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  1. It is just my belief that most of the globalists are Zionists from some of the many websites that I have visited over time in the past. Those globalists like to pretend that they are Jewish and are pro Jewish and it's people, but in reality, they despise the Jewish people just as much as they despise gentiles. To that satanic and evil bunch of psychos we are all just nothing more than scum to them. They pretty much rule and run the world. Some billionaire globalists may not all be Zionist globalists but many are from what many of those internet websites keep saying. Indeed, those billionaire like Soros and Gates and the many other billionaire globalists that run social media whom are rubbing their scummy hands with glee because they have been allowed to pull off one of the greatest hoists conspiracies pretty much ever created by man? Covid and the great global reset. The trap has been set for humankind and if humankind does not wake up very soon, it will be too late for them all. The great reset will lead us all into a globalist communist tyranny. Just my opinion of course. πŸ™ƒ
  2. Keep voting for liberals or liberal conservatives. They will take care of your every needs but only after they care of their needs first. You see you must try to understand that your NB politicians do not give a rats ass and dam about you and your driving to work every day. We the sheeple are not on their favorites list. We the sheeple have been put on the bottom of the favorites list. Truth hurts but it must be told. Nobody in politics gives a dam about you, army boy. πŸ˜†
  3. Taxes and gas sold in liters did that to you and the rest of us also. It's $7.00 a gallon or $1.70 a liter here in BC today. Oh joy. πŸ˜’
  4. If gas goes up by one cant a gallon then it is one cent a gallon. If gas goes up by one cent a liter, well in gallons, it is four cents a gallon. When gas prices in BC go up by 5-8 cents a liter, which it does at times, that equates to about 20 - 32 cents a gallon in one shot. That is one huge spike in gas prices. That never happens in America as far as I know. Indeed, taxes have a lot to do with the price of a liter of gas sold here in BC because we do have extra taxes like carbon and GVRD taxes, but by selling gas in liters even makes it worse. It's $7.00 a gallon to buy gas here in BC. Just saying. It's those gawd dam welfare recipient Canadian politicians and those environmental wacko groups out there that have made gas prices higher and having less refineries here in Canada. πŸ™„
  5. All I am going to say about this to you anymore is that it is time for people like you to start trying to get the other side of the story for a change. Sadly, there are millions of people like you refuse to do so. If everything that you hear on the lying MSM is the gospel truth for you then just keep listening to them. They will soon be trying to convince you that you will be needing a third convid 19 booster jab to enhance the last two. And I am pretty sure that people like you will do so when that time comes. Politicians from all countries are in the hands of the globalists and all of them are in on this conspiracy globalist con job hoax whether you want to believe it or not. There are plenty of doctors, scientists and alternative media websites out there that will tell you all you need to know about these dangerous experimental vaccines which are not real vaccines as we once knew them as. They are experimental gene therapy vaccines which are meant to alter your DNA forever. You better hope that you do not become one of the unlucky people who took the jab. A woman has already lost both of her legs, and now hands, because she took the two covid jabs as recommended by the professional liars out there. I dare you to punch in - woman loses legs after taking covid vaccine - on the internet. I did. That woman came up. It's all there for you to see and read. But if you continue to want to act ignorant and stupid, well go ahead, make your bloody day. We are already seeing a new covid 21 virus in the making now. It is called the Delta covid. Woke the hell up, will you. πŸ˜„ PS: awakecanada and action4canada and vaccinechoicecanada are there of my alternative media favorite websites. I have learned a lot from those websites as they have become my sources for and about this covid virus nonsense and hoax. It's your call now.
