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  1. Well, I have finally decided to go along with what our dear leaders want me to do. I am now going to practice social distancing by staying away from those silly stupid virus believing fools. I think that will work well for me. Lol.
  2. I believe that those who find themselves in these hard times with no money are the ones that will probably be saying one day very soon, aw screw it, I want to go back to work and take my chances. He/she will probably have plenty of others who will want to join him/her and want to do the same. Imagine being forced and stuck at home with your rent due next week and you have no money. But do any of these politicians really give a shit. With them, the globullists come first. And they want to now try and lock everyone down and dam the consequences. WTH? Of course those buffoons we call politicians have nothing to lose. They will still get paid no matter what whether they isolate themselves at home or still work. I would say that most if not all would prefer to stay at home. Why go to work when I can stay at home and get paid and even get a pay raise too. What a job, eh?
  3. Now that is insane and so funny. That is hard to believe. No, it's not. What a better way for a person to get to die by getting close and cozy with someone in the hospital with the China virus. Go ahead, sneeze on me all you want too with my blessings. Two can die together for the price of one. Lol.
  4. Maybe we need to blame it on the liberals instead seeing that they are in power right now. These people like him/her do not care about what happens to other people. They are okay and that is all that matters to them. It is conservatives who do give more of a care and concern then liberals ever have or ever will. There is no bank that is going to loan any money to anybody who does not have a job. I do not need to try and wear some other person's shoes. I care and understand. Our politicians are going to give themselves a pay raise when so many have lost their jobs. Most of our politicians have become a bunch of scumbags. How else can one describe them now. Indeed, it is still the season for the flu and going outside is a lot better than staying inside. The cold weather will never make things any worse for a cold That information told to you in the past has now been replaced and altered by the you know who and they probably want most of us to get sick and die. They only think of us as cannon fodder anyway. To be discarded when we are of no use anymore. Deplorable inhuman beings.
  5. But try and get the lemmings to listen to what you and me are saying here? We have some sky is falling down members here who can easily be convinced enough with plenty of endless media brainwashing to believe that the sky is really falling down. When there are still people who believe that the earth is flat walking around, the sane ones really have to worry about how much sanity is left on earth? The earth is coated with many of those mindless lemmings and we can only see things getting worse and not better for the future with so many of those fools walking around. The globulists will always win because of those mindless lemmings. Even in Florida the politicians are trying to shut down all the beaches. Now how insane is that? There are plenty of miles of beaches where people can quite easily keep their silly azz social distance from one another. We can't even play golf anymore even though the game is played outside and easy enough to keep your social distance. insanity is truly taking over alright. Lol. PS: The fines or jail are a bit too much. A possible fine of up to $5.000 for not keeping your social distance? Just how gawd dam stupid are most of our politicians becoming?
  6. Indeed, follow the money alright. All of these big useless money spending organizations like WHO, IMF, CDC, UN and the many other institutions like those mentioned do all fall under and follow the orders of the globalist billionaire bankster elites who are trying to set up a new world communist order where we will all find ourselves living under tyranny and slavery forever. What is going on today is an exercise to see how we the people will react to this created pandemic. So far it is looking pretty good for the globullists. Sadly, it does appear as though our dear leader politicians and the lame duck media are in cahoots with those that want to enslave us all. Just by watching the reactions of most of our politicians and the things they are saying and what some are trying to do or are doing now tells me that they have either fallen for the bull chit or are a part of the bull chit. The media is also controlled by them and they will write or say whatever the globullists want them to write or say. And I am pretty sure that our dear comrade leader will be forking over whatever the UN asks for. Trudeau does want that seat on some council at the UN and he will no doubt get it and all at the Canadian taxpayer's expense as if hundreds of billions has not been thrown away already and handed over to that thieving useless outfit that sits on the Hudson River in New York City. How did the terrorists miss not flying a plane into that useless building anyway? I guess that it worked out better to kill 3,000 Americans rather than the thousands that work at the UN where nobody would probably have given a chit if they did .
