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  1. It is thanks to Quebec that Canada is pretty much that close to becoming a third world country. Separate or not, Canada and Quebec will soon become just another third world country. It has to if he keeps on trying to destroy it's British/European culture and traditions and allowing other foreign cultures and traditions on par with Canada's. Having so many different languages, religions, cultures and traditions all bunched together is a recipe for disaster. New immigrants coming to Canada from non-western countries are already creating their own tribal zones in Canada. French Quebec is already one of those tribal zones, and they do not want to have anything to do with Canada at all. What about all the rest of the new immigrants? But besides that. What do you think about the topic that I created? Do you think that it is a good plan for Canada? Yes or no?
  2. Long live "Quebec libre". Get the hell out of Canada, now. I am fed up seeing french on my box of Corn Flakes cereal every morning.
  3. Singh did not feel that Bernier should be in the debates. So much for how that communist believes in and thinks about freedom and freedom of speech. But yet this same Singh had no problem with a french separatist being in the debates. The one guy that Singh should have attacked and said something too was this separatist. But I guess that is just how things are done these days in Canada? Don't make the french separatist people mad. They might just threaten the ROC with separatism again. Oh no, Quebec, please don't talk like that. What else can the ROC do for you to keep and make you happy? Need more money? Here, no problem. Just please do not separate from Canada. The joker is Quebec, and it is the ROC that the separatist joker is playing a big farce of a joke on, and the ROC takes it without a whimper. Canada has truly become a joke to french Quebec.
  4. Quebec will never try and separate from Canada. That is all a farce being played on the rest of Canada and Canadians. It is Canada that needs to separate from Quebec, now. Canada has had it's share of french leaders running and ruling over Canada for several decades now, and where has the french from Quebec got Canada today? They have got Canada into one hell of a bloody fiscal mess. Thanks to Quebec, we have had forced on the ROC bilingualism, multiculturalism, massive foreign aid to the 3rd world, and massive 3rd world immigration, all of which has cost the non-caring apathetic Canadian taxpayer's probably trillions of their tax dollars being wasted and gone down the chit hole drain on so many french socialist communist programs and agendas that has not done one dam thing to help keep and make Canada great as it once was. It appears to have cause more disunity rather than unity. Thanks to all those french socialist programs mentioned, Canada has become a bloody fiscal mess. Canada is on it's way to becoming another third world country if the Canadian taxpayer's do not wake the hell up soon. The only people that appear to be quite happy with the situation Canada is in today are new immigrants, leftist liberals, french socialists, English speaking politicians who seem to show and have more love for the rest of the world and not Canada. Everything that they do and say today in Canada shows that. Canada today appears to look more like a fantasy land country rather than a real and true country. Canada is not looking good or is in great looking shape these days. Sadly, Trudeau, Singh and May are and can only make things even worse if elected. My opinion.
  5. The funny thing about the Canadian leftist liberal MSM media is the fact that they will attack Scheer and Bernier over the conservative views but will leave alone a Quebec french separatist who does not want to have anything to do with the rest of Canada. At least Scheer and Bernier are trying to save Canada, unlike this separatist that could careless about Canada. And Sikh Singh said during the debates to Bernier that he should not be in the debates at all but had no problem with a french separatist who hates Canada in the debates. What a joke this joker really is. Having Singh as the PM of Canada would be even a bigger mistake than what this present day PM has been for Canada. Singh also will open the border gates for all the world to walk right on in. As far as I can see, Singh is a pro third world supporter. Singh will flood this country with even more third world immigrants. When a journalist from The Rebel wanted to ask Singh a few questions, he flat out said to the journalist that he did not want to talk to The Rebel. Wth? Imagine if Scheer or Bernier did the same thing? The leftist liberal Canadian media would be all over them and go bonkers on those two. It is not hard to see that those other leaders are anti-Canada, and anti-free speech, and the Canadian MSM. All to me appear to be quite pro communist. Quebec's mission is to be a thorn in the rest of Canada's side. Quebec is having a great laugh at the rest of Canada expense for constantly putting up with their finger in the air towards the ROC. IMHO, most Canadians appear to be just as dumb as a doorknob. Sorry to all you doorknobs out there. At least you are good for something. Quebec has been making an ass of the rest of Canada for several decades now, thanks to our Anglophone politicians who keep allowing Quebec to keep making fools of us all in the ROC. For some strange reason, they all seem to feel that it is very important to try and not make the french mad. Canada must bow to the real ruler of Canada? Quebec, the sacred cow of Canada that must never be questioned or challenged for anything they say or do. Aw well. What more can be said about this silly ass country.
