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  1. HI Bill, If you take the time to read you will see that American Financial Group was started by seed capital of Noriega whose secretary, translator, and personal banker (Teresita Tapia) married the President of AFG (Edward Chism) who worked 20+ years for the U,S. Justice Department before taking $43 million from Canadian investors and spending only 8 months in prison for it. See link 1 link 2 You really should read the entire 11 page Reiken report (The Canadian Private Investigator) which is an exhibit with this Law Society complaint against one of the lawyers that sold Gorcyca down the riv
  2. If he was 10 or 20 years younger, I would be suspicious, but not at age 79. But let's see...
  3. What I hear is that it had to do with sales of a new underwater missile launcher to either Russia or China that the U.S. wanted to stop. I think you may recall that Schreiber sold arms not just airbus airliners. That extradition derailed his arms sales for 8 years eh? The point is that courts are used as weapons and props of government and corrupt officials who need to hide their shady dealings. Innocent people are criminalized and bankrupted in the process and then smeared so the public won't believe them.
  4. You might have a different, less cavalier attitude, if it was one of your family members murdered just for being a witness, or if you were one of the 139 Affinity Capital investors who lost $43 million only to keep the lid on the American Financial Group scandal that links Jeb Bush to drug smuggling in Canada and Harper's help to keep it secret for Bush - and $3 million. http://2006bruce.blogspot.ca
  5. Keep in mind the majority on this forum are fiercely loyal conservatives who defend even the wrong-doings and crimes of their leaders at almost any cost. So your answers here may not be 100% objective.
  6. Get of your ass and go look at the courthouse archives if you think the document scans posted on blogs are fake. I made the journey to Oscgoode Hall and verified that the evidence on file matched the scans posted on the blogs you refer to. I aslo saw many references to audio and video tape exhibits but with the notation "Removed for administrative purposes".
  7. I love how you glance and don't read court files, the report of P.I. Ed Reiken, (exhibit in this law society complaint http:bruce'slawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com) the 2006 letter to Harper from Gorcyca, http://20006bruce.blogspot.caand the history and news clippings and sworn statements at http;//whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot.ca This forum is not a courtroom where witnesses can be questioned under oath and documents compelled to be produced by court order. What took place is historical and at least a hundred honest police and court employees know it to be true. People have been murdered,
  8. Also, a most senior RCMP official in Ontario is on record as saying "Gorcyca was direct and truthful with his information which dove-tailed with our own".
  9. Some of you clearly cannot read or are too lazy to do so. The two eyewitnesses to the crimes described were rushed out of Canada by Harper before any MP could muster up a formal investigation. There are indeed honest DEA and honest RCMP who if subpoenaed in a court of law or Parlimentary investigation, confirm the allegations. Some of you hope by ignoring the facts they will just fade away. Not likely when 139 Canadians were swindled out of $43 million and $1 Billion of cocaine was allowed on Canadian soil. Forget the specific crimes for a moment and look at the broader picture... This comes
  10. Give him time. He is just warming up and learning the ropes. He may be young but don't underestimate the young man. I suspect he will hold his own against any verbal opponent within the next 2 years.
  11. Another mess created by American foreign policy that we have to pay for, yet I have to sympathize for the Syrian refugees. They are homeless by no fault of their own, and helping them with humanitarian support is the right thing to do.Maybe a temporary home with guaranteed repatriation might be the way to go? Hopefully CSIS will CAREFULLY screen every refugee whose feet touch Canadian soil before they actually do.
  12. Considering the stink made about Senator Duffy and Rob Ford and Karlheinz Schreiber, I am a bit shocked that Canadian investigative reporters won't dig into massive drug smuggling and money laundering Harper allowed to take place on our soil - especially since the bulk of the black profits went to the yanks. Aside from the $3 million made by Harper, only Levesque and Nesbitt Burns (and the bikers who handled the nation-wide distribution) made the big bucks. But the end users of all this cocaine and heroin included our high school and uni students. Are we supposed to let Stephen just ride off i
  13. You nailed it friend. This story is especially abhorable because it reveals WHY RECREATIONAL DRUGS HAVE NOT BEEN, AND WILL NOT BE LEGALIZED - The North American narcotics indusrty underwent a hostile takeover in the 1990s and the Bush mob uses the CIA and NSA to rund their errands so to speak. Even if Harper objected to what Ingvaldsen and Gorcyca revealed to him ($1B of cocaine smuggling into Canada quarterly), The NSA has a collection of "Harper's Secrets" that Jeb only needs to dangle over his head for less than a minute to obtain submission and cooperation. If he did it for the money, Ha
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