  6. You must mean those that died from taking a covid experimental vaccine? πŸ˜€
  7. If any of those two zionist globalists are involved in anything, watch out. By having those two psychos buying this newer version of a new PCR like testing kit should tell us all that this is just another form of PCR testing that will help keep this lying plandemic game going. Everything today is always about covid-covid-covid. We are all being forced fed to eat covid every day ad nauseam. Those two psycho globalists both have been involved in this plandemic from the very beginning and we can see what they have done to millions of innocent people's lives. They both have committed crimes against humanity. They must pay for their crimes against humanity one day. I cannot be any clearer here, where I will repeat myself once more. There was an event called Event 201, and it was a meeting set up by Bill Gates in October 2019 in New York City, and the meeting was all about the possibility of a real and serious pandemic coming along one day and that we should start to prepare ourselves for that day to come. And, well low and behold, what did we all get 6 months later come March 2020? A pandemic called covid 19. Was this just a coincidence by chance? My friggin' arse hole it was a coincidence. This was obvious a planned plandemic from the very start. If anyone is too stupid and cannot see that this covid 19 EVENT 201 meeting was a part of a planned plandemic than they have to be bloody well stupid. For those that took the experimental covid vaccines may have just written their own death warrants if what they are saying is true about those experimental vaccines. There have been many stories about people who took a covid vaccine and days or months later died from the vaccines. Of course the MSM will never report those incidents nor those people of ever dying from a vaccine shot. Only the alternative media will do that. πŸ™‚
  8. Indeed, there have been other factors that have been responsible for high gas prices in Canada and BC but thanks to the metric system most people are unaware that they are paying close to $7.00 an imperial gallon. If they did they would probably become a little upset. I cannot stop believing that metric has been one of the reasons why our gas prices are so high. ☺️
  9. Here in socialist utopia British Columbia our gas prices are almost up to $1.70 a liter. If one converts that into gallons it amounts to approx. $7.00 a gallon. Who would have ever thought that one day here in oil rich Canada that we would be paying $7.00 a gallon for gas. But, here we are. The reason why I believe that we in BC are paying close to $7.00 a gallon for gas is because of the metric system that was imposed on Canadians when comrade old man Trudeau was the prime dictator of Canada many moons ago. in the USA, if a gallon of gas goes up, say by five cents, it does not look all that bad. But when it goes up in liters by five cents in BC or Canada that works out to about 22 cents a liter. Quite the jump. And at most times the gas price in BC will jump sometimes by 8 - 10 cents a liter overnight. That would run around 40 cents a gallon over night. Yup, metric was a great idea, or as I would call it, a great ripoff for Canadians. The metric system has been a disaster for we the people in Canada but a big boom and profit for the oil companies and the big tax governments in Canada. They both make more money the more the gas prices rise. If Canada went back to the good old imperial measurement system tomorrow, Canadians could save a bundle on gas prices if they realized and looked at and compared the prices of gas in America, and that metric was ripping them off big time, metric would be gone tomorrow. I believe that would force the price of gas to go down. We the people would surely rebel, right? Gas prices in America are around $3.00 on average a gallon. In Canada we pay around $7.00 a gallon for gas. Such a deal this metric system was for Canadians, eh? πŸ™„
  10. After 16 months of completely fraudulent PCR tests that were used to drive the pandemic hysteria, the CDC has announced it is withdrawing the "junk" science testing protocol at the end of the year. (Why wait until then?) The PCR tests do not deliver quantitative results and can't count viral loads, Therefore, they are scientifically useless at diagnosing any so called "infections". The entire covid pandemic has been based on this fraudulent, "junk" science test. And that means the entire pandemic was a fraud. Source: Naturalnews.com Finally, we are starting to see this whole pandemic/plandemic was nothing more than a giant hoax and a big joke. Millions lost their jobs. Thousands of businesses gone out of business. Then there was all this face diaper mask wearing, social distancing bs, lock downs and quarantines and pretty much all for nothing. Sadly, the people fell for it hook, line and sinker. The game will soon be up folks and revealed as one big farce. Sadly, it is too late for those who took the jab. The people that did take the jab have helped make the big pharma globalists billions more in profits for themselves and all at they the people's health and well being. And come this fall those same people will be asked to take a third booster jab for the Delta virus and they will do so willingly. Once a sheeple always a sheeple. Some sheeple never will learn. I am starting to feel somewhat sad for the sheeple though who allowed themselves to get into a state of fear and panic by their lying politicians and the lying media and those so called health experts. The globalists have had all three on their payroll. As I have mentioned many times here? When our politicians and the media try to push anything as much as they did with covid, then everyone should do just the opposite. Our lying politicians and the lying media must never be trusted ever again. They both lie. just my opinion of course. πŸ˜„
