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  1. If you want to still believe that the numbers on Covid are not being fabricated, well then, hey, I just want to let you know that I have a nice piece of swamp land for sale that you might like to buy. President Trump wants to open up but it is the democrats that keep fighting the openings. The democrats must keep trying to destroy Trump's economy from going anywhere to try and make things look like they are worse than what they really are. It is the American MSM, and their so called health experts, and hospital administrators that want to keep the Covid numbers as high as possible for the money that thy can get from the government and to see that the economy will get worse and not better. It's all about getting Trump. It's always about the money. Believe it or not.
  2. Hang onto yur panties. Once Trump is gone it will once again be game on for more wars.
  3. The government has and always will be the problem. The government always tries to fight fire with fire and it never works for them. All of our problems stem from the fact that the government is too bloody freakin' big, and the government enjoys throwing our tax dollars on their pet liberal and socialist programs and agendas that will never work. Less government means more freedom and opens up the door to the real free enterprise people who can fix the problem all by themselves. We the people do not need all the stinking over bloated government that we have already, and the taxpayer having to keep watching the government take hundreds of billions of our tax dollars every year to it's greedy self, and given away to other foreign countries who cannot or will not do anything to help Canadians. High taxes and a big socialist government is what is killing Canada today. We the people can do a better job of running Canada then any politician will ever be able to do. Politicians only know how to blow and waste our tax dollars. It's in their DNA to do so and are great at messing everything up. All three levels of governments are always in the booze selling business because they know where they can get most of their money from. Government liquor outlet stores should not be allowed to exist or have a licence to sell alcohol. That should be left to the free enterprise system. The governments aid the problem of alcoholism, and then they try and pretend that they will help solve the alcoholism problem.
  4. Comrade Trudeau will get all of his votes from the millions of newly arrived immigrants from the third world in the past several decades, and from the many buffoon British/European pro-liberal suckers. I see liberalism remain alive and well in Canada just about forever. This might be the last chance that a so called conservative party of Canada ever gets elected again if they can do it. If the conservative party keeps talking and acting like a liberal party then why bother voting for them. Might as well vote for the liberals forever and watch Canada burn to the ground. It is liberalism, socialism, communism, and environmentalism that will destroy this once great country. Things will never get better as long as the fools out there keep voting those buffoons into power. It's time for Canadians to stop thinking that all is well when it really is not. Comrade Trudeau and this virus hoax is killing this country called Canada. Hello out there? Are you getting it yet? The WE scandal will go nowhere and nobody will go to jail.
  5. "Where will this all lead, you wonder"? Nowhere. Why? Because the people could careless that is why. Most members here will talk about the WE scandal but more than likely that is what they will only likely do. Canadians like to talk-talk-talk but will not do the walk-walk-walk. Nobody here is going to do a dam thing about the WE scandal, and Trudeau knows that nothing will happen to him. And it is for dam sure that the liberal conservative party will put out a nice pretend show on trying to make it appear as though they will do something or want something done. And if the liberal conservative party wins the next silly ass election they will never go after Teflon Don comrade Trudeau like they should do. They will just shove it aside because they may end up doing something similar themselves one day during their term in office and they do not want the liberals to do anything to them when they get caught. You scratch my back, and I will scratch your back. That is how the game of politics is played. Live with it or get out there and do something.Talk is very cheap. The WE scandal will never go anywhere and nobody will go to prison over it. Just check it off as just another scandal that Teflon Don comrade Trudeau will get away with yet again, and to be overlooked and soon to be forgotten once again.
  6. You still refuse to believe that the American democratic politicians, the American pro-democratic MSM, and their so called health experts like fraudster Fauci are all telling people like you the honest to gawd's truth, eh? You still want to believe those fake manufactured numbers, eh? It's no wonder this virus has lasted this long. It still has people lie you around who still believe that the covid manufactured number lies are for real. I told members here about Event 201 put on by Bill Gates, and that they should go google it. But sadly, it does appear as though many have not bothered because if they did they would have seen the lie in this Covid virus exercise scamdemic compliments of Bill gates and his globalist communist ilk. President Trump must win the next election or else. If not, there will surely be a second Covid created after the election, or maybe even before, called Covid #20, and nobody alive today is going to like that new Covid#20. The world needs Trump, and not Gates. One is good and great while the other is pure evil and satanic. Believe it or not.
  7. True enough. But it did not take long before the lieberals pretty much made the gun registry even worse than what it was, and Trudeau did end the First Nations financial transparency act. I guess all we can do now is just wait and see what happens with the conservative party. I cannot understand as to why the PC party will not talk about the real issues going on in Canada. Big government, high taxes, and never have said that freedom of speech will exist forever. Political correctness is killing this once great British/European country, and the PC party appears to be just as PC as the liberal party is PC. Just remember, it was conservative Brian Mulroney that gave the Canadian taxpayer's another tax called the GST. That tax has cost the Canadian people more of their dollars being stolen out of their wallets. If I were someone running for the PC party that wanted to get elected I would say to we the people that if I am elected I will get rid of the GST. They should be a shoo-in. Just saying.