  7. Yup, you may just be right on that one. Defy the dyktators orders and you could get shot on site. Madness has now taken over our politicians weak brains. I suggest that you and me had better stock up on some more toilet paper and plenty of food just in case. It could be a long three months. Hey, we never know, eh? Whatever the planners have in store for us it is not going to be all that pleasant for much fun. Aw well, we must play the game now no matter what the end game will be.
  8. But why the ph-k do you care what Trump says or does. Trump is not your prime mistake of Canukistan. You seem to critique Trump a way too much for my liking. Your dear comrade leader Trudeau dropped the ball also. Are you trying to even things up here by bringing Trump up into the conversation just to try and make it appear as though your hero Trudeau does look all that bad as Trump? Sure you did. What kinds of research did you do? Did you go to too many hospitals and took a look around to see and spoke with all the nurses and patients to find out as to how many people were in there with this Chinese virus? Somehow, just by your reply tells me that I cannot believe that you did anything at all. Just saying. It is not the nurses or the doctors that are making up the numbers of deaths. It is the hospital administrators that are only allowed to give out any figures on how many people may have died from this virus. They could be a part of the conspiracy and are giving to the media false numbers and may be lumping in other flu's or other deaths with this China virus. Hey, one never knows. I never trust any government officials or politicians anymore. As far as I am concerned, most, if not all, never tell the truth about anything. anyway. They do not know how too. Yup, c'mon, eh? I get this information from other alternative media outlets that do their homework, and do question more, and do tell and give their facts also. Just like you will believe that what your sources of news are saying about the virus are too you all telling the truth. Now we just have to figure out as to who is really telling the truth. So, for now it's a draw. There never are conspiracies for people who never will believe that conspiracies do exist. You may not want to call this virus pandemic a conspiracy but there are many more others out there who do see this pandemic as being one big time conspiracy. Just because you want to live in a make believe world where conspiracies do not exist, does not have to mean that others cannot be allowed to believe in conspiracies. So stop talking ridiculous will you. Believe what the hell you want to believe and so will I.
  9. I believe that they are only allowed to sell BC wines. The grocery stores that I go to in Blaine and Bellingham, Wash. sells all kinds of beers and wines and hard stuff. Now that is what I am waiting to see happen one of those days here in socialist BC.
  10. Ya, I have been reading what you have been writing, and all of it makes no sense to me at all. Just more silly fear and pandemic panic talk coming from you. Trudeau loves his isolation. That way he does not have to go out and work anymore which I do not believe that he really knows how to do is work hard for even one day. He is great at yapping about nothing though. You certainly do appear as though you have a real hard on for Trump yourself? You can't stop talking about him as if Trump were your President. And just where or when or how are you ever thinking straight? Most of your thinking and talking comes from the talking heads of the crooked liberal leftist non-thinkers and the bought off Canadian media to me. But hey!
  11. Again, there you go with Trump? But you do not like Trump. Get back to Canada will you and look for more faults about your dear comrade leader. So, just what proof do you really have to make me want to believe all that you have said above is all for real? Have you done your own research like run out and check a few hospitals to see just how bad it really is? Many have done so, and many have come back and said it did not appear as bad as the media says it was. So, should I believe you and your dear comrade leaders, or the lying media, or those that will question more and go out to see if what they are being told is true or not? Do you honestly believe that countries and provinces and their dear leaders do not lie at all? They all tell the truth all the time and would never lie to you? They are adding all other kinds of seasonal flu numbers of people who get sick or die to the Corona Chinese virus list. Don't try to lecture me. You are not even willing to listen to others who also have something to say about this so called virus pandemic. you take for gospel what your dear leaders and the media tell you without questioning any of it. How do expect people like me to respond to people like you if you won't make the effort to try and get the other side of the story? It would appear as though you also have opinions about things? So, what's your point? 1. 21,297 have supposedly died this virus all over the world since 2020. 2. 113,034 have died from the seasonal flu so far this year. 3. 228,095 from malaria deaths. 4. 390,908 from HIV/AIDS deaths. 5. 2,000,000 Alcohol/Tobacco deaths. 6. 1,909,804 from cancer. 7. There is more if you want more. You can believe whatever you want to believe and so will I. Believe that or not.
