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  1. Yup, you sure do know how to answer a question with another question or in other words avoid answering the question with foolish liberal emotional talk. But I will try again just for you. So just where is the big threat to the world from losing a few glaciers that melt away. Are you starting to lose some property due to some rise in the sea level lately, that is if the oceans have risen all that much that would be noticeable. If so, you better try and sell your property now. And just why are you in such a liberal panic? I think that you should start to panic when all of the ice and snow in the Antarctica begins to all melt away. Simple questions. And if you are going to reply like you just did above, well stop wasting my time, and do what you do best. Avoid the question. My time is valuable. Over to you.
  2. Anyone here a Seattle Seahawks fans here? If so, what do think about them losing in the playoffs? I looked to me like QB Russell did not give his best performance during the game. And the team once again could not stop getting so many penalties in that game. This is one of their problems? They always get too many penalties. Sometimes I have to wonder as to how does Seattle ever wins most of their games? They sometimes appear to have chit luck always on their side. Any comments?
  3. Why are the British people just as dumb as Canadians are? Why do they allow their dear politically correct leaders allow these illegal criminal so called refugees into their country at all. They should have all been rounded up, and sent to the nearest airport, and sent back home. They are criminals now, and they do not deserve the right to stay in Britain or Canada for that matter. Why do we the people keep putting up with this shit all the time? Nobody wants them here, so why keep them here. But thanks those morons like Trudeau, G. Soros, the EU, and in the United Nations we have allowed those a holes to dictate to we the people of Canada that we must take all the refugees in the world that can get here and keep them here. This needs to come to an end for Canada and Britain. Now that Brexit will soon be in place they have a chance to do something about illegal refugees busting their borders. With Britain leaving the EU, they now may be able to once and for all take control of their own borders. The rest of the Western countries in the world need to stop all of these illegal criminal illegals from entering their shores illegally. It's time for some action now. Works for me. Just saying.
  4. We can only hope that one day soon this archaic tenth century backwards Islamic fanatical religion in Iran, and it's crazy in the head Islamic fanatical leaders, will once and for all be crushed and eliminated for all time by the Iranian pro-freedom protesters, and the Iranian people can once again take back their freedoms that they lost a long time ago. IMHO, both fanatical radical Islam and communism must be eradicated from the face of the earth. They have both been responsible for the slavery of millions of innocent people, and both have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent people. The both together have committed more crimes against humanity pretty much since time began. Thank God that there is a man called Donald Trump in the White House. Thanks to Trump, the world should become a lot better and safer world to live and thrive in. Why there is so much hatred towards someone like Trump who's aim only was to get rid of the deep state swamp in Washington is beyond me. Those people have to be totally clueless and totally brainless. Sadly, those fools and buffoons will not take the time and bother to see and understand what a real and true leader looks and acts like, and is all about. Those fools and buffoons only appear to want to keep the deep state swamp alive and well in America and in their own deep state countries like Canada alive and well. This is just more of my politically incorrectness showing again. Aw well. As they always say? "Chit happens".
  5. Here we go again. Say something that appears to be questioning or challenging anything that has to do with Israel, then one will predictably get's called an anti-Semite. Are we all supposed to just get down on our knees and keep kissing Israel's butt every day? You tell me, if you can and why? Israel is not innocent in this Middle Eastern conflict that has been going on for several decades now. Geez, Jews need to chill out about dear old Israel, and quite yourselves with this deep hatred for anyone who questions any of Israel's actions in the Middle East. Israel cannot be allowed anymore to become a sacred cow, and always to be worshiped, and never be seen as anything else but good and great. My opinion of course.
  6. Here we go again. Another newbie member here who seems to feel that he knows it all. I believe that I was being quite rational here with this topic. But maybe you can tell me as to where I am not appearing to be so rational here? Come on, Mr. Newbie, spit it out? Please enlighten me on my appearing to be so irrational? I await your expert opinion? PS: I know that there are some climate changes going on, but the effects may not be felt for several decades yet to come, if at all become all that serious. Here in Vancouver today, we are all going thru what appears to be for us an ice age. It is bloody cold outside. So much for your global warming theory nonsense so far. Lol.
  7. Oh, so sorry that you did not get my drift. Enjoy reading your "woke' news this morning.
  8. Hey, you may well be on your way to becoming the "biggest troll" here. The one thing that you cannot seem to get thru that thick skull of yours is that all I do here is question and challenge any and everything. I don't have to just listen to one side of the story, and ignore the other side of the story, like you appear to always like to do. I have already explained my opinions and points of views on the climate change topic. Who are you to believe that your side of the story is right, and my side is wrong? You may have some videos of some glaciers melting, but so what? Who cares. Why worry about disappearing glaciers anyway? You will be fertilizing the grass over your buried body by the time most of them melt away, if that many do melt away at all. You have no future ball on your desk to know as to what will happen in another ten years or more. You are just guessing like every other so called climate change experts are doing. All just guessing. So what if some land is lost to the sea by way of some glaciers melting. I can guarantee you that there will be no one drowning from the oceans maybe rising by a few inches or feet. So quit with the you know all bs, and I or others know nothing. You doom and gloom people are a dime a dozen. Relax and chill out about climate change. Do you see me worrying about it? I am just sitting here and having a nice cup of coffee.
