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  1. It was no my intention of trying to make it appear as though there is no so called Covid virus around. Maybe there is a Covid virus running around but I just do not believe that this virus is any more serious than any other viruses that have been coming around for centuries. My belief is that this China virus is being used for some nefarious reasons. There has never been a virus that has ever done such damage and harm to Canada and Canadians like this virus has done. In my opinion in the beginning this was never about the Covid virus at all but more to do with a conspiracy of trying to c
  2. Just how the hell would you know as to whether this China virus is as dangerous as your welfare recipient politicians and the lying media tell you? What expertise do you have in the field of viruses for you to be able to come up with your conclusions that this Covid 19 is all for real anyway? Conspiracies do exist. Only stupid people believe that conspiracies do not exist and there sure are plenty of stupid people around in Canada. The anti-vaxers are trying to keep from being harmed or killed by taking an experimental gene therapy vaccine. Only stupid people will do such a stupid thing.
  3. Get into the clown making face mask or the Covid sign making business because come this fall there will be a lot of money to be made. Hundreds if not thousands of people have already made plenty of money from Covid. Why not you? This fall is going to be when the big time daddy of them all viruses will be dropping by and if we have not had enough yet, just wait until then. The Covid game has only just begun people. It's going to become a wild and wicked ride. Hope you all enjoy your new and improved Covid 21 ride seeing that you still want to play this Covid 1984 game ride still. Enjoy!!
  4. And I still do that believe that Covid is all just an hoax and a big lie. There have been many people out there who have been asking for proof and have offered a reward for anyone that can prove that the Covid virus does exists. So far, no takers. Interesting indeed. So, what does this tell me? It tells me that this China virus is all just a scamdemic planned joke brought to us all by our dear welfare recipient politicians and the deep state globalists who by the way are no doubt making plenty of moola from the fools who are still going along with this hoax virus game. The crazy fools who
  5. If all of these viruses that have been coming around for ages now, shouldn't we all be dead by now? We have been many real and serious and deadly plagues in the past but people are still around. Plagues are caused by unsanitary conditions. Viruses are just bugs that are put on earth to try and make our lives miserable as hell. But they still lose eventually. Sadly, some people will die from some virus and only because their immune system is running way to low. We all need to keep our immune system up and running thru proper eating and exercise and get plenty of good old vitamin D from the sun.
  6. And that is only with the AstraZenaca vaccine. What are Phizer and the other big pharma vaccine companies doing to people who take their vaccines? We do not know just yet. Only time and keeping an eye on those vaccines will tell. For now, I will forgo my jab just to be on the safe side. No hurry to take the jab especially when I now know that some Covid vaccines may injure or even kill me. I cannot die yet, I have bills to pay.
  7. Apparently, 23,541 Canadians to date have died from Covid. 84,000 Canadians died from cancer in 2020. So, what's your point?
  8. The Trump's never called for or tried to promote any kinds of violence. That is typical bull shit once again coming from the communist demoncrats. Comrade Maxine Waters and comrade Kamala should be arrested and brought up on charges of trying to promote violence on American streets. Why are they not being attacked and crucified by the American media for advocating violence on the streets of America? Why? It's very simple. They are communist democrats who have the support of the American communist media. They can say and do whatever they please because they are communist demoncrats. One k
  9. No one is forcing me for now to take the jab but that may end soon. No one who values their rights and freedoms should accept such total tyranny has someone needing a vaccine passport to travel anywhere. That is criminal and a crime against humanity and apparently against the Nuremberg Code that I believe that Canada signed onto way back when. And why should any airline pay for anyone's return back to their country at the airlines expense anyway? That should be left up to the individual to know these the rules in other countries on Covid. Even A travel agent should know and warn you as to
  10. First of all I do not have any proof about anything about this China virus because I do not have the money or the resources to be able to verify anything in regards to this China virus. I asked you as to what proof do you really have and you post some website and what it points out as deaths from Covid because I guess that is your only proof to show me. Sorry, that is a no go here, fella. I asked you personally as to what proof or research and money spent by you to be able to spout on and come up with your own assessment on Covid statistics, hmmm? The number 3,050,405 of people world wid
  11. What Trump and Trump Jr. meant was to fight like hell for American freedom. They did not act like comrade Maxine Waters did who has and still does advocate for violence in the streets. Yet she is totally immune from any criticism from the lying and fake leftist lieberal American MSM who ignores everything she says when it comes to her promoting violence in the streets. The Trump's never said anything close to calling people to commit violence in the streets. Try and get your chit together, will you. Your problem is that you keep reading and listening way too much to the lying and fake le
  12. In BC the population is close to 5 million people. Out of that number approx 1200 have died from this so called Covid virus. There has been just as many people that have died from the many other kinds of viruses that have been coming around every year for decades now. And yes, there is pretty much a 99.5% chance of surviving any virus, even this scamdemic one. There are more people dying from Fentanyl in BC than from this china virus every year. But for some strange n/k reason, this virus has been made to appear as though it is the worst plague ever seen and that it is going to kill hundr
  13. What you do not seem to get here is the fact that there are some people who are willing and ready to take the jab, and there are some people who are not ready or willing to take the jab. All I am saying here is do not penalize me for not taking the jab. Don't come out with silly and stupid ideas like people needing a vaccine passport that may be used to deny me being able to fly on an airplane or wanting to attend some sports even, concert, casinos or pubs. No one has the right to force me to take any jabs from any kinds of vaccines into MY body. MY body is mine alone and not yours or fo
  14. What personal proof do you have of what you wrote above is true? How would you know as to how many people have suffered and died from Covid? C'mon fella, spit it out.
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