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  1. If your dear leader of Canada has his way it will be binding and will become a thing. In case you haven't heard yet your dear leader King Trudeau and his Somali immigration minister have plans to take in another one million new third world immigrants into Canada, plus more legal and illegal so called refugees in the next three years and we are probably not adding the other bunch of refugees that the UN wants to dump on Canada and Canadians. They say one million. No doubt more will be allowed in by the liars by then. So, what are Canadians like me supposed to do with all those million/s that will becoming my way? O, I know, I will be forced to feed, clothe and house them all and give them some play money to spend at my expense. The Canadians in need can just wait for a little while longer or forever. Whatever the king of Canada decides to do. Don't ever say to me that I do not give to the down and out. You will lose on that one. I just looked inside my wallet and I found thirty dollars. I am rich! Yahoo. Of course if I were King Taxme there would be a moratorium put on immigration into Canada for at least the next ten years and I would tell the UN that they can keep all their refugees for themselves. Send them all too the many African countries where there are millions of square miles of open land to live on. Why send them to Canada? We have enough already. I need a break from it all.
  2. You need to take the issue up of with the international globalists banksters who have been behind all the bombing of the many people in the many countries in the world. So, just how much of your dollars have you donated already to help those people being bombed and displaced by your dear leaders in Canada? Have you started up any demonstrations as of yet to stop the bombing? Just wondering.
  3. Why are so many people from the third world always prefer to want to immigrate to a western country? Aren't we in the west supposed to be just a bunch of white racist haters as we have been told many times by the elite, our politicians, and the liberal media? Is it because we are much more civilized and dare I say superior to theirs that they want to immigrate to some western country and get away from their not so superior countries? Just asking. Agenda 21 is for real and is a real threat to the people of the west whether people like you who live in a there is no such thing as conspiracies in the world happening want to believe in it or not. Someone is being fooled here. Is it you or is it me? Good question, eh?
  4. There are just some people here and out there that believe that conspiracies do not exist. That it is all just hogwash.They are the reason why the world is in the mess that it is in because no matter how hard you try to point this out to them that this may be so they prefer not to listen but instead prefer to call anyone that does is a crazy lunatic. I know one here who thinks that conspiracies are not for real. All fiction to him. Canada was part of the British/European culture and identity and that was our Canadian culture and that appears to be on the way out and to be replaced by the globalists favorite non-western people of the world. Canada has been a testing ground for the globalists for years now and who after seeing that most Canadians could careless and clueless as to what is going on in Canada by the likes of king Trudeau and his queen that they then will try to push their globalist agenda 21 on Americans also to see if they react. The globalists have already worked their magic on Europe. But with all the riots going on now in Europe and all the right wing party's taking power the globalists may be on their last legs. One can only hope. Canada as America both are fast losing any identity they may have to be replaced by the massive amount of non-western immigration into both countries which will be soon replacing our North American culture with their many cultures and religions that they have to offer us. Oh the joy of it all and something to look forward too. Not. . I will check that out and ask that question myself to see what they have to say. If they do not call themselves a nationalist then they must be a globalist. It's either one or the other.
  5. Why do just about all people from the non-western world want to immigrate to western countries? Is it because we are much more civilized and dare I say superior? One would think that Muslims would love to go live in Saudi Arabia. Sharia law exists there. Canada does just not fit in well with Islam and sharia at all and why do Muslims want to immigrate to western countries anyway is beyond me. They are incompatible with our culture, way of life and doing things. My guess is that the promoters of this Muslim immigration to the west are up to no bloody good. They could be trying to start a religious war in the west? Hey, you never know.