  11. Are you not aware that in today's world social media will not allow any one person a chance to express their opinions and to be able to have their say on social media in regards to these covid vaccines? Those communist globalists that run social media and the MSM itself will not allow her or anyone else to give the other side of the story about some of the dangers of these covid vaccines. Everything is now mis and disinformation being put forward by the communist globalists social media giants who run those social media platforms and who are denying people who have an opposite opinion to vaccines to have a say and instead they all must be chilled. C'mon man, we are all losing our rights to our freedom of speech. the only TV outlet left that at least tries to tell the truth about all of this covid bull shit nonsense is FOX NEWS. One can learn a lot by listening to FOX NEWS in the evenings. Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino are but one of many who hosts that try and get the real and true facts out. We will never get politicians or the MSM to tell us the truth about anything. just lies and bull shit is all we get. just saying. πŸ™ƒ
  12. Hey, citizen of 1984. Look up in the sky right now. The sky is starting to fall down. I suggest to you that you do not go outside anytime soon until the covid vaccine pushers tell you that it is once again safe to go outside and play. And if you do go outside make sure that you wear a hard hat anyway just in case there may be a few pieces left in the sky to fall. Just saying. 🀣
  13. Why do we not see comrade democrat Maxine Waters running around and trying to invoke the 25th amendment of the US constitution on Joe Bidumb? The guy is obviously losing his dumb mind. She tried to do the same thing on Donald Trump but that did not work. It failed and it was obvious to see that Trump was in top shape and still had his mind. These communist democrats are nothing more than a bunch of senile hypocritical imbeciles who need to have the 25th amendment invoked on all of them especially that Maxine Waters. That biotch is one crazy communist biotch. Jim Acosta is another one that needs to go visit a shrink. That buffoon is clearly way out of his mind alright. As brain dead Acosta probably always says, it's cops for me but not for thee. πŸ˜†
  14. Look mommy, the sky is falling down. LOL.
  15. True enough. But then again, if it were true the MSM would never report that there was a toxic chemical in some or all of those covid vaccines anyway. After all, the MSM is pretty much controlled and owned and operated by big pharma corporate globalists. Do you really trust that gang of liars and vaccine pushers? Hey, we never know, eh. For now, I will trust my instincts and fore go taking any vaccines and have any of them jabbed into my beautiful body. What I will be waiting to see is, if true, there may be many people dropping off the face of the earth in the next few years or many may just end up becoming seriously injured. We must wait and see. I will be watching the world's population in the next few years. That will then tell me as top whether all that I am hearing and reading about these dangerous vaccines is true or not. One should ask the question as to why so many doctors and scientists and other professionals are questioning the efficacy of these covid vaccines. What would be the point of them trying to do so if the vaccines are safe? And if the covid vaccines are so safe, why then do they have to try and convince people to take their covid vaccines? Just let those that want to take their two or three jabs do so and leave others who do not want the jab bloody well alone. Works for me. πŸ˜ƒ
  16. Why would big pharma want to inform anyone that there is this graphene oxide chemical toxic poison in any vaccines? They wouldn't be that stupid, would they? Your constant support for all of these covid vaccines make people like you responsible for the many injuries and deaths of thousands of people by your trying to convince people that these covid vaccines are safe which they are not. In lab tests that had been done on animals with these covid vaccines all of those animals died. Yup, sure looks like the covid vaccines are safe alright. Pretty soon you will be asked that, to be on the safe side, you will need to take another booster jab to make sure that you will never die from covid. I do hope that you take your third jab. That should do it for you. Bye-bye. πŸ˜„
  17. I will be watching CPAC. There will be no bull shit being spread at CPAC. Just the bloody dam truth. now go have another glass of Joe Bidumb kool-aid. LOL.
