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  1. The Rebel cannot be compared to the rest of the Canadian media that you mentioned above. The Canadian bought off media are all pro alt-left liberal and pro liberal party and they can never be trusted in what they report anymore. The Rebel is the only conservative alternative news outlet that does tell it like it is. Try it sometimes, you might learn something for a change that the other liberal side does not want you to hear or know about. I promise you that it will not bite. It has not bitten me as of yet. The alt-left liberal Canadian media are terrified of Bernier because Bernier tells it like it is. Comrade Trudeau is trying to keep Bernier from being able to attend the election debates coming up soon. Why? It is because comrade knows that Bernier is going to tell the people what they need to hear and Trudeau does not want we the people to hear what bernier has to tell them and give them the other side of the story. Why is Trudeau afraid of some honest competition? I guess it is because all comrades hate honest and truthful competition. Just saying.
  2. C'mon eh? There is no misleading here. It is all about those illegal refugees and the problems that those illegal refugees have brought to Germany. Legal and illegal so called refugees are costing the Canadian and German citizen's hundreds of billions of their tax dollars every year and are being wasted on all of these never wanted refugees. There was probably only 1% of the German population that wanted all these criminal illegals to stay in German. The other 99% had no say in it. If they were in such demand the German people would have asked for them to get over to Germany as fast as they can. We need you. We will send the boats to go pick you up. Probably only 1% of the German population were all in favor of all of this illegality going on in their country. The other 99% no doubt did not have a say. All the Western countries in the world are starting to have big problems with all of their legal and illegal refugee and their nonsense and it cannot be said enough. Enough already. We are full. No more. Works for me.
  3. Canada is just as bad as Germany has become today. Millions of third world people were brought into Germany illegally without the German people's permission. Their politicians and the globalists created the illegal refugee mess in Germany today just like our Canadian politicians and their globalist masters, like Soros, are doing also in Canada today, and who do run and control our puppet on a string wimpy Canadian politicians. Since 2017 approx. 75,000 criminal illegal so called refugees entered Canada illegally, and they are still crossing illegally into Canada as I type away right now. Not to forget about the 30,000 so called Syrian refugees brought here by comrade Trudeau a few years ago. But when we see with most Canadians today who see no problem with it just tells me that they do not really care all that much about Canada and it's present day culture. They must have an interest in wanting to have more refugees brought over to Canada. It can also be seen that corporations want more refugees who they then can pay lower ages or their is a replacement plan in place by our politicians to try and eliminate the British/European people and their culture in this once great country called Canada. What else can it be? Whatever it is Canada is no better off than Germany is today. We the taxpayer's are both stuck with a huge tax bill that we all have to pay off to the banksters who loan all the money to the politically correct politicians to cover those refugees expenses and whom we the Canadian taxpayer's have to pay back with interest in the end. But yet, like the German people, most Canadians still will not get it and probably never will. I guess that where or how or why their tax dollars are being blown every day is not all that much interest or important to them. Aw well, what more can be said.
  4. I won't underestimate the "oafs". They will no doubt be voting for the demoncrats and they will make sure that they make their lives and everyone else's lives once again as miserable as hell and broke. Fools never learn from their mistake and sadly there are just too many fools in the world to try and educate. America and Canada and Germany are full of them. Those fools just need to keep listening to the likes of leftist liberal CNN and MSNBC and the CBC and those three alone will show them the way to poverty and hunger and joblessness. It will be good bye to all you people of British/European culture and time to welcome and start to embrace diversity and be replaced by cultures who will in the end be running their sorry asses. Germany is a prime example of what to do if one wants to destroy their country. Bring them all in by the hundreds of thousands every year and that should do the job. Hey, aren't they already doing that in Canada? Canada has gone just as nuts as Germany has. But when did the leftist liberals in Canada ever give a dam about Canada? The rest of the world is more important to those fools.
  5. And if the commie dictator is put back in power by the many fools out there then I would say that you could pretty much kiss this website goodbye. There is just too much freedom of expression happening here for comrade Trudeau to want to have to stomach anymore. Hey, you never know, eh?