  6. taxme

    Conservatives Silent on Homosexuality

    Maybe nature should leave the west alone now and start working on trying to slow down the population growth in the third world, uhmm? They keep growing by the hundreds of millions every year. Get cracking nature. Leave the west alone. But then again it may have nothing to do with nature at all but more to do with some unknown groups or internationalists who have and are still working on trying to lower the growth of the west population with their lower population projects and agendas like massive non-western immigration into the west that has been going on for several decades now to try and weed out the people in the west for some nefarious reason. Hey, you never know, eh? It would work out well for me if nature did try a little harder to try to take out many of those liberals/socialists/communists who serve no purpose on earth at all except to destroy all things normal and decent, and help create chaos and mayhem, and trying to destroy the truth, common sense and logic. For now that is not working fast enough for me.
  7. taxme

    Conservatives Silent on Homosexuality

    Just because homosexuality has been around forever does not mean that it is natural. Two gay men or two gay women cannot produce any children. Only a woman and a man can do that. Without that combination of man and woman none of us would be here. Only that combination meets with my approval.
  8. I am only concerned about Canada and Canadians and not the rest of the world especially the 3rd world. We have our own problems in Canada with people in poverty, going hungry and living on the streets to be concerned about. What is with this liberal/socialist nonsense that I must help feed, clothe and house the rest of the world anyway?
  9. The liberals are nothing more than a bunch of spend crazy idiots and fools who have been allowed to run and ruin Canada for all these past years. It will never change because we keep having to vote them in, liberal or conservative, every election without any other party option to vote for. The Peoples party appears to be the only one to vote for right now unless you are a socialist liberal. Conservative party's scare the hell out of liberal socialists. AI technology is replacing workers and to be bringing in hundreds of thousands of more new immigrants, on top of thousands of legal and illegal refugees also every year into Canada is bloody well insane. The cost to the taxpayer's already is tremendous. Montreal and Toronto are full of these legal and illegal refugees that should never have been allowed into Canada in the first place. Enough of this bs that all asylum seekers must be heard. Most are illegal criminals now and not to be considered refugees anymore. They should be sent out on the next plane at taxpayer's expense of course. But what else is new, eh? Apparently this is done in Mexico. They get arrested and jailed and shipped out. Doug Ford is stuck with the past leftist NDP/liberal politics spend crazy tax dollars fiasco which have put Ontario into a bad provincial debt policy and situation. Thanks to outfits like the Fraser Institute we would never know as to how much tax dollars have been blown on new legal and illegal immigrants. The CBC will never tell us. Having to pay close to 30 billion or so to take care of these newcomers is a crime in itself. Canadians need a law that will make some of these spend crazy politicians criminals for the wasting of taxpayer's tax dollars. While our own people are living in squalor and are going hungry most of our traitorous politicians have preferred to show more interest towards the rest of the world who dam well should not be here. Those GM former employees are now going to have to compete with those new legal and illegal newcomers and that could lead to unrest and a backlash against them very soon. Sad to say but it is long overdue for a clash. It's hard to find any host Canadian today that feels like all is good. The only ones who no doubt appear to be happy and are doing well are the ones that made it here recently and are benefiting from all the goodies that they now receive from the Canadian taxpayer's tax dollars. The cost of and towards unemployment and welfare will eventually cause a recession. Politicians spend more and taxpayer's have to pay more and in the end something has to give. It is all just a matter of time.
  10. Well, I believe that the arrest of the Chinese woman was done at the request of the Americans to have her arrested. Canada just went along with it. But as you said, I hope that Canada had a good reason for arresting her or else they have just made a big bad boo-boo. Yup, you may have got that right. Canada may have to fork over another 10.5 million tax dollars to the Chinese woman. It will help towards paying off one of her houses in Vancouver. Lol. But hey, what's 10.5 million tax dollars. Peanuts when one compares that miniscule amount to the hundreds of billions of tax dollars that have been already been blown by our dear leaders over the years. But hey!
  11. I do not see having the woman arrested and then trying to use her for some kind of a bargaining chip in the USA trade war with China is puzzling to me. I don't quite get that. I do agree that Canada is indeed been placed in a bad situation right now. There must have been a very good reason for America to have done this. There is maybe more to the story than they will be willing to tell little old me. After all, I am just one of those lowly pawns on that big political chessboard. I am always left out of the loop. But it will be interesting to see what is going to happen soon.