  18. You like sucking up the Bidumb kool-aid. Touche. LOL.
  19. If it comes from the CBC(communistbroadcastingcorporation)they will never tell the truth about anything. The CBC despises the GOP anyway. Those GOP people you mentioned are your typical traitor to the Republican party RINO GOP people who hate their own Republican party. The GOP is not in a panic. It is people like you that are and always will be in a state of panic and fear over anything the CBC tells you that what they report is factual and true when in fact they lie like a trooper. If one wants to read and hear bull shit all the time, well then, they will get that from the CBC. 🀣
  20. Whether anecdotal or not, I am going to go by what other alternative doctors and scientists and even some whistle blowers has to say about these covid vaccines and that they could be very dangerous to some peoples health and well being for those who choose to take the jab from one of these vaccines. It has been my choice for as long as I have lived to not take any vaccines. That was my choice and so far so good. I am still alive and I do not have any plans anytime soon to take any of these covid experimental gene therapy vaccines. I have even read that in some or all of those covid vaccines is a chemical called graphene oxide a toxic poison to the human body. True or false, I do not know. I just want to live and not sign my own death warrant by taking any of these covid vaccines for now. Everyone must realize that there are always two sides to every story. Sadly, most people just want to listen to one side of the story and not the other. To know one side of the story is to know nothing at all. Just because you say that you believe in vaccines does not have to mean that I must believe in vaccines. When I am now hearing stories about some people who have been seriously injured or got sick or even have died after taking the covid jab, that was a wake up call for me. Hey, good luck to you all who took the jab. I hope all goes well for you. My son and daughter in law took the jab and I am now scared of what could happen to them. I will be watching their health for awhile. I have heard of many airline pilots that have been dropping dead shortly after they took the jab. it's on the internet for all to read. If it were all just lies than what would be the reason or the point for anyone to post such things on the internet and only end up making telling lies and especially trying to make buffoons of themselves? Hey, we never know, eh? I believe in conspiracies because conspiracies do happen every day around the world. Personally, I believe that this whole covid thingy has been nothing but a planned plandemic from the start by the big pharma globalists who stand to make hundreds of billions of dollars from peddling their covid vaccines. The wealth of many billionaires, like bill Gates to hell, today has risen quite substantial thanks to this covid what I like to call one big covid hoax. Now the big pharma globalist billionaires are going to make many more billions because of this brand new lie and hoax from this brand new virus called the Delta virus. Sadly, many are already in a state of panic and fear and will be talked into and line up to take their booster covid Delta shot to save their lives from this Delta virus. I am pretty sure that this will happen. Just saying. Hey, we never know, eh? πŸ˜ƒ
  21. We will see as to who has the last laugh. I am not predicting that 80% of Canada's population will die in the next couple of years. But from what I amreading and listening to out there, many millions are going to get seriously ill or will die. You may become seriously ill or may even die yourself very soon. Hey, we never know, eh? Let me know if any of them happen to you. Lol. I will bet that because of your ignorance you did not know that there is a toxic chemical called graphene oxide that has been put in the covid vaccines. If that truly is the case then you are a goner, fella. Many airline pilots of major airlines, like British Airways and Jet Blue have had many of their pilots die months later after taking one of those covid vaccine jabs. The likely hood that many pilots are just dying after taking a covid vaccine cannot be seen as just a coincidence. Many other airlines are having their pilots drop dead after taking a covid vaccine. But you will not hear about this other than on some alternative news websites like Stew Peters website because the corporate globalist controlled MSM does not want anyone to know about these deaths. You do not have to believe me but it's on the internet for you to check out for yourself if you so choose. Whether it is all just bull shit or not, I don't really know, I am just posting the story here. Why would stories like this be out there on the internet in the first place if they were not true? What would be the point to doing so? There are many doctors and scientists and even whistle blowers that are trying to tell us that these covid vaccines are going to become a nightmare for many guinea pigs who took the experimental gene therapy globalist created vaccines. Good luck to you, guinea pig. πŸ˜ƒ