  6. If Scheer or Bernier do not get the votes needed to take back this country from this trudeau globalist communist, and to be able to boot the other communist party's out, then I will take up your advice. What else am I left with but to despise what Canada, not only has become so far, but what it will become in the next four more years of this globalist fool at the helm of what will be a sadly sinking Canadian ship. There can be no turning around if that prime mistake gets back in power and control over Canada and Canadians. Only a country of economic illiterates would back wholeheartedly the most corrupt, the most ill informed, the most ill prepared, and the most unqualified person to ever sit in the PM's chair. Only people who really do not give a chit about Canada will vote for this present day prime mistake of Canada that we have now. Nobody would, would they?
  7. It's bloody sad that good will probably never be able to triumph over evil here in Canada. The globalist deep state is really and truly in control of Canada. But we cannot blame those who are making all our lives miserable. It can only be blamed on the lazy and apathetic people of Canada who will not even try to lift a finger to make some changes that will be in their better interests. From where I am sitting now, they just do not seem to give a bloody dam about Canada. I guess it is because they are only concerned about themselves, and will listen to some politicians who will offer them free stuff for nothing. Those "Charlie Browns" never seem to get it that nothing comes for free. To have so many Canadians that will be voting for the other political party's, other than the PPC, tells me that they are totally clueless about politics. How can any Canadian vote for a clowns like Trudeau or Singh or May? All three globalist socialists are all three losers who are out to deindustrialize Canada. To them, climate change is all about the destruction of jobs in Canada. Trees are more important to them than people. Disgusting people.
  8. Trump is doing a number on the deep state military industrial complex, international banksters, intelligence agency's, and the corporate controlled MSM media morons who would like to take Trump out today. Trump is slowly taking away their power and control over we the people, and hurting their money profits from wars, and Trump is hanging in there which really surprises me. There must be a God. God has to be on Trump's side. How else has Trump been able to stay alive and survive so far to not get knocked off yet. It is truly a miracle.
  9. After this election, we should know by then as to whether Canada is dead or not. The only two people that can save Canada today is either Bernier or Trump. Unfortunately for Canada, Trump is not running for the PM of Canada. If Trudeau wins, yes indeed, "let it burn". "Good riddance" to a liberal globalist and communist controlled pile of rubbish that Canada WILL become. There can be no doubt about it. And there is going to be a hell of a lot Albertans who will not accept Trudeau as their master and dictator anymore. It could be goodbye Alberta from Canada. Hey, you never know, eh?
  10. Maybe there should be no political party's anymore. Everyone running will be an independent candidate where they do not have to kiss a leaders butt. A leader of a political party always gets the last word. A candidate can say that they believe in conservative principles or another candidate could say that they believe in socialism. Maybe this is what democracy should be all about. Many people say that they vote for the person and not the party. But that one person cannot dictate to the rest of the party that this is what I want done. The party leader gets the last say. Independents can fight for their beliefs alone or they can join together with other independents on some political issue. Sounds good to me, but will it work? You tell me?