  8. so has other people in the conservative party have conservative ideas but they will not be allowed to become the leaders of the conservative party. The conservative party, jut like the liberal party, are pro-globalist. The head honchos in the PC party will never let a real and true conservative like Bernier ever become a leader. Bernier was a real conservative and the PC party voted for the liberal Scheer instead. Keep dreaming on, Betsy, but the next leader of the PC party will be just another liberal globalist. See if I am not wrong. Hold me to it if I am. As one great Canadian called Pat Burns once said? The difference between the conservative party and the liberal party is that the conservative party will go a little slower towards total liberalism and globalism for Canada. Believe it or not. If Leslyn Lewis is your woman for the leaders job, well good luck for you on that one. Just saying.
  9. This is all just a part of testing the waters alright. The globalists want to see as to how far they can go with this hoax of a virus, and these anti-racism bull chit demonstrations. This is all about trying to destroy Trump before the next election. Trump is a thorn in their globalist communist plans side, and Trump must go because their useless life depends on Trump loosing the next election. I believe that Trump will finish them off and the commies in the democratic party for good. It's now a battle between good(Trump) and evil globalists like Bill gates. Believe it or not.
  10. Why are there so many looky-loos at these riots if they are not a part of the violence and looting and burning going on? They should be staying away and not keep giving these Antifa commie red guard thugs any support or encouragement because that is what they are doing. If only the commie thugs show up then the police should have no problem taking action against them. This is what Americans will get forever if they do not elect Donald Trump. It will be either Trump and freedom and liberty and jobs or Bill Gates communist globalism, Bernie commie Sanders, and Joe the where the hell am I Biden world of hell. Biden says nothing because he and the democratic commies are enjoying it all, and then they try to blame Trump for all of the violence. Even the lying and fake American MSM supports the violence. Only peace will return if those looky-loos would just stay the hell at home.
  11. You got that right that I a quite mad. I am fed up with the covid believing dummies out there who still believe in this hoax of a covid virus. Those covidiots out there are still wrecking and ruining millions of lives with this bull chit by being constantly told by our lying politicians, the lying media, the lying health experts that we must social distance ourselves from others, wear a stupid looking face diaper mask on our faces, and being denied what I we always use to be able to do before this bull chit globalist virus came along. The big destruction here is what this virus is doing to society. Millions of people have and are still suffering from this plandemic hoax virus. I have mentioned here many times about globalist Bill Gates to hell and his Event 201 meeting which was a talk about preparing for a possible pandemic in 2019. And low and behold, we now have a planned exercise planned scamdemic going on. Coincidence? Coincidence my arse. We the people need to stop the destruction of our old normal way of life before this new normal destroys our old life. Think about what your old life was like before this planned scamdemic was implemented, and what you life is like today? I would rather take my chances with this fake virus than continue to live like I am being forced to live thru today. The wearing of a face diaper and practicing social distancing is just not normal. We need to stop the destruction of our old lives now or forever have to live with what the globalists have in store for us and all very soon come this fall. Believe it or not. Maxine Bernier of the conservative People's Party of Canada. That's who.
  12. Idiotic communists do not give a dam about freedom of speech. Cuckoo-cuckoo.
  13. 1. Cuckoo-cuckoo. 2. Trump is not responsible for all of those riots and looting's and murder going on in America today. It is Biden/Bernier/AOC and the liberal democratic party that is supporting all this violence. After all, all of those riots and looting's going on are all happening in communist democratic controlled cities. Thousands of people are being shot and many are being killed every year in liberal democratic Chicago. Trump is not responsible for that although leftist liberals like yourself are all for blaming Trump. If you want communism, then vote for Biden/Bernier/AOC. 3. Vote communism and you will get the change that little commies like you want to see. But first you should go and live in China or North Korea for a year, and try out some communism. I will bet that you would not last more than two weeks in those countries. You would swim as fast as you could to get back to Canada just to get out of there. You should appreciate and be fighting for freedom and freedom of speech and stop mocking and attacking it. Some people's kids? Cheech.
  14. 1. Cuckoo-cuckoo. 2. Personally, I do not think that you could give a dam about freedom of speech. After all, if you are all for more taxes, increased regulations, and are in favor of more immigration than you have to be cuckoo-cuckoo. Why don't the covidiots pay for the cost of what that fake and phony hoax of a virus has cost the Canadian taxpayer's like me. 3. Life appears to mean nothing to most people anymore. It is quite strange as to why most people are against capital punishment but are all in favor of abortions. More covidiot like morons.
  15. 58 days of violence and chaos and looting. How can this be happening in a city in America today? And why are those liberal/democratic cities and their democratic politicians allowing this to keep happening? Is this a sign of what life in America will be like if Biden/Bernier win the election? From this hoax of a virus to all of this anti-racism going on every day in America how much longer will it be before Trump and the silent majority say enough already. It's time to send in the Cavalry and start arresting these hoax liars and Antifa/BLM terrorists. Sometimes I have to wonder about Trump.
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