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  1. Please get back to the basics! It's not a proven air craft by any measure. Canada does not need to invest in this kind of tech. We need a resonsonably priced air craft that can meet our roll in NATO and the latest F-18 can do that. I mean who are we expecting to be fighting!? If it's the Russians than you can kiss the F-35 good by. The enemy today doesn't have a real army or air force, their a bunch of fucked up ideologist likely born and bread from the very same corporate interests who want you to spend tax dollars on the military that we don't need. Wake up.
  2. And if the 'coalition' did get what they wanted and Assad was gone by their hands, these crazy jihadists would no doubt be off to Iran next, once they mopped up the Kurds.
  3. Hard to argue with that, however, we still are basically bound to buying an American Aircraft (since we don`t make our own.... hm). Since the only countries that we have to worry about, actually go toe to toe with, the super hornet will do (NATO countries excluded) anf they are the Chinese and the Russians, and if comes to going to town on the battle field with theses kids, is going to be lunch money for us (canon fauder). We could have revived the Arrow program for the same money and it would make no difference. Back to the point: All we need to do is buy them, they`ll build them.
  4. Maybe our purchase would encourage others, besides all they need is new buyers and they'd be happy to keep producing. I agree that we need some new military tech, but, I think our politicians need to use the money to start making smart choices instead politically driven choices which we are driven by the lobbyist who sponsor the different parties (hay, keep it on the down low, but, do you know any who wants to build a gas plant in Southern Ontario..;-)
  5. Interesting, didn`t know that. The F-18 Super Hornet it is, unless we want to across the pound (which we don`t since that would just be too much of bad trade relations with our friends to the south. Buying a proven product is almost always better than buying into the latest and greatest.
  6. All the latest ``stealthy`type aircraft are by designed to be frist strike type air craft. The F-177 was the best at this during the gulf was (the first one). The stealth tech involved was most impressive but it didn`t last long. I`m sadly just stuck on Canada needing only proven tech we can afford and add to any engagement as support air craft. Funny enough, it`s kind of like the two different kinds of car people, those who buy and keep or those who lease.
  7. In 20 years from now but maybe you should start keeping up with current events but we have these things called drones and they are extremely cost effective. And just to drive the point home, we have been flying our current f-18`s for the last twenty years and ya now we need new ones, so why re tool to an unprooven design and abandoned the the latest of what we already haveƉ. Lets take a better example: there was this national army once, back in the twentieth century that nuild some of the most amazing and complex war machines that had ever been imagined at the time and they lost the war. The equipment to too engineered, too precise and too costly to maintain. Technical advancement simply did not have a chance against numbers; not to say this was the only reason that army lost the war but it played a large factor in it. The Russians produced the T-34 un-mass and the Americans did the same with the Sherman's. And lastly, the only reason we need a carrier based fighter is to land on US air craft carriers and short runways in general. For our own national needs the F-22 would serve our purpose better, that is if you wanted to go the premium root. Canada does not need a first strike top of the line experimental fighter (even when they get it to work). Canada need not be the aggressor.
  8. People please, just dumb down the issue from all the rhetoric. The only plane we need to satisfy our own national needs and our needs for our NATO treaty can be met by the Latest edition of the f-18. This platform has proven to meet our Canadian needs and has also demonstrated it's ability in actually application. The F-35 is a high tech first strike air craft. Canada doesn't need a first strike aircraft. Worse still the F-35 is very unlikely to hold it's own against the latest 5th generation aircraft that Russia has put on the battlefield, let alone what is to come from the other non US manufacturers, like the Chinese for example. So lets buy what we need without getting sucked into the future and maybe upgrade our see kings at the same time.
  9. Oh and there this is little company called SAAB, in a country which is no bigger than Southern Ontario and has a population almost the same as Southern Ontario, and they make some amazing military aircraft.
  10. the F-35 is so good... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYWLc3Sh30U
  11. Since Canada doesn't need a 'first strike' aircraft of the 'latest and greatest' design. The hole concept is a joke. If you want to argue that we will loose jobs because of this than just consider that if tour government spent he say money building our own plains we , collectively, would be much further ahead as a nation. We have everything we need to make our own stuff. cars, air plains, ships, etc... It's time we stopped foreign interest from influencing government policy.
  12. That's it. After many many years of consideration, I have decided to become Jewish. My Christian family supports me in this (of course) and look forward to visiting me when when I move to Jerusalem. I haven't told them yet that I cant actually move to Jerusalem, but, I can get grants and subsidies to move into the areas close to Jerusalem in the the West Bank. The best part is, not only will I be able to own my own Ak-47 but the IDF will always be there so I don't have to use it.
  13. How did 'al-Queda' gain financially from this? The biggest winners financially, was the military industrial complex and the banks that lent the money to the government to pay for it. Of course I may not realize that you already realize that al-Qaeda is the new name for the Mujahideen, which is also currently refereed to as al-Nusra and ISIS. In fact hey have literally franchised this concept of creating a mixture of jihadists and highly paid mercenaries. If the terrorist had any real sense they would have known that attacking America is the surest way to the grave (just ask the Japanese). If in fact hey wanted to rid the Arab world of infidels, than their first target is obvious and yet it is the only place they have never attacked. Instead they have attacked every Arab nation that is opposed to it and that is Israel. One would think that Israel would be the primary target and that killing other Muslims would not, or, could not supersede the killing of Zionist Jews and yet it has. Sadly, most Palestinians as Suni Muslims..? Back to the money trail... The Us government has spent trillions of dollars in Iraq and they had nothing to with 9/11 and they had no weapons of mass destruction! (correction they did actual find a stash of chemical weapons munitions but sine they were built and made for NATO supplied weaponry; it was never reported my the mainstream media). And god only knows how much money was spent carpet bombing caves in Afghanistan???? If you think for one minute the police state that America has become since 9/11, your a fool. Thousands of people cross the boarder illegally everyday and if these so called terrorist really had in for America there'd be a hand grenade every other day exploding on a subway or at a baseball game..................
