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  1. All I would like to know is just what is in any vaccine that is being produced? An answer that no doctor is willing or can tell their patients when asked as to what is in the vaccine that they are about to stick a needle in someone's body. We are all supposed to take the jab and be happy about it. Now you are not going to die. But according to some doctors and big pharma anyone who takes the jab may still end up with flu like symptoms. WTH? What the hell is in the vaccine that will give me flu like symptoms anyway? Good question to ask your doctor, eh? So, is the vaccine working or
  2. The question to be asked here is do the people of Ontario really give a dam? The province is going belly up and bankrupt but yet they still go along with this farce of a Convid virus lie which is costing the economy and the loss of hundreds of billions of revenue for the province and the loss of thousands of jobs. The damage to society alone has been huge but yet the people of Ontario appear to not give a dam about the economy or the cost to society. They are still ready and willing to wear their face diaper masks and social distance and totally give up on having fun anymore. This is not
  3. Reply to your post above or below. I am screwing up things for myself today.
  4. It would appear these days that only communist and third world countries want to do business with this sick pathetic country called Canaduh. Our comrade dear leader of Canaduh is out to destroy and de industrialize this once great British/European country and replace it with third world cultures and refugees and immigrants who have no common culture with our British/European culture and country. We can see that happening today in Canada where most of these new cultures that have been coming to Canada for decades now do not want or need to assimilate into Canadian culture. The East Indians
  5. You are already "down with it". No doubt that you are a leftist liberal who would have no problem having a Canadian copy of Beyonce singing more leftist garbage here in Canada. You probably enjoy listening to foul mouth singing morons like Beyonce. Do you have your own new version of the new Canadian anthem yet? It would probably be very multicultural and very anti-conservative Canadian? Just saying. Lol.
  6. As old forgetful Joe would say "come on, man". Why don't you really tell us that you are a liberal pretending to be a conservative? There is nothing conservative about you at all. You even and always will attack real and true conservatives like me. Come on, man spit it out and quit the charade?
  7. The deep state traitors to America will soon be back in business if Trump loses this election. Old sleepy and forgetful Joe had an Ukranian prosecutor fired for his looking into Hunter Biden's criminal dealings in the Ukraine. Big scandal there. Joe even said during this election that we have the best extensive fraud going and working against Trump going into this election. It's on the internet for anyone to check that out. This Biden buffoon has no problem being a liar, a thief, and a big time crook. I just hope that Trump pulls off what I am getting on the internet that
  8. This Convid 1984 virus lie and farce has caused more harm to society than this so called China virus could have ever done. We have all been conned into believing and listening to the lies of our dear lying pro globalist comrade leaders, the lying globalist controlled media, and those so called lying health experts like comrade globalist Tammy and here in BC comrade globalist Bonnie Poo. All those people need to be arrested and charged with crimes against Canadians and crimes against humanity for what they have done to we the people and especially our senior citizen's. Event 201 which can
  9. Quebec has always been a thorn in the Canadian backside. The french have been allowed to take over Canada to the point where nothing can get done in the rest of Canada unless the french will agree to it. Even the leftist liberal conservative party kisses Quebec's azz every day. The liberal conservative party will never fight for English Canada. They have become traitors to English Canada. Quebec is Canada's problem and as long as that country(that is what they like to call themselves)is still allowed to keep running and control the rest of Canada we will never see Canada's potential and
  10. You do have another party and another choice of political party's to choose from. It is called the People's Party of Canada with Maxine Bernier as it's leader. Stop voting for all of those leftist liberal/conservative globalist political party's that have no interests or concerns in your well being. If one is a real and true conservative minded person here than they should go check out the PPC website to find out what the PPC is all about. There you will find no leftist liberal/conservative/NDP lies and bull chit. They will tell you like it is and where they stand on the many issues that
  11. There can be no doubt about it that comrade Trudeau must be arrested and charged with crimes against Canada and Canadians. Nothing less will do. This crime mistake of Canaduh is on a mission to destroy this once great nation and turn it into a third world hell hole. And the way the majority of non thinking Canadians think these days this buffoon will probably succeed and maybe even get elected again. With all of the dear comrade leaders we have in Canaduh today how can anything ever get better again. It's impossible. And there can be no doubt about it hat this Convid 1984 virus nonsense
  12. All of our comrade political leaders have gone nuts in the head. None of them give a dam about Canada or Canadians. They have been handed all the power in the world that they need by the globalists to destroy and turn Canada into a Marxist state. They will use Covid as an excuse to do just that. Believe it or not.
  13. My wife is in a care home and when I use to be able to go visit her, which sadly I cannot do anymore, I use to see employees coming to work with their masks on and be checked for a fever and they move on to their job but gawd only knows as to what they are bringing in with them on their clothing or if the virus is sneaking in the front door when opened. Everything that is brought in for the senior residents for their personal use has to be sprayed down but the workers clothing is not. Wth? It would appear to me as though the ones bringing in this Covid virus into these care homes has to b
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