  9. Great news for all of those pro multicultural/diversity people out there in Canada land. The Trudeau liberal Canadian government has a new program in the making. It is called the " Rural Immigration Plan" which means that all of the mostly rural and northern communities will be getting more of those new immigrants and new refugees around the country. Their plan is to start getting the one million new immigrants/refugees that Trudeau plans to bring to Canada in the next two years, and start to settle them into the smaller and mostly British/European communities, and start to turn those smaller communities to start looking more non-British/European and make them more multicultural/diverse looking. They appear to want to force basically white communities to look less British and European looking. I will bet that they will not be forcing any new immigrants/refugees on Native Indian land. So if your community is mostly a British/European looking community for now, that is now going to change in the next few years. We can all thank Trudeau, Soros, and the Untied Nations for this new plan of flooding Canada with another one million new 3rd world immigrants/refugees to Canada in the next two years which of course will be done without our approval. But then again, when did our politicians ever ask for our approval on anything. They just tell us to sit down, shut up, and pay your dam taxes. We are the boss here, not you. We will do whatever we want to do to this country without your consent or approval. Now you know the rest of the story.
  10. "Stupid" may be putting it a bit mild. Look as to who those "stupid twerps" put back in power again. They have to be downright stupid, and must enjoy their daily kick in the azz every day. Canada is fast becoming a country full of "stupid" offended politically correct bunch of twerps. They just sit back and watch Canada as it is being washed down the drain. It's so sad to have to be so critical of what should be a great country. What more can be said except to say goodbye old Canada, and welcome to the new Trudeau Canada.
  11. 1. Things have been worse for decades now way before this election, but that did not seem to bother those who voted for King Trudeau. They gave him even more opportunities to go and blow more tax dollars on his pet peeve liberal programs and agendas. With the leaders that Canada has had for all these decades it's no wonder that Canada is in a bloody deep state debt mess. 2. We appear to have a leader in Canada today who is now trying to deindustrialize this once great country, and appears to want to turn it over to the native Indians, and those crazy in the head environmentalists. This present day leader of ours is trying to stop all the many big projects that he can instead of allowing the many big projects to go ahead, not to forget that some of our provincial premiers are not all that much in favor of more projects and more jobs. Our oil and mineral and manufacturing industry creating jobs are in a slump and are being kept from starting up and being able to create thousands of new jobs. The liberals have created too many rules and regulations/red tape that makes it quite difficult and expensive to try and get some projects or jobs started. Thousands of Albertan's already know as to what this prime mistake as done to them and what he has also done to the rest of Canada, except probably for La Belle Province. 3. Will those who voted for Trudeau ever get it? I doubt it. They appear to only want to make things worse, rather than better for Canada and other Canadians. Why else would anyone want to vote for that j---kazz again. The guy appears to not give a crap about Canada. 4. Well, that appears to be the program and the agenda of the many new immigrants and many of those so called legal and illegal refugees that have been brought in or have been allowed to sneak into this country. They are not the stupid ones here. We the host people appear to be the stupid ones here. What more can be said.
  12. I am pretty sure that there has never been a male or female politician in Canadian politics that has not been a disaster for Canada. They all have pretty much wrecked and bankrupted this once great British/European nation with their leftist liberal multicultural and immigration programs and agendas that have done not a dam thing to help keep or make Canada great. Besides, who ever the conservatives put in as leader, they will continue on with the program and agenda of the destruction of Canada. Canada appears to be lost in the liberalism thick wilderness. Only a Trump or Bernier like conservative can now save Canada from it's impending demise. Another liberal conservative cannot and will not be able to do the job. Just saying.
  13. We can only thank a certain special minority interest group in Canada that has always been behind the push for more immigration and more refugees into Canada, and also too the many other western countries from around the world. They can only blame themselves for the monster that they created. What goes around, eventually comes around. Aw well. The damage has been done now. Now it is up too we the people who now have to try and fix this bloody immigration/refugee mess that was dumped and forced on we the taxpaying sucker people who never asked for it in the first place.
  14. Why are you so pro refugee, when we probably all know that most Canadians never asked for or were in favor of all of these so called tens of thousands of legal or illegal refugees being allowed to come to Canada, and which btw have cost the Canadian taxpayer's of Canada hundreds of billions of their tax dollars being blown on a bunch of strangers where some of those refugees even think that Canadians who are here now think that we owe them a living. If you want to really find out how most Canadians feel about immigration/refugees, then ask them about it by way of a referendum or a poll. But of course if our pro rest of the world liberal and socialist politicians, and their liberal controlled leftist media get their way, there will never be a vote or a referendum taken on immigration/refugees. They no doubt feel that the more immigrants/refugees Canada brings in the more the merrier Canada will be or become, and dam the bloody costs.
  15. I guess that must mean that the majority of Canadians are pretty much either a bunch of liberals or socialists or even communists, and they appear to not be ready nor want a real and true conservative politician leader like Bernier in Canada ever. And as Canada becomes more multicultural and diverse, liberals and socialists will be getting their votes for several decades to come. I believe that real and true conservatism in Canada is just about dead. In America, there are many conservative talk radio and TV news channels on American television for conservatives to have access and get to listen too. In Canada, there are none. It would appear as though they are not allowed to exist in Canada. Personally, I believe that there is a conspiracy in Canada among our liberal and socialist and communist elites to make sure to keep it that way. Indeed, Chief Spreading Bull has locked down the media, and if he keeps getting and having his own way, American news outlets like FOX News will never make it here in Canada. The last conservative news outlet that we had in Canada many years ago was called The Sun News Network with Ezra Levant being it's creator. It lasted for so long, and then was gone. Pretty much freedom of speech in Canada has all but disappeared. It is we the conservative people who are the ones on lock down now thanks to King Trudeau and his lefty liberal gang of liberal Canada haters. Aw well. What more can be said.
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