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  1. taxme

    Quebec is unhappy again.

    Bull chit. The Anglophone media and Anglophone politicians have done nothing to try and fight and protect Anglophone rights in Quebec. When the Anglophones are denied certain English language rights in Quebec the rest of Canada does not come to their rescue. They will say that it is none of their business. Yet this Legault guy can go to Ontario and try to get Ford to change his mind about the university not being built. If Ford were to go to Quebec and say something bad about the loss of some English rights in Quebec Ford would be booed by Quebeckers and the Anglophone politicians and media. So spare me your nonsense.
  2. taxme

    Quebec is unhappy again.

    The leftist liberal CBC will forever look for any excuse to attack people like conservative Doug Ford. They will take a story and twist it around to make it look bad to suit their end games of promoting lies and deceit. Have you noticed how quiet the CBC and the American media become these days since they won the house. The CBC needs the American media to start up attacking Trump about something then they will put their two pesos in. If not well they have to go nuts on some other useless news story in Canada that no one really cares about. What a useless outfit the CBC has become. A real waste of taxpayer's tax dollars.
  3. taxme

    Canada's long, slow decline

    The liberals are always there and ready to look for anything the conservative party may say that appears to be racist. We will never be able to have a proper debate on immigration as long as the liberals will attack and try to make anyone questioning immigration or multiculturalism as racists. The trouble with the conservative party is that they do not know how to fight back. They let the liberals make asses of them all the time. The conservative party needs more people like Trump in their party who are not afraid of the liberal party or the liberal media like Trump does and who will challenge anyone who dares try to call Trump a racist. He knows how to shut them down with a few words. This is what liberals are good at? They try to put the opposition on the spot with accusations and hope that it will stick and work for them and make the other party look bad. Canada does have an immigration problem and if the liberals are allowed to go unchecked with their program of more immigration things will only get worse. It is plain as day that the liberals have no love for Canada or Canadians. Their love is with the rest of the world. You can be sure that the race card will be brought up in the next election by the liberals against the conservative and the people's party. That will be their ace in the hole. Just watch.
  4. taxme

    Canada's long, slow decline

    It would appear as though Canada lacks the free enterprise spirit politicians. Right now it would appear that we have as politicians liberals/socialists/communists running Canada who do not believe in free enterprise but government or private enterprise. We stifle growth by listening to such groups as environmentalists or native Indian tribes who in most cases dictate to our politicians as to where or what can be done and whether a project can go ahead or be stopped. We have people running this country who believe in more government, more taxes, more rules and regulations and more laws and less freedom. In other words the government appears to try to make anyone trying to create jobs or exist are an enemy and should be controlled and regulated to death by the government. There appears to be more pessimism rather than optimism in this country. Canada and the Canadian people are in so much debt because of our so called political leaders who lack care and concern for the taxpayer's tax dollars. It's just spend, waste and blow. Canada is pretty much a socialist country and that is our problem. Socialism discourages rather than encourages. There are so many rules and regulations, laws and orders federally, provincially and municipally that everyone every day has at least violated one or many rules or laws. With so much control over we the people it is very hard to believe and think that one is really all that free in Canada anymore and it seems that every other month a new law or regulation is put on the books. I have asked this question here many times as to why some feel here that Canada is great. But yet no one has come forward yet to tell me why they think Canada is so great. I am pessimistic about Canada. Can you make me feel optimistic about Canada? Do you have something to offer? Over.
  5. taxme

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    He wouldn't give a dam as to what question I would ask him face to face. I am too politically incorrect for his highnessless.
  6. taxme

    Caravan Now 7K Strong

    I am looking forward to the big showdown coming soon. Will the illegal invaders try to enter America illegally or will they be stopped? It seems that all Latino American organizations are all in favor of this caravan and are trying to convince host Americans that this is not an invasion. All is okay. Just people wanting asylum. Let them all in they say. The asylum seekers were offered asylum in Mexico and did not take it. Why? I understand that there will be hundreds of immigration lawyers ready and waiting for them at the border. No doubt most of those lawyers will be Hispanic. Trump is sure right when he said that he needs to get that wall built. It worked well in Israel and having a wall against the Arabs. The democrats are against the wall. More illegals the better for them and more votes. The fun will soon happen. Enjoy the chaos that will soon begin at the border.
  7. Poor old Quebec. Crying and whining again. They want bilingualism for the rest of the country but leave Quebec out of that expensive sillyness. Apparently, the premier of Quebec is all upset and on the warpath again and against Premier Doug Ford for cancelling a planned french university to be built in Ontario. Doug says that is too expensive, and I would assume that it is not really needed anyway so, no french university to be built in Ontario. I am pretty sure that he could careless about expense as it is not his province's money. That french premier should be more concerned about his own province's debt and not Ontario's debt problems. Just build it and dam the cost or we will bring up that scary word called separatism again. And we do not want that. Ooooooooo. So, the french leader of a unilingual french speaking only province wants to butt into Ontario's business and wants Ontario to stay the course and become completely bilingual so as to keep Quebeckers happy and contented and will not want to think about separating from the rest of Canada. Never mind the fact that Quebec has traffic highway signs in french only while New Brunswick and Ontario have all their highway traffic signs bilingual. Anyone starting to see something wrong with this picture because they really is a problem. Of course the leftist liberal Canadian Anglophone media outfit like the CBC is trying to make it a prejudice story out of it now. It's front page news on the CBC today and all they seem to want to do is stir up, I mean, talk about. I guess nothing to whine and cry about Trump today. The American media is sleeping today about Trump so the CBC has nothing to talk today about Trump. So sad, eh? So, this french premier from Quebec wants to cry about how a french university is being denied to the french people living in Ontario. Such utter bull chit. If he wants his french people to have their own university for themselves than pay for one to be built. No problem then. But what I would really like to see is for Doug Ford and that useless gang at the CBC would ask the premier of Quebec this simple question? Why is Quebec's highway signs in french only when in Ontario and New Brunswick they are pretty much all bilingual? Why not Mr Premier of Quebec? The premier talks a lot about unity between the Anglophones and francophones but does not want to practice it. Can you imagine if an Anglophone premier were to ask that question what would happen to them? They would be attacked by the french and their own Anglophone cowardly media like the CBC and told that they should mind their own business and stay out of Quebec's anti-English program affairs. The English speaking people and their leaders and their media in this country sure do lack the marbles alright. It's pathetic to say the least.
  8. taxme

