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  1. We can thank the left wing liberal Canadian MSM for all the hatred that has been spewed and heaped on America by those fools, especially now that Trump is the new sheriff in town. They cannot seem to get enough of bashing Trump. But what can one expect from a bunch of crybaby losers. The only way that Canadians who care really and want to know as to what is really happening in America is to try and listen to FOX news for a change. FOX will not bite and they come up with some pretty good answers and reasons as to why the liberal lying and fake MSM hates America and Trump so much and want to see Trump fail on everything. America is lucky to have a leader like Trump. And then there is the feminist prime mistake of Canada. LOL.
  2. Canadians? Always out to kick themselves in the ass. Canada could create thousands of new jobs if it were not for the tree huggers and the native Indians who are always out to try and stop progress and who would prefer not to have any new pipeline or refinery infrastructure being built in Canada. Here in Canada a tiny minority of tree lovers and Indians always get to run and rule over the majority. It would appear as though they would like to send Canada back to the good old 18th century way of life and living where the chopping of wood was needed to try and keep warm. I don't think that those same anti-everything people will like to see all of those trees being cut down. What about the birds? LOL.
  3. But there are so many Canadians who believe that we Canadians do not need no stinkin' America to survive. Bad thoughts. LOL.
  4. Aw yes, those Bilderberg globalist corporations that believe in free trade and all about and for themselves. LOL.
  5. Most Canadians always believe that it is always the other country that is the problem and at fault. Our dear leader politicians brought this problem on many many decades ago. When a country puts a 270% tariff on dairy products all to appease Quebec then you know that someone here in Canada does not want to play fair ball. Tariffs need to be abolished and let the best man/woman win in the markets and business game. The government only screws up and makes things worse rather than better. Just saying.
  6. Stop your crying. It's over. The kids are back with their parents now. Go on to something new that you can find to bitoch on about Trump.
  7. So true. Some members here are only concerned about Americas immigration children problem and not about their own immigration fiasco going on in Canada every day. That is if no importance at all to them. Maybe because they love watching all those criminal illegals entering Canada illegally and appear to be cheering them on. Hypocrisy is what it is called. It still amazes me as to why some Canadians get all uptight and upset over what America does but cannot seem to get all uptight and all upset over what Canada does. Crazy, eh?
  8. It's not Trump's fault, silly. It is all the fault of the parents who brought those kids along with them for thousands of miles and then crossed with their kids illegally. The cartels make thousands of dollars by also bringing parents and their kids to the American border. Many kids have been found to not even be the children of many of those illegal criminals at all. Many kids were being used as an excuse to enter America by the cartels who made thousands of dollars by bringing them to the border. Try listening to FOX news for a change because CNN, MSNBC or the CBC will not tell you those true facts. It's time for people like you to get the other side of the story for a change, not just one side of the story. It is the parents that can be considered the terrorists here, not the children. They are all innocent in all of this illegal immigration game.
  9. Well, you should be quite happy now that those kids are now reunited with their parents. Go job, Trump. But you should also know that the problem lies with the parents who brought them from thousands of miles away and then broke the law of another country by entering that country illegally with thier kids. If they cared so much about their kids why would they do such a thing anyway? Everyone should have enough brains to know that one cannot just walk into a country and think all will be fine. Trump is not the problem here it is the liberal/democrats that will not try and assist Trump in trying to stop all this illegal immigration going on into America. They need this immigration mess to be used to try and win the 2018 election. This was going on when Billy Clinton and Bush and Obama were Presidents also. But don't blame them three blame it all on Trump. Trump started it all. With your typical liberal minded warped logic then all parents who commit real criminal crimes in America should not go to jail also. After all, won't they be separated from their children if they go to jail for their crimes? Think about that one for awhile. What makes these illegals any different and why should they be treated differently? And why are you not whining and crying about all the illegal immigration being done by the hundreds of criminal illegals that are entering Canada every day illegally? Why all your hoof poof words of nothing and all over what goes on in America and their immigration problem? Canada is having an explosion of criminal illegals crossing into Canada illegally. You appear to not give a dam about that. Why? I can be pretty sure that with you it is all Trump's fault right, eh? Got to go get that Trump and try to find something on and then bitch about Trump.
  10. taxme

    Street gangs

    Some peoples kids just can't seem to ever get the drift.
  11. taxme

    Street gangs

    1. Avoid telling the truth is what you believe in, right. Why are you trying to ignore the fact that what Center is saying is so true and acknowledge it rather than fight it? The facts are pretty much there for all to see. 2. I can be pretty sure that if the findings go against the color of people that Center has mentioned you will probably want to defend them anyway. 3. ?????????????????. Always out to protect the poor old so-called downtrodden, eh, especially if they are not of the white variety. Then who the hell cares. Just saying. Your prejudices and biases have been duly noted. Tick. LOL.
  12. taxme

    Street gangs

    Right on. But you better watch out for that word "racist" to be thrown at you here. Some members here do not like to have to see another race being reported on, other than white, that are being shown to be bad people. It is just not oh so Canadian to do so, right MH?
  13. It appears to be rather obvious that Muslims are getting a bunch of free passes these days in Canada with the help of our prime mistake of Quebec(Canada). I wonder why this is so? If it were not for Canadian nationalist patriots like Kevin Johnston none of us would even know as to what is being said or being done that is going on in the Ontario Islamic territories. The Muslims are laughing at their host Canadians and are running themselves all the way to the Islamic bank of Canada thanks to Trudeau with our tax dollars. Oh, the joy of it all.