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  1. You are being super careful yourself, eh dude? I am listening to you but I have no passion for wanting to write a book. I am getting too lazy these days to want to do anything anymore except to come here and BMW(bitch,moan,whine). I do enough keyboard writing here, and have no desire to want to write a book period. So, let's just say that if I did decide to write a book about my encounter with aliens from outer space, would you still buy it? It will be all full of bull chit, but would you anyway and but it for at $49.99 plus tax? Just asking.
  2. So, are you in on my petition in trying to get America to buy Canada and give each Canadian a million American dollars tax free? Or would you want more? Just asking?
  3. Getting pretty close to three score ten. So, how old are you?
  4. Xians are the most persecuted people and their religion in the world. Christians are being murdered every day in Islamic countries. These latest bombings in Sri Lanka were meant for Christians. These Muslim terrorists even had gone on a bus and checked to see if anyone could recite some Quran quote. None could because they were all Christians and they were then all murdered by that Muslim ilk that you appear to like and protect here so much. Long live the infidel Christians.
  5. I will give it a try one of these times to see if I can do it. Will that work for you? If not, well go away then.
  6. Well, it is for sure that with your politically correct leftist liberal bigoted beliefs and opinions you would never have to worry about being attacked by the fake news leftist liberal media here in Canada. You are even safe from the Human Rights Communist Commission from being attacked by that useless outfit for your hatred and intolerant opinions of others who are not of your leftist liberal ilk. I would bet that you do not have the balls and are not willing to show your face around here by telling us all as to where you live, eh coward? C'mon, do it, I dare you?
  7. I have no interest in writing anything and posting them on some fence. That is not how I like to do things. You have no idea as to how much time, effort, and money that I have spent in my whole life time trying to fight for Canada and against politicians with their communist end game plan of trying to destroy this once great WASP/European country. There comes a time when one starts to get burned out from trying especially when I see that for all the years that I have been fighting for Canada things have only got worse. I have pretty much lost my war against tyranny and now only want to express my feelings and concerns on a keyboard or aid and support other groups of people and organizations with money donations. I doubt that there are that many members here that get out there and would post messages on fences but prefer instead to fight the war with a keyboard from home. This is a battle for the younger generation to take up the fight against most of our treasonous politicians who have sold Canada down the drain for a few pieces of silver and gold. So, just what have you done that was so great for Canada? Just interested to hear.
  8. There are just too many brainwashed joe and mary six pack people out there that are always two sandwiches shy a picnic. They never can figure out as to why this is always so.
  9. Thanks, but if you already know how to do it, then why don't you post some of the stuff you want others to post here? So much quicker. Just saying.
  10. Well, there are so many people like yourself out there who only want to talk about one single so called crimes against humanity event. All others are just small time crimes against humanity and not worth even talking about. Just saying. .
  11. Trying to win a battle away from the battlefield will not work. Well, it does work well for generals, globalists, and politicians. They all start the wars and then sit back and watch while their soldiers go and get themselves massacred, maimed or killed just for them. One has to get into the battle and start shooting if they want to win. Canada has become a dis-functioning country, and it is just running on bull chit gas only. If the Americans offered each and everyone of us a million dollars American each to sell Canada to them, I think that I would be all in and take that deal and the money. At least I would not have to go to the USA anymore and have to embarrass myself by handing over a Canadian one hundred peso dollar to an American teller in the USA and get $65.00 American back. I took a trip on a cruise line one time, which had a great deal at the time, but I had to pay for it in American. The trip was $6,000 in Canadian peso dollars and when I got the bill, it cost me over $8,000. Some great deal in the end, eh? Canada is a fake country and really not worth fighting for pretty much anymore. It is fast becoming a land for third world immigrants and fake refugees only. How it manages to stay afloat is beyond me. I guess the debt plastic water float is keeping it from sinking. Indeed. Quebec should separate asap and Quebec is the main reason why Canada is sinking because of Quebec and it's leftist liberal corrupt socialist politicians who have been allowed to run and ruin Canada for far too many decades. If it were not for Quebec being in Canada, I really do believe that Canada would be a great nation with a at par dollar with the USA and English Canada would not be stuck today with a Canadian peso dollar. I am trying to stay loyal as much as possible to Canada but that is slowly being drained away. I am not sure if trying to preserve a Quebec corrupt and crazy spending country is worth it anymore. Just saying. Vive le Quebec libre.
  12. Then tell that to the leftist liberal media and our politically correct fake politicians to stop treating Muslims like they were special and a gawd's gift to mankind and Canada.
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