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  1. Yanker, will you please shut up. You are spitting on the graves of everyone who did not die from convid but instead died from committing suicide because of convid. You obviously could care less about the millions of people who have lost their jobs and incomes. Many marriages are in turmoil. Drinking and taking drugs are up. Millions of people all over the world are all suffering froma so called virus plague that they know nothing about. All people like you do all day long is listen to your lying politicians and the lying media about how bad this convid virus is. There are thousands of scientis
  2. I am very happy that your new El Presidenty is going to allow anyone who gets to America to pretty much stay forever. That should take a load off of those that at one time had to leave America because of Trump ad head for Canada. This should help ease all of those tens of thousands of illegal criminals from entering from America trying to enter Canada by way of Manitoba. Maybe many of them here in Canada will decide to go back to your America. Manitoba may become a hot bed for those illegal criminals that are here now and want to head back to Joe Biden's America. Geez, I hope so!!
  3. It's more like comrade Trudeau is trying to turn Canada into a communist country thanks to this convid 1984 farce. Canadians have lost a lot of their freedoms that they once enjoyed and had just ten months ago. Now they have more restrictions on just about everything that they want to do, go or even say. We are all finding out today as to what life is like living in a communist country. In communist country, travelling outside the country is not allowed or discouraged. Try leaving North Korea for a vacation if one is a citizen. The only way out of NK is to sneak out. We have become priso
  4. Donald Trump was right when he called the lying leftist liberal pro democratic mainstream media fake news. They truly have become a bunch of professional liars and pushers of fake news. The liberal/democratic media will lie to high heaven to try and make Trump or any of their opponents look like the bad and evil devil. As I always keep saying? When the media goes after anyone and tries to make them look bad and calls them nasty names then that is when people should listen to what that bad person has to say. In most cases that bad guy or gal had something to say that the MSM and their pol
  5. You trust all those people you mentioned above to not be or show bias and being partial in anything they say or do? Pretty much all of them cannot be put in the category of being anywhere near being smart and intelligent people. My opinion of them all is that they pretty much are all liars, cheats, bullshitters and thieves. Just my opinion of course.
  6. I wonder as to what her astronaut partners have to say about her? Months stuck with her in a space capsule had to be rough for them. Chuckle-chuckle.
  7. This is what we all end up getting and deserve because of those buffoons who keep voting in scum bag political party's like the leftist liberal party who could care less about people or country. Most of these GG's were french leftist liberals and NDP socialists whom appeared to all despised Canada and it's citizen's. We have the governments that we get because the people appear to not give a crap at all as to what is going on in Canada. And it is thanks to those fools that I have to live and suffer with under their communist agendas and regime. And do not expect anything to change anytime
  8. The PPC act and talk MORE like "real conservatives". The conservative party talks and acts more like a liberal leftist party. Believe it or not.
  9. No doubt that Ford will charge is gas to the taxpayer's of Ontario. And this gorilla has the nerve to call himself a conservative. No real and true conservative would ever go along with this convid crap nonsense because they would very quickly see thru the lie. There is a really big difference between Rob Ford and Doug Ford. Rob Ford worked for the people while this Doug Ford works against the people. The gorilla works for the globalists and he loves the power of control over we the people that the globalists have given him. Doug knows that this is all bull chit, so why does he keep constantly
  10. We are all going to find out this year that 2020 was a wuss of a year compared to what 2021 will be bringing to us all compliments of our dear comrade leaders like communist China loving communist Trudeau. There can be no end to this virus because what is going on today has nothing to do with a virus at all. This scam hoax of a virus today is really all about a globalist communist takeover compliments of Bill Gates, G. Soros and many of their other ilk globalists. Anyone who wants to still believe that this convid virus is all for real today is a fool. Canadians have done all they can to
  11. The conservative party of O'Tool and Ford have pretty much become just liberal leftist party's. Everything they say and do smacks of leftist liberalism. Conservatism is pretty much dead in Canada today thanks to the conservative party and conservatives in Canada who do nothing to try and save conservative values. Anyone in the conservative party of Canada or in any conservative party in any province are pretty much traitors to conservatism. Ford and O'Tool are the enemy of the people. The People's Party of Canada is the only political party left in Canada that one can honestly say that they d
  12. The changing of names is all about changing Canadian history. We have so called leftist liberal socialist political leaders in this country that could care less about Canada or it's history. They appear to want to end Canada as we know it now. The more third world immigration the better they like it. Those immigrants could care less about Canadian history. They seem to be only interested in their own history. Multiculturalism is doing a fine job of destroying Canadian history. And the french from Quebec are behind it all. They despise English Canada and their British history and have been
