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  1. I am telling you facts, you put labels. Conspiracy? Give me a moment in the all history when there is no conspiracy. Good luck my friend. You may stay where you are as long as you want.
  2. "Heavily embroiled" by america's unofficial forces. Named "opposition". Or "moderate rebels". Have you seen Chechnia recently? It is much better than Ucraine. Ucraine was us project. All the west europe leaders went in Kiev to support proeurope protesters. Legitimising street overthrow of the legal president. This was all in the media and we saw it. We didn't see $3mln bribe for some key generals in ucraine to do or not do certain things. The bottom line is: now ucraine is in "civil war", loaded with debts, ruined economy etc. "Real issue" is what you can see. Like the west europe support.
  3. Nato (us led) bombed Jugoslavia, Iraq, Libia -just a few examples- and tear apart or ruined countries. Under butter words like freedom, democracy and prosperity. And nothing good happens. They supported radical elements in ucraine to put convinient leaders that will confront russia. Now ucraine is ruines. Convinient ruins. How can I understand that anywhere us/nato/ec support some "freedome" movements (often created by them) and the country goes to ruins. How can I understand the full cover over ttip? The papers will be secret 30 years in ec and 5 years in us. Now the world is different and
  4. And it is easy to drasticly reduce internet. Or to "implement some security measures" (censorship and survalance) and cut off "conspiracy" sources. How it will come. The same principle as more security measures was taken after "twins event". Media gets an event, let's say 100-500 or more people get robbed by stolen identity. Then make it over exposed on people to made more fear and "take measures". Or even single small event like this kurdish (if remember) child on the beach befor the campain against coldharded europe and introducing "25000 sirians in welcoming canada". We are seeing the end
  5. I was amazed how biased, even wrong, all the europe and canada refugee process is set on the radio. I have no tv, but I listen to CBC to see the "official view". So by cbc europians are not very welcoming the "sirian refugees" and we in canada bring them with our military plains. And little to no coverage on the "events" on new years eve in some german and swirzerland cities - numeros rapes of young german and switzerland woman. And cbc fail to mention (not even explain) that europe countries are national countries. In france you have mostly french, in germany - germans, dutches, spanish, fi
  6. It is one country that has 1400 military bases in 120 countries and that country destroyed 3 countries in 25 years. 5 with ucraine and siria. And now all europe. And that country made 3 completely different countries (in fact most of the world) to take a side in the same direction.
  7. Can you imagine you have a farm and you can't find something to do? Same with household. And same with a country. For sake of something to create or improove for a better, easyer life. And multi national monster companies hire politicians to play for us a theater. Economy is not connected to improving the life any more. It is a way some to work for other. It is politics now. Even geopolitics. You know what part of gdp of usa bring lawyers and medicine? And what part production? And how much debt? And Canada is just a small satellite. Now usa is going after russia. And the bet is all or noth
  8. Iran is independent country Saudi isn't. Saudi is under usa "protection". And Iran can't go against usa. At least not the same way usa went against Iraq. Even more, Iran is in defense position to usa.
  9. Do you think canada is independent country? It is more dependant to us than poland to ussr 30years ago. That is why harper "let it go", no better option.
  10. It is not difficult to to see the difference without even knowing about genetics.
  11. Where ends the idea and starts ideology? Do you think "democracy" is not ideology? Ideology is the glue that forms communities (or you can call it society) from humans. If society is a natural phenomenon then ideology is a natural phenomenon too. Bigger society - more important is the ideology. Stronger society - more important is the ideology. In fact there are communities without ideology. But they are not as strong to form a country. And they are taken by stronger communities that already had form a country. There are examples. An independent and strong country have ideology. One form
  12. Happy New 2016 Year! Excuse me for my english, it is my second language. Hope you can get the idea. Terror is a tricky word. It is a matter of perception. Usualy the perception is formed by the media including the school. The truth is that islamic (not only) world have been put in a desparate situation and it is trying to survive. Palestine, Iraq, Libia. Last two was democratised to ruins. But it is not called terror. And when somebody blow him self together with other dosen - it is a terror. It is another thing that the terror attacks may have been organised or helped by the country who ca
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