  14. Who gained from this? What happened to the 2.3T dollars the pentagon lost and has yet to account for? Who has made the most money from this whole situation..? Follow the Money and you'll find your answers......
  15. So go blow them all to hell! why wait! I'm talking about the here and now.... and about PEOPLE - HUMANS.... lets not forget about them!
  16. Well to start, if I was investigating this incident, the first question I would ask, is who stans to gain the most from this action..? Motivation for a crime is a key component to establishing responsibility for it. The means/ability to commit the crime is just as important. The lack of actual physical evidence which has been preserved and available to all for reference, is in of it's self a symptom of a lie. There are far more reasonable questions regarding the 4 planes in the 9/11 tragedy than there is evidence that supports the Bush's administrations reasons for it.
  17. Ya, in my little world the Palestine's had nothing to do with the holocaust. It has nothing to do with the PEOPLE who live in the WEST BANK or GAZA today.
  18. I'd like nothing more than real evidence, but, sadly there is none. If there was actually physical evidence it would be on display for the world to see. SO WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE NOW? Or should I be asking Indiana Joan's where it is.....
  19. Ya, that's a great choice... What level of f*cked up would you prefer..? War begets war! (do you actually know anyone from the area? I know people from both sides of the fence - sorry, 25' precast concrete wall and a check point at every turn). This post is about Israel and Palestine and how to stop PEOPLE from being killed, regardless of who they call GOD. It is a political issue and any divergence from that, is an effort by those to use religion as a tool for their own ends and has nothing to with GOD. If you want to draw in the rest of the Arab world into it, then I suggest you start a new topic.
  20. I'd love nothing more than to clarify to you, all of my sources of information that I have learned directly from being directly involved day to day with'in the Jewish community. Over the course of a year I read all the small news papers/flyers that were made available. I also cultivated a good and respectful relationship with the local Rabbi. This was before 2014. At the time I felt it was a great opportunity to learn first hand about the Jewish community. Please understand, I couldn't tell the difference from Jewish person from an Italian, or, what ever, until I had lived in Toronto for a number of years in the 90's. Up until that time the only thing I had ever known about Jewish people I learned from the TV. So, not to go on, but yes I have read the English version of the Jerusalem post and a variety of other Jewish news papers. And look as for the religions of the middle east... I'll stand by the fact that if I had to chooses one of three, I'd chooses to be Jewish, A jewish person has never come to my door and tried to convince me to be jewish, and I respect that. Islam.... (lets not go there; it's too convoluted). As for the situation between Israel and Palestine TODAY, what is the solution? How can the West Bank and Gaza exist and get back to the 67' boarder?
  21. Thank you. I am trying to understand the whole issue. I do not think the bombing of Gaza in 2014 was justified and do not support the continued expansion of the West back by the settlers. I think a line has to be drawn somewhere and I would argue that the 67' lines are more than a good enough place to start. For me, as a neutral party in this and one that is not confined to religious beliefs, I'd like to find a way, to help bring my little bit of help into finding an end of people being killed and marginalized. I'm not actually taking sides in this 'game' (for a lack of a better way to put it); I don't want to see or here about suicide bombers as much as indiscriminate artillery strikes in civilian areas. The one only perpetuates the other.
  22. Maybe because US policies affected the hole world and the policies their 'friends' made in their own countries. I remember good old Nancy back when I was about 11 or 12, and her famous 'just say no' propaganda. I also remember watching the movie 'Refer Madness' (another beautiful example of American propaganda), so in 84' when Afghan hash was everywhere I wanted to see for myself what was so bad about these drugs. Well since the war on drugs I have surmised that drugs have gotten cheaper, better quality and more abundant than ever before. In fact I can not easily come up with a commodity that has done this in my life time. An Ounce of pot today is about $200CD as it was 30 years ago, accept that today's pot is many times more potent than it ever has been. The war on drugs should be about health, science and society, not, crime and punishment. Ironically I almost rather it stays illegal except now I cant get that Afghan hash, like when the CIA was supporting the Taliban against the Russians back in the 80's. ;-)
  23. Ya I did actually, and your evidence is so weak it's actually sad. Where are those plane parts today? Where are the bodies, the luggage, A PASSPORT, why is there almost know video tape of this from what is arguably the most important military office the world!!!! I mean shit, even Scotia Tower in Toronto has over 120 CCTV cameras controlled by the building operations people, let alone the cameras the Scotia Bank it's self has, and yet the PENTAGON has no video of this plane crash!? The military industrial complex has both the means and motivation for this kind of event. Just follow the money, who gained from this? (perhaps try the organic stuff, that indoor hydro stuff, not so good)
  24. Good example. An F4 beinging thrown into a block of concrete, which has absolutely no relevance to the crash site in question, both the plane used in your example and the object hit by it, which collectively constitutes nothing of any scientific value. That said, how was it they managed to find one of the WOT terrorist passports on the ground in NY; wouldn't it have vaporized as well? Maybe cut back a bit on those 'extra curricular activities' a bit, go for a walk, maybe a jog... ;-) Unfortunately we will never get to examine the evidence because all the evidence was promptly destroyed.
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