    Street gangs

    It's Jamaican drug gangs.
  9. taxme

    Street gangs

    I know that it is politically incorrect to mention names but would you be referring to Jamaican drug gangs by chance? We know that if it were some Hells Angels doing drive by/mall shootings it would be front page news on the CBC. The police know. The politicians know. The Canadian media knows. Many other people know. I guess that color has something to do with it. No doubt about that.
  10. If anyone should be whining and crying about immigration it should be the environmental movement and animal rights people. The more immigrants a country brings in by the hundreds of thousands every year, like Canada does, the more damage will be done to the environment and infrastructure. It's so easy peasy to figure out? But they have no problem going after one of their own fellow Canadian citizen's who wants to cut down a some trees to make their property bigger, and these fools will try to do anything to stop them from being cut down. Yet millions of trees are cut down to make way for my new immigrants. Go figure.
  11. Never trust those commies. They will lie to your face and when your back is turned against them they will give you the finger. They must never be trusted as communism has shown us many times that they will say to you that we love you but behind your back they are plotting your demise and slavery. The lying liberal leftist media will tell us that the Nazis were oh so bad but always like to over look the fact that the commies were worse than the Nazis. The commies have been responsible for hundreds of millions of murders all over the world for decades but yet they will still allow communist party's to exist. But say anything that might appear to be showing some interest in Nazism for historical reasons and boy look out. It will be condemnation or it will be off to the gulag for you. Strange world indeed.
  12. taxme

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    The lying American and Canadian media tried to make it appear as though Trump tried to avoid going to any veterans ceremony because, as they lied again, that Trump did not want to attend the ceremony because it was raining and Trump did not want to get wet at the ceremony. I know that would never happen with Trump where he would not want to attend a veterans ceremony because of rain. That would be committing political suicide for him to do such a thing. But the true facts were that the ceremony that Trump was supposed to attend were cancelled because the helicopter that was supposed to take him to the ceremony could not fly because of heavy fog. But Trump did attend another veterans ceremony at another location. Dam that bloody leftist liberal lying media. They will say anything to try and make Trump look bad all the time. And many members here will eat up their lies that the fake media will feed them. When will these people ever learn that Trump is not their enemy but is on their side? Trump says that he is a nationalist and so am I and the both of us are definitely not globalists. We both believe in our country's and want to see both succeed and do well for our own people and not the rest of the worlds people. I do not like to see my tax dollars being given away to countries who do not deserve it or should be entitled to my tax dollars. If taxpayer's want to give to other countries than use your own dollars and not mine. The handout days should be over as far as I am concerned. I do not want to be my brothers worlds keeper anymore. Enough already. We are billions in debt because of blowing away all of our tax dollars on the rest of the hell hole world and have got nothing back in return for it but grief and more dollars to be stolen from we the people. It's wakey-wakey time. Hello.
  13. Most environmental organizations act pretty much like a communist government would do. They dictate chit to the people thru laws and rules and regulations with crap and people eat it all up like candy. Tell them that cow farts are ruining the environment and they will believe it no matter how stupid it sounds and is backed up by the likes(millionaires)of David Suzuki and Al Gore. Most of all those laws and rules and regulations are part of the globalist program and agenda for control over we the people. Some people are denied the right to build something on newly purchased land just because it might effect some water flow or some fish or bird habitat. Canada and Finland would not be built up like they are today if way back when we got all worried about the water, trees and fish. Climate change is all bull chit. And if there is any change anywhere it is all due to mother nature and not man/woman. We have very little impact on the environment. And believe me when I say that if man/woman went too far in trying to destroy the environment the old gal will straighten that out very quickly. When more so called greenhouse gases are released in the air the more trees are grown to suck those gases up. It all works well for mama earth.
  14. Hey, it has been the republicans that have been screwed many times when the democrats were in power. Maybe the American conservative voters are finally getting a better deal today thanks to Trump and the republican party. And Trump will be making many more conservatives as judges who will abide by the constitution. The leftist liberal democrats have had their time at appointing liberal judges for decades now. Now it is the conservatives turn for a change. The only ones that are getting screwed here are the liberal/democrats and that is working out great for conservative Americans. Sorry, all you liberal snowflakes out there. Boo-hoo for you.
  15. I must agree with you. I supposed that there are some hard working and honest politicians out there but no doubt they are few and far between. Great to see that there is at least one politician who actually gives a crap. Now if only the rest were like him maybe something would get done properly for a change in this country and start saving taxpayer's tax dollars. So just who is this guy?