  12. The aim of the globullists and our comrade politicians and the bought off media is to see just how much the lemmings can take before they will call it all off. If Dougie Ford boy wants to try and pretty much shut down everything, I think that he is setting himself up for a rebellion by the lemmings. Even trying to lock all the lemmings down for maybe up to three months will eventually I believe have to cause people to say enough already. I cannot take it anymore. I have had enough of this globullist cow manure. One can only hope that day will happen.
  13. With what? That I cannot but beer and wine in grocery stores here in socialist British Columbia?
  14. kids are kids and they need to play. Kids need to get out and play and exercise with their peers instead of keeping them in their homes to play games all day long for weeks on end. This is what some will call total insane madness being created by our dear comrade leaders. Right now we are all living in a created made up mad world where so many people are starting to act like they have gone mad in the head. Our mad politicians and the media have created so much panic and fear on TV where some people are now so scared to go outside, and where some people have now become good little comrades and have started squealing on people who will not go along with their insane madness and stay inside or get to close to someone else. There can be no doubt about all of this madness that has been created by the globullists billionaires who have truly created a global pandemic exercise all planned to happen in 2020. My wife and me went for a walk in a park the other day. I was surprised to see that the dear comrade leaders in that city did not, as of yet, roped the park off from people entering. And if Doug Ford has said that there will be no more conventions, meetings, concerts or parades until June. Is he trying to tell us that this created pandemic will be around for another three more months? I can see a lot more madness being created in we the sheeple if we have three more months of this goat droppings. Do you think that this will do more harm than good by locking down millions of Canadians in their homes with nowhere to go and nothing to do anymore for the next three months even in Florida? Personally, I can see a rebellion happening if our dear comrade leaders try and keep this going for another three months. What think you?
  15. Okay, Mr. Sky is falling down. I just told you the other day that so far this year 21,297 people from around the world have died from this so called Chinese virus. There were 113,034 people that have died this year from the seasonal flu around the world. Wow, eh? Quite a difference in numbers, eh? When are lemmings like you ever going to get it. You are being scammed. I have given you a couple of websites to go visit and see what other people in the alternative media are saying. You have to be a liberal, socialist, or communist because you will not ever try to get the other side of the story. You would make a great comrade if you are not one already. Just saying. Hey, I bet that you did not know that while Canadians are going thru hell trying to make ends meet, your I could careless about Canadian brainwashing politicians like Trudeau just gave themselves a pay raise. I guess that is why King Trudeau is raising the carbon taxes by 50%, eh? What nerve and what contempt these politicians have for we the sheeple. I wonder if the liberal conservative party took that raise also? What they all should have done was to forget about a pay raise and keep that money for the needs of Canadians in this time of this so called virus pandemic. Leave Trump out of your rantings and ravings. Worry more about your own country instead. Who gives a shit if Trump ignored the pandemic warning. So, did your buffoon of a prime mistake. Your dear leader is worse than Trump could ever be. Why people like you prefer to attack and mock Trump rather than your own village idiot of a leader is beyond me. And when Trudeau tells all of us to stay in doors and not come out of their homes if someone has the virus, like his wife supposedly has, what does this fool do? He walks out of the house and onto the steps of his home violating his own rules. But anyway lemming. Carry on in your state of panic and fear over nothing. That is only for fools and idiots and sadly there are just too many of them living in Canada. I will continually go out and not be in any fear or panic of catching some flu bug. Now be a good boy and keep on isolating yourself.
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