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  1. Just more anti-white racism going on in Canada. It seems like white people will now have to give up their own white homeland to non-white foreigners. If one is white and you dare to criticize this new inventory you will be called a racist. Well, I guess that makes me a racist then because I think that this inventory plan stinks like hell. It is racism.
  2. The old goat just hung in there to be a thorn in Trump's side. Thank gawd that thing is gone. LOL.
  3. Go back to bed. You are way to clueless about politics. Anyone buffoon who enjoys knocking Trump is knocking themselves in the head. There is not one politician in Canada left today that can be trusted with our freedoms. this Convid 19 hoax is a prime example of that. Just look at all of the fools out there wearing a face diaper mask. They are nothing more than a bunch of followers. They all think that their politicians and the media has their interest in mind. What born fools. With Bader gone the world will go on just fine without her, thank gawd. And now Trump can get another conservative pa
  4. Canada has become an arse of a country full of azz politicians that could careless about Canada or Canadians. We all keep thinking and hoping that the next politician in power will change everything for the better. But in the end we still get the same old crap. The one thing that people cannot seem to get thru their thick bone headed skulls is that our politicians are just nothing more than a bunch of puppet on a string politicians who support globalism. They take their orders from the deep state globalist elite like Gates and Soros. Old Bader was just one of their puppets just like the rest o
  5. Maybe she is losing it also. I think that her and Biden would make a nice lovely couple living together and totally lost in dementia dreamland forever. At least they will be able to secure and afford a nice senior residence place for themselves to live in with all the money that they both have. I often wonder as to why does old politicians like her and Biden stay in politics for so long anyway? When you are in your 80's what's the point? They have nothing to offer anymore except to be a pain in the ass. Get out and let new blood in. Hopefully, after Trump wins the election they both will screw
  6. where do you get this stupid azz idea that Trump is out to destroy democracy anyway? It has been the democrats that have been trying to destroy democracy in America for decades now. Geez, you need to stop listening to CNN/MSNBC for your lying and fake news. Try listening to FOX NEWS for a change and try to get the other side of the story that the MSM do not want you to hear or learn or know about. Why are there so many people out there who are only to willing to listen to one side of the story and not the other? Are they afraid that they might have to finally think for themselves and what
  7. The more conservatives on the SC the better. That should just about do it for those lying democrats that have tried to destroy America for the past 10 years. I believe that Trump has an isolated jail cell waiting for them when he gets reelected. Lock them all up, Trump. Works for me.
  8. Trump will produce and create a world of freedom and enjoyment. The deep state globalists will be gone. No more Convid 19 lying games anymore. We will get back to the old normal that we once enjoyed before this hoax Convid 19 virus came along. It will be great for Canada if Trump wins. If you prefer Biden, where am I today, idiot then what you are living thru today will be nothing to what the democrats have in store for the world. This is truly a world war going on between freedom loving Trump and Biden deep state globalist communism. it's as simple as that.
  9. Rocky boy is just another spokes follower for the globalist deep state elite. You are just another typical Canadian follower. Just keep living your belief that this Convid 19 hoax is all for real. Many well known doctors and other people in other professions have already said that this Convid 19 is no more serious than the average flu. But they are quacks to you, right? Those quacks make a lot more sense than those lying batards that you like to listen too. So, you just keep listening to your lying politicians, the lying media, the lying hospital administrators, and those so called lying
  10. I hope that you are not going to fall for that second wave nonsense again are you? If you do then you really have not learned a thing about this past Convid 19 hoax. But then again most Canadians are well known for enjoying their every day kick in the ass by their dear leader politicians and the media who constantly keep making fools of them all the time. The only wave that will be coming this fall is our general seasonal flu virus that comes around every year. A flu does not last this long like this one has and was able to shut down the world. Think man think. Nothing will get back or r
  11. No big loss with her gone. She was just a thorn in Trump's side anyway. Now Trump can get another conservative on the Supreme Court. It's beginning to look like the democrats are going to be up shits creek after the election. With Trump in control of the house, the senate, and the SC there is going to be a lot of crybaby leftist liberal/democrat losers out there standing around in their puddle of tears. Aw, too bad, so sad. LOL.