  6. Why anyone today with half a brain bothers to listen to and still will believe the alt-left liberal Canadian and American media liars and what they have to say or write and will believe what those democrats say in the democratic party or the liberals in the liberal party of Canada is incredible. Those people truly have to be the deplorable ones. All that is in their heads today is that anyone who happens to be a conservative or conservative supporter has to be a racist. I am still surprised that all those deplorables have not yet called all conservatives all just a bunch of rapists and be done with it. They tried to do that to Kavanaugh and pretty much tried to paint him as a rapist. These alt-left liberal deplorables need to be run out of town. Works for me.
  7. The Gazette is just another leftist liberal rag of a newspaper. The Gazette knows that this is a total lie but yet they could careless about calling people like Legault and Trump white supremacists and have the nerve to say anything like this. Why or how newspapers like the Gazette or TV news stations like CNN and MSNBC are still around is beyond me. All this tells me here is that there are still plenty of stunned Canadians out there that will believe anything that is told to them by the alt-left liberal bought off Canadian media. In my opinion, most Canadians are totally, politically ignorant. The only time that they get involved in politics is at election time, and even then, most of them just vote for someone that looks like a nice man or woman. Old people are the worse for that. They appear to be quite clueless on most things. Just saying.
  8. Nope. I never had the inclination to want to join the military and put on a uniform and go off to some war where I may get seriously injured or killed. I am not going to die for the elite that run this country. As Henry Kissinger once said about the the people who join the military: "Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy". This is why I believe that anyone who wants to join the military they will be thought of as dumb, stupid animals by people like Kissinger. A shocking thing to say for a politician like Kissinger. But this just shows you as to what some politicians think of people who join the military.
  9. I may have now been fooled but now convinced by listening to Ezra Levant of The Rebel that this woman maybe is trying to appear to be a conservative supporter in order to try and make Scheer and the conservative party to look like a bunch of racists.This may only be the beginning as to what those loonie leftist liberal nut cases out there that are going to try and do whatever they can to try and make Scheer look like a racist supporter. It seems that the same problem that Trump is having with the loonie left liberal/democrats in America who are trying to make it appear as though Trump is a racist and are trying to do the same thing here against Scheer. Liberalsim is a very dangerous ism and needs to be eliminated as an ideology. Liberalism is communism.
  10. Maybe it is you who is wasting his money? Hey, you never know, eh? Lol. Sure? Question or challenge anything Zionist and one gets called an anti-semite. So, what else is new? It took only a few commies to start the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Probably they were only about 1.1% of the population. The Zionists may be small in number but they appear to just about run everything in our society. They seem to be everywhere in politics and the media, academia, and the entertainment industry and behind the many special minority interest groups out there and they can pretty much push whatever their leftist liberal communist program and agenda is that they want implemented. They have and own all the money.
  11. They were being expelled from many countries in the past long before the 1948 war ever started as far as I understand it to be.
  12. Do not worry about Trudeau. If he loses the election to the conservatives, Scheer no doubt will be pro-Israel all the way and all Jews then should be happy once again. I have started to give money to Bernier and the PPC Party. Where Bernier stands on Israel, I do not know. Bernier of course is no doubt in conflict with what the Zionists plans for Canada are but Bernier is challenging all of their programs and agendas that nobody really wants anyway. I think that Bernier is going to have a big problem with those people. Just saying.
  13. There was an American journalist called Helen Thomas who once said many decades ago that why don't the Jews get out of Israel and go back to Europe where they came from. She lost her job for saying this by the Zionist owned news paper that she worked for. It seems that in history past there have been many incidents where Jews had been expelled from many countries. They appeared to be not too well liked wherever they went. Why would that be, I wonder? Just curious.
  14. So, why are the Palestinians still fighting with Israel over what they say was land stolen from them? What is their problem? But why would there be a need to buy land when the Pals say that they already owned the land? There is really something wrong with this Middle East picture.
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