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  1. A "Black Man" worth how many millions, graduating from which school, working which career again? He wasn't some "gang banger" from a ghetto, or a "blues man" from Mississippi. Nor was he a "rebel" like Maclom X or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was a conformist, smooth talking, multi-millionaire that can sit up there with the best Conservatives Republicans have to offer.... Clarence Thomas for instance (another "black man"). Get past the "race cards" and see the politicians for who and what they are. Obama started and continued endless wars, with hundreds of drone strikes, and billions of
  2. Do people here realize that democracy works by giving opposing views a voice in their government? The branches of government are designed as a system of checks and balances. Thanks to GOP meddling, and the Dems being not much better, that no longer exists. We have Trump suggesting it, the House writing it and the Court approving it. Nowhere, is there any person or branch saying "what if...". Sexual misconduct or not, that's the danger in Kavanaugh; he's going to be another "yes man" for whichever GOP stooge is in charge at any given point in time. And since he's now appointed for life, an
  3. I realize that Canada follows the UN guidelines of asylum. Most of it refers to immediate threat of harm, but... what about a first-world country that has third-world statistics in its social welfare policies and lack of a democratic process in its government? Yes, I'm talking about the US. If you look at our situation, it's truly hopeless. There are a few very wealthy, influential people and special interest groups on the top, embedded in our government; the NRA, Pharmaceutical companies, billion-dollar industries with equally rich leaders, etc. Even if the supposed "Left" impeaches Trum
  4. Yep! McDonalds, WalMart and Dunkin Donuts are really thriving! IT, Healthcare and public schools, not so much though. None of those stats tell you about the PhDs stuck in retail jobs, or the 60 year olds spending their final working days as a WinDixie cashier.
  5. MSNBC is so much better: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO LINK We're relegated to "alternative" news sources because the actual news won't talk about this. Local AZ stations were broadcasting "something wrong with the registrations" on the local stations and interviewed some people mentioned in that article that had their party registration mysteriously changed and the 75% reduction in voting stations was a matter of record, also captured by local media. New York Times? Nothing. CNN? Also a devoid of any news on it. Other news stations were broadcasting results for Clinton's victory while only 1% of th
  6. Arizona: Hillary Clinton’s Election Fraud Masterpiece The Clinton machine used brazen voter suppression and election fraud to steal Arizona http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/arizona-hillary-clintons-election-fraud-masterpiece/ri13524 Ignoring some of the wording bias, this article gives you a pretty good glimpse into US politics. Having lived in Arizona and living next to it at the moment, nothing being said there is far off. Some insight: Phoenix in the capital with a population of 1.5 million people. Maricopa County is the primary county the city is located in. Phoenix acts as a f
  7. I think it's funny to watch international reaction to Trump. Most of us on the other side of the spectrum here already know he's a joke. He's a major campaign contributor to the Clintons in the past. He's said in the 90's that he would run as a Republican if he ran, because they're (basically) stupid enough to vote for him. Republicans hate him because he's not one of them. Democrats hate him because he's a boisterous, irrational Republican. If people think Obama's term has been filled with obstruction, just wait until we see a Trump in office! And of course, that's assuming he's even a "re
  8. You realize the Democratic primaries are only half over and Clinton is only ahead by 58% to Sanders' 42%, right? In addition, Clinton's stronghold in the South is all dried up and we're moving on to much more Liberal/Anti-establishment territory like Washington, Idaho and Oregon. Point is, Obama nudged a door that should have been open decades ago. If/when we get an actual Progressive in office, that door will be opened much wider, as will others. On the other hand, if Clinton gets into office, that door may end up being nailed back shut with her war-mongering history. And don't worry about
  9. My wife calls me a music "snob". But when you play guitar for more than half your life and songs like this have been your influence... it takes a lot to impress
  10. Is it taboo to post a Rush song on a Canadian message board? This song is "our song" for my wife and I.
  11. I was a registered member of the Green Party down here. We won 0 elections. We were cut out of nearly every race due to insider politics and ridiculous criteria for nominations. We have a delegate system in the primaries that excludes anyone not of the 2 major parties and "flunks out" anyone in those parties who fails to garner enough votes. We have televised debates hosted by one of the two major parties, with little regard given to any of the third parties. As of 2105, I'm now a Democrat because this messed up system won't allow me to vote in the primaries/caucus unless I am one. Bernie San
  12. Let's just focus on this one: Conservatives are already among the minority - I've read in the neighborhood of the 40%. They've carved up districts nicely to get more votes for less of the people. So, 80% of the minority is representation how, exactly? That means about 70% of the overall population wants some sort of national healthcare system but they have this one f***stain of a politician leading an effort to block it. The others options you mentioned vary drastically state by state and only apply if you fall below a poverty line that is lower than most other countries in the world - and t
  13. Did I really just read a post (or several) about Cruz being a good guy?? I had to swallow my vomit there for a minute. It may look different fom the North, but Cruz was responsible for shutting down the government in 2013. If you don't understand what that implies... every federal agency simply stopped - a complete and total void in anything funded and run by the US government. National Parks, closed (No biggie, unless you were one of the thousands of unlucky tourists travelling thousands of miles to see the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone for instance). Mail service, stopped. People didn't get pa
  14. Hehehehehehehe... sorry I just got a laugh out of the entire dialog between you two there. My wife and I don't own a TV and my son has never watched a show in his 2+ years of life yet. Very few shows air that I actually have an interest in and none of them are really about any type of blind American patriotism - Family Guy, Simpsons, Big Bang Theory and... well, that's it really. I find myself going online to watch more and more British, Australian and Canadian series (or at least syndicated shows) like Aircrash Investigations, Sherlock and a number of National Geographic shows and other docu
  15. I've followed Canadian politics, as well as other countries, enough to know some basics, but our media overwhelms most of our outlets to anything "not us". Even overseas, i run across the bias as much of the media is owned, "friendly" with, or associated with companies here in the US. The one thing I know in what I have followed is that I personally like Trudeau. Compared to everything we have down here, the guy's a saint!
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