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  1. Is that you Gerald Butts or is this Premier Wynne ? Racking up massive debt without a proper plan is a terrible idea and that is what the Liberals have done.
  2. I am confident after observing his complete incompetence over the first few months Canada will slowly see him for what he really is . . . a dullard plain and simple .
  3. Please convince India and China , until that happens you are wasting your time .
  4. Trudeau and the Liberals pulled off one of the biggest lies in Canadian election history , they will pay the price in 2019 . The good news is I bet there is a camp in Quebec in need of a counselor with good hair .
  5. I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree .
  6. I guess if we step back and look at the situation it could of been worse. We have a P/T drama teacher who happens to be a Trust fund kid that has never balanced a cheque book let alone a G8 economy so the fact he killed us with a 29.4 billion dollar deficit seems reasonable to me . Liberal = lowered expectations
  7. I guess Canadians have realized that we need to have really low expectations of our P/T drama teacher .
  8. I truly feel sorry for the brave men and women of our military , they deserve so much better than a Liberal government run by Trudeau Jr . His comment regarding ISIS spoke volumes " We are not at war with ISIS. " Pretty sure Justin has us covered Canada , his new friend Ban Ki Moon is going to write ISIS a sternly worded letter letting them know how much Canada does not approve of mass murder , slavery , rape , public be-headings and destruction of historic sights . Ban Ki Moon is the master of nasty letters , ISIS will be perfectly willing to accept a full surrender on Trudeau's terms .
  9. I have a few streets in Mollenbeek I want you to walk down , up for it ?
  10. Ontario is the best example of Liberal fiscal incompetence . Ironically Wynne , Butts and Trudeau are all friends and equally stunned when it comes to economic matters . I would like to feel sorry for the people of Ontario but they voted for it and the Liberals delivered in spades . Wonder why Liberals don't care about their children's futures ? Broken moral compasses go with broken Liberal calculators I suspect.
  11. Keep the excuses coming , the P/T drama teacher needs as many deflections away from our reality as possible . Just examine the situation Ontario is in . That is exactly where Canada is heading because that is the direction Butts and Trudeau are steering us . How long before the Liberals start raising taxes and opening up other revenue sources for them to get their hands on ? 2019 can't come fast enough for the tax payers of Canada.
  12. Not sure but refresh my memory again why we won't see a balanced budget year 4 ? Does a Liberal stretch goal mean plainly it won't happen and we don't care ? Did the Liberals campaign on 3 straight deficits of 10 billion a year or year 1 deficit of 30 billion while unemployment continues to rise ? You know things are shaky when Canadians think the NDP would be more fiscally responsible than these incompetent liars . Keep waving the flag and be a good little Liberal by helping pack Justin's suitcase in 2019 , he will be getting the boot !
  13. Is that why Canada got snubbed at the last meeting to discuss ISIS ? Did you read that in your " how to be a good little Liberal " hand book ? You really seem angry , please turn to " Sunny Ways " section for a time out . Thanks and best of luck with your new stretch goal of balancing the budget , what year was that again ? Losing track of all the broken promises combined with incoming excuses from Liberal flag wavers . You seem to be devoid of facts , preferring to dabble in rhetoric and platitudes . . go figure .
  14. Please inform our allies of this world change in theatrical language , they would greatly appreciate it and it could help offset the negative attitudes they are forming about our passive isolationist government . ISIS is quaking when they hear Dion say our resolve strengthens . . like when we pull out our CF-18's that where pounding ISIS targets with great success according to our allies ? Please keep making apologies for Trudeau and his government , they greatly appreciate your blind support . Keep up the good work soldier .
  15. Can you please direct me to a dealership so I may purchase the Elizabeth May Edition Windmill powered car that is manufactured in Windsor Ontario ? I am also in the market for one of those new David Suzuki solar powered boats , those are excellent value and selling like hot cakes . This green environmental economy is taking off , so many people are already employed by it . Having all of Canada driving windmill powered cars will help offset all the new coal burning plants China is building weekly. Yeepee
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