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  1. Sure, oh non-wise one. So we should all just listen to what your dear comrade lying leader politicians and the lying leftist liberal media have to say without question, eh? Obey our orders and commands and shut up. I think that I am pretty much safe to put you in the camp of followers and far from ever becoming a real and true leader. True, there are posters everywhere and you are one of them who always tries to make anyone look bad who has a different opinion and point of view to your own opinions and points of view. If I were to listen to people like you I would learn nothing and be ju
  2. Do your own homework. The internet is full of websites explaining all the problems associated with massive third world immigration. I have been trying to point this out for years here as to what massive immigration is doing to Canada but no one here really cares. The damage being done to our medical and social services, the environment, infrastructures, and our Canadian culture has been tremendous. The more new immigrants/refugees means more problems. That is a fact and not fiction. A website called Immigration Watch Canada can explain it all to you in detail. Try it and get back to me a
  3. It is this massive third world immigration into Canada that has been costing the Canadian taxpayer hundreds of billions of their tax dollars being blown on the many socialist and communist programs that these new immigrants now get to enjoy. They are sucking our economy dry. There can be no doubt about it that there are hundreds of thousands of these new immigrants that should not be here at all. Canada needs a moratorium on immigration for at least ten years to try and get it's fiscal house in order otherwise things will only get worse. Believe it or not.
  4. Well, the pushers and creators of this Convid 19 lie are at it once again. I knew that this Convid lie would start all over again this fall. We are once again being told by our dear comrade political leaders and the lying leftist lieberal media that this Convid 19 virus is back again and that we all must once again endure a winter of forced face diaper wearing masks, keep your distance, isolation, lock downs, and contract tracing. There is no pandemic going on here. How much more will it take for the fools out there to wake up and see as to what is going on here. I see more fools than eve
  5. And the rest of her Zionist ilk are involved in a lot more crimes. They truly are a wealthy family of disgusting sick and pathetic crackpots. And most of her ilk are still running and ruling and ruining all things decent and moral. I believe that Chapters Bookstores belong to the Bronfman's. I would never buy a book from that bookstore. By doing so one is helping these crackpots to continue on with their sick and pathetic criminal lifestyles. Just saying.
  6. Thanks to Trump and his war on these pedophile creeps we are starting to see plenty of these Zionist billionaire scum like her whom are behind these pedophile rings being arrested and jailed. Sadly, there are more of her ilk still getting away with crimes against humanity like this every day. I was surprised to see that the Canadian media even reported this story. WestCanMan you are the best.
  7. This buffoon of a crime mistake of Canukistan should be arrested and charged for all of his crimes against the Canadian people. There is enough chit on him to do so. The liberal PC party won't do a bloody thing to him. I guess that this shows us all that they all do work together protecting each other's asses while they screw we the sheeple every day. But there is some hope on the arisen. There is one organization out there called Action4Canada that still is and has been holding protests for months now against Teflon Don Trudeau and this Convid 19 lie. But most people would probably not
  8. Ask Teflon Don Trudeau and his liberal pal's if they really care?
  9. Because you live in a country that is full of politically correct politicians that are totally screwed up in the head. Our politicians are a bunch of buffoons and totally clueless when it comes to knowing or doing anything that makes any sense anymore. They just go along with the status quo. If the apple is the fruit of the day then that is the fruit that they will eat that day. All they think about is power and glory and look forward to a nice pension one day. You are the last person that they could care about.
  10. Those who wear a mask are pretty much saying to their dear comrade political leaders that whatever you say I will do as commanded and obey. There is absolutely no reason for wearing a mask outside at all. Those people who do so are nothing more than a bunch of zombie trained seal followers. They are people that can be easily convinced that the sky is falling down. They never question or challenge mask wearing. They just obey. Such pathetic and cowardly people. The lieberals will only tell you what you want to hear. After elected they will give you the finger. Liberals have no luster at a
  11. One more great conservative on the Supreme Court. A victory for conservatives and conservatism. A loss for the demorats. Works for me.
  12. This has all been a farce and a lie from the beginning. I now believe that our politicians have been lying to us all and they should all be arrested for crimes against humanity. Our Canadian media has gone along with this farce and lie also. Those hospital administrators and those lying health officers need to be all fired. This has been one big gigantic hoax that has cost the Canadian economy billions of dollars and wrecked so many lives. They pretty much have murdered our senior citizen's who were unable to see their love ones before they died alone in some care homes. Locking down vulnerabl
  13. No more extensions to this Convid 19 farce. Be gone with ya. I heard on FOX news the other day that the Governor of Florida has lifted all restrictions on Convid 19. Obviously, the Governor looks like he has had enough of this Convid 19 nonsense. I wonder if any other states will follow? I say enough already, bury Convid 19. The damage to society has been enough already. End this farce now. Works for me!!
  14. Anyone in Canada doing the same that you know of?
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