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  1. Now would you like to translate all of that above into English so others here who do not understand that foreign french language, a french foreign slang language that was allowed to be spoken in Canada, and given equal status with the English language. En Anglais.
  2. It's always about Quebec and Ontario, especially Quebec, where the french can do whatever the hell they please without any question. No one will ever question Quebec as to what it does. Why, that would be seen as being anti-Quebec, and no one wants to be called those words. the rest of Canada have become captive to Quebec politics and greed and control. The french really do run and rule over Canada. There can be no doubt about that.
  3. Maybe you really know more than what you like to try and let on, uhmm?
  4. Unlike you I want to get to know the other side of the story. If you have a problem with that well too bloody bad for you. I just happen to come upon bro Nathaniel while checking out other websites. If anyone did actually listen to Bro Nat, the guy makes a hell of a lot of sense. Sense appears to be something you appear to be short on. And for your info. I did not "tell" anybody to do anything. Again you lie. You are the one that is promoting hatred here against anyone who will not believe what you try to post here, and who dares to question you, and who wants to try to make others believe your version of what took place is correct and factual. Were you present at the holocaust? No, you were not. So stop trying to make it appear as though you really do know as to what really happened during those so called holocaust days of WW2. Your ignorance is quite outstanding. Again, I am only questioning, and not denying anything. I have a right to question and deny anything that does not add up. Enough already. So, if someone questions a post and you do not like their reply, well then they must and have to be a neo white supremacist? Enough of your sillyness. Grow up and put your big boy pants on. Where or how did I hijack this thread? Where is the high jacking? I guess in your crazy mind, no one should question any thread posted? Just read and believe, eh? It would appear as though the moderator did not see any kind of high jacking going on? Good for him. At least he has given me my right to question or deny anything posted here, unlike you who would probably like to see everything I post here deleted.
  5. The thing about people who join the military is that they do not realize that they are not so much fighting for freedom but they are mostly fighting for the globalist military establishment that has convinced them into believing that they are fighting for freedom. They are fighting for the rich to get richer. Accept that or not.
  6. Sorry, but I do not get all excited and into a panic like you do over something that may or may not happen in the future. Why people like you allow yourselves to get your knickers all wet over something that may happen by the end of the century is silly. 2 degrees rise in temperature in the next 100 years from now is not something I am going to worry about today. I have better things to worry about than some rise in temperatures. We should all worry about companies like Tech pulling the plug on thousands of jobs that could have been created if it were not for some Indian bands and eco-terrorists. Those terrorists need to be jailed and the key thrown away. Works for me.
  7. Who knows as to why those people were leaving. Do you know why? Millions lined the streets to watch Trump's cavalcade go by on Trump's way to the cricket game. Face it, man, your dear leader globalist Trudeau is lucky if he could draw a crowd of a hundred. Steeping in a pile of crap would be better than having to listen to that guy babble on. Your dear leader is a joke and in no way can he be compared to Trump. The thousands of Indian people were quite happy listening and cheering Trump on. Trump is the elephant in the room, and Trudeau is the mouse in the corner.
  8. The system will now start to work on the younger generation, and get them to believe that if they want to live in a free and safe world, they should or must join the military and be prepared to maybe have to go fight someone of another country. As you said, you have already walked into their warmongering trap, and sadly, there will be more young people that will also do the same thing and will walk into another trap being set for them. Personally, anyone who joins the military has no reasons to whine and cry about what happens to them after a war is over. There is plenty of good information being put out there for anyone to see that war will not be all that great for them to want to go join the military. For those who do join the military, well don't expect that the war to be fought will be for the get together of a three course meal with your now new enemy. You have a very good chance of getting seriously maimed or worse killed. But most people will not care. Some will join the military anyway and they will probably say that getting harmed in anyway will not happen to me, Then some do come home minus their legs or arms or in a body bag. But by then, it is too late for them. And it is all done for the globalist warmongers benefit who could careless about what happens to their puppet on a string soldiers. Aw well, what more can be said.