  12. The carbon tax is just another tax dollar grab tax to be put on the heads of Canadians, and indeed, will be given to more of Trudeau's liberal/socialist program and agenda of giving more of that tax grab money away to foreigners and sex gender crap who do not deserve that money. The UN needs to be told to plainly go to hell with your migration compact. What gives our government the right to sign our names to a tax grab like this without our approval? Why is it that I am never asked as to whether I want to pay for this nonsense like this now and then. I am told to just fork over the money and shut the hell up. The UN and our politicians keep trying to tell us all that they know what is best for us. Get lost. Dam, I think it is truly long overdue for a tax revolt in Canada. The way our politicians have being taking our tax dollars for eons and blowing them for their own glory and useless and stupid liberal/socialist programs and agendas that have not done one thing good or great for Canada and Canadians at all. We need to end this madness now. More tax grabs will no doubt be happening in the near future because our politicians do not know how to handle and spend our tax dollars wisely anymore. I am so saddened when I see a party that calls itself conservative who goes along with this tax grab bullshit. Canada and Canadians are surrounded by leftist liberal political party's and politically correct puppet on a string politicians. Hundreds of billions of tax dollars blown and there appears to be no end to it. It just goes on and on. Pathetic indeed to say the least.
  13. Trudeau is working on that as we speak. Our dear leader is going to raise the limit of new immigrants and has plans to bring in over another one million more new immigrants, legal and illegal ones also, in the next three years because the fool is just that, a bloody fool. It could be more. And I am pretty sure that his Somali immigration minister would like nothing more than to bring too Canada as many Somalis as he can. Putting a non-white person in charge of immigration in Canada is committing suicide for the host British/European Canadians. The host British/European Canadians are on route to their own oblivion if they keep allowing the UN and Trudeau to dictate to you and me to carry on with this massive non-western immigration madness. Another thirty years of massive third world immigration and our grandchildren will be in the minority. We would be lucky if we will see all that many Canadian hosts left roaming around. According to Ezra Levant of The Rebel, Mohammed is the majority of first names given to newborns born in Missasauga, Ontario. Geez, does anyone need any more proof to see what is going on here? Bloody sad indeed if you do not. And another four years of Trudeau and he will have taken a big bite out of that 250 million refugees living out there. The UN and G. Soros and G. Butthead really has the kid by the testicles.
  14. It's strange as to why old whitey is hated so much by native Indians when it was old whitey that stopped all the Indian tribes from constantly killing each other. The only thing that we ever hear about is how old whitey made their Indian life miserable. I doubt very much that they were living the good life before old whitey came along and made life a lot easier for them. Today, we all must admit that thanks to old whitey native Indians are living a better life than in the past, and they could be doing a lot better today then white people are doing if they did not squalor all those hundreds of millions of tax dollarstax dollars that old whitey has being forced to pay to them for centuries now. And I have my suspicions that most of those Indian women that have and are still being killed for several decades now are being done by their own people. Hey, you never know, eh? The inquiry and the Indian Affairs department needs to be shut down and abolished. Just more taxpayer tax dollars going down the drain by the millions every year. The tax dollars blown on so much bull shit in Canada is beyond comprehension. Hundreds of billions of our tax dollars gone poof. Bloody sad indeed.
  15. Not good for Canada if they butt kiss China and throw America to the side lines. Canada is already a bad boy in the bad books of America now. But was it not our dear leader kid Trudeau who once said that "he admired how China does things". I guess that might mean that the kid wished that Canada was a communist country like his old man. Poor old king Trudeau is indeed now stuck between a rock and a hard place. Although Christy Freeland is trying to play both sides here she better learn very soon as to what side she really needs to be on. Canada does not need China as much as Canada needs America our good friend and neighbor. This is going to be fun to watch and wait and see.