political leader or party in this country that wants to take on and change all of this present day immigration policy and fiasco other than Maxine Bernier who has said that he will take on this immigration crisis and fiasco. Canada has been swamped with over 50,000 legal and illegals in the past two years that are being allowed to enter this country illegally with more to come which will be the destruction and the end of our British/European people of Canada. The warning and writing is on the wall for all to see but can Canadians see and are able to read this warning. For now obviously not. It will be to their peril if they continue to ignore the problem. But it is good to see that at least one premier of a province in Canada has mentioned something like this. It is very refreshing to see.
  11. Wall Street is part of the globalist international bankster elite beast. Wall Street helps assist in the overthrowing of legitimate governments where those governments defy their take over by those mentioned above. Example: Maduro of Venezuela. Saddam of Iraq. Quadafi of Libya. Trying to overthrow the legitimate government of Assad of Syria. The list can go on. Trust me. Wall Street is no friend for we the people. They despise us. When they invest in some country it will be for their benefit and not for yours. Morneau is just their puppet on a string. When it comes to Ford I do not believe that he is one of their puppets, for now. Time will tell though. Seniors are safe for now.
  12. taxme

    Syncretic Party - New political group

    It's interesting how the elite and the Queen work together to screw we the people. Working with the UN is a crime against humanity in itself. The UN has never solved anything. They only screw things up more. For the Queen to side with the enemy, the UN, is a crime. I wish that the UN would be abolished. That is what I wish for. Maybe my wish will come true.
  13. taxme

    Syncretic Party - New political group

    Even I will have to wait and see what Bernier will really do if he ever did become the PM of Canada. So far his program and promises looks good. Will your party follow thru on your promises and programs if ever elected to run this country? We both must wait and see. Indeed, Canada and Canadians are in for the long haul. Right now Canada looks #$%(*@#.
  14. taxme

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    It was very sad for me to see that Harper the conservative did nothing about the crimes, corruption and bribery that has gone on in Canada for several decades now. Harper was supposed to believe in more freedom, less government and less taxes but we got more of those instead. They are pretty much all alike and in bed together to screw with we the people. Most of our dear leaders are nothing more than a bunch of cheats, thieves and liars and could careless about Canada or Canadians. It's always just about money and power for most of these buffoons. Just my opinion of course.