  9. "Make them dessert". Do what men need and should be doing? Kill those who kill others so the rest of us can hopefully live in peace and not get killed. We are told that the only time it is okay to kill someone is during war. I was always under the impression that murder was illegal. But I guess it is not really illegal to kill someone if it is in war. They will kill when the globalist Zionist elite and our puppet on a string bought off politicians say that it is alright to kill after they can get another war started for themselves somewhere on earth, and be able to fill their bank accounts with more money from a war. One would think that to join a military is glorious and great to do so. Sadly, for some, they think that is a glorious thing to do and go out there and join the military to be able to go kill someone in some war. The only thing that prevents China from invading other countries is the threat of military violence being committed against themselves also. Why some people get all concerned about Russia-Russia-Russia is beyond me. The Russians and the Ukranians have always despised and hated one another. No doubt that was all due too because of Stalin and communism that did cause great instability and was responsible for millions of deaths of the Ukranian people. The Russians are not trying to invade other countries like China would like to do. The people of Crimea wanted to join with Russia. Crimea was not taken by Russia by force or war. China is trying to force communism on the people of Hong Kong. Why people allow themselves to be brainwashed into believing that Russia-Russia-Russia is the problem and not China is beyond me. The main stream fake and phony media do really have a hold on so many people's brains. Shocking indeed.
  10. We all should know by now, I repeat that we should all know by now, that it is not your ordinary man that wants to go off to war and kill another man. We are taught and conditioned from birth to want to go out and join the military do some killing by the globalist international bankster Zionist elite who promote wars and the killing of men because they have and do create the money to be able to do so, and of course who also control their puppet on a string politicians, and their control of the main stream media. They can start a war whenever and wherever they want to in order to make more money. After all, it's all about the money and power for these warmongering globalist elites. In the wild most of the animals will only kill another one of their kind if there is a land dispute or over a female of the same species. Yes, even in the human species men will kill another man over a woman. I guess that humans are not much better than wild animals, are we? And we call animals wild animals, when in fact we humans are the real wild animals. The only difference that animals do it is, again, for land or females and not for fun. Humans will kill other humans just for fun. Bloody wild animals!
  11. The world will never be able to totally do without fossil fuels. What kind of a bloody world are you living in? The more tar sands development the better for Canada and Canadians. A few thousand square miles of land here and there being used to develop oil and minerals in Canada is not going to cause the earth to come to an end. It just will not create the tens of thousands of new jobs for Canadians. As I said to you in another above post. The more new immigrants that we keep bringing into Canada by the hundreds of thousands every year they will only add more CO2 into your precious environment. All my common sense and logic racism that I keep trying to promote here has to be getting to you by now, eh? Come on? Tell me that more new hundreds of thousands of new immigrants every year is not causing more pollution into the atmosphere. You have to agree with that, right? If you want Canada to stay as green as possible, then you should be fighting for less immigration. Makes a world of common sense and logic to me, don't you think? Hello!
  12. There can be no doubt about it that they were all also there to see Trump because it would probably be a once in a life time deal to get to see a real and true political leader for a change at the game. And I will bet that Trump got a standing ovation. People all over the world will flock to any event where Trump is attending. Contrast that to our dear leaders Trudeau or even Scheer. Those fans would no doubt not be there to see those two. They would be there because of the game. They would probably not have even be invited to the game. Who wants to see a couple of losers like those two anyway? There is a big difference between the American President and our prime mistake of Canada. One is liked and well respected all over the world, while the other one is only seen as a non respected sucker who will no doubt give them more of our tax dollars and to be able to take advantage of. Trudeau has said that he has more respect for China. WTH? When a Canadian leader talks that way, it is not hard to see as to where and who the kid would prefer to deal with and spend time with. BTW, has Trudeau ever been invited to China yet? If he were he would probably only get to see the second communist leader in command. When Trump went to China several years ago, Trump got the royal treatment. The Chinese communist know as to who to respect, and who to ignore. Well at least and lucky for Trudeau that the third world still loves him. They know that they can get plenty of free taxpayer's tax dollars from we the Canadian people(suckers). Aw well, what more can be said about this guy.
  13. The only ones that need defending and need real help are the democrats who really do appear to have TDS mental issues. They still cannot get over the fact that Trump won the presidency. Three years of wasting time and taxpayer's tax dollars and frivolous impeachment go nowhere trials bull chit, and Trump is still the president. And now they are back again. They are again trying to get something going against Trump by their now crying of Russia-Russia-Russia. These democrats are insane. There can be no doubt about it. The White House is starting to gain it's sanity back again. But if those dumbocrats ever take back the White House, the insane will drive America and all Americans into the crazy house. They will be coming for you and you and you. The dumbocrats must never be allowed to control the White House ever again. Hopefully in the next upcoming election in Canada, the lieberals will be wiped out in Canada also. Works for me.
  14. When it comes to hypocrisy, liberals like him are always quite capable of meeting that goal of hypocrisy with out any problems at all. Liberalism and liberals??? They really do have a problem with speaking before they think. Just saying.
  15. At one time most of the big oil and mining companies were pretty much contributing heavily to this so called global warming but those days are now long gone. Hello! Try opening up a mine or to try and produce oil in this country. There are so many rules and regulations and taxes in effect that there should be very little worry about more greenhouse gases going into the air and causing more of a rise in CO2 levels. After a mine is closed trees are planted on that now shut down mine. No doubt the same thing is done in the closure of some oil fields also. Canada comes nowhere near to what the developing countries are doing to global warming. Countries such as China and India alone must be creating enough CO2 to make up for dozens of countries like Canada and what Canada puts into the atmosphere. Sure there will always be some pollution happening, but come on, eh, it's not all that bad. It's not like hundreds of millions of acres in Canada that are being exploited all at one time.To anyone who would like to see thousands of jobs go down the tube is only thinking about themselves, and that is what you are doing here, as far as I am concerned. You appear to not give a dam about jobs for Canadians but you probably have no problem with bringing in hundreds of thousands of more new immigrants into Canada who will be contributing even more CO2 into the air. When these hundreds of thousands of new immigrants come to Canada there will be more CO2 added to the air. But that is probably okay with you, eh? Ya-ya I know, I am a racist for saying this. Your favorite word to throw at me, right?
  16. The majority is telling our politicians and the police to do something. That is not inciting violence towards anyone. That is asking for democracy to be seen and acted upon. I am pretty sure that there must be thousands of Canadians who are starting to want to see some heads punched and asses kicked. You cannot keep pushing people up against the wall before they begin to want to act some action and fight back. What is going on in Canada today is nothing more than minority mob rule terrorism. Those mobsters are the ones that will soon be promoting violence. It's in their mob nature. We can only blame them for any violence that may be coming down the road, and we can thank our dear leaders for allowing it to happen. Let the police do their job that we the people are paying them to do. Keep the dam peace. Works like hell for me.
  17. Well, I just heard on the news this morning that a company called Teck here in BC has just cancelled out on a $20 billion project. Again, this appears to be the result of a bunch of whiny native Indian and eco-terrorist minorities that have halted the possibility of thousands of new jobs in the oil sector being created. Why do these few trouble making terrorists minorities get to shut huge projects down, and get away with stopping the movement of good and services and people from going about their business. While Canada still buys it's oil from the Middles East, we now want to stop all oil being produced in Canada. What the hell is going on in this f'n country? Do we want jobs or not? It is not hard to see that our politicians, especially those liberals, are well on their way to the de-industrializing of Canada's industries. It seems that all we get these days as a result of our present day immigration policy are just more new ethnic restaurants who pretty much hire their own people. They will never create thousands of new pipeline jobs. Well spoken like a true NDP greenie socialist. Dam the majority, the minority must be heard and obeyed, and be allowed to run and rule and ruin a once great nation and the people that live in it. The only way to stop all of this bs is to put an end to minority rule in this country. If there radical minorities that do not like what is happening , go for it, but just stay out of other people's way from being able to carry on with their every day lives without interference. They have and own their land, they get welfare checks from the taxpayer's every month, and what do they do? Cry about how hard they are being done by? What happened centuries ago is not happening today. This is all just more of their blackmail on their part. The native Indians should all be wealthy as hell, but they squandered all the tax dollars given to them on gawd knows what? Those Indians crying today were not around in those bad old days. Its' over. Get over it. No one group of misfits should be allowed to stop huge projects that could mean thousands of well paying jobs. Minorities are being allowed to wreck an economy that is already in trouble, and what does our dear leader want to do about it? Let's sit down and talk some more, and more, and more. while Canada can just burn. Thousands of people are being laid off because of this terrorism and it needs to be put to an end now. Politically correct Scheer is hopeless. He would not do anything about this terrorism. Canada really and truly lacks leaders with bal-s. All we have these days are a bunch of globalists politicians who seems to worry more about the rest of the world than their own dam country. While Canada burns, Trudeau is in some African country trying to get Canada on some seat in the United Nations, one of the biggest joke of an outfit that ever existed. All those buffoons in the UN are nothing more than a bunch of bureaucratic globalists living the good life of we the people suckers.
  18. Your friendly racist here. It was liberalism and socialism that have put the fear in parents that playing outdoors would be too dangerous for them. They could get hurt on some playground swing or climbing some small tree or throwing snow balls. Lieberals would say, wrap your children up in plastic bubbles so they won't get hurt. Keep them indoors for their safety. Liberals have always been the people who keep trying to push their silly ass leftist liberal programs and agenda policies like such things as fake global warming and nonsense racism. Of course racism is always in liberals minds. It's everywhere, don't you know? That taxme guy s a racist. Of course, Mowich and taxme are really not allowed to have a conservative opinion. They are not as woke as we liberals are. Although we should have all learned by now as to who the real so called woke bigots and intolerant ones are. Can anyone say liberals. I am happy to say that we are both "woke" conservatives. We are well aware and do know all about the liberal game that they are trying to play on us all. Happy to say that it's just not working on this woke conservative anymore.
  19. That is a dam good question? Where the hell are they? It is their lives also that is being impacted by these native Indian radicals. They need to speak up and go tell them to smarten up, and get out of the way of jobs and progress. These so called radical hereditary chiefs are causing a lot of problems for themselves, other Indian bands, and for the rest of the people of Canada. We are constantly hearing plenty of voices coming from our dear leader politicians but those voices seem to have a problem with trying to settle this dispute. It is for sure that those radical native Indians are not listening to them. I think that it is high time to treat fire with fire. There needs to be the will to stop them from coming on our non-Indian land for a change until they stop with this radical terrorism, and the need to also start kicking the butts of those radical eco-terrorists who are not helping the problem at all. They are just trying to make things worse. The law of the land is being ignored. It would appear that the new law of the land is anarchy and tyranny, and that is all we seem to be getting now.
  20. Beautifully said. But I doubt very much that what you said will sink into his hard mixed up liberal lefty head. It is liberalism and socialism that is causing all of our problems these days. They both believe in live and let live, and if that includes anarchy and tyranny, and interfering with and getting in the way of other people's lives or trespass on private property, and do so against those they especially despise, well so be it. When was the last time we saw any conservative groups of people cause chaos and havoc like we see these activist lefty liberals keep doing all the time? They truly have become the ANTIFA kind of thug radicals living among us. It will be their way or dam it there will be no way. They have truly shown us all that they are the real bigots and intolerant ones in Canada. Calling them a bunch of hypocrites is putting it mildly.