  11. Canada has inherited American politics today. This started with the socialist democrats and their friends in the leftist liberal media who have decided that what Trump wants for the American people they will not get it. So, the demonuts decided that is now a great time to attack Trump and start a political war in America. We see that this is now happening all over America. These attacks against Trump are now causing great division among Americans. We see the communist ANTIFA thugs attacking anyone who supports Trump anywhere where Trump supporters are having a rally or some public place somewhere in America. This is all the left has to offer Americans today is violence and this stupid impeachment nonsense. And now we are having the same thing happening in Canada where the communist ANTIFA thugs are doing the same thing up here in Canada. Go after conservatives. Deny them their rights to their freedom of speech. I blame the MSM Canadian media. I think that the Canadian leftist liberal MSM media is trying to get Scheer or Bernier on some racist crap that they may have said some twenty years ago. The Canadian MSM is not being fair to Scheer or Bernier. When they interview one of those two, they attack them with questions that might make them look like they would be anti-immigrant or racist or anti-gay. The Canadian media party are desperate in trying to get Scheer and Bernier in the corner and say, we gotcha. The Canadian media are as bias as hell, and they will never ask Trudeau any real hard questions.Trudeua gets questions from the media like great looking socks. Trudeau just gets nice and easy soft questions that will make Trudeau look like Mr. Wonderful, and who should be the PM of Canada forever. The media does love their Trudeau's. There has never been anything seen at anytime in the past, as far as I know, where this kind of hatred was being created by one side against another side. Politics at one time use to be civil. Now it's off to war. Americans who are seen by ANTIFA wearing MAGA hats now get attacked and beaten. What has politics come too? Politics is not united people together but appears that the main goal is to now cause great division against we the people. My opinion.
  12. I think that it is time for we the people to demand that any political party that gets the most seats in an election wins the election, and can stay in power for four years until the next election rolls around. Why should two political party's be able to join up together to be able to take down another political party that is in power because the other two political party's do not like the voted in party's programs and agendas. A political party needing so many seats to govern seems a bit ridiculous to me. This could save the Canadian taxpayer's hundreds of millions of their tax dollars by not having to go thru another election which could happen in a year or two after the main election. I cannot see anything wrong with this plan. Why not allow the political party to govern the country for the four years if they have won the majority of seats. It makes a lot of common sense and logic to me. What is the difference between a political party needing a certain number of seats or just having the political party that won the most seats wins the election. What say you? Good plan or not so good a plan. Would there be any problems created by going with my plan? Have a comment? Over too you.
  13. Scheer and the conservatives better get a majority out of this election or else there will no doubt be another election in another year or two. I think that what Canada should be doing when it comes to an election is that the party that ends up with the most seats wins the election, and is in power for four years until the next election. This should stop we the people from having to put up with another election being forced on we the people of Canada if there is a non-confidence vote put forward. Why should two political party's be able to join together, and defeat another political party that won the election. Save hundreds of millions on having another useless unnecessary election. Our politicians already blow enough taxes as it is. Enough already.
  14. Liberals are hilarious. Everything they do is hilarious, but sad also. Liberals do not care about anything but themselves. I have liberal friends, and they do only think about themselves, and they are cheap people too. The guy would not buy a drink for a someone who is turning 159 years old. With liberals and NDP socialists they both like to spend other people's(taxpayer's)money. Dare I say hundreds of billions of tax dollars wasted by this present day prime mistake of Canada since he became the leader of this once great nation. I will always spell the word center, center, because it looks so English. Americans spell the words kilometers, liters and meters as you see here. In Canada, those words are spelled kilometres, litres and metres the french Quebec/France way. Of course Quebec has been running Canada for several decades now, and anytime they can change or remove an English speaking word, and change it to appear french, is not for me. As one example, at one time one would be met by a receptionist. Now you are met by a concierge, french pronunciation. I know that you no doubt think that this is petty stuff here, but it is just as petty as the french who are behind this, but why should English speaking words be eliminated to make way for french speaking words? I hope that the conservative party will stop this silly waste of money and time on changing English speaking words into french. Stop trying to make Canada look oh so french in appearance. Why the rest of Canada has to keep catering to a province that wants to separate from Canada is really quite baffling to me. Just saying.
  15. Yup, I say so. As I already said, the word center was spelled center in my youth and I will always spell it that way. The word center annoys some people. Liberals especially. Aw, too bad for them. I wonder as to how many conservatives will show some confidence and spell the word like it should be spelled which is center? Center is how this conservative spells the word. Peeve off a liberal. It's so much fun. Lol.
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