  13. There is dick all happening at any hospitals in regards to convid. The hospitals are not flowing over with convid patients. any convid stats are all being fabricated to make it appear as though we are in the middle of some terrible plague. And politicians like Ford are trying to keep this convid farce going. Society is suffering and dying from this globalist plandemic hoax. Event 201 told us this would happen. There are thousands of people attending many anti-covid rallies in Canada now who have all said that they have had enough. They want their freedom and their old lives back. It is our dea
  14. There can be no doubt about it that our dear comrade leader Turdeau is a communist and he has big plans for all of us Canadians. With Trump now gone and Biden in the dear leader will be on a roll now. Two peas in a pod globalist communists. I am of the belief now that in the last election, Trudeau used the Dominion voting machines to get his majority. And he no doubt will do the same thing in the next election. Trudeau could become the dictator for life in Canada. The Emergency Act is being used to take our rights and freedoms away. If we thought that 2020 was bad, just wait until 2021 gets go
  15. Our politicians are in on this convid virus game compliments of globalists like vaccine pusher Bill Gates. This con game has been going on for almost a year now and we have been doing what they have been asking us to do and things seem to always be getting worse. The PCR tests are believed to be flawed and are always giving false readings. This helps our dear comrade leaders and the globalists to keep this farce going. I do believe that this convid game will go on forever until we the people decide to say that they have had enough already. There is no way a virus can go so long as this one is
  16. With people like you around this China virus will be lasting forever. Why don't you first go and check out a couple of hospitals to see for yourself if you can see ambulances rushing and driving in and out of the hospital emergency entrance unloading covid victims? Count all the ambulances coming and going will you. With the numbers that you quoted above hospitals should be hopping with covid victims. The only thing that can be done about all of this convid sillyness is stop listening to your politicians and the media and those so called health experts. They are the ones that are fabrica
  17. Why those people who are allowed to cross the border every day by the thousands willy-nilly will never ever be bringing back the China virus with them, now will they? I guess that the virus does pick and choose as to who it will attach itself too. I am pretty sure that at the border the China virus stops right there and will not cross the border into Canukistan legally or illegally, eh? The Convid bull chit carries on. When will those covid believing buffoons out there ever learn and get it? It's no wonder our politicians can do whatever they want too we the people? Nobody dares question
  18. I pretty much agree with just about everything you said. But this needs to come to an end before more damage is done to society. Society has taken a beating with this China virus and there will be more to come if we do not end this foolishness. Our seniors will be dying off like flies if this is allowed to continue on. As someone who does believe in conspiracies I do believe that this may be a part of a plan to actually get rid of seniors. Just my opinion of course. There was a care home in upstate New York that had been free of any covid at all. Weeks later after they administered a vacc
  19. Probably nothing would happen all that much at all if we went to the other side and did nothing. It would no doubt become just another year of what we normally get every year is the flu. Tens of thousands will always get sick and thousands will probably die. The only reason why everybody is in a state of fear and panic over this china virus is because of the lying politicians and lying media that has blown this China virus to it's limit. The population could not give a crap about this virus if it were not for our lying politicians and the lying media that have made a big deal out of nothi
  20. It would appear to me as though it would be just as hard to convince you that this was all just a hoax joke. Many people are starting to realize that now. As I have mentioned here many times before and probably again is that there was a meeting in Oct. 2019 between a bunch of deep state globalists called Event 201. It was all about getting prepared for a possible pandemic to come about. Well, low and behold, come March 2020 we now find ourselves in the middle of a so called pandemic or as others call it a plandemic or a scamdemic. Come on. People need to add two and two together he
  21. That Beaver Cleaver guy is a real and true exercise in futility. All that lefty liberal is good for is his trying to always nail Trump to some cross. All the lies that the lefty liberals like Beaver Cleaver said and believed about Trump were all just total lies. Trump beat them all. But once a sore loser lefty liberal always a sore lefty loser liberal, right Beaver Cleaver?
  22. Trump did not hand anything to Putin. But old man Biden is ready and willing to hand over America to communist China. Geez, are you ever going to really pay attention to politics at all? Chuckle-chuckle.
  23. Biden did it again the other day. During some press meeting Biden said the words President Harris. Whoa, stop right there. Biden once again said the words President Harris. What is with this buffoon anyway? Now I am getting really confused here? Who is the next President? Biden or Harris?
  24. The one thing that anyone can confirm about CNN and it's views is the fact that by listening to the lying CNN cabal enough times anyone can see that their reporters have become nothing more than a bunch of professional paid off leftist liberal activist liars. No matter what Trump did for America they always criticized him for it. To CNN and it's reporter whores Trump was enemy #1. They hated Trump and they wanted him gone. Trump fooled them all and their fake news CNN lies about him. And if my sources are right, It looks like Trump will be the President for another four more years. Yahoo
  25. CNN has to be the biggest lying news outlet going. Everything they say is all just leftist liberal democratic bull chit. Truth is something they will never report at that lying globalist communist outfit. Just saying.
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