  12. Come on, quit will the stupid talk. Tax revenues have to be higher before this Convid 19 hoax came along because most Canadians have had to spend their holidays and their money in Canada, and your dear leaders are enjoying that extra revenue going into their spend crazy bank. Look at all of the dollars that would have gone to America or some other country if Canadians were not forced to act like prisoners and were forced to stay in their own country. All you know about this virus is what your dear leaders, and the lying media, and those so called health experts like communist Tam and Bon
  13. Why should I be inconvenienced because of what appears to be one big Convid 19 scamdemic virus hoax? Have you done any of your own research as to whether this Convid 19 virus is as bad as what your dear leaders and the media tell you? Well? Maybe this is all just a part of an Orwellian 1984 plot and coup being now played on us all. I would sure like to know more about this virus from your own research that you no doubt have not done yet. Why do I always get the impression that people like you are a dime a dozen and only they seem to feel that they know it all? Try looking up "Event 201"
  14. You can believe all of the chit about this Convid 19 virus all you want too. It's just your average seasonal virus that comes around every year, and for centuries now, and thousands do die. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been lost in the tourist industry alone and all for nothing, and not to forget about the millions of people unemployed because of this virus. The suicides, the loss of many thousands of seniors who were all locked down with no one to be allowed to visit them. Many thousand of seniors died from being alone. The survival rate when catching this so called virus was 99%. So,
  15. Remember what life was like before all of this Convid 19 bull crap came along. We did not need to wear a face diaper mask. No social distancing. We could shake hands, hug and kiss. No lock downs. Everything was wide open and thousands of people were working and got a paycheck. No quarantining where if someone went away for a vacation they had to come back and lock themselves down for 14 days. Heavy unbelievable fines for going against some stupid azz bylaw that said that we could not take our kids to an empty park with no one around for a bike ride. We could go to hockey games, football games.
  16. I do hope that the border will reopen soon. It is hard to believe that our two countries that have never shut the border down since both nations were born need to be opened up again and now. I am pretty sure that one of the reasons why our dear comrade leaders want to keep the border shut down is because they no doubt have noticed that their tax revenue has climbed up by the hundreds of millions of dollars that would have been lost to America instead. Thanks to the border closures Canadians have been pretty much forced to all Canadians to stay in their own provinces and as prisoners in their o
  17. Canada? What Canada? Canada died in 1980 when old man communist Trudeau won that election. His first words out of his commie mouth was "welcome to the new Canada". The old Canada died on that day and has now been replaced by a bunch of leftist liberal/socialist/communist politicians who could care less about Canada. Our dear comrade leaders today are nothing more than a bunch of puppet on a sting traitors and buffoons and all just standing there until their globalist deep state masters elite pull their strings. Canada has no real and true patriotic leaders anymore. Just a bunch of trained sea
  18. The less liberal democrats around the better for those free thinking and freedom loving conservatives and Trump supporters. All those leftist liberal/democrats have to offer is lies and riots. If Trump wins it will be freedom for all once again from government tyranny. If forgetful globalist Biden wins, well we all better head for the hills and hide. It will be a new normal world then and none of those conservatives nor those idiot leftist liberals are going to like it either. After globalist Biden wins those leftists will only be seen then as useful idiots that got Biden elected and they will
  19. Have you even bothered to attend the many protest rallies that are being done today against Covid here in BC and elsewhere in Canada? There have been a few protests here in BC against Convid 19 the past few weeks where thousands of people have attended and been seen carrying signs that pretty much said end this Convid lie now. And it was great to see so many anti-Convid Canadian patriots not wearing a face mask nor social distancing. I guess that all of those that attended the protest rally are now in danger of getting the convid virus now, eh? Chuckle. There should be more Covid party's
  20. On the contrary. There is no problem. It is only because of people like yourself that keep this Convid 19 scamdemic hoax virus alive and well and going with your constant submission to your dear comrade leaders and the lying media demands and orders that we must all wear face diaper masks, social silly nonsense distancing ourselves, stay at home, and shutdowns of the many entertainment enjoyments that we once use to enjoy and take for granted. We are now pretty much prisoners in our own country. Thanks to people like you the land borders have now been shut down until November. I bet that
  21. What is going on in Canada has nothing to do with this Convid 19 hoax. It has more to do with with control and and trying to make people fear their own shadow. Our dear comrade politicians are taking advantage of this hoax by now trying to act like dictators. They keep lying to us every day that this Convid 19 farce is still alive and well and it appears as though it will get worse as the next few months go by. And with the help of the leftist lieberal lying media it will no doubt work because of the many fools out there who will be convinced that they must do as they are told by their politic
  22. Only white people today are the object of racism. Every time some politician or the media says something that sounds like anti-white nonsense that is racism. Saying that white people are privileged is racist. Forcing white people to pay reparations to some whiny non-white group is racist. I see on American leftist lieberal TV all the time many black people always bitching about white privilege which is racist. Anytime someone says anything about or against white people that is racism. But ask most white people if they give a dam? White people have lost their will to unite as a people like
  23. The problem with most people is that they keep listening to their leftist liberal/socialists politicians and the leftist liberal media that all hate Trump's guts. Most people are followers and never really do their own thinking for themselves. The media does their thinking for them. They know sweet nothing about Trump but yet they hate his guts. It's not Trump's fault that the world is in trouble. it's the democrat liberals that have made the world a bad place to live. Trump is trying to clean up after their mess. Trump is the man of the hour. Sadly, there are so many buffoons out there who ca
  24. All I can say on this is thank gawd that there are at least some patriotic people out there in the world who see this convid 19 as nothing more then one big hoax. This has nothing to do with any virus at all but more to do with trying to control the lives of millions of people thru fear and panic and paranoia by the evil deep state globalist cabal who are in a fight for their lives with Trump. If Trump wins the election they all know that their jig is up. If Trump is elected I can safely say that this convid 19 hoax will disappear the next day or shortly there after. And just like Trump a
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