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  1. I knew that the demonstrations and commie parades were going to come and would happen. Those crybaby leftist liberal losers will never accept defeat. There has to be something very mentally wrong in the heads of those leftist liberal commie losers. They must think that they must win all the time. Boris now has to deliver Brexit without delay. Holding off and pandering to the crybaby's losers will only delay it that much longer. I hope that Boris does not give in to those commie losers. If he does than the pro Brexit people will be winning and we all will see and know that there Brexit vote means only shit to the establishment politicians whom always think that they always know what is best for we the sheeple.Go, Brexit, go. Works for me.
  2. The commie sore crybaby losers were at it again. They just can never accept defeat. And this is the bimbos that Britain would have got if the Labour party had of won? It is because of those commie bimbos as to why Britain is in a liberal/socialist bloody mess that it finds itself in and as to why Brexit has not happened yet. But thank gawd that those bunch of bimbos lost the election. Things are great in America, and so shall they now be great in Britain especially when Brexit happens. Those bimbos are going to hate what is coming. Ha-ha-ha. Love it.
  3. The leftist pro democrat lieberal American MSM like CNN or MSNBC very seldom ever have a pro Trump conservative on their TV network shows, or a very few. Unfortunately for FOX News watchers, they have to put up and watch and listen too many liberal leftist who are on the FOX payroll, and get to push their anti-Trump bull shit around on Fox. I guess that it is safe to say that FOX News is not showing any bias, and is showing to be non-partisan. The owners of FOX News are zionist globalists anyway, and would love nothing more than to turn FOX News into another leftist liberal CNN or MSNBC TV news station. But they are unable to do this at this time. They know that if they did they would go belly up financially if they tried because probably 90% of their viewers are republican conservatives. With FOX News you can get both sides of the story. They are always interviewing leftist liberal pro democrats on FOX. Got it now?
  4. I think that most of those idiots in academia have been playing leftist liberal hockey politics for far too long, and they appear to have fallen more than six times on their academia hockey heads. They keep playing and keep getting hockey academia sticks and pucks in the head. There are so many Canadians out there that appear to have been hit in the head with too many a hockey stick or puck, and are now too stunned to be able to think or are able to use any common sense or logic anymore. One has to watch it when one plays too much academia hockey? They may just get an academia hockey stick up the nose, eh? Lol.
  5. Great news to hear that anti-Trump people like you have just had your sensitive liberal feelings hurt, eh? The truth will one day set you free from your liberal chains. Now that will be worth a ROFL!!! Politico? Just another leftist liberal pro democratic website news rag. I get my real news from FOX News.
  6. Ya, and we are all supposed to believe that all the people that are members and supporters of the conservative party are all real and true conservatives, eh? The far right did try to promote a lets Make Canada Great Again hat, and look what happened to that hat. Where did that hat go that no doubt belonged to a far right person? Deleted by the super-duper alt-left liberal establishment. I do not fabricate anything. But maybe you like too, eh? Now look what I have done. PS: Do you actually believe that leftist liberal nonsense bs that Canada controls the USA? The real truth is that when America sneezes, Canada will get a cold. Lol.
  7. Hopefully, this will happen many more times. That democrat saw the light, and he knew that if he stayed on with the democrats over this farce of an impeachment gong show, he could probably lose his seat. Now if the Republicans can get another 17 more democrats to do the same thing, they could win back the house and have a majority. For the ones who do not, stand a good chance of losing their seats. I wonder what those anti Trump members here have to say about this defection? Indeed, way the go Nancy Pelosi. I love you. LOL.
  8. If the CBC is promoting any kind of hat, then it is not worth buying. The money from someone buying one of those bs hats will no doubt be going to some alt-left liberal outfit. Canada is not great anymore. Canada has become not so great. I believe that there was a hat manufactured that did say "Make Canada Great Again" and the makers of that hat had to stop manufacturing them because some fascists liberals did not like the hat with MCGA on it. The hat was taken off store shelves. Why someone found that hat offensive to them is beyond me. I guess it is easy to say that let's try and make Canada great again is not what the elite globalist liberal rulers of Canada want to see on the heads of some Canadian nationalist conservative patriots heads. I wonder why, eh?
  9. Canadians have The Rebel and the RightEdition websites that do give we the people the other side of the story that Trudeau and his liberal globalist ilk do not want you to listen too. There is this bull shit UN climate change gong game show going on in Madrid to supposedly try and help fight global warming or climate change or the new word that these climate alarmists freaks have come up with now. They now want to call it climate positive. They keep changing the name as much as Trudeau probably keeps changing his colorful socks. No matter what Teflon Don Trudeau does, he will never pay for his crimes and misdemeanors against we the people of Canada. According to the Canadian lame duck MSM, both Trudeau's were god's gift to Canada and Canadians. We the people must always get down on our knees when Teflon Don is in our presence. The Rebel had two reporters who were in Madrid to attend and report on this UN climate change summit social anti-fossil oil get together. But thanks to Trudeau, The Rebel reporters were denied entry into this farce of a UN summit on climate change. Trudeau asked the UN to deny those two reporters entry, and of course the UN obliged Trudeau. This is what Trudeau thinks of we the Canadian people, and alternative media. Trudeau is terrified of The Rebel and the RightEdition. If you are not on his liberal globalist bs side, then you will be denied entry into his own private liberal globalist country club. Trudeau is a fascist alright, and very anti-freedom of speech. Only his speech will be allowed. Sure looks like communism to me? Canada is in big trouble in the next four years with this guy back in power once again. His fascism will only get bigger and greater and will be applied too those he disagrees with. Watch your ass.
  10. I never heard of a store called "Sewer"? Is that where you go to do your hat buying? Just asking.
  11. Hey, we never know, eh? The Republicans can keep trying to impeach some democrat all they want too. After all, according to that democrat Al Green who said just the other day that the democrats can go on forever trying to impeach Trump all they want too. There is no limit in trying to impeach someone. And when Trump wins the next election, dumbo Green has pretty much said that the dumbocrats will start up another impeachment hearing process against Trump. All these dumbocrats need to be impeached. The bunch of dumbos appear to be the traitors to America, not Trump. Go, Trump, Go. Keep winning and keep annoying the crybaby leftist liberal dumbo losers. They keep showing us every day what they are good for which is absolutely nothing. Just a bunch of commie troublemakers.
  12. Those gawd dam commies are everywhere. Canada is loaded with them thar commies. Only Trump can save us all from all of those Canadian commies. We Trump supporting Canadians need a hat which says Make Canada Great Again. Know where I can buy such a hat?
  13. What goes around today may one day come around for the dumbocrats tomorrow, and may haunt and bite them on the ass one day. If all of this impeachment gong show is good enough and is being used to go after Trump today by the dumbocrats then one day tomorrow it should work on some dumbocrat president in the White House, and the Republicans can waste taxpayer's tax dollars on trying to impeach some dumbocrat president. As they say, tit for tat. I guess that two can now play this impeachment game.
  14. Disagree. You need to look up the definition of bastard. It cannot be applied to Trump. Trump was born to a married couple. Hello!!
  15. I need to ask you this question. In your opinion, are the native Indians in Canada better off today thanks to the British/Europeans coming to Canada, and bringing them into the modern world of the time? Do you think that the native Indians in Canada today would want to go back to the good old days of living in tents with none of the modern conveniences that they enjoy today like running water, central heating, and electricity to run their TV's and appliances that they now use every day, and not to forget the toys that they drive and ride around in and on? Any comments on what I am asking you above? Just asking.
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