  22. What I am fearing abut taking these covid vaccines is that they are all experimental and we have no idea as to what they will do to our bodies in the near future. There has been many stories about some people who took the covid vaccine and ended up becoming seriously ill and some have even died after taken some covid vaccines. Why does the MSM not report on many of these vaccine incidents? What or why are they trying to hide about covid vaccine incidents? If these vaccines are supposed to be safe than why are they trying to hush up anyone who dares to question these covid vaccines where on many of those social media outlets like Twitter, Fakebook and Goggle are trying to do today? Why do they say that anyone who wishes to discuss the dangerous of these vaccines on social media platforms are being treated as trying to promote mis and disinformation nonsense and they have been banned for doing so. There is something wrong with this covid vaccine picture alright. πŸ™„
  23. You said that people who decide not to get vaccinated should be banned from leaving their homes? That would be something only a fascist would say. Are you a fascist? The vaccinated people are still getting the covid virus and maybe I have something now to fear from those vaccinated people who could give me the covid virus. Maybe vaccinated people are more of a danger to me than the non vaccinated, eh? And here I thought that those who took the covid vaccine shots were safe from ever catching covid? Woke up, fascist. Just what the hell are you all worried about anyways? Wasn't the whole idea and plan from the very beginning was that those who took the covid vaccines would now be safe from catching the dreaded covid virus? The vaccinated are still getting covid. HELLO!! Now you are starting to make it appear as though taking the covid vaccine jab still does not protect vaccinated people like you any protection from catching covid from the non vaccinated people. Are you not trying to see that maybe there is something wrong with this covid picture yet? So, just what proof do you have that says that I could endanger and jeopardize your life by me not getting vaccinated? Is your only proof that you have of this BS is what you are reading and listening to from the MSM by chance? Maybe you are being lied to when you say that you believe that the reason for the surging cases in the US is because of the non vaccinated? Again, what proof do you have of this BS? Maybe it is those that have been vaccinated are the ones that are spreading the covid virus around. Hey, you never know. Sadly for you, fools like you will always be living in a world of fear and panic because you never bother to do your own homework and research about what is being told to you by your hero politicians and the lying media. You are one of those people who just prefer to just go along to get along and who do not want to be seen as trying to stir up the shit. Wimps and cowards are like that you know. LOL
  24. Our politicians have given big pharma globalists the go ahead and have been allowed to pump any vaccine crap that they want to into people's bodies without ever having to fear or face being sued over any damage done by their vaccines. If big pharma lost that protection they would cease trying to pump some experimental gene therapy like vaccines like this coivd vaccine into anyone's bodies. I believe that all of this push by big pharma to take the jab would come to an end if they could be sued. Our corrupt politicians and the lying media have also been accomplices and in the cover up in this crime against humanity. I have my fears that those that are refusing to be vaccinated are going to start to be treated as second class citizen's and outcasts and be denied the many services that they once took and used for granted. We will probably see a hell of a lot of discrimination to happen in the next few years against the non vaccinated. Some European countries, like Italy as one, are already creating health passports that will allow the vaccinated people entry into venues while those not vaccinated will be denied access to venues. This is discrimination on a big scale. This must not be allowed to happen. Whatever happened to freedom of choice? 😏
  25. There are way too many attacks being committed today in Canada against our British/European culture, traditions and history. Our ancestors from those countries mentioned above founded, settled, and built Canada to what it is today. now those very same people are now being pretty much told that they are a bunch of white racists and that everything of a British/European nature needs to come to an end and be destroyed and replaced by other cultures and traditions and history. Just who's bloody country is this anyway? It is certainly starting to look like it is not good old whitey country anymore. This country appears to now belong to the rest of the world and the rest of the world feels that their cultures and traditions and history needs to be accepted and enshrined also. Canada is headed for some big time racial problems ahead if it does not do something about this present day pro non-white immigration policy that is in place today. Just saying. 😏
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