  21. Spoken like your typical real and true Canadian pacifist. Why can't we all just get along and keep talking. Those dam real and true nationalist conservative racists is the problem. Imagine some conservatives demanding that this illegal terrorism be brought to an end by having their illegal Indian blockade butts kicked off some company's property. Maybe we racist conservative white folk should put up blockades ourselves to stop the native Indians from coming on our Canadian land. Give them a bit of a taste of their own blockade medicine. We conservatives do not need them, but they sure as hell need us. The lawlessness and anarchy that has been allowed to continue on for over three weeks now will only create more problems for the law abiding Canadians if these illegal blockades do not soon get nipped in the bud soon. Our economy is going in the tank because of this. Enough of this liberal and socialist bs talking, it is now time for some real action. We either want peace and stability or we want anarchy and tyranny. Some members here appear to feel that anarchy and tyranny should be a part of our tradition and solution and encouraged to most or all of other people's so called concerns about whatever their concerned about. Citizen's of Canada must be allowed to not be interfered with and be able to go about their own business. To stop them from doing so is anarchy and tyranny. But to say so means that one has to be a racist, right?
  22. I appears as though you prefer anarchy and terrorism instead. I am entitled to be able to move freely about in this country. No one should be allowed to interfere in my or anyone else from going anywhere about their business peacefully. These terrorists have done just that to millions of Canadians since these illegal blockades started three weeks ago. You got that? Three weeks ago? The our economy is in jeopardy and will only get worse and you come on here and try to make me look like I should not have or give my own opinion on here. The problem with you is that you do not want to hear what needs to be said or done. All you want to see is just more talking-talking-talking where we have seen so far, nothing is happening by talking. So go away with your high pompous attitude that you care. i never see you ever give a dam about what is going on in this country. And when someone like me says it has it should be said,, all I get called by you is that I am a racist-racist-racist. You should have that word racist tattooed on your head seeing that you like to say and repeat it so much. I want new immigrants to assimilate into our British/European or as you say "white" culture and traditions and learn to speak the language of this country. Let them keep their religion and culture in their own homes. That is what is acceptable to me. Kadhr is not one who is going to care about or accept Canada and it's traditions and values. All Kadhr has done is made fools of the rest of Canadians and no doubt has had a good laugh over our foolishness and at our prime mistake who went grovelling at his terrorist feet. As long as we keep giving into terrorists like Kadhr, this country will start to become a shit hole. It has too happen. There is no spewing hatred of any kind here. That is you and the spreading of lies. Kadhr represents what all Canadians are not. An Islamic terrorist who gets millions of our Canadian tax dollars for free by killing someone. The terrorist killed an American soldier and you must think that we should all be happy about this killer living here among us and being paid off for his terrorism? Why I keep wasting my valuable time on you is a mystery indeed. All I will ever learn from you is how to name call other people and label them with nasty insulting offensive descriptions. I am surprised that you did not call me a racist again. Mellowing out, are we? Just asking.
  23. The native Indians should be dam happy as hell that the British/European people came along. They did nothing with the place before we came to what we know as Canada now. I wonder if the Americans would up with this same nonsense? The British/European people have tried their hardest to try and make their lives more civilized. Sure some things were done to the Indians that was not so nice but we white folk have pretty much already made up for those past evils. I can guarantee you that not one Indian today would want to go back to the good old Indian days where they just barely were able to eek out an existence. Then there was the forced end of one Indian band attacking and killing some other Indians in another Indian band. That alone they should be thankful for. I say enough already. It is time for some tough love. Stop all taxpayer's tax dollars from going into their Indian bank accounts every month until they end their illegal protests and blockades. I heard some Indian, he looked more white than Indian, say on the news this morning that they are going to continue and we are not leaving until our demands are met. It has been over three weeks since this terrorism had begun. The economy was already in bad shape. Now it is even worse. Trudeau should resign and the GG should dissolve parliament. The only problem there is that we the people will now have to face another election which will probably mean that this terrorism will not get resolved until after the election, if at all. This country is fast going to the bloody rats thanks to the rats that are running this gawd forsaken country. Where is a real and true Reagan or Trump like leader in this stupid leftist